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in alignment with higher consciousness things of the spirit and the good and never ending life that brings these things to a person; ease and suppleness of movement or bearing; a trait that fascinates, allures or delights; a physical attraction; compelling attractiveness; charm; the kindness of the Creator upon a person; gracious.conversation; a disposition to be generous or helpful; goodwill; mercy; clemency; a favor.rendered by one who need not do so; a temporary.immunity or exemption; a reprieve
grace, graced, gracing, graces.transitive verbs
to lightly touch (the flying pebble graced his forhead; a new thought graced his mind); to honor or favor (you grace our table with your presence, thank you for coming); to give beauty, elegance or charm to (she provided such beauty by her presence; pictures exhibiting the quality of grace:.1, 2, 3, 4)
showing grace of movement, form or proportion
in the bad graces of.idiom
out of favor with
in the good graces of.idiom
in favor with
with bad grace.idiom
in a grudging manner
with good grace.idiom
in a willing manner

excessive or reprehensible.acquisitiveness; avarice; excessive or insatiable desire for wealth or gain for the self; the opposite of giving is greediness (Psalms 10:7-10) cupidity
greedy, greedier, greediest.adjectives
excessively.desirous of acquiring or possessing, especially wishing to possess more than what one needs; wanting to eat or drink more than one can reasonably consume; gluttonous; extremely eager or desirous (greedy for opportunities to increase at the expense of others;.Isaiah 56:11 "Yea, they are greedy dogs which can never have enough and they are shepherds that cannot understand. They all look to their own way, every one for his gain, from his quarter." Proverbs 1:19 "So are the ways of every one that is greedy of gain, which take away the life of the owners thereof.".The satanic side uses greed to perpetuate its policies of killing humanity)

liberal in giving or sharing; magnanimous; marked by abundance; ample (a generous slice of cake)
liberality in giving or willingness to give; magnanimity; abundance; a generous act

gaudy, gaudier, gaudiest.adjectives
ostentatiously or tastelessly ornamented; marked by dazzling brilliance, showiness or extravagance (gaudy praise); implies a tasteless use of overly bright, often clashing colors or excessive ornamentation (circus performers in gaudy costumes)
synonyms.tawdry, garish, flashy, meretricious; these words all mean vulgarly or cheaply showy

marred by strident color or excessive ornamentation; gaudy; loud and flashy (garish makeup); glaring; dazzling; garish describes what is distressingly or offensively bright (garish neon signs) 

sincere; transparent; actually having the reputed or apparent.qualities or character.(genuine vintage wines); the real McCoy; actually produced by or proceeding from the alleged source or author (the signature is genuine); free from hypocrisy or pretense; sincerely and honestly felt or experienced (a deep and genuine love); actual, true (a genuine improvement); actually possessing the alleged or apparent.attribute or character (genuine leather); not spurious or counterfeit; authentic; honestly felt or experienced (genuine devotion); actual; real (a genuine dilemma); free from hypocrisy or dishonesty; sincere; being of pure or original stock (a genuine Hawaiian)

genius.noun,.plural.geniuses.or.genii.(pronounced 'gene e i')
extraordinary.intellectual and creative power; the ability to perceive impressions from other than what is immediately observable; to notice information unavailable from surface impressions; intuition; a person of extraordinary intellect and talent ("One is not born a genius, one becomes a genius."....Simone de Beauvoir;."Genius is a man who has discovered how to increase the intensity of thought to the point where he can freely communicate with sources of knowledge not available through the ordinary state of thought."....Napoleon Hill, American Author of.Think and Grow Rich); a strong natural talent, aptitude.or.inclination (has a genius for choosing the right words; my father was a genius at storytelling); special skill at doing something (that woman has a genius for intuition)

genius loci.noun,.plural.genius locis.(pronounced 'low key')
the general atmosphere of a place

throat, esophagus

guile is the low quality of being adept at deceiving human beings in a clever way; subtlety, deceit, duplicity; craft; treacherous.cunning (example); slyness and cunning in dealing with others
guile, guiled, guiling, guiles.transitive verbs
to beguile; deceive

goad, goaded, goading, goads.transitive verbs
to prod or urge with or as if with a long pointed stick; to incite action from or rouse as if with a cattle prod; to drive (as cattle) with a goad 
something that pricks like a thorn; something that urges or stimulates into action, like a spur; a pointed rod used to urge on an animal

unintelligible or meaningless language; needlessly.obscure language; unnecessarily.pretentious and/or vague language lacking.commonsense

a brief, incomplete view or look
glimpse, glimpsed, glimpsing, glimpses.verbs
transitive verb use.to obtain a brief, incomplete view of; if you get a glimpse of someone or something, you see them very briefly and not very well; a quick view; perceive.momentarily; a glimpse of something is a brief experience of it or an idea about it that helps you overstand or appreciate it better; an espy
intransitive verb use.to look briefly; glance (glimpsed at the headlines)

gibe, gibed.or.jibed, gibing.or.jibing, gibes.or.jibes, gibed,gibing.verbs
Etymology.perhaps from Middle French giber to shake, handle roughly 
intransitive verb senses.to utter taunting words; to make taunting, heckling.or.jeering remarks; ridicule
transitive verb senses.to deride or tease with taunting words; to handle roughly, play

gung ho.adjective
extremely enthusiastic and dedicated; zealous (strong believers in a purpose are often gung ho for proselyting)

a guideline is information on how to use something (follow the instructions in the manual); a statement or other indication of policy or procedure by which to determine a course of action (guidelines for the completion of policies and procedures)

Great Britain/British Empire/United Kingdom
The Treaty of Union (Act of Union) between England and Scotland signed on January 14, 1707 was the birth of Great Britain; at its height in the early 1900s, the British Empire included over 20 percent of the world's land area and more than 400 million people. The 1707 Act of Union created a single Parliament, provided for a single national administration and removed barriers to trade. England and Scotland.however, continued to have certain separate traditions.

The English Constitution was drafted by General Lambert, contains 42 sections and is dated December 18, 1653. 

willingly given or granted without expecting any return or recompense; voluntary; free; given or received without cost or obligation

seeking and enjoying the company of others; sociable; social; tending to move in or form a group with others of the same kind (gregarious bird species)

grumpy, grumpier, grumpiest.adjectives
surly and peevish; cranky

a physical, biological, psychological.or.symbolic.configuration or pattern of elements so unified as a whole that its properties cannot be derived from a simple summation of its parts, science now having keyed into the invisible reality which makes up its plan as it goes along; in other words, the conceptual.theory of reductionism is woefully inadequate in the light of scientific information

concerned with, applicable to or affecting the whole or every member of a class or category.(can you make all those details into one general statement that would get the point across simply?; the general purpose of life is learning); affecting or characteristic of the majority of those involved; prevalent.(general contentment); being usually the case; true or applicable in most instances but not all (the general correctness of her decisions); not limited in scope, area or application (as a general rule); not limited to or dealing with one class of things; diversified.(general studies); involving only the main features rather than precise details (a general grasp of the subject); highest or superior in rank (the general manager). 
a commissioned rank in the U.S. Army, Air Force or Marine Corps that is above lieutenant general; one who holds this rank or a similar rank in another military organization; a general officer; a statement, principle or fact that embraces or is applicable to the whole (the public's general opinion)
in general.idiom
synonyms.common, generic, universal, the central meaning shared by these adjectives is 'belonging to, relating to or affecting the whole' (the general welfare; a common enemy; generic (nothing specific) differences between birds and reptiles
you use generally to give a summary of a situation, activity or idea without referring to the particular.details of it (university teachers generally have admitted a lack of enthusiasm about their subjects); you use generally to say that something happens or is used on most occasions but not on every occasion; widely (generally known); usually (Thanksgiving dinner is generally attended by all the close family); for the most part (it was a generally interesting speech); without reference to particular instances or details; not specifically.(generally speaking countries closer to the equator get little of no snow in winter); popularly (it is generally known that evil comes out of a low consciousness)

the state or quality of being.general; an observation or a principle having general application; a generalization; an imprecise or vague statement or idea

the act or an instance of generalizing; a principle, a statement or an idea having general application

generalize, generalized, generalizing, generalizes.verbs
transitive verb use.to reduce to a general form, class or law; to render.indefinite or unspecific; to infer from many particulars; to draw inferences or a general conclusion from; to make generally or universally applicable; to popularize
intransitive verb use.to form a concept.inductively; to form general notions or conclusions; to deal in generalities; speak or write vaguely
not specifically adapted to a particular environment or function; not specialized; generally prevalent (observed a state of generalized content)
Medicine:.to spread through the body