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-Body's repair functions:.The body's repair functions are truly remarkable. Once a cut occurs, the white blood cells sacrifice themselves to save you from invading bacteria.

Macrophages destroy body enemies. These macrophages or good microbes, that we label as 'cancer cells', quickly release large amounts of alarm chemicals when they die, sending out calls for assistance. How does it know what invading enemy microbe to destroy? It's the programming built into it by Creator-God.

A macrophage dies after secreting its toxins and calls for help for other macrophages to carry on. They 'eat up' any and all garbage in the body and are responsible for cleaning up weakened, dying and dead cells, that are often termed viruses. 

Then the body can replace itself with new stronger cells, that is, if we stop poisoning the body and the environment, which also poisons the body so that the new cells are not as strong nor last as long, because of devitalized, chemicalized, processed, preserved, colored, flavored, enhanced, genetically modified.concoctions we falsely label as food, which genetically modified concoctions, if not bad enough, are at source also affected by other chemicals which kill, called the 'cides'.('cide' = kill).agricides, algicides, bactericides, germicides, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, larvicides, miticides.(kills mites), molluskicides.(kills mollusks), nematocides.(kills nematodes), ovicides.(kills eggs), parasiticides.(kills parasites), pesticides.(kills pests to people and to crops), rodenticides.(kills mice, etc.), spermicides.(kills sperm), sporicides.(kills spores), taeniacides.(kills tapeworms), vermicides.(kills worms), virucides.(kills what they call.viruses, like hello, hpw can you kill something that's already dead? it's more of a poisoning), plus all the poisonous garden and orchard sprays that don't kill the plant but do have deleterious effects on the plant and often on the people who may eat it, the land and on people who may happen to be breathing them in or experience an effect from them when they touch the skin and absorb into the blood stream of a person or animal.

'Cide' is, to murder, to kill, such as homicide, suicide; feticide.(abortion), infanticide, genocide, ecocides and so on.

Immunologists have figured out how the macrophages identify these invaders. These immune cells.(macrophages).recognize the lipoproteins.(fatty proteins).found on the surface of bad bacteria.

The lipoproteins bind to the death receptor on the macrophage and a suicide order instantly occurs. The macrophages sacrifice themselves by triggering their own death. This way bad bacteria hasn't got a chance to gain a foothold. The immune systems of living organisms such as in men, women and children are exceptionally strong, unless of course we contribute to weakening it with vaccinations, poor quality nutrition, stress, etc.

-Protein function:.It is estimated that all the computer power in the world working 24 hours a day for one hundred years may generate the info required to then begin understanding protein function enough to do something consistent and meaningful with the knowledge, if that is, we could even remember all necessary factors to formulate some answers.

And, the largest computers we have are at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, U.S.A. It's a 3 teraflop, $120 million computer; that is, it does three trillion floating point.(arithmetical calculations).calculations a second. Even with that kind of power, it is estimated by scientists that it would take 100 years for it alone to perform a complete protein folding computation. The code God built into microscopic things is astonishing!

New petaflop computers are now in the works which will perform a quadrillion floating point calculations per second and the cost is enormous, especially when we include the time consuming exhaustive error prone work of code writing to make the computer do what it is that we wish it to do.

But why bother? Just get the body to work with the food it was designed to work with. That's better than the enormous amounts of money and time and effort vital in dealing with the effect of the disaster modern foodless 'food' is causing with their preservatives, coloring, aging and anti-aging agents, coal tar flavorings and patterns of genetic modification that the human body does not recognize; ever hear of heart transplant organ rejection?

The annual 55 pounds of chemicals from all that we eat little by little day by day, is taking its toll on immune system functioning. Resistance is decreasing and severe illness expanding.

-Dark matter:.dark matter is particles that do not interact with light. It is called dark because particles of dark matter only interact weakly with ordinary matter.(more). It is estimated that the chemical elements and the dark matter particles constitute 50% of space, separating objects. Dark matter particles are neutrinos

Dark matter gravitationally attracts and thus contributes to or encourages the growth of structure, so galaxies tend to form. Dark matter makes up 26% of the universe and dominates gravitation.

Dark matter doesn't interact with the electomagnetic spectrum, as it is invisible and it doesn't absorb any electomagnetic field, emit any electromagnetisn or reflect it. 

Clusters of galaxies are embedded in dark matter.

No one knows for sure why the expansion of space is increasing in speed. But we do have some good ideas. It certainly could be because of increasing information. Why would this be so?

We do know that dark energy puts more and more space between the galaxies and makes the gravitation attraction between the galaxies decrease, that is, it impedes the growth.(a balancing factor).of structure.

Sometimes called cold dark matter, because by subatomic standards it is sluggish; dark because it's undetectable; matter because it's not energy, the only other option.

Cold dark matter makes up, that is, is a constituent in all matter that exists. 

Why is this amount of dark energy what it is? In fact, why is it at all? Perhaps we will someday come to an overstanding. In the meantime, we do comprehend some things about it that are helpful.

Neutrinos are a type of dark matter but lack enough mass to account for all dark matter.

Besides dark matter, we have dark flow. Something may be out there, way out there. According to.National Geographic, on the outskirts of creation are unknown and unseen 'structures' tugging on our universe like cosmic magnets, a new study says.(type 'dark flow' into the search on National Geographic's page, news.nationalgeographic.com)

Everything in the known universe is said to be racing toward these massive clumps of matter at more than 2 million miles.(3.2 million kilometers).an hour, a movement the researchers have dubbed dark flow.

The presence of the extra universal matter suggests that our universe is part of something bigger, a multiverse and that whatever is out there is very different from the universe we know, according to study leader Alexander Kashlinsky, an astrophysicist at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland.

-Dark energy:.Scientists believe that a mysterious dark energy is causing the Universe to accelerate outward. Why the acceleration? The drive of this dark energy does not seem to possess a gravity with an attraction component. Instead, it repels!."Dark energy is the vacuum acting at the cosmological.(large, huge; also operates at the quantum level).level."....Nassim Haramein. Tom Bearden on dark energy.

The Universe possesses both yin and yang forces; that is, what we call gravity, attracts and the 'gravity' or dark energy that repulses. No one is sure how they became and remain intertwined

No one is sure where this all comes from, but it is everywhere, even in space and seems foundational to the fabric of space. And the yin and yang principle can be seen everywhere. This gravity is the 'pressure' which sustains all formations in the universe, the 'glue' as it were, that holds each formation in the universe together, including, of course, us on Earth. We and all things, are frequencies, held together into what it is the frequencies, the vibrations present what it is that we are, human beings and the Sun, moon, dirt, rocks, plants, etc.."What this power is I cannot say; all I know is that it exists."....Alexander Graham Bell. And it's all connected.

Creator-God who designed it all is truly brilliant.

Quantum physics is stranger than we can think. We live in a universe that has no beginning and no end. You can't remember a time when you didn't exist or any time of your previous dying. All of us have a sense that we have always existed. Our minds fail to understand this at the level of thinking we have been conditioned to. As Deepak Chopra has explained."We live in a linguistically structured universe where rationality is a justification of our reality map which is based upon materialistic existence and it's this rationality that prevents us from getting in touch with our higher selves."

This dark energy of the vacuum of space would have had to be static.(the cosmological constant).and have had to be tuned for optimal performance right from the beginning, balanced 'errorlessly' with dark matter.

An extremely high percentage of between 80-96% dark energy holds the 4-20% together that we understand as the known universe and all in it including the Earth and us. We.(all living organisms), the planets, the solar systems and anything else make up about 4-20% of the universe; nobody is sure exactly how much.

The rest out there is this dark energy. Dark energy holds this remainder of the universe together, somehow. The process of creation therefore is self-interaction. This process generatesall fields of energy, all matter, all form and potential?

From an interview with Dr. John Hagelin.(hagelin.org), quantum.physicist; conducted pioneering research at European Center for Particle Physics and Stanford Linear Accelerator Center; president of David Lynch Foundation, Ph.D. Harvard University:

Dr. Hagelin is a.world authority on unified quantum field theory and grand unified field theory.(the quantum 'soup').based on the superstring:."Dark energy is the most mysterious category of all, even more mysterious really than hidden sector matter. Dark energy really consists of vacuum fluctuations, which means it is a completely unmanifest, transcendental form of matter/energy.

"Devoid of physical content in that there are no particles whatsoever associated with it; no forces associated with it, it is present in a pure vacuum. And it is, in essence, the energy of vibration of emptiness; the energy of the quantum fields fluctuating in a completely unmanifest way. Sometimes this is called zero point energy. Sometimes it is called the zitterbewegung, jitterbugging you could say, of the abstract.quantum fields in vacua. So it's a completely transcendental, unmanifest form of energy and matter which you wouldn't think, intuitively, should have anything to do with the world of manifest matter.

"It is the fabric of the Void. It's the irremovable liveliness or dynamism, within the abstract Void. But amazingly, according to Einstein's equations, he debated whether or not to include this term in his general relativistic field equations, because although logically plausible, the term made little intuitive.sense to Einstein that pure emptiness could have a physical impact on the physical universe.(Einstein himself initially believed that the universe was static, but when his equations implied that the universe was expanding or contracting, Einstein added a constant term to cancel out the expansion or contraction of the universe and be in line with his belief. When the expansion of the universe was later discovered, Einstein stated that introducing this 'cosmological constant' had been a mistake. Universes continued to be described by other scientists but their different solutions varied widely. More.....comprised with Microsoft® Encarta® Encyclopedia 99. © 1993-1998 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved). But, nevertheless that term; there is a term in Einstein's general relativistic field equations governing gravity which says that this completely, unmanifest transcendental form of matter/energy, of dark energy, that has an influence not directly upon matter, but upon gravity, upon the curvature of space. Gravity really is just a side effect of the curvature of the space/time geometry in which we live.

"The most mysterious thing about it for me as a quantum cosmologist, is that it exists and yet is so small. I don't want to understate this mystery.

"If something exists at all, then it can be very difficult to understand why it could be so infinitesimally small. And that's a long argument that would take a while to develop. But it's a genuine mystery. Let's put it this way. The natural scale of these vacuum fluctuations is much, much greater. For example, the calculable jitterbugging, the calculable zero point energy, the calculable vacuum fluctuation energy from a bose field like the photon of electromagnetism, any one field is rather large. Those fluctuations really are so large that the gravitational influence of those could tear the universe apart immediately, one would naively calculate. 

"And at the same time, if you throw the photino into this calculation and calculate the quantum fluctuation energy of the photon supersymmetric partner, the photino, it's also enormous, but.it has the opposite sign of the photon's vacuum fluctuation energy. And the two contributions tend to cancel. That is a clue as to why the total vacuum energy is really such a small effect in the world today. You could have a cancellation due to supersymmetry between all the bosons of the universe that contribute to this energy with a positive sign and all the fermions in the universe that contribute to this dark energy with a negative sign and you would achieve a cancellation between these large positive and these large negative contributions, which if it were exact cancellation, which is mathematically possible, would explain why dark energy wasn't discovered long ago.

"However the cancellation, if the cancellation is not exact, it's a real mystery to understand why it is almost exact, leaving such a small predominance of leftover dark energy that the universe has survived to this date. So these are kind of heady things and they're a little bit difficult to describe.

"But dark energy is so much of a mystery in this one respect, that it exists and yet is so very, very small, that some physicists like myself, actually for quite a number of physicists, the verdict is still a bit out.

"Yes there are some astronomical observations that suggest that the universe really is accelerating in its expansion today; accelerating in its expansion rate. That is the only evidence that a non-zero vacuum energy or dark energy exists. And they're pretty good experiments. But they're far from foolproof. It may be that in the not too distant future that more astronomical data will come in to suggest that maybe the universe isn't really accelerating in its expansion rate and that maybe there really is no net dark energy. And frankly, I would find that comforting. Because it's the sort of thing I worry about every night before I go to sleep, wondering just why this cancellation is so nearly exact without being exact. And why there is a small, but finite amount of dark energy left over?

"Now even if dark energy disappears as a result of future astronomical measurements of the expansion rate of the universe, that doesn't mean it's not there. It means it's zero. We still know that vacuum fluctuations exist and that the nature of the Void, the nature of emptiness, is just teeming, brimming with unmanifest energy. We know that.

"Some of the energy is positive because it comes from boson fields fluctuating; some of the energy is negative because it comes from fermion fields fluctuating. We know it's there. Whether it cancels exactly or leaves over some small amount of net vacuum energy that propels the universe into this eternally expanding state, that, in some respects, still remains to be seen. But if we took the data today, we would have to conclude that about 70% of the total mass energy of the universe is in the form of dark energy. About 25%, maybe even 27% perhaps in the form of dark matter; weakly interacting massive particles, also called WIMPS of that type that allow us to understand why galaxies formed the way they do and continue to hold together they way they do, based probably on cosmological relics, supersymmetric particles that are weakly interacting and hence invisible and the 3% of the universe constitutes normal, baryonic matter, basically protons, neutrons and the electron, the only type of matter that we can see."....Dr. John Hagelin.

Here is only a smattering of those whose efforts are toward world peace, prosperity, health and freedom for all humanity:.Dr. John Hagelin, Deepak Chopra, Grigori Grabovoi, Bruno Gröning, Dr. Steven Greer, Nassim Haramein, Walter Burien, James A Sinclair, Donald J. Trump, Foster Gamble, Clint Richardson and so many others not listed.

Dr. John Hagelin is a renown Harvard educated Ph.D. quantum physicist. Dr. John Hagelin, having discovered the unified field Einstein had searched decades for, has prepared a unique new series of 12 videotaped presentations, entitled.The Unified Field: The Key to Enlightenment, National Invincibility and World Peace

See his most important video entitled.Invincible Defense.(it's individual and world changing, groundbreaking, informative, interesting and helpful; when he mentions "the Lagrangian", explanation is here; video is at the top right corner at invincibledefense.org and video is also on YouTube).

In his.Invincible Defense.video Dr Hagelin talks about the incredible proven 100 million to 1 effect that a person with goodness in his heart.(how could this goodness be defined?), a meditator, a person with love in his or her heart and love is always of God.(1John 4:6-16), has on expunging the evil in the collective consciousness, thus affecting all humanity for good.

Meditation is good because it produces good. Prayer is good because it produces good. These things turn the world around because it turns each of us around from the bad, the dark side. That's our job, to turn around. Otherwise the bad which has flowed into horrible evils on the Earth can accelerate, until humanity is done. By the fake news keeping the truth from you, as they too are part of the increasing evil, you probably had no idea how incredibly horrible it has become. Find out!

In the lives of those who meditate, the bad is being chased away, so it doesn't turn into addictive evils. Take responsibility for your being on Earth and do the same as it will make a better world for all.."The evil has been defeated! Trust and believe this. More is happening than you can imagine. Whoever stands in service to God.(how?), will not only be supported by God's power, but also protected by Him..(*)....Bruno Gröning.

One can only be in service to God if God is in him or her. For how to get there, learn from the movie that'll open it up for you,.The Grand Self.

The good flows out and affects others and so on and so forth and the world changes from evil to good. This is a work that gets you a reward!.Matthew 16:27.

Powerful beings have been tasked to make sure your reward:.Hebrews 7:22; Jeremiah 31:28.

When man comes to the point of seeing he wants God's way, for God greatly respects man and never overrides him, waiting as it were for man's heart to find and respond.(Deuteronomy 5:29; Revelation 3:20).to a better way:.Revelation 3:20.

And what it means is that just as scientists can line up atoms, when they have lined up a set amount, the rest line up automatically; amazing! And so it is when more and more people meditate:.1Corinthians 15:28.

How many people does it take to make this phase transition happen?  https://davidleffler.com/sqrt-calc/

Eventually a critical mass is reached and a 'tipping point' occurs and the mass mind of the world is altered forever into the way of peace and prosperity, health and love. This is because evil dwindles the more good hearts there are. So, it happens in a little way at first:.Matthew 13:31,32. But now is accelerating and soon will be the strong hand of God, directly affecting humanity, not forcing him to change, but directly affecting man so that his hurting of others stops:.Isaiah 30:21 "And your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, This is the way, walk you in it, when you turn to the right hand and when you turn to the left."

Your work in all this is to meditate with prayer. This has great power for turning the entire world toward good.

Will this be from the angels at work in straightening out society or from those of us, having been changed by the pure love of God and now able to be either in physical form or alternate in one of the spirit forms, invisible or translucent?

God brings evil to wake man up from the ways that feel right to him, these ways that have brought in lots of troubles:.Proverbs 14:12.

Ancient Abraham in communing with God tried to get the mind of God to change from what the wickedness of Sodom and Gomorrah was bringing upon those living in those cities:.Genesis 18:20,21. Abraham cared for others.

Everything we think, say and do has a cosmic.impact, because we are all connected to everything. The evil thinking and actions that have embedded the concept of death, dying, disease, greed, heartaches and all negatives into the collective consciousness are being eliminated by these people. Become part of it. Simply meditate because it opens the self to the working of what's called the Holy Spirit. This is the only peaceful and effective way to change evil and the way to prepare others for what's called the return of Christ in the hearts of an increasing number of those who are good.

This then is our work of peace in fixing the negatives of the world; the good hearts expunge the evil thoughts in the collective consciousness and the good hearts use the spiritual keys to stay good hearted, thus affecting others for good.

This is Christ's coming, a coming into the hearts of humanity, a very notable coming. Preceding this notable coming is our preparatory work. Just as John the Baptist prepared the way for Emmanuel's coming, spiritual people today are preparing for Christ's very notable coming, a very real event coming to all in the world we know. It's a major step toward the time when humanity's purpose is over, those having moved into the next dimension of living with as high a reward as they were able to obtain:.1Corinthians 9:24 "Know you not that they which run in a race run all, but one receives the prize? So run, that you may obtain."

Get busy and do your part in this preparing. Stop holding up this next step in humanity's development, in humanity's future.

The early New Testament Christians were.really excited.(John 12:19; Acts 1:14; 2:41-47; 4:24,31-37; 5:12; 6:7,8; 8:6-8; 11:21; 14:1; 15:3; 17:3,4; Acts 19:20,23).about getting this great good news out to others. If you read these scriptures you'll see they did all they possibly could in reaching others with the great message new to the world at the time, for example Barnabas.

It was this that fired them up so very much. They knew the secret of the ages, the secret that fired up those of God in the Old Testament.(*), the secret that Christ came to reveal that was the essence of what's called the gospel message. What was it?

Today too, many true Christians are also doing all they can by doing the same, as they realize, they, like John the Baptist did in preparing the world for Emmanuel, are doing similarly for the return of Christ. How are they doing this? 1, 2.

Some who started out with a roaring fire may now be only flickering, flickering because they have allowed their hearts to be turned away from the great purpose and toward their own lifestyle:.Matthew 10:39 "He that finds his life shall lose it and he that loses his life for my sake shall find it." Mark 8:35 "For whosoever will save his life shall lose it, but whosoever shall lose his life for my sake and the gospel's, the same shall save it."

Time to get busy! Time to work for your reward!:.Romans 9:28 "For he will finish the work and.cut it short.in righteousness, because a short work will the Lord make upon the earth."

The time is now to act. Don't hold up the return:.Acts 2:20,21 "The sun shall be turned into darkness and the moon into blood, before that great and notable day of the Lord come. And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved.(but what about those who don't call on the Lord's name to be saved?; many on Earth have no idea about any of this stuff)." Romans 10:14 "How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher?".These questions are answered by following the link in the note in the preceding verse.

That's why Emmanuel when on Earth said this:.Matthew 5:39. He knew the entire story of the happenings as recorded in the Old Testament. Evil is there not to fight, but to fix. If we all knew this, there would be no consternation over evil as all would comprehend both its purpose and that it's soon to be gone and how to hasten.its end.

The way out of death and disease.

Result being the whole world begins to lean toward a higher consciousness, thus changing the old dark side tricks that have plagued humanity since his beginning, keeping him in bondage to the negatives such as death, disease, poverty, being controlled by others to one's hurt and their benefit, etc.

Dr. Hagelin's themes include Unified Field based approaches to Education, Health, Architecture, Agriculture, Trade and Commerce, Defence, Science and Technology, Communication, Religion and Culture, Administration, Law and Order and Finance and Planning.

Dr. Hagelin conducted pioneering research at CERN.(European Center for Particle Physics).and SLAC.(Stanford Linear Accelerator Center).and has presented the scientific discovery of the Unified Field and its practical applications in every area of society, to eradicate such intractable problems as violence, disease, poverty, etc.

Dr. Hagelin also reveals how these same technologies of the Unified Field, which include Maharishi's amazing work in developing a Transcendental Meditation Program, can raise every individual to enlightenment.(high consciousness thinking).and every nation to invincibility, as in the video mentioned just above,.Invincible Defense.

"This is not a philosophical discovery".Dr Hagelin said."it is a precise mathematical discovery of the foremost magnitude. This super-formula as it is called or Lagrangian, expresses this unified reality at the basis of nature's functioning. All the atoms and molecules, macroscopic objects, stars and galaxies, everything in the universe emerges from the self-interacting dynamics of the Unified Field.(see the movie.The Connected Universe). Creativity is defined in terms of that which can create and there's nothing as creative as the Unified Field which gives rise to the entire universe and not just ours." 
More  new.globalgoodnews.info/vedic-education/index.html

"Come to see how everything is created from way beneath the smallest detectible things we now know of.(the quarks, the baryons, of which it takes 3 to make one quark).and beyond, way smaller than atoms."....Grigori Grabovoi.

A recent interview of Dr Hagelin's his is here. His site is here.(hagelin.org).and here is the link to unified field theory information and what it means for all people and world peace.(new.globalgoodnews.info)

Romans 9:19 ".....For who has resisted his will?".In science this is called phase transition. The Creator has given us tools. It's up to us to take action with them in order to produce results:.Ephesians 4:16 "From whom the whole body fitly joined together and compacted.(knit together).by that which every joint supplies, according to the effectual working in the measure of every part.(the effective working in each person taking part), makes increase of the body unto the edifyingof itself in love."

"The transition from the state of life to the state in which the gone ones are is in the nature of a phase transition."....Grigori Grabovoi. Water is still water whether it passes from a frozen state into liquid and then gas, where you can't generally see it. Phase transition also happens with eagles and lions and their incredible newly discovered abilities. Phase transition occurs when those we call the gone ones are resurrected to live again, as is occurring at a rapidly increasing rate.

"When water turns into vapor, it is near us, around us, though we do not see it. The same is true about the gone ones. They are near us. Let's call to mind the stories of those who experienced clinical death. These people saw from somewhere under the ceiling, the doctors being busy with their bodies, heard what they were saying and later, after the resuscitation, often to the doctors' great amazement, would give detailed accounts of what they had seen and heard. Of course, the analogy between the turning of ice into invisible vapor and the subsequent reversing of it, as any analogy, can't be complete. During dying and then during subsequent coming back to life, shifts to other spaces are used. We will talk about them later. 

"But an amazing, we may say improbable, unbelievable fact is that in reality essentially there is no fundamental difference between these two states, the state of life and the state of the gone ones and that is why it is always possible to bring people back to the state of life. Thereby it would be generally better to even use a different language and to speak not of the living or the gone but of those who are called the living or those who are called the gone. For, in actual fact, the one and the other is just a state of consciousness, only in different manifestations as in our example with ice, water and water vapor, where all of these are H2O.

"In this context we may say that from a certain perspective resurrection is a standard procedure, which expands the state of consciousness to the level when coming back to life is possible. And that's precisely why resurrection can be taught, just as any other standard procedure can. In order to succeed on the path of true understanding of the world, it is essential first of all to improve our perception. It is essential to change the body state. For example we need to perfect the brain functioning. Through the change of even one cell, the state of the entire body can change. And a cardinal question then arises. How could such a change be made, how could it be done? There are many ways to achieve this objective, but one of the easiest and at the same time the most effective methods is meditation. As a result of a regular meditation practice a fundamental change in brain functioning takes place. Gradually more and more parts of the brain begin to work in alignment. This is confirmed by scientific research, conducted using encephalograms."....Grigori Grabovoi.

Meditation helps lower blood pressure without the side effects that can come from medication, according to another recent study.

Dr James W Anderson of the University of Kentucky reviewed nine previous studies and found that meditation lowered blood pressure an average of 4.7 points on the top number, the systolic, and 3.2 points on the diastolic.

Anderson said that blood pressure reductions like that could significantly reduce the chances of heart disease.

He also said that studies of other relaxation techniques did not have the same results.

"Adding Transcendental.(simply means to transcend, to move to where the mind is not always fliting from here to there with all its chatter and into the peace of stillness).Meditation is about equivalent to adding a second anti-hypertension agent to one's current regimen, only safer and less troublesome.".Anderson said.

The following from a dispatch:

Investors Invited to Establish 200 Special Hospitals Offering Unified Field Based Approach to Health Care

NIH-Funded Research Verifies Beneficial Effects for Combating Heart Disease, Improving Brain Functioning

Scientific Conference On Health Care How Unified Field-Based Health Will Transform Health Care Tuesday, July 10, 2007, 11:30 AM, Global Financial Capital of New York, 70 Broad Street.

New York: Today's disease ridden, problem ridden health care system, which teeters on the brink of bankruptcy in almost every country, can be completely revitalized through a proven new 'Unified Field-based' approach to health care that not only effectively treats and prevents disease and dramatically reduces costs, but also can greatly improve health and extend lifespan.

This will be the message delivered to UN ambassadors and government and health leaders by Dr. John Hagelin, world renowned quantum physicist and executive director of the International Center for Invincible Defense in New York City, along with a panel of distinguished health experts during the.Global Conference on Unified Field-Based Health Care.on Tuesday, July 10, at the Global Financial Capital of New York, 70 Broad Street.

Dr. Hagelin said that more than 650 scientific studies conducted at 250 universities and research institutions in 33 countries have verified the profound health benefits of this Unified Field based approach. For example, the National Institutes of Health in the United States has awarded tens of millions of dollars to document the effectiveness of the Transcendental Meditation technique of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi for the prevention and treatment of heart disease, metabolic syndrome, hypertension, atherosclerosis, stroke, high cholesterol and heart failure.

Dr. Hagelin is involved in details of the $2.6 billion program of the Global Financial Capital of New York to establish 200 special hospitals in the 37 countries with the highest per capita need.

-Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut; third oldest institution of its kind in the United States, chartered in 1701. Yale is a member of the Ivy League, a group of eight highly competitive, traditional eastern schools. Has a dark history with its Skull and Bones fraternity.(type 'skull and bones' in Google's search engine for the videos).

-Modern synthesis:.re: evolutionary biology, an attempt to make natural selection theory relate to molecular.genetics

-Darwin:.Darwin.(about Darwin).said before his book was published..."You will be greatly disappointed.(by the forthcoming book); it will be grievously too hypothetical. It will very likely be of no other service than collocating some facts; though I myself think I see my way approximately on the origin of the species. But, alas, how frequent, how almost universal it is in an author to persuade himself of the truth of his own dogmas."....Charles Darwin, 1858, in a letter to a colleague regarding the concluding chapters of his.Origin of Species. As quoted in.John Lofton's Journal, The Washington Times, February 8, 1984.....(Darwin's comment continues on page 17)