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bitter, long lasting resentment; deep seated ill will

a relationship based on commonality, evidenced by harmony, conformity, accord or affinity where each cares enough to both understand and respect the other's heart (expressions, personality, hopes, dreams, etc.) in such a way that joy in a relationship escalates.(*); rapport is a friendly agreement and understanding between people; if two people or groups have a rapport, they have a good relationship in which they are able to understand each other's ideas or feelings very well; example

having significant and demonstrable bearing on the matter at hand; affording evidence tending to prove or disprove the matter at issue or under discussion; having social relevance 
synonyms.germane, pertinent, apposite, applicable, apropos
germane may additionally imply a fitness for or appropriateness to the situation or occasion 
apposite suggests a felicitous.relevance
applicable suggests the fitness of bringing a general rule or principle to bear upon a particular case 
apropos suggests being both relevant and opportune (the quip was apropos)

redeem, redeemed, redeeming, redeems.transitive verbs
to turn in something and receive something in exchange (turned in the coupons for a credit on products; turned her anger into appreciation by redirecting energy using higher thoughts); to buy back; to set free; to deliver from sin and its penalties
the act of redeeming or the condition of having been redeemed (salvation from sin through the sacrifice of Emmanuel, to save from a state of sinfulness); to recover ownership of by paying a specified sum; recovery of something pawned or mortgaged; to turn in coupons, for example and receive something in exchange; to convert into cash (redeem stocks and/or bonds); the redemption of a human being); the payment of an obligation, as a government's payment of the value of its bonds; deliverance upon payment; rescue; to make up for (the low price of the clothes dryer redeems its lack of special features); to restore the honor, worth or reputation of (you botched the last job we gave you to do but can redeem yourself on this one)
redemptional or redemptive or redemptory.adjective
serving to redeem

resent, resented, resenting, resents.transitive verbs
to feel indignantly.aggrieved at; Jonah's example:.Jonah 4:1; the woman Michal's example:.2Samuel 6:14-23)
full of resentment; inclined to resent; caused or marked by resentment; resentment is perpetual.hatred
resentfulness.noun.(normally used without being pluralized)
a feeling of indignant.displeasure or persistent.malice at something regarded as an offense; (she felt resentment toward that other woman each time she was around); a wrong, insult or injury; resentment, the killer of present minded awareness, refers to ill will and smoldering anger generated by a sense of grievance (the divorce can be traced to the personal resentment of issues they both faced at work); unforgiveness; ill will towards another for hurt feelings; resentment refers to ill will and smoldering anger generated by a sense of grievance

rigmarole.or.rigamarole.noun.(normally used without being pluralized)
a complicated, petty set of procedures; a complex and or ritualistic procedure such as was the ancient Mosaic Law

rupture, ruptured, rupturing, ruptures.verbs
transitive verb use-to part by violence; break; burst 

a realm is a kingdom, a territory, an area, a scope or sphere; you can use realm to refer to any area of activity, concern, interest or thought (the realm of the poor; the realm of politics; the realm of sports; the realm of Christ); a realm is a social.order, a rank, a domain.(within the realm of possibility); if you say that something is not beyond the realms of possibility, you mean that it is possible (a chance of snow in the early fall season is not beyond the realms of possibility)

repulse, repulsed, repulsing, repulses.transitive verbs
to repel by discourtesy, coldness or denial; to cause repulsion in; to repel, push away from
Physics: in physics, the mutual action by which bodies, particles, etc. tend to repel each other; opposed to attraction

the act of repulsing or the condition of being repulsed; extreme aversion
Physics:.the tendency.of particles or bodies of the same electric charge or magnetic polarity to separate

causing repugnance.or.aversion; disgusting; offensive; tending to repel or drive off
Physics:.opposing in direction (a repulsive force)

the use of memory usually with little intelligence and or input from questioning students, with emphasis not on what the student may want to know because he is presently curious about something, but mostly on following a curriculum some educational official believes is best for all students, a big mistake (schools fail to teach students how to think and how to imagine and use one's mind to create, but rather to repeat and remember facts which many students find stultifying because of the rote method of teaching); routine or repetition carried out mechanically by a student or unthinkingly, produces zombies

rash, rasher, rashest.adjectives
if someone is rash or does rash things, they act without thinking carefully first and therefore make mistakes or behave foolishly; marked by or proceeding from undue haste and/or lack of deliberation or caution; reckless; thoughtless; done without reflection; hasty; precipitate; impetuous; harebrained
rashness.noun.(words ending in 'ess' are usually without pluralization - adding an 'es' making '...esses' is clumsy)

a skin eruption; an outbreak of many instances within a brief period (a rash of good luck)

the act or process or an instance of repeating or being repeated (people often do various practices to aid in rising spiritually, but are they necessary?.Galatians 5:4)
characterized or marked by repetition; especially; tediously repeating
repetitiousness.noun.(normally used without being pluralized)
given to or characterized by repetition
repetitiveness.noun.(normally used without being pluralized)

essential, necessary; required; needful; indispensable
requisiteness.noun.(normally used without being pluralized)


revel, reveled or revelled, reveling or revelling, revelings, revels.intransitive verbs
wild parties, to take intense pleasure or satisfaction; carouse; a nocturnal and riotous and annoying.procession of half drunken and frolicsome persons who after supper parade through the streets with fanfare, torches and music in self-honour and sing and play before houses of male and female friends; used generally of feasts and drinking parties that are protracted till late at night and indulge in revelry

based in or derived from reasoning; able to reason; showing reason, not foolish or silly; of sound mind; sane; consistent with or based on reason; logical.(rational behavior); in mathematics, capable of being expressed as a quotient of integers
reliance on reason as the best guide for belief and action
Philosophy:.in philosophy, the imprisoning (because lots happens that can't be explained by rational reasoning) theory that the exercise of reason, rather than the acceptance of empiricism, authority or spiritual revelation, provides the only valid basis for action or belief and that reason is the prime source of knowledge and of spiritual truth

the quality or condition of being rational; a rational belief or practice

rational number.noun,.plural.rational numbers
a number capable of being expressed as an integer or a quotient of integers, excluding zero as a denominator

relinquish, relinquished, relinquishing, relinquishes.transitive verbs
if you relinquish something such as power or control, you give it up; abandon; to put aside or desist from something practiced, professed or intended; to let go; surrender; to cease holding physically; release (relinquish a grip)
relinquisher, relinquishment.nouns

rehash, rehashed, rehashing, rehashes.transitive verbs
to bring forth again in another form without significant alteration (rehashing old ideas); to discuss again
the act or result of rehashing (a rehash of an old plot)

rubber stamp.noun,.plural.rubber stamps
an individual or body that gives perfunctory approval or endorsement of a policy without assessing its merit; a perfunctory approval or endorsement; also, a device made of a piece of rubber affixed to a handle and bearing raised characters used to make ink impressions, as of names or dates, etc.; a rubber stamp is a small device with usually, a name, date or symbol on it, that you press it on to an ink pad and then on to a document.in order to show that the document has been received and dealt with; in Post Offices, virtually every document that's passed across the counter is stamped with a rubber stamp
rubber-stamp, rubber-stamped, rubber-stamping, rubber-stamps.transitive verbs
to endorse or approve without question or deliberation; routine.authorization of an action without questions
to mark with the imprint of a rubber stamp; 
generally supposed to be such; supposed
repute, reputed, reputing, reputes.transitive verbs
to ascribe a particular.fact or characteristic.to; to consider; suppose
reputation; a good reputation

the general estimation in which an individual is held by others (he has a reputation for being honest); a specific characteristic or trait ascribed to a person or thing (a reputation for courtesy)

having a good reputation; honorable

marked by stubborn resistance to and defiance of guidance (some people just won't listen to advice helpful for them); unruly
a recalcitrant person

a prescribed, detailed course of action to be followed regularly; a standard procedure; the regular method
Computers:.a set of programming instructions designed to perform a specific, limited task
in accord with established procedure (a routine manner of vacuuming the house); habitual; regular (made her routine trip to the store); ordinary.(a routine day)

racy, racier, raciest.adjectives
risqué; ribald; having a distinctive and characteristic.quality or taste; racy writing or behavior is lively, amusing, exciting, slightly.shocking, entertaining and often about sex (a racy novel); full of zest or vigor; having a strongly marked quality; piquant or pungent (east Indian food often has a racy flavor); vigorous
raciness.noun.(words ending in 'ess' are usually without pluralization - adding an 'es' making '...esses' is clumsy)

a right-hand page of a book or the front side of a leaf, on the other side of the verso

having a rough, irregular surface; rough; having strong features marked with furrows or wrinkles (the rugged face of the old sailor); having a sturdy build or strong constitution (a rugged trapper who spent months in the wilderness); tempestuous; stormy (the rugged weather of the North Atlantic); demanding great effort, ability or endurance (rugged conditions of mountain cllimbing life)