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-scribes/lawyers/doctors/: A scribe is a writer or journalist, recording both what others say and commenting on their actions, a reporter. In New Testament times scribes belonged to the sect of the Pharisees, who supplemented the ancient written law by their concocted traditions.(Matthew 23rd chapter), thereby obscuring it and rendering it of none effect.

In the Bible, a scribe was a man learned in the Mosaic Law and in the sacred writings. Scribes examined the more difficult and subtle questions of the law and added to the Mosaic law decisions of various kinds thought to elucidate meaning and scope and did this to the detriment of the law's original intention. One example was Corban:.Mark 7:11.

The scribes were bureaucrats. Their teaching lacked effect upon the common people who had little or no interest in learning detailed points of information difficult to relate to their everyday life; like today, most would find a lecture on quantum physics or anthropology as boring.

Since the advice of men skilled in the law was needed in the examination in the causes and the solution of the difficult questions, they were enrolled in the Sanhedrin and are mentioned in connection with the priests and elders of the people. See a Bible Dictionary for more information on scribes.

Comprised from.Matthew Poole's Commentary:.The scribes associated with the Pharisees were the lawyers, the scribes of the law, whose office it was to interpret and give the sense of the law. These were not the scribes of the people, but were actuaries or public notaries.

The titles 'scribes' and 'lawyers' are interchangeable in the Gospels:.Matthew 22:34,35; Mark 12:28; Luke 20:39,40; etc. They were in the time of our Lord the public teachers of the people and frequently came into collision with Emmanuel:.Mark 3:22. They afterwards showed themselves greatly hostile to the apostles:.Acts 4:5; 6:12

Some of the scribes, however, were men of a different spirit and showed themselves friendly to the gospel and its preachers. Thus Gamaliel advised the Sanhedrin, when the apostles were before them charged with."teaching in this name", to."refrain from these men and let them alone":.Acts 5:34-39; 23:9.

A scribe was also an interpreter and depending upon the dedication of the man, a teacher of the sacred writings. The scribes are mentioned in connection with the priests and elders of the people.
   The Pharisees, many of them corrupt, were also of the same ilk as the corrupt lawyers/scribes and doctors.

-Selah: A word frequently found in the Book of Psalms and Habakkuk, about seventy five times in all throughout Scripture. Its original meaning is 'lift up; exalt'. Selah is a musical term, a direction for a meditative pause in the singing of a Psalm, during which there was an interlude with only music.

-Septuagint: The Septuagint is the Greek version of the Old Testament. Many of the Greek manuscripts are much older than the manuscripts of the full Hebrew Bible; they were included in copies of the entire Christian Bible that date from the 4th and 5th centuries A.D. The major manuscripts are Codex Vaticanus.(in the Vatican Library), Codex Sinaiticus and Codex Alexandrinus.(both in the British Museum). "The major Greek version is called the Septuagint.(meaning 'seventy').because of the legend that the Torah was translated in the 3rd century B.C.E by 72 scholars."....Microsoft® Encarta® Encyclopedia © All rights reserved.

From Fausset's Bible Dictionary: "The Septuagint is two centuries later than the last book of Old Testament. It is only in the period immediately following the closing of the Old Testament canon that its few corruptions have arisen, for subsequently the jealous care of its purity has been continually on the increase. The Septuagint translators neither knew enough Hebrew for rightly fulfilling their task, nor used what they knew to the best purpose. Transcription subsequently has much corrupted their version, it being in great demand and often therefore transcribed hastily without the scrupulous care with which the Hebrew text was most carefully guarded. The New Testament King James Version quotes mainly the Septuagint Old Testament, but corrects it by the Hebrew when needful:.Matthew 4:15,16; 9:13; 21:5; John 19:37 1Corinthians 3:19; 15:54; Luke 22:37; Romans 9:33. The Septuagint alone is quoted throughout Epistle to the Hebrews, except for.Hebrews 10:30.

-Shem: means 'renown'; the first mentioned of the sons of Noah, who like his brothers, became a people inhabiting much land.(map):.Genesis 5:32; 6:10. He was probably the eldest of Noah's sons. The words."brother of Japheth the elder".in Genesis 10:21 are more correctly rendered."the elder brother of Japheth", as in the Revised Version. Shem's name is generally mentioned first in the list of Noah's sons. He and his wife were saved in the ark:.Genesis 7:13. Noah foretold his preeminence over Canaan:.Genesis 9:23-27. Shem died at the age of six hundred years, having been for many years contemporary with Abraham, according to the usual chronology. The Israelitish nation sprang from him:.Genesis 11:10-26; 1Chronicles 1:24-27.

-Shilo/Shiloh: generally understood as denoting the Messiah, meaning, 'the peaceful one':.Genesis 49:10. Shiloh also was a city.

JFB Commentary: Shiloh: this obscure word is variously interpreted to mean 'the sent'.(John 17:3), 'the seed'.(Isaiah 11:1), the 'peaceable or prosperous one'.(Ephesians 2:14), that is, the Messiah.(Isaiah 11:10; Romans 15:12).and when He should come,."the tribe of Judah should no longer boast either an independent king or a judge of their own"....John Calvin, because he would be the king and judge. Those of the tribe of Judah have been without a ruler and without a judge, since Shiloh came.
Easton's Dictionary:."Shiloh means a place of rest and was a city of Ephraim "on the north side of Bethel".(map).from which it is distant 10 miles. The modern Seilun, which is Arabic for Shiloh, is now a mass of shapeless ruins. It was here the ancient tabernacle was set up and remained during all the period of the judges till the ark fell into the hands of the Philistines:.1Samuel 4:1-11. No spot in Central Palestine could be more secluded than this early sanctuary and nothing more featureless than the landscape around, so featureless indeed, the landscape and so secluded the spot, that from that time till its rediscovery by Dr. Robinson in 1838, the site was forgotten and unknown. It was referred to by Jeremiah.(Jeremiah 7:12-15; 26:4-9), five hundred years after its destruction."

At Shiloh Samuel began to prophesy:.1Samuel 4:1,2. Also at Shiloh, the prophet Ahijah dwelt:.1Kings 14:2. A prominent place in ancient history, 

-Soul:."The Soul.(large 'S').is the substance that was created by the Creator."....Grigori Grabovoi. "The soul.(small 's').is the subconscious mind."....Dr. Joseph Murphy. The soul you have is your DNA as it has a connection with the Soul.(large 'S'). The soul.(small 's').is that in which there is life and that because it is connected to the Soul and that by means of the Spirit:.2Timothy 1:7.

Of all the bodies humans have within, the soul one is the only one that carries on after having chosen to die. That's why the satanists are out to take possession of and modify your soul for their purposes and their purposes are always evil and against your best interests:.Matthew 10:28 "And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul, but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell."

Why die? And what you should know about right after death

That's why the satanic side's efforts have always been out to get rid of most humans, not all, because they need the pure genetics of humans so they can make their mankind and/or hybrid ones. 

Then these replace real people. And along with that they have AI.(artificial intelligence, which is no intelligence but simply a programming, like you put toast in the toaster, push the lever down and it does your toast, popping up when it's done).and dressed up robots with masks where, at least on 'tel lie vision' it's hard to know if it's a mask making it look human or not. People of humanity are being murdered and replaced with robots. Also there are those created with mankind genetics. The satanic side doesn't want anything around that it doesn't control, so it's getting rid of the good people. How?

The devil was a counterfeiter from the get go. You see it everywhere; genetically modified food, news that's fake presented often by those looking as if they are human, but aren't, clothes made not from organic plant fibres, but petroleum, the money system, the political system, the medical / pharmaceutical / chemical, so-called 'health' system. You pick some to add. Any artificial counterfeit things you may have noticed? Any alternatives to clean, clear and healthy for breathing, air? What about housing construction? Are the houses as healthy as they could be made to be? Any mold in them as they age? Could they have been built better and healthier? 

Like the Natural Law God gave us, that automatically comes with each physical birth, Natural Law also here has counterfeits such as the ignominious justice, legal, court, system with it's attorneys, et al. And, let's not leave out the toxic political systems. Thankfully, none of these harmful negative satanic things will exist in the new world of We the People. But, why are these negatives here in the first place?

Anyhow, we are invisible spirits using the bodies we have or you could say that the body is a covering for our soul, small 's', meaning our souls individually, which are our signatures, as it were, in this substance of the Soul.(large 'S').of God, who is the Invisible Intelligent Energy, who resides outside of creation, yet maintains it by means of the hologram.

The soul.(small 's').is us individually but is invisible. Your soul is in your peace, that is, in meditation you are at peace and your soul is the silent part there that is connected to the Soul, capital S meaning the Oversoul or the Creator.

The soul.(small 's').is the pathway back to God, once it is awakened and by which comes the guidance to get one out of negatives affecting his or her life being lived from the low consciousness ego level.

This Soul, with a capital 'S' refers to this invisible intelligent energy out of which the Creators came. Keep that in mind as you read through here.

The Creators used this Intelligent Energy in such a way as to cause the creation of all things. Each of us were creations by them and like all other things created, we too are in this invisible intelligent energy field, without which nothing would be but it. It pervades all, is all sound, light and all the other things we don't see, but know there is no doubt that we know nothing as yet about all there is.."What this power is I cannot say; all I know is that it exists."....Alexander Graham Bell.

When one gets his mind on getting back to God, that is, back on track with a spiritual life, his or her life changes. Why 'back to' and when were we there before? 

When we engage in the spiritual disciplines, we become good and evil continues to drop away from the state of it that we've held and from the evil of the dark side influencing negative thinkings we've carried and maybe still do. Spiritual growth always involves moving away from harmful negatives:.Nehemiah 8:10. You are then getting somewhere in life and this gets you something too.

If an individual dies, the soul looks for expression again in another physical body or, not readily finding any, may want to be resurrected back into the physical on its own. It will need some help to do this. Or the soul may decide to wait in hope for some other way to again be active in a body, such as perhaps a general resurrection. Is the soul of you immortal and/or eternal?.2Timothy 1:10.

"Your consciousness doesn't differ from your body...your soul builds your body. Man's body is the physical part of the soul. Your soul is a created structure and is in the act of recreation. Through consciousness the Soul creates the form of existence. The Spirit.(which is the intelligent energy coming from and as a result of the Silence or Soul {capital 'S' for the Soul of God and small 's' for your soul}; when there is connection with God's Soul, it's called the spirit, that is, you are connected by the Holy Spirit to Creator-Father God).creates your soul through your imagination. In other words you visualize how it is possible with the help of the Spirit to create the Soul.(your connection). Then you will understand how the Creator did it."....Gribori Grabovoi. More,.The Technology of Eternal Life.

Psalms 23:3 "He restores my soul.(the Creator restores one's soul connection with the Soul that the Creator is, if one wants to be connected, it's always one's choice; one's soul becomes disconnected when one has slid too far, disconnected by things such as severe evils and character warps due to faults like anger, deceit, extreme selfishness including disregard for others and other such low consciousness leanings; how does the Creator restore one's soul? He restores it by opening one's mind to spiritual concerns; everyone's mind is a creation of a specific frequency {the you that you are}; your creation occurred long ago within the framework of Multiversal Mind {meaning God's mind permeates all and which framework itself is an intelligent grateful creation by the Creator we often refer to as God}; such is the real you, the individual that you are, a creation, a living breathing, animated by this spirit energy supporting you, a creation of the Creator on Earth at this time expressing as the you that you are). He leads me in the paths.(notice it's a path, a way of being; to be led of God is part of the workmanship of His efforts:.Ephesians 2:10).of righteousness.(what's righteousness?).for his name's sake.(one is led in that way because the way of this intelligent energy of the Creator is the way, the pathway to and of the highest consciousness there is; overall, this is humanity's destiny; the destiny of the Creator sharing all He is with all wanting to be on this highest highway of living and this for a yet to be revealed in detail world to come, a world beyond the physical:.1Corinthians 2:9)."

Psalms 66:16 "Come and hear, all you that fear God and I will declare what he has done for my soul."

The great healer Bruno Gröning said."If you want to expand your soul, your heart, your spirituality, it begins with you, in you. What is life? Life is God and only God, therefor everything divine is what unites us all.(*)."

The Creator is intelligence. The Soul.(capital S).is the created realm of energy upon which the Creator's intelligence functions.

The Spirit.(capital S).is a function of this Soul responding automatically to higher consciousness in the creation, such as when you start on the road to higher consciousness and away from your ego self. You could think of the Spirit as the available programming in the Soul, like a computer being the Soul and the Spirit being the operating system which needs the computer to work.

And then there is our soul.(lower case s).and spirit.(lower case s), our soul being the portion of the Soul enabling us to function with the God given ability of being human. Humans are not animals. They each have been made with a different consciousness.

Your soul is able to function with the Soul of all to the degree of high consciousness one has at this point in his or her life.(*). Within the overall Spirit is your spirit. As each snowflake is different, so it is with each of us; same with animals. All cats are cats, but not the same nature as some other cat, even of the same kind of cat. And so it is with all things. Angels too.

You are a microcosm of all the Creator is. Your soul responds to what is the Soul of all if it is aligned with it. All is frequencies and some frequencies do not align with others. 

Your spirit is your part in the overall Spirit and responds to the things of Spirit which are the things of higher consciousness. We all were once at this beginning stage where we were a 'baby', taking spiritual baby steps:.Hebrews 5:13,14. But the years go fast and you grow spiritually, you learn. Your learning builds your consciousness. How to accelerateit.

The Soul is the source of higher consciousness, the source of light and information or information that enlightens, information that illumines:.2Peter 3:18. It is both global.(the external, the world we see and know of).and personal.(internal, the mind, personality, the stillness one experiences in meditating, studying, reading, etc.).in its functioning.."The soul is the repository of all current data about one's body."....Arcady Petrov. The Soul is all you are and can become in its absolute perfection.

The Soul is the mother, feeding us spiritually.(we have our part in this), whereas, the Father is the Intelligence, the Designer of all. Herein is the Oneness of the universe with all in it. It's the two sides that make up every coin. 

"One day you will ask me which is more important, my life or yours? I will say mine and you will walk away not knowing that you are my life."....Kahil Gibran.

The spirit is each of us. It has an invisible thread connection to the Soul, transferring to consciousness from the Soul within which is what is called the Akashic record of information. By means of this connection one is prompted hundreds of times daily, however, because of upbringing and the influence an ego.riddensociety has had upon us, we glimpse.less and less of the light which provides breaks in the fog and illuminates the pathway to the Soul for a second or two.

The more we refuse to pay attention to pathway hints leading one toward the true reality, the thicker the fog becomes:.Acts 28:26,27. Without connection to the Soul, it is increasingly hidden by a thickening spiritual fog.

Your consciousness is perception, what it is you are aware of at any given time and provides the switch to select the ways of the light or the ways of the ego. Here is man's choice. Improving or remaining stagnant are what besets man on his journey through life.

Consciousness works in this way. It uses information it receives by bringing it forth in a form of matter according to the invisible informational pattern of matter. The information man selects is always changing his world in one way or the other, both individually and collectively. In man's course on Earth with all his circumstances, lies the road to discovery. In discovery of what he is, man uncovers his purpose, why he's here and why at this time.

Once man finds his way to the Creator by means of the Soul, he can tap into amazing things, some of which are in the free movie.What If? The Movie.

He can even restore lost organs because the informational pattern of the healthy organ is always there in the invisible field. Truly we are made in the or from the, image of the Creator, which image is always there. In this we truly are the chldren of God.

Every one and every thing that ever has been has an information 'container' in the invisible field. All information is archived there. From here, to start the process of renewal, all that is necessary is to have an impulse of light from the soul of the one desiring to renew what his attention may be on, along with an intention to do the renewing. This is the power of the Creator in one and comes with a lock on it. Truly, Emmanuel was correct in what He said.

In the Bible the 'soul' refers to a 'refreshing'.(original in Old Testament for 'soul').and the 'breath of life'.(original in New Testament for 'soul'). It's not talking about the physical breath:.Matthew 10:28. It means that which refreshes one and sustains him and that is, the energy of the soul, which is connection from man's spirit with the Soul. Everything comes from the Soul, or you could say, out of the Soul. This is where your breath of life comes from; this connection. This is what refreshes you. This is what sustains you in physical life. In that scripture in Matthew, Emmanuel was explaining that nothing can destroy this 'real you', which is your spirit's connection with the Creator, the Soul, even if your physical body is gone.

This Soul is the entirety of eternity, the wholeness. This Soul.(capital 'S').in personal action is the spirit of an individual connected with 'his' soul.(small 's'), one with the Soul, but with individuality, which is his spirit's connection. 

The Soul receives information from this connection by means of the spirit you have. Information of your body and your consciousness is transmitted to it. According to the mode of reaction of each of, the body, the consciousness and the spirit's connection with the Soul, a response takes place in the mind. 

You bump your elbow, your body is affected. You become aware of new knowledge; perhaps aware of a concern, a compassion, toward someone; consciousness is affected. External information is encountered by either the body or the consciousness and your mind is where you decide how to handle it once the brain instantly processes it. The Soul is aware of all going on with you and about you:.Luke 12:7.

Think of the soul as one of those large balloons that has a gondola hanging below it, as one often sees on a beautiful day. Think of the spirit as the gondola. Think of the ropes holding the gondola to the balloon as the connections one's spirit has with the Soul. Here an invisible process transfers information, both ways.

All Soul connections belong to He who created them:.Ezekiel 18:4 "Behold, all souls are mine. As the soul of the father, so also the soul of the son is mine. The soul that sins, it shall die.".If one is out of alignment with the love ways of the universe, what good is the relationship? There then is no relatationship:.Matthew 5:13. What good is he or she without high consciousness principles?

As it's believed to be, you are a unique expression of the Soul, once you are connected to it, that is. The Soul.(designated by a capital S, meaning the invisible Soul of us all {God} as compared to one's individual soul, small s).is the entire invisible body comprised of individual invisible cells, just like the physical body is, because the physical comes out of the spiritual.

Unlike the physical body, 'soul cells' are invisible but just as real; in fact more real, as all the physical is a holographic.illusion, yet real to us because of how we are made. "The consciousness of each cell is found in the chain of DNA."....Arcady Petrov. The DNA is an aerial connecting us physical beings to the source of all, God. That's why the satanic side wants to sever that connection with poisonings, his plan to rid humans forever from the multiverse.

The cells in the invisible and the cells in the physical body are connected. Below the atom there is also a connection between all else in the multiverse.

The Creator created us each physically through our souls, our spirits, that is, our spirit's connection with the Soul of all, where invisible cloud-like formations of particles.(a 'particle' is not a particle).receive impressions from the Creator. With us, our souls came first and then from that, each of us.

The physical body supports the soul. This soul, part of the Soul of all that is, is within and around one's physical body and all physical bodies, both organic and inorganic, such as rocks, etc. All there is, is within the Soul, the intelligent informational structure, also known as the invisible grid.

The consciousness we are in reflects to us, as does a mirror. The multiverse and all in it, is where we have chosen the collective reflection that we felt was best for us, but:.Proverbs 14:12.

The Creator designed this informational structure from which everything can come from. Comprehending.this enables one to make use of it for benefit of everyone.

It is the Soul which yearns to expand man's mind.(how?).to where it can comprehend the world experienced as a world of one's own creation. In other words, your life is as you see it to be. So it's important to see it from the level of your soul connected to the Soul or God. The Soul.(God).and the soul.(you).are energy. 

In your quiet prayer and meditation time turn attention to words something along this line, 'The soul I have is connected to the Soul of the true God of all light, love and compassion'.

Holograms can be changed. Here, your attitude, your spirit comes into play. Holograms are changed by thoughts which influence consciousness, for good or for what we don't want, iike disease and we don't want them because they are the result of this.

Choose a timeline you want to be on. The way of good is better than the way of bad. When your thoughts and actions are good for you and for others, you are on the good pathway.

And, just like the physical body, cells are all in various stages. Some are new and building. Some are stronger. Some are being removed to allow for newer ones. It's all good. All groups of cells have different functions but are aware of what every other group of cells are doing.

Getting closer to our souls or more correctly, getting closer to the Soul of all, our Creator, is awakening to the fact proven in physics, that we are all one within the realm of the Creator when frequencies vibrate in harmony and they do this when alignment of our attitude is with that of the Creator's spiritual realm. And here in this oneness is our eternality:.1Timothy 6:16.

Then all is one.(Psalms 133:1).as it was since the beginning with the Creator:.2Timothy 1:9

It's just that we have cut off.(Matthew 6:23).ourselves from the frequency of being that the Creator operates within and that frequency is love. And so it was until the time came for Christ. In Christ we have a oneness not known since the beginning of humanity on Earth. Apart from that the closest man could get to oneness was in unity with each other. Awakening to reestablishment of that state of being is what life is about. This state is love and all that means. What did it mean to God and Christ?

The key to an awakening is love. So, it's important to stay on the pathway of love in order to abound.spiritually so you get a greater reward.

Away from love begins to make one vulnerable to the dark side.."For many people, resurrection is something symbolic, though everyone at soul level perceives resurrection as the reality of the world.(world is everything we know and everything we have yet to know, all the external world, all and everything both in the invisible world including the internal world and this includes the soul, Creator and our supporting invisible bodies).existent at any time. However, many people have yet to grow spiritually.(1Thessalonians 4:1).to be able to perceive the world at soul level and therefore, they so far do not perceive the word 'resurrection' in its direct meaning, the way it is really meant to be perceived. Having this level of comprehension, a person has to make an effort in order to comprehend how someone who is gone can indeed suddenly come back. The matter is that there are people who do not purposefully ponder on how the world is organized, what its laws are, what life is. Therefore besides resurrection, many other facts may be perceived with wonder as well, for example, cures performed by me without touch and on distance of AIDS and cancer in their terminal stages, weather control, precise detection of malfunctions and defects of technical equipment of any level of complexity, including equipment on space objects, materialization and dematerialization of different things; computer management on distance by the power of thought; changing the past, the present and the future; understanding a conversation among people no matter the distance, no matter the language and so on.
   "All these facts have been confirmed by official documentation and already add up to several volumes. Many of these facts may be perceived as a miracle, however the following needs to be kept in mind. It is known that a miracle doesn't conflict with the laws of Nature, a miracle conflicts with our idea of Nature's laws..The time has come to change conventional views about the world around us and its organization. And this is necessary for the world's salvation.(2Corinthians 6:2).

"Consciousness can transform space including physical space by sending an action impulse and space changes. For example, space fills up the informational structure of the one being resurrected. By seeing the pattern the soul holds of a person it can be changed by the action of consciousness of the one initiating the change."....Grigori Grabovoi.

"We are all moving to our own expression of the Soul. The following qualities become more intense as we get closer: compassion, strength, truth, bliss, beauty, love, wisdom, power. Every act of kindness adds another brush stroke to the picture. Every insight draws you nearer to your essence."....Deepak Chopra. Each day presents opportunity for insight into any or many of these qualities. If you see them increasing, growing in you, then you are on the right track. You may be struck by compassion for a poor child. Another may experience beauty as he views the sunset from a high point. The Soul is potential for all of us individually; whatever you imagine that to be for you, that it becomes. In this way you become your own creator and begin to understand what Emmanuel meant when He said:.John 10:34 "...You are Gods?"

There exists two views of the Creator. One states that the Soul is nothing but a part of God but is a different entity. The other view, the correct one, states that Soul itself is the Creator, that is, the Soul inside the body by means of one's spirit, is likened to air in the balloon, the 'air' that is your particular soul. Word 'soul' here with small 's' as compared to Soul with capitalized 'S', meaning God, the Soul of all.

If you remove the sheath of rubber the ballon has, the air inside and outside is the same. Though the air is the same, the particularization of it for each individual contributes to each of all things, whatever they may be, being unique, be it a tree, a rock or a human. These philosophies can be learnt from Upanishads.(a Hindu.sacred text).and also from The Rubáiyat of Omar Khayyám, circa 1100 A.D., an Islamic poet from Persia. The Creator has no parts. God's energy is oneness, the oneness of love.

The holographic representation of the multiverse appears that way, that way of parts, of separation, one part being different from some other part. This is made so for the human experience on Earth in learning love in the midst of evil; that's why we have the contrasts of life: Philippians 2:15 "...in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation, among whom you shine as lights in the world."

We all have a certain amount of wisdom from the Soul.(Proverbs chapter 8), God, the Creator of all creation, from which we manifested at this time, created beings, created according to the pattern designed by the Creator for humans to be on Earth and able to function on it.

Within this Soul is everything; everything that ever was and that ever will be. In meditation.you reach the Soul level. In prayer you are projecting into the Soul from your spirit. In contemplation you are communicating with the Soul.

The most important thing ever is to grow in the consciousness of the Creator, which is love. The way to do this is through the 4 easy ways. One of these ways is meditation. It is important because it can change the world. With inverse.proportionality, lack of meditation fuels negative.aspects already within the mass mind. And the mass mind 'feeds' those negative things to those mostly of lower consciousness. Don't expect any efforts from those of lower consciousness toward changing the world for the betterment of all, until that is, you care and pray about them.(*).

This is the reason why you exist now and are on the Earth and the reason to qualify you for entering into a new frequency of existence, lasting eternally. You were made as you were for a reason:.Romans 8:20.

You are the Soul of God and so is everyone and everything else. We are all the Soul of the Creator. Souls belong to God that are connected with Him by our individual spirits:.Ezekiel 18:4. Our souls belong to us and God respects this and will never override the soul a person has.

All Souls are in the oneness of all things. The Soul is not a noun, it's a verb; it's a process, an active living thing which has intelligence and can be brought to the fore through attention, changing our own soul in the process of spiritual growth. 

With our sixth sense we can become aware of the reality of our being, the world beyond the 5 senses, the world of the Soul of all. This 'sixth sense' comes with the connection we have with the Soul. Without this awareness we cannot understand life with just the mind.

Genesis 2:7; Job 12:10 "In whose hand is the soul of every living thing and the breath of all humanity.(the Creator is responsible for all because He is all)."

Psalms 66:9 "Which holds our soul.('our soul' is us connected with the Soul of the Creator; your spirit is you, the Creator is the Soul).in life and suffers not our feet to be moved.

John 15:13 "Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.".Meditate on the needs of your friends. Meditation uses the sixth sense, the pathway from the invisible Soul to you.

Your life is your time. Lay down some of it to help others. This is a high consciousness thing keeping the pathway open from the invisible world of high consciousness of the Creator to you.

Meditation is a most effective way to help. That's what you do with high consciousness things, you see how you can help; you give. Once you see the needs of the world and those in it, you can use the spiritual things to turn the world from evil. 

You cannot turn the world around and leave your own life out of it, because all is one. What you do for others is simultaneously done for you. This and in no other way, will world peace come. 

This is the message of hope Christ came to Earth with in the person of one we know as Emmanuel. The kingdom of love, the kingdom of heaven, the kingdom of God, is within you. It begins with the smallest of all beginnings and eventually blesses the entire Earth. The overall plan has you in it. What you choose places you in progression.(*).

Our spirit activated with the qualities of the Soul seems hidden, because being a subtle 'body' it can't experience through the senses and the slight promptings we have from the Soul are often quickly smothered by concerns of the ego, that is, the mind quickly turns to things of the physical life.

The Soul stores the idea of your particular self that your body develops from. That's why even though you get a completely rebuilt body every two years, it still shows the same old scars, etc. But memories the Soul holds can be altered. 

Creator doesn't want clones. That's why everything on the Earth is so different, to produce individual experiences for each person in this world stage of existence. That's why every leaf, every snowflake is different. Some love the prairies. Others love the coast. Some would like to live in the mountains,

The Soul is also a parcel, a quantity, a bundle; frequencies (frequencies are vibrations and everything vibrates at set frequencies).that are set to function in certain ways. The brain is the processor. The mind is the filter, filtering out what is not in line with our belief structures, for nothing can come into life unless it finds place in consciousness. Even a closed-minded person has experiences that allow some light from the Soul to occasionally trickle through.

Liking and love are some qualities of what we commonly call the 'soul' which is really the physical us animated by the invisible spirit of us, the spirit which can become activated by higher consciousness things which make one whole in all ways - called then, the wholness spirit or the Holy Spirit, for when in rapport with higher consciousness ways we are in and can act from the onesness of the universe: 1John 4:8,16.

Things of the spirit in the New Testament are called 'the soul'. In the Old Testament the word 'soul' refers to the physical person.

When one is in touch with the Soul he can see and feel the sacred. This won't become true with you the first or second time you meditate, but eventually it will. The Soul doesn't reveal its secrets to someone just out experimenting for awhile. On things spiritual there is a lock.

The Soul.is beyond the physical and thus, beyond death:.Matthew 10:28. The Infinite One called the Father in the Bible lives from the this high level into which we are all integrated when our spirits become in alignment with the ways of love:.Matthew 12:18.

As such, Christ was not of this world.(John 8:23; 18:36), meaning not programmed by the ego.

The higher consciousness qualities of the Soul can be overridden by the low consciousness ego:.Matthew 13:22; 16:26. We unknowingly live from our souls.(how?).and the sad part is, many have not awakened to this.

When we are troubled, we are troubled in our soul:.John 12:27. It's called our soul because once connected with our spirit, there is oneness. 

Your soul wants to take you into higher consciousness things:.1Corinthians 15:45-50.

The soul is a unity function:.1Thessalonians 5:23; 1Corinthians 3:16; Hebrews 2:11.

The Soul can be 'awakened' in one's life by giving attention to it. How? Visualization. You 'visualize', you 'see' the Soul by awareness of your spirit's connection with it. This is called belief. One can also visualize the Soul by saying silently the word 'soul'.

Words are powerful! The Soul knows what the word means to you and what to do with it to bring it into manifestation. Simply saying words such as eternal life, resurrection, Christ in me, can change one's life, because they have specific frequencies to them. It works for any and all languages. Pick whatever spiritual words that you may like to use in your mind from time to time.

When visualizing you create a strong force field to project what image is in your mind, onto the other world, the world of formative energy, the invisible yet very real world below the atom. You are the Creator's force field. How come?

In meditation our first attention is usually on fear and neediness. Ask yourself.(yourself is your spirit, your soul, connected with the Soul).about these things in your meditation time. Daily ask Who am I? You are the male or female who is watching or aware of the Soul's connection with you. In your meditation times ask questions of it, which is the same as asking questions of yourself, because the real self of you is the Soul's oneness with you. Be ready to write down what comes to mind. And the same is true for the Ask Suby system.

Ananias who was sent to return Paul's sight to him, saw in a vision what he was to do:.Acts, Chapter 9.

This queues the Soul for an answer to your query. When you think of yourself as a physical creature there is no room for the Soul to express. When you think of yourself as the real you, your ego runs to hide. The ego 'hides' when you ask questions of your self.

Get quiet.and imagine your self being connected to the underlying support of all that is. One good exercise for connection comes from Deepak Chopra. It is to imagine that you are walking in nature and what you see on your walk. Imagination is a spiritual, of the Soul, function. Imagination gets out of line with the energy for manifestation when it relates to the things of the ego level.

Visualization is taking power over your own life, taking your life out of control of your ego with all its downsides and its being influenced by the mass mind. This enables you to be born from above and you become born again:.John 3:31; 8:23; Romans 10:6-8; James 1:17; 3:15-18.

One's good actions today produce a better tomorrow. Ask yourself why does life for you go one way and not another? Actions change character to be more in line with the never changing Soul, available to you for a long time. 

The ordinary consciousness level, the level of the ego, makes ourselves appear different than the true self of us which is only goodness. Maximize the probability that something will happen by your actions, like, do something to transform yourself into the person for whom the probability of great things happening occurs. See the change as 'it is', that is, fulfilled, complete. Create the vessel and it'll be ready to be filled.

The energy of the invisible intelligent universe is shown forth because its astonishing organizing ability.

When attention is on even.just the word.'soul' in your mind, the universal intelligence.knows what the word means, that is, the invisible computer knows what to do with the input and how to bring about invisible organizing to bring it forth into manifestation. And this works both positively and negatively, so be careful what you think, what you say, what you believe to be true about you.(*). Behind every word you use is your personal intention, whether careless or deliberate:.Matthew 12:35-37. How often do you speak of things you love?

Just by thinking lightly of the word you choose to have your attention on today, whenever it comes to your mind, is like a magnet pointing to the electromagnetic field in the north. The connection you have with your Soul will automatically draw information to you from it like a magnet. It knows what to do! It has infinite organizing ability. Look how it makes a baby!

The Soul is an animating force. There is always vibration there. It is an active thing, an active thing which comes out of the invisible stillness, where we find memory, where we find love and the unmoving principles of the highest consciousness. Here meditation is the key.

The body disintegrates in the absence of a connection with the Soul. So we grow older, etc. but the spirit of you connected with the Soul is ever living. As long as the spirit is active in a person, why should they die? It's an everliving energy. But what if they do die?.Ezekiel 18:4.

It's the Soul connection giving the physical body meaning as it exists in this Earthly life. You, can't have a body without your spirit and you can't have a spiritual life when there is not a high consciousness connection with the Soul. It's the Soul that gives the body through the spirit in man, potential to become what it could become and what it now is in its functioning. Without the Soul 'feeding down' to your spirit, you would be a stationary.mass of atoms.

We are Soul energy made into flesh.(different frequencies vibrating as to the pattern supporting them designed by the Great Infinite Intelligence). The Soul is this 'something' which has all capability, one function is to keep a continuity of your interests.and patterns. This sense of continuity is held by memory.

"A radio is a space/time event that traps a non local.(invisible).field of information into a space/time event.(space/time events are those of a material nature, such as your vehicle was made at a time and now occupies space, perhaps in your garage)."....Deepak Chopra.

The body is like a radio where the song is at the source and the radio broadcasting station of course, is not in your radio. The radio is able to be in many locations and still be able to bring in from the source. The song comes through the radio. Many people hear it. The radio is a trap for space/time events, that is, signals coming through space are picked up by something or someone at some time. A TV is similar.

And, so is the body. The body is not the source of the Soul but the Soul expresses through it by means of the spirit in man.(1Corinthians 2:11).as if it were, just like the radio. Think of the spirit in man as the radio, the source being the invisble Soul. Depending on which radio frequency one is tuned to, he gets information.

The real you is non local, that is, above and beyond the material physical world, beyond the mind. Yet the mind and body are one with no distinction, that is, you cannot find where one ends and the other begins.

Most people have screwed up lives because there is disconnection of them from the Soul by their ego. The ego is what it is we are at this moment in time, complete with all beliefs from influences that have shaped us. This is the root of evil ways built upon the ego's foundation. One can construct a building with a most solid and balanced foundation and then build a crappy building on top of it.

One's spirit connection with the Soul can be reestablished through using the big 3. Or, God can take a hand, using circumstances in your life in awakening you, if you listen to what's going in your life. Such circumstances as these happen all the time in our lives, as in the life of this top world skier, described in the movie.Molly's Game, a true story. And why they happen is we would otherwise be as the ancients, unable of ourselves to come to God:.Jeremiah 44:16,17.

It's at about the age of two to three that we begin to see ourselves as distinct from others. And so begins the ego's influence upon our lives. The ego is our basic framework for life on Earth. 

We become convinced that there are things we must do and become like, in order to get along in this world and this is one advantage of the ego, that of protecting us as we, hopefully, depending on the environment parents set, stay on the path of unfolding the Soul's potential in our lives. 

The ego's function has to do with the things of life, that is, to protect you as your grow.

But many as they grow up, don't grow into spirituality. We all have free will and can choose the pathway we feel is best for what we think is the right way for us. And it's this which can lead us astray the more we shove aside the many prompts coming to out minds, relying instead on the things of self, instead of moving up higher into the spiritual:.Proverbs 14:12.

Thus, we begin to rely completely upon the ego, further leaving off the Soul, having had perhaps only a slight.inkling.of it. Continued dependence upon the ego beyond whatever time in one's life that it should begin to be left off from.(that is, leave off from its selfish influence, not the lessons you may have learned because of it, such as remembering to not touch that hot stove), causes us to ignore the many spiritual prompts coming to the mind. And so, many grow into adulthood with the same consciousness that got them through youth. And they wonder why it is that they still have such problems as they do.

It is at this ego level that we select which concepts become our personal precepts. From these limited choices available from our environment of family, friends, circumstances encountered, etc., we build a base for better or worse for our lives. All the while the Soul is whispering ever so silently to us, but we were not taught what this is and quickly bypass any prompting from it. The Soul exclusively prompts action toward higher consciousness.

Until we learn that the ego realm is a 'nowhere city' we continue to miss the way to be fully brought to life, meaning, spiritually awakened and activated:.Philippians 1:19; Ephesians 2:6; 1Corinthians 15:44; 6:14; Romans 8:11; 6:9: 6:4.

When in the Soul you have access to all potential.(potential for what?). How does an individual keep his connection to the Soul active? Through meditation and by having the higher consciousness things of the Creator uppermost in mind:.Deuteronomy 11:18;.Matthew 22:37; Romans 7:23; 8:5-7; 12:2;1Peter 5:8.

The multiverse has built into it fantastic ability to organize and reorganize. It has inherent intelligence to know exactly what to do with a person's attention and intention, so you don't need to agonize over growth into higher and higher consciousness any more than you would your new baby growing in mom's womb toward birth. Rejoice in it!

The Soul, the intelligent creative energy that permeates the entire multiverse, is likened to the breath and the spirit to the wind or you could say, the Soul is the ocean and individual spirits of people are the ocean's waves or you could say, the spirit is the snowflake and the Soul is the precipitation:.Hebrews 4:12. The Soul and spirit together provide for the animating.experience we call life.

There are many great books to help keep one on the pathway of good, the Bible, the Course In Miracles and others. With the Holy Spirit in those who have chosen the way of love, is any book really even necessary? Do you need a book, any book?

The Infinite One we commonly refer to as the Creator or God is the great oversoul that we simply call the Soul. All those whose spirits are in connection with the Soul are called souls:.Ezekiel 18:4 "Behold, all souls are mine. As the soul of the father, so also the soul of the son is mine..."

There's only a meager life at the ego level, the one we live on Earth. Compared to what is said to be coming, there's no match:.1Corinthians 2:9. This life is steeped in all kinds of desires that are selfish and evils that have brought the world to where it is today. One not seeking a higher consciousness, will, during his physical time on Earth, remain in the prison of the ego, left there awaiting another time. Seek the best for yourself and for others.

The Creator never overrides anyone's heart. If they choose to remain where they are, choosing by how they decide to live each day, they have convinced themselves for some reason that this ordinary consciousness ego level is where it is they prefer to remain. Some will ride it out there until they pass on and having to wait the time when there is no more flesh:.Hosea 4:17.

Our hearts cry for something better, but and because of the ego's grip, it's difficult for some people to make an effort necessary to improve themselves:.Galatians 4:6. We have mind and a body. It's really one, like water is one but comes in different forms, solid, liquid and gas. It's hard for some people to move from their stable solid stage and reach into the liquid stage and beyond into the gaseous stage, likened to higher consciousness.

The 'Soul' envelopes the mind.(spirit in man:.Job 32:8; 1Corinthians 2:11).and body, really an integral part of each other, if we progress to that stage where the whole person is connected to the Great Invisible Supreme Intelligence of the universe, the being we commonly refer to as God, the Soul of all.

We are human beings, not human becomings. Human beings have 'forgotten' the connection with the Infinite. Human beings live the breath of life on Earth in a physical body. We need to 'purchase' our soul back by paying for it through sacrificing our egos: Revelation 3:18; Isaiah 55:1-3.

Ego things war against the soul causing much anguish:.1Peter 2:11.

You are a 'slowed down' frequency of the electrical energy that is you in the invisible. Your body and your mind are launched from the deeper reality, where the real you is, that you don't see, because you see things from the ego level, But there is so much more than what you do see:.Romans 1:20. From here your real self functions through its body, its physical body, you.

You are here for a great purpose:.1Peter 2:9 "But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people, that you should show forth the praises of him who has called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.".1Corinthians 2:9; James 2:5; Isaiah 51:4,5.

Humans are made of energy within this huge overall invisible information and energy field, it being everything. Your living body is an organism that is a support for your spirit. If we weren't connected to this intelligent consciousness, the Soul of everything, we would cease to exist in three seconds. So, all of us are connected and because of that we can take it higher, that is, use the connection for benefit for ourselves and for others.

We are empty space, a pattern of fluctuating vibrations, waves of invisible light of various slowed down frequencies of specific pattern within other patterns of frequencies.(Ecclesiastes 8:17), energy that blinks off and on so fast we are not aware of it, yet all held together by a mysterious cohesion that produces this experience of life for us.."Without this invisible 'force' the multiverse and all in it would not exist; there would be no multiverse and no you."....Deepak Chopra.(deepakchopra.com).

We are local concentrations of information and energy of the non local ocean of oneness we may refer to as the invisible creation, the entire universe, as it is in the invisible. When you look at yourself you are looking at God's creation or to put it another way; since all is this oneness, it's really the Creator looking at an expression of Himself and wanting to do greater things through you. Like what

As a drop of ocean water is really 'the whole ocean', so are we in the sea of endless consciousness. Your being is bathed in an endless sea of light as Deepak Chopra.(deepakchopra.com).describes it. And he said that the atoms in your body are the recycled atoms from those perhaps of millenia past, as everything is energy and energy cannot be destroyed, only changed in form. Recycled energy unfolds in different patterns. Nothing is ever again quite the same, snowflakes, people, faces, leaves on trees, a new tree, the weather. All creation is unique, ever changing and massively.huge.

The things that concern you involve the Soul in your affairs to the degree of higher consciousnss that you may possess. Your own particular 'breath of life', would include family and the effect you have upon others. These are some important things of your presence here.

The Soul is the information field and where the process of observation resides. Good and love are functions of the Soul and reveal themselves to your spirit, many times daily.

The Soul is a potential not a place, not a person as we know persons to be, but a potential for full awareness of one's true being, a different 'being' than what your ego has been dictating and programming you into. The Soul realm consists of pure awareness.

Like a hologram where every part of it is in every bit of it, so is the Soul. The potential available is always present and never can be depleted.

One Soul potential is the process of observation.(test it; prove all things), of recording in memory what you experience in your life.

The Soul is the unbounded non local.causal body. Ask yourself who is reading this text here or who is the listener when you are listening to something? Who is the experiencer when you are looking at a beautiful nature scene or observing yourself on an exercise run or slow hike? When you take your attention off of what you are reading or listening and focus on the reader or the listener or the experiencer, you, you'll notice a silent observer, a seer, a silent listener. This is you seeing yourself through the eyes of the Soul by means of your spirit. 

The real you, the observer, the experiencer, the listener, affects matter formation. Awake and alert is the silent observer; an alert witnessing awareness.

The soul you have is the non local domain.(local meaning just you).from where also your memory is. The non local is beyond energy space and time. 

The Soul is spaceless, timeless and dimensionless. It exists beyond all these. The Soul uses no energy but funnels it from what many call, cosmic consciousness, the awareness one experiences in the stillness from which all power and potential emanate. This power comes into one through the gaps in DNA, via one's personal 'black hole', the event horizon. The gaps in the DNA at the spirit level equate to our own personal black hole of absolute stillness that is reached in meditation.

Each person has his own individuality, unique expressions of the qualities of love, knowingness, bliss.(intense joy or delight).and extreme happiness, such as when you are living your passion.

Your 'signature' in the Soul is your essence.(the unique you).and this essence is the invisible 'stuff' of the silence that enables us to live from the high consciousness level of the Soul, thus creating and modifying ourselves.(our individual expression based).as we go along.

All cosmic consciousness.(the invisible intelligent power and energy behind the scenes sustaining all that is and making possible all that can be).is assuming different forms. We are from a source that was never born and will never die, something at this time that is beyond mental grasp for unawakened humanity.

You are comprised of meanings, relationships and contexts.(a set of relationships, personal associations, woven around intent); example you reading this text is part of a context.

When your daily being becomes the same as the higher Soul qualities, you are in cosmic consciousness constantly, as this is a state of continually evolving consciousness on the pathway.(an endless joyful journey according to what is joyful to you as you go along).into living the full never ending potential the Soul provides.

It's a naturally unfolding process, just like a tree forms its branches, leaves and its growth as time goes by. Although everything is instantaneous at the higher consciousness invisible levels and can appear immediately in our physical realm, the unfoldment of some things in this physical world has specified times programmed long ago into this ageless 'cosmic computer' with its programming projected as the physical multiiverse, that is termed.to be a hologram.

Other things can come quickly but have to be 'filtered' as it were before they manifesthere.

The 'non local' acts spontaneously without a fixed plan. Everything in this realm indicates inherentorganizing ability; examples. So-called miracles happen when you access the capabilities of the Soul. How does one access the Soul's capabilities?

How to watch for the Soul's effect if you are expecting higher consciousness things.

Your presence on Earth, mine and everyone else's has a particular 'signature' in multiversal consciousness or the Soul, the multiversal awareness, the stillness, that which is beyond energy and motion, that which is beyond time and material things, that of which are individual expressions in the oneness.(Matthew 6:9; Ephesians 1:10).which we call the Soul.."In the deeper reality we are all part of each other."....Sir James Genes.."We all cohere in the invisible, all bound together by a spiritual connection."....Deepak Chopra.

1Corinthians 3:6-9 "I have planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the increase. So then neither is he that plants any thing, neither he that waters, but God that gives the increase. Now he that plants and he that waters are one and every man shall receive his own reward according to his own labour. For we are labourers together with God. You are God's husbandry. You are God's building."

Underneath the atom is the intelligent energy and it's from here that all things consist; it's here where all is one:.Colossians 1:17.

Your base is oneness. Most humans however think that we are separate from each other. Because of societal conditioning, the false belief in being separate from one another takes us further away from the peace of unity in love:.Proverbs 22:2 "The rich and poor meet together. The Lord is the maker of them all."

It's not that you have a spirit; some call it a soul; you are the Soul when connected with it as all of its potential is always available for everyone, like a wave in the ocean is the ocean; the waves on top, the great stillness deeper. We don't see the ocean beneath when we focus on the waves above. We see little individual expressions of the ocean when we look upon the waves, but all the potential of the ocean is always there.

The things of the spiritual.(one is and others are).are too far above the much lower consciousness ego level to be understood at that level:.Philippians 4:7 "And the peace of God, which passes all understanding keeps your hearts and minds through Christ Emmanuel.".It's a thing of the heart, not the ego, which is the natural man, the nature we have all developed through life:.Colossians 3:15 "And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which also you are called in one body and be you thankful." 1Corinthians 2:14 "But the natural man receives not the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness unto him, neither can he know them because they are spiritually discerned.(1Corinthians 2:10-13).".He has been blinded to the truth of his own existence by his own ego.

The Soul doesn't blink in and out like all matter does at thousands of times a second, because it is 'behind' all matter causing the blinking and the Soul is always on, doing the blinking. How?

Like a computer left on, it waits with all the patterns.(programming) in it and activates whatever the individual using it wants. Nothing is impossible. All matter is energy, but all energy is not matter.

Deepak Chopra has said that you can cloud your soul and it disappears. What do you think the poisonings have been for? The connection to the Soul has been lost, but like the Sun behind the clouds, it's still there. The Soul never goes away. Salvation is the saving of your soul.

The Soul can be altered in the sense our soul within the 'big' Soul can be reprogrammed.(how?).and can be clouded by the ego. The human body is animated by the Soul in much the same way as the universe is sustained in its patterns. It's the Soul that 'sends down' the energy which turns on the light in peoples lives.

It is important to pray for those passed on as they are still alive, just not back here, yet.

It would be nice to know where the universe goes when in its off state and why exactly it is we are programmed to see only the on state of this hologram: 1Corinthians 2:9.

So, to sum up, the Soul is the invisible program of sustainment of all and everything and as such is eternal.(Matthew 10:28), beyond birth and death, is infinitely.correlated, infinitely silent, eternal, has no time but is the source of all time, has no energy but is the source of all energy, has infinite organizing power with it, which means it "can organize an infinity of events simultaneously or synchronistically".....Deepak Chopra.

It also has infinite creative potential, a domain of existence where wholeness and healing exists at every point. The Soul is unbounded; it has no boundaries and is immeasurable and is infinitely dynamic as it expresses personal action.(relating to energy and/or objects in motion, example, the particular way you may do something like play a ball game, or explain what you have learned to someone and the particular way animals migrate, the planets orbit, the rivers flow, etc.).

The Soul likes unpredictability as it's creative and can handle anything, whereas the ego tends toward unending stability, unending sameness, unending security.(true spiritual people are to trust the Infinite One for stability, a solid base from which to live life from and the security to live it and not be hesitant in coming out of the ego realm of the world by entering into doing spiritual disciplines).and is out of the 'risky' creative realm, out of the realm given to us as an example to follow in Hebrews 11:7-40, because a person in the ego realm is out of the higher consciousness level. Like the Sun hidden by the clouds, it is still there, but can't do much good until the clouds are cleared and it can shine.

The Soul is the '0' point around which your spirit coalesces and is as a wave crest point in the ocean, unique in its traits.

Many archetypes no doubt have influenced what it is that you are today.

Others who feel similarly have a common interest or intent with you, so a context is derived from relationships. Relationships are an agglomeration of people, situations, events. As a result of these relationships and contexts, we derive a certain meaning in our life.

As Deepak Chopra has said."meaning is derived from the interpretation of these contexts and relationships and these contexts, relationships and these meanings are in turn an expression of an archetypal theme or story, an archetypal model we have adopted".

It's themes and context which determines the meaning of everything. Context is how we interpret experiences of life.

The Soul is everywhere. It is unbounded. It is everything. It surrrounds and comprises everything we know of. That which is made of it and that is everything, is all of it. And it's intelligent. The Infinite One is the same pure awareness as the Soul, for out of the Infinite One the Soul was created for its purposes.

The Soul pulls necessary content from the unboundedness and funnels it into your spirit.according to awareness, awareness of needs and desires. Letting go and 'letting God' is the way to take care of things. You allow the Soul to digest your life experiences and take you forward, instead of allowing your ego to constrict your life. Meditation is the key here to rising into the higher consciousness of the Soul realm.

After death, of which there is no need for and can be moved on from, one who still believes in death, would still have their unique spirit, the unique you. After death they will still grow toward the light, although much slower than if they were back here on Earth. Why? So, they can be brought back and are being brought back at an increasing rate.

There's only one you. Then, after death, one has a different ethereal body energy. The Soul in us is beyond change of its set functions. It is intelligent energy, set to function certain ways, a sort of alive 'cosmic computer'. It is the information field from which comes what it is that we and all things are.

The programs in this computer set the functions of our bodies, the variety of flowers and how they grow, how the stars and galaxies interact, the heat of the Sun and the interdependencies of all things. All there is, is energy and information. There is nothing else. Information determines what energy becomes and for how long in various forms. Select the information you know to be of the best and highest and you can be assured that you are in alignment with what it is that is the all powerful Creator. This information is love with its attributes.

What's going on everywhere and with everything is observed. 

Have the intention and decide to notice information determining energy in all things you come across in life. All is of the underlying reality, the divine consciousness. One can communicate with plants and animals when in higher consciousness. In the Soul all is connected if one chooses to be in connection. Christ lived in this state of the unity of all things.

The process.we call the mind has such an affect upon the body and all creation. We are truly are all one in that we all are, with everything else.(rocks, trees, oranges, apples, dust, feelings, emotions, etc.), connected together in this massive.invisible grid.comprising what we call the Soul.

It's a conscious multiverse. All in it has its own consciousness, part of a main consciousness and responds to your thoughts and intents, what's in your soul. Make sure it is of love only.

The actionable.functioning of the Soul is known as spirit. The spirit is given to humanity so, unlike the animals, he would feel this need for seeking that 'something' that to him, would seem missing, missing because he is not awakened to it:.Isaiah 42:5.

The spirit is the electrical impulses, spurring through the grid according to the pattern of thought having produced them, manifesting in the physical and the invisible.(patterns of all physical things remain in the invisible; that's why one can restore say, a missing organ or a sick one back to health; that's why the intelligence of the body knows which cells to repair when a break in the pattern occurs, so your wound heals, but we always have free choice to be healed or not, a choice shown by how we live and think, that is do we want to believe?.Psalms 66:18-20, so get clean first).world of man.(including the effect upon his mind and his life for good {for good only}).and enriching the world because of good effects upon the collective consciousness

For example, there is one principle of joy in the spirit, yet it is manifested differently through each of us because we are all unique due to our nervous systems, which themselves are always changing because we constantly are modifying our outlook, our viewpoint on things as we travel through the timelines of life that we may have chosen. Be sure to choose, by thinking about, the good ones. What's good?

Luke 24:39 "Behold my hands and my feet, that it is I myself; handle me and see, for a spirit has not flesh and bones as you see me have."

Here Emmanuel states that He, in the form He at the present was in, was not spirit. He appeared at this meeting out of nowhere; just materialized there as verses 36-38 show. This tells us that there is a body form not of spirit that is able to materialize from the invisible into visibility. Therefore, the invisible world can be host to those beings who, obviously come with a consciousness far more advanced than the regular consciousness of humanity. So, we really don't know all about life until we discover them.

Without the functioning of the spirit, cells would not divide, babies would not be produced. It's the spirit that produces growth because spirit is life and life is growth, both physically and spiritually.

Spirit is intelligent and is everything, in everything and is omnipresent. It is an organized structure of energy, a structure of consciousness, the structure designed by the invisible.(Colossians 1:15).Creator, this one being the Word:.Ephesians 3:9 "And to make all men see what is the fellowship of the mystery, which from the beginning of the world has been hid in God, who created all things by Emmanuel Christ." Revelation 4:11 "You are worthy O Lord to receive glory and honour and power, for you have created all things and for thy pleasure they are and were created."

The physical body is a bundle of local consciousness, that is, it's with you in this life here and now and mostly ego run due to prior programming mostly from early years.

Take a moment to fix your attention, your awareness, on the observer, the seer; that is you, your spirit, the invisible you. One sees, if he wants to, because of the connection of his spirit with the Soul, the intelligent energy of all; all being all, that is, all that is, all space.(which is filled with this invisbile energy), all that is in that space, Earth, planets, us, animals, water, air, life, cars, sidewalks, gravel, dirt, dust, trees, etc. The Soul is the observer, the seer, the knower through your eyes, both physical eyes and through the eyes of the imagination and third eye:.Jeremiah 27:5.

You can go to the place where the Soul lives while you are alive. How?

The individual can't be crushed by the universe if you realize you are not an individual. It's the ego that makes you think that you are separate from all else, that you are an individual entity.

It's this invisible essence that is the stuff that enables us to live from Soul level.

The Soul is the middle between the virtual body.(invisible).and the physical body, keeping it together. Without the Soul you would not be animated.and there would not exist the connection to all other things in the created multiverse; they would then all be a rigid.mass:.James 2:26.

Ideas come from the Soul when it is happy that you are in alignment with it. Invisible forces harbored in the Soul activate and come to your aid as needed and when asked for. This is why it is important to focus on the Soul a few times a day. You don't remember your breath all day long, it's the same with your Soul. Focus just on the word. Your Soul knows what itself is and what frame of mind you are in at all times.

Just focusing on the word 'soul' is enough. Don't ignore yourself. We interact with the real selves of us through attention on the Soul which holds all information. Is that why there are so many distractions to keep people away from any hint of connection to God? Fabulous entertainments can be such a joy, but if they keep the soul self submerged, how would anyone then find out its importance in their lives.

The invisible power behind all things knows the intention of your heart by the words you use to interact with yourself. Again, it knows what to do with each word.

"One word frees us from all the weight and pain of life. That word is love."....Sophocles, B.C.E. 496-406, Greek playwright who wrote Ajax, Oedipus Rex, Antigone.and.Oedipus at Colonus.

When you talk.(learn about conversation), do you talk about what you love or about what you don't like? You can expect more struggle and difficulty in life if your mind is on what you don't love:.Mark 7:20. Just refuse yourself the action of talking about what is not nice.

You can expect love to set you free if your mind is on what you love. If your mind is on what you love, you'll be full of it, you'll talk that way, you'll only think that way and you'll only be free that way:.John 8:32,36 "And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free...If the Son therefore shall make you free, you shall be free indeed."

The Son was the first Son of the Creator. He has the same consciousness as His Father and that was love. When you think and talk about what you love, you are agreeing that those things should be in your life. In this way you are giving out love and you receive everything back you have given out and with increases:.Luke 6:38. The other way just takes away from you.

If you don't talk about what you love, how can you expect good things to be attracted into your experience?.Matthew 17:20 "...If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place and it shall remove and nothing shall be impossible unto you." If you talk about what you don't like, you are strengthening the hold on you by the ego's prison.

Be on the qui vive, the alert to what it is that you are thinking and saying, to ensure it is always of love, watchful of yourself confirming you are always in sync with the operational frequencies of the universe, harmony, peace, love. This is what it means when it says in the Bible to bring every thought into captivity.

The body is simply our ideas. When you change them, your body changes. Your invisible body is your extended body. The physical world and our bodies are responses of the observer, but this is difficult to comprehend at the ego level. We are our attention.

Nothing is separate at the quantum level. You are not separate from that which is observed, in fact it is affected by what it is that is you. All things are affected by what you feel, know and hold to be true.

The Soul connection with us expands whenever we decide to keep open and progress, whenever we decide on those things that are of harmony and those things are the things of love, the things of higher consciousness. Be aware of these things. Have an allegiance to higher values.

Love awakens the soul. The Soul expresses love through action where it finds harmony. It's not 'I have a soul', but rather 'I am a soul' once one is connected with the Soul.

Test your connection. If you don't ask, how can you expect to accomplish much on your own:.John 15:5 "I am the vine, you are the branches. He that abides in me and I in him, the same brings forth much fruit, for without me you can do nothing.".And, Christ couldn't do anything either without the Father, the Great Overall Soul:.John 5:19.

Ask for guidance and watch for results. Ask for wisdom and observe how you now are around others. Ask for peace and notice that you become more peaceful. Learn about peace. Ask for lightheartedness and you'll become able to laugh more. Humor is the Creator's way of dealing with humanity's seriousness.

Ask for whatsoever you wish:.Matthew 7:7 "Ask, and it shall be given you. Seek and you find, knock and it is opened unto you.".There are no limits. All is possible:."Every act of connection, sharing and communication is a step toward the intimacy and truth of love. Every flavor of happiness is a step toward your true essence of bliss."....Deepak Chopra.

The Soul is where the Creator and humans meet on common ground, the intermediary between the spirit and the body.

Our extended body, the universe, is also, like us, organized by non local intelligence, the Soul's programming. Non local means nowhere in particular and yet everywhere, not confined or restricted to a particular space or time. The relationship of Soul to spirit are different aspects of the same phenomenon. The wave appears different but is just a pattern of movement of the ocean.

Your presence on Earth may appear distinct but is distinct only because it is a particular pattern or movement of the Soul, the energy that is manifesting all that is, all that was and all that will ever be, in every instant and with effortless spontaneity.

When you can be this level of existence and be thinking and acting from the level of your soul, you manifest healing, you will manifest all you can imagine and more because imagination is also the activity of the Soul.

The Soul imagines itself into sentient beings and also into the universe in which the sentient beings find themselves; into observer and observed, into seer and scenery, into knower and known, into lover and beloved. All is the Soul.

Knowingness is instantly everywhere. That's why you often feel it when another is thinking of you, or know if something is wrong with those you love who may not be in your immediate vicinity. Just as every cell of your body is intimately aware of every other cell, so every aspect of this non local domain has to be intimately one with every other aspect of itself. Otherwise there is chaos. The entire cosmos is intelligently and meticulously organized. This intimate oneness and knowing, is love, which is the essential state of the Soul.

Peaceful people show their feelings. Peace is of the Soul and is like water, always flowing, always fresh.

The Soul faces itself in two dimensions, the time.(time bound experiences such as here on Earth which are dealt with by the level of consciousness humanity is in at the time).and timeless ones.(eternity). It just depends on which side you are facing to. All is the same consciousness including us. We all live with the knowing of the reality we are in and the knowing of our choice of having selected to be as we are. A parallel reality is simply another choice, further up or down. For those into evil, a parallel choice for them would be to select that which is good and vice versa

Knowing reality is where the meaning of life lies.."The meaning of life is to be alive."....Alan Watts. We need to ask ourselves which road we are on, the road of life or of death.

One gets to know his true reality in meditation. In meditation one is aware, but not thinking. In the awareness of silence, the presence is there and that's where meaning happens. Here one gets to know what his life is about because meditation makes for Soul connection. 

The Soul's dual nature is local and non local. True reality is what is 'behind the curtain', in the invisible. The Soul acts from that level.

Come to overstand the world beyond the senses, beyond the physical life and you'll see how your soul interacts with your Creator.."Thought has no localization in space but in time, as it has a beginning, middle and ending."....Deepak Chopra.

Who is the thinker of the thought and where are thoughts processed? And how are thoughts and beliefs intertwined? A thought, an idea, is formed by generating something either new in the mind or a recall of memory triggered by some stimulus, for example, a different way of understanding.(planned to take a new route). A thought is a bringing into being in the mind's present attention, that which was not there a moment before; made possible because of electrical ability residing as potential for formation and activated through the process of awareness of information from either the invisible.(you are meditating and some guidance you need comes).or as a result of sensory.perception.(you feel it's cold and think to put on long underwear).

Thoughts are not in the body, not in the brain, as the brain only processes them according to programming already in the mind and according to light that can get through the darkness:.Matthew 6:23. See.What If? The Movie.and the new.The Grand Self.movie about dissolving the illusion of separateness, for much more on this.

There are no sights, sounds that can be detected in the brain, only faint electrical firings and chemical reactions. The thoughts from experiences including sights and sounds exist in consciousness, beyond the body.

The thinker is above, as if looking down upon the active invisible fieldof infinite.potentialities. Between the thinker's thought and this field is the gap.

We can't discern the waves of energy and information in this non local field with our limited senses. The key is to live in divine consciousness which is unity consciousness.(here the Ask Suby guidance system at the bottom here, will bring you to the point of higher consciousness).

Just as a movie projector puts onto the screen what is 'read' by it as the film runs through it, so it is with consciousness being projected to the world and becoming part of the collective consciousness similar to a movie that was popular being now a part of a collection of movies.

Notice that you did not have to instruct the brain to reproduce a sunset. The Creator responds to the Creator when you have that feeling you get from say a sunset or looking at the stars, a new born baby, etc. It's spontaneous and it feeds you. That's why getting out amongst nature is so valuable in seeing the workings of the Soul.

All you did was to just have the intention. Intention is a seed in consciousness or spirit. When a seed is planted in the ground we add water and it knows what to do. Same as your intention. The multiverse knows how to handle it and does. How?

Life from the higher consciousness of things is spontaneous. Life from the ego level is threaded with fears, hesitation and doubts, so, we have government bodies to regulate because the majority of humanity has no idea about the love that produces a new way of living and so they simply just follow what comes to their mind from the reactions they have to circumstances and what comes to their mind is information from the collective consciousness of all humanity:.Romans 13:10

Living in the level of the Soul is living beyond the ego. Living in the Soul level is living in the present moment with love as your guide.

The Creator is eternal, is in eternity, is eternity and therefore is found in the present, when your mind is in the present. In this present you're in contact, are in touch with, are in, where there is no time and no space, eternity. 

In this present one comprehends eternity to be a state of mind. This is the invisible realm. You are in this because it is inside you. Even amongst the hustle and bustle of the busy world, inside is your criteria. You are no longer governed by the external. Instead you possess rules of peace and quietness inside you that you have decided your life will proceed from. The past, present and future are all accessible from the present. When your mind is in the present with your criteria, you live in the present but you do take time also to think about eternity and the endlessness of space in quiet times.

True reality is found within the present moment and includes the past and the future. Eternity, where time has no beginning nor end, is always the present which means, in eternity all the past is present and all the future is a present reality. Variables are always available, as the plan with you being a part of it all is made up as things go along

Your thoughts and feelings play a part in all this. This is easy to comprehend once one comes to the knowledge that everything is frequencies, then it's not so difficult to comprehend.

Our soul is conditioned by our experience. We all have been conditioned by memory and the imaginings of life, what it is that we think life to be. Our experience is selected by the heart's motives behind what our attention may be on. Actions.we take change the collective consciousness.

The choicemaker, the thinker, which is also the interpreter of information it receives, both from actions at the ego level and from the spirit level, is the Soul. You are an infinite choice maker. Instead of reacting in habitual, conditioned ways, you can make conscious choices that bring greater happiness to yourself and those around you.."Have your attention on what is and see its fullness in every moment. The presence of the divine is everywhere. You have only to consciously embrace it with your attention."....The Vedas. Alexander Graham Bell was able to do this and anyone can.

You are the Soul's connection with your spirit. Enjoy the choices you make. No one can find that which makes the choice:.Ecclesiastes 3:11.

We use it daily, but what is it, where is it? It's always with us because it is us, us missing the overriding spiritual component, that of connection from our spirit to the Soul, that is, connection to the function of the Soul that is not.autonomic. 

The Soul has a function that is autonomic. Autonomic energy sustains us all and affects us all, such as the universal law of reap what one may have sown. It's non specific, that is, for all people this automatic system is designed to maintain the beating of the heart, the digestive system, breathing, the healing of the skin when you get a cut, etc., including other multiversal underlying laws that produce patterns behind the life we see.

You have to this point in your life created a story in which you participate, a story reflecting your values both good and bad. Some people have had few if any choices to choose the good because of poor parents and bad circumstances. Though born good, many become devoid of high consciousness ways for many reasons, but probably mostly because they had poor quality parents and teachers who failed to teach skills of living to them and went to schools that also failed in the important things of character.

When you live from the Soul level.(and these are always the things of higher consciousness), you can realize that whatever comes to you is right for you at this time. That's why it is important to meditate, so you have information increasingly coming to you from this deep level of stillness.

Memory resides at the level of the Soul bringing together meanings from interpretation of the circumstances of life you have gone through to date.

The Soul is disguised when you are too tired or stressed, 'pulled out of yourself' as it were or when your attention is dominated by daily externals or when you let others think for you or when you act out of compulsion or are influenced by fear.(feel danger).and anxiety.(uncertain of the future to the point it affects you negatively in the present), or when you struggle and suffer. All these suppress the information that could be coming to you from the Soul. 

The ego is serious; the things of the spirit, lighthearted:.Matthew 11:30. The Soul's influence produces lightness, cheerfulness, happiness and contentment, even in adversity. The words of God are helpfulness and peace.

Remember the Soul is potential and as such, takes on what we imagine and still has full potential left over. It's the raw clay shaped by the hand of choice.

We go through life making up who we are, making up the mask we want others to see. Choices made often build invisible barriers to the Soul's expression when we are out of touch with the things coming to us from the Soul, thus allowing our 'programmed by life' egoto reign.

Self exploration of even your dark side is most important for opening up your Soul, because when your attention is on the dark things harbored inside you, they dissipate. If you ignore them and/or shove them away from mind, they just build up with more strength to harassyou.

It's us who have created the software of the Soul. Like clay, the clay doesn't care how it's fashioned. It's formed by actions from imagination. Your soul is a witness to the process of life. Interpretations and choices in life become our specific information stored in the Soul's memory function. 

You glimpsethe Soul by being aware of the silence between thoughts.

Go to the place where the Soul is while you are alive. How?

The Soul is the middle between the virtual body.(the invisible pattern that surrounds you from which you are repaired to a norm mostly when you sleep).and the physical body, keeping it all together.

Good and love are functions of the soul and reveal the Soul. As mentioned earlier, the Soul is a potential not a place, an energy potential and pathway. The things of the Soul make life worth living. Appreciation of beauty, inspiration, memory, will, intention are Soul things, the higher consciousness things.

Your Soul is bathed in an endless sea of light.

The Soul is where ideas spring form. The Soul is linked to the infinite, the non local intelligence. The Soul then is that which supports all things, including your life.

Many treat the Soul as an object, but the soul has no bounds.  The Soul can't be lost or saved. It contains your eternal signature, your specific spirit's connection with it. That's how it knows who to send reparative energy to when your body needs specific repair. This is its autonomic functioing. To access its spiritual capabilities one must connect with his spirit by a decision in his mind.

The Soul is spaceless, timeless, dimensionless.

Focuses on yourself while listening for prompts from the Soul. The Soul's connection with you expands whenever we decide to keep open and progress, thus, allowing more spiritual information to flow to you. The Soul is what lets spiritual light shine, transmitting this healing and helpful energy to another.

Don't ignore your connection with the Soul. Meditation is one way to maintain a spiritual connection. Acts of kindness is another.

When you are attentive to high quality spiritual intentions, you have reached the level of the Soul.(what's that like?.1John 4:8-16).and your life changes. Actions of love.enliven the Soul's connection with you, bringing to you more spiritual qualities.

Soul qualities are acceptance, approving, detached, calm, compassionate, empathic, kind, forgiving, selfless, peaceful, non judgmental and so many others you can think of that are good for all.

Through the Soul is the connection to infinite consciousness, detected by the gap between thoughts. In the gap is the silence, the 'no thing ness', the big silent intelligence behind it all.

The brain adapts to your intention.(intention comes from the Soul level from what it picks up from you, your spirit).and produces a result in a field of physical activity. It's the Soul that carries the potential.

Test your soul. Ask yourself for guidance and watch for a result.

Living from the qualities of the soul level means you are loving. 

Every act of connection such as sharing and communication is a step toward the intimacy and truth of love. Every flavor of happiness is a step toward your true essence of bliss.

The Soul is where the Infinite Intelligence we commonly refer to as God and humans meet on common ground. It's the transition area, the intermediary.

The Soul is programmed to respond to the somatic nervous system signals of the body, the ones you have control over. If you think you may be sick, the Soul knows how to pick up this idea of yours and work with it, amplify it and return the result in your life. It is a servant to you in providing all it is programmed to be capable of. Think of it like a giant computer, picking up your thoughts and feelings and responding. What you want has to fit in to all else that may be affected by the result in the entire multiverse:.Isaiah 33:24 "And the inhabitant shall not say, I am sick..."

That's why it's important to be fully persuaded in something before accepting it as a decision. If you're not sure, don't. The great apostle Paul brought this forth as a consideration, regarding those fearful of 'doing something wrong' in their religion:.1Corinthians 11:27.

The Soul can be purchased back from being overridden by your ego:.Hebrews 10:39.

The 'soul' refers to sinners.(James 5:20).and saints alike.(1Peter 2:11).and their emotions and what it is that makes us all human:.Matthew 26:37,38. These scriptures refer to man being a soul.(small 's'), because there is always a connection with the Soul function that holds one in life, as has been explained above:.Psalms 66:9 "Which holds our soul in life..."

Because the Soul cannot be measured, some scientists assume that it is non existent. Without the Soul the body cannot live and without something physical the Soul would be useless.

In these terms, Umashankar-ji of India is therefore a scientist, for he has dedicated his life to studying the physical and natural world through the observation of his own spiritual practice and self experimentation.

Through his discoveries, Umashankar-ji now argues that western science is 'the dead body of science', for it does not observe the living.(but invisible).connections between measurable matter.

Western scientists observe and measure the dead cells of living creatures, not the soul that is the life within them. They have not found a way of measuring the soul, so they claim that it does not exist. They claim that God is nowhere, but Umashankar-ji prefers to explain that God is "now-here", existing within every living being. Without the Soul the body cannot live and without something material, why would the Soul be needed? So, if scientists claim that there is no Soul, then surely this is proof that they are studying the dead body of science. In order to gain true knowledge, scientists first need to study their own feelings and discover their own connection to the Soul. Only in this way will they understand the life of science rather than its dead body. As Umashankar-ji says 'one drop of practice is better than an ocean of books and theory'. Through the practice of meditation we can feel and through feeling we can discover the Soul.