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refers to the process known as gene transfer or genetic engineering; that is, genetic material containing DNA being intentionally transferred in order to modify the genome; gene transfer is germ line gene transfer, which means that the transferred gene can be passed on to future generations through the germ cells (spermatozoa or ova)

free from pretense or deceit; not a phony; distinctly seen (she was a transparent, clean, clear, pellucid personality allowing others to clearly see her heart's intent; the light of the soul shines through with the transparency of sincerity); an individual who is not out to hide things is one who is transparent in his or her dealings with others; openness; if an object or substance is transparent, you can see through it (transparent plastic food wrap;.Matthew 6:22,23); capable of transmitting light so that objects and images can be seen as if there were no intervening material; glass is transparent (the cleaned glass allowed us to perfectly see the beautiful garden with its foliage and intricate.flower arrangements; if a situation, system or activity is transparent, it is easily understood or recognized (the political system was clearly not functioning smoothly or transparently and we don't exactly know those who are behind the scenes controlling governments and outcomes of such things, but it's sure not the majority of men and women in the nations, because their concerns are often overridden); you use transparent to describe a statement or action that you wish would be open and honest, but is obviously dishonest or wrong, because though statements are made of transparency, actions show otherwise; transparent statements are statements will not deceive people (they thought men and women could be fooled with transparent, yet deceptive presentations in their conspiratorial efforts toward gaining supremacy)
a transparent object is one that can be seen through (dirty windows hinder their transparency; governments hide behind closed doors to enact policies without transparency to those to be affected by them); if something lacks transparency, it's hidden from being discovered, most often being hidden by obfuscation where such things are showing disrespect toward those aimed at being bamboozled
the quality or state.of.being transparent

trauma is a very severe shock or very upsetting.emotional experience (he'd been through the trauma of losing a house, a business and a family and it was a shock, damaging his life mentally and affecting him physically for awhile; the trauma of one's life after being affected by violence, wars and the like); how can one deal with traumatic experiences in life?
a very upsetting and unpleasant experience
traumatize, traumatized, traumatizing, traumatizes.transitive verbs
so shocked by, as to instantly alter one's view of life; to be wounded or injured such as tissues may be in a surgical operation; to have been subject to.psychological trauma as, for example, from an upsetting situation
the physical or psychological condition produced by a trauma; a wound or an injury
the branch of medicine that deals with the treatment of serious wounds, injuries and disabilities
a traumatologist is one who has training in dealing with those experiencing trauma

the degree of hotness or coldness of a body or an environment; a specific degree of hotness or coldness as indicated on or referred to a standard scale; the degree of heat in the body of a living organism, usually about 37.0°C (98.6°F) in human beings; in water; the multiverse has temperature
Celsius or centigrade.adjective-abbreviation C 
of or relating to a temperature scale that registers the freezing point of water as 0° and the boiling point as 100° under normal atmospheric pressure (after Celsius, Anders, 1701-1744, Swedish astronomer who devised (1742) the centigrade thermometer)
Fahrenheit.adjective-abbreviation F, Fahr
of or relating to a temperature scale that registers the freezing point of water as 32°F and the boiling point as 212°F at one atmosphere of pressure (after Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit, 1686-1736, German born physicist who invented the mercury thermometer in 1714 and devised the Fahrenheit temperature scale)
kelvin.noun-abbreviation K
a unit of absolute temperature equal to 1/273.16 of the absolute temperature of the triple point of water. This unit is equal to one Celsius degree (after First Baron Kelvin, British mathematician and physicist); the Kelvin scale is an absolute scale of temperature in which each degree equals one kelvin. Water freezes at 273.15 K and boils at 373.15 K

violently agitated or disturbed; tumultuous.(turbulent rapids; having a chaotic or restless character or tendency.(the Inquisition was a turbulent period in history); causing unrest or disturbance; unruly (his character exhibited turbulence)
the state or quality of being turbulent (times of turbulence and confusion); an eddying motion of the atmosphere that interrupts the flow of wind
turbulent flow.noun,.plural.turbulent flows
a flow.of.fluid in which the velocity at a given.point.varies.erratically in magnitude and direction, thus undergoing.irregular.fluctuations or mixing; the flow of a fluid past an object such that the velocity at any fixed point in the fluid varies irregularly; in physics, the motion of a fluid having local.velocities and pressures that fluctuate randomly; the speed of the fluid at a point is continuously undergoing changes in magnitude and direction, which results in swirling and eddying as the bulk of the fluid moves in a specific direction; common.examples of turbulent flow include atmospheric and ocean currents, blood flow in arteries, oil transport in pipelines, lava flow, flow through pumps and turbines and the flow in boat wakes and around aircraft wing tips; compare laminar flow; from date 1895 Latin 'turbulentus', from 'turba'

a rope or chain for holding an animal in place, allowing it a short radius in which to move about (the girl dismounted and tethered her horse to a tree and went into the store); to keep hold of (Tesla's ideas were tethered for retrieval from what is known as the Akashic Record); to fasten or restrict with or as if with a tether (the balloon was tethered to the ground; the water craft were tethered to the dock)
tether, tethered, tethering, tethers.transitive verbs

take, took, taken, taking.verbs
transitive verb use.to take something (take a picture; take a seat; take the bus; the train took me to the city); to get into one's possession; to remove from a place (take the dishes from the sink; the dentist took out a tooth); to cause to die (took a life because of driving stupidly); kill or destroy (the blight took these tomatoes; to subtract (take 15 from 30); to commit and apply oneself to the study of (take art lessons; take Spanish; taking a course to increase knowledge)
Usage Note at bring. See more Usage notes.
take for granted.idiom
to assume without being sure or without asking (she took it for granted that it was ok to use his wrench; Adam took it for granted that what God gave them wasn't that precious, why?; we take it for granted that the sun comes up every day)
intransitive verb use.to acquire possession; to start growing; root or germinate (have the seeds taken root?); to have the intended effect; operate or work (the new part took well with the older ones)
take in, taken in.transitive verbs
provide with shelter; fool or hoax (got taken in by the teacher's words who talked of the promise of a better life through technology, finding out later that these words were false in many areas he didn't know or talk about; she was taken in by the cunning words of those out to use her to selfish advantage)
take off.phrasal verb
if it's a 'take off', your experience is about the same as someone else in the things they do and say (Jeremiah's early interaction with the Creator-God was a take off to that of Moses:.Exodus 4:10-16); if you take time off, you obtain permission not to go to work for a short period of time; if you take a garment off, you remove it; when an aeroplane takes off, it leaves the ground and starts flying; if something such as a product, an activity or someone's career takes off, it becomes very successful

in one side and out the opposite or another side of (went through the tunnel); among or between; in the midst of (aa walk through the flowers); by way of (climbed in through the window); by the means or agency of (bought the antique vase through a dealer); into and out of the handling, care, processing, modification or consideration of (her application went through our office; run the figures through the computer); here and there in; around (a tour through Scotland); from the beginning to the end of (stayed up through the night); at or to the end of; done or finished with, especially successfully (we finally finished the exams); up to and including (a play that runs through December; a volume that covers A through D); past and without stopping for (drove through a red light); because of; on account of (she succeeded through her love of nature)
from one end or side to another or an opposite end or side (opened the door and went through); from beginning to end; completely (I read the article once through); throughout the whole extent or thickness; thoroughly (warmed the leftovers clear through; got soaked through in the rain; a book that was shot through with the writer's personality); over the total distance; all the way (drove through to their final destination); to a conclusion or an accomplishment (see the course through to its end)
allowing continuous passage; unobstructed (a through street); affording transportation to a destination with few or no stops and no transfers (a through bus; a through ticket for passage to all ports); continuing on a highway without exiting (through traffic; through lanes); passing or extending from one end, side or surface to another (a through beam from one wall to the other); having finished; at completion (she was through with the project; having no further concern, dealings or connection (I'm through with those kind of people); having no more use, value or potential; washed up (that player is through as an athlete) 
through and through.idiom
in every part; throughout (wet through and through); in every aspect; completely (looked like a success through and through)

in, to, through or during every part of; all through (the road is kept open throughout the year)
in or through all parts; everywhere (the stain went throughout the material; during the entire time or extent (though unsure how her speech would be received, she remained calm and professional throughout)

think, thought, thinking, thinks.verbs
thinking is what thoughts you may have on something; thinking is using one's mind in gaining information on what is important at the time (you drop something and think 'should I pick it up or do I want to go for a walk now?); thoughts are the mind or all the ideas in the mind when one's attention focuses on something.particular; one's thoughts are their opinions on a particular subject; thinking is movement of mind as attention varies; thinking produces thoughts with the mind, according to attention and interest and what is generated from one's ego; spiritual thinking is more of a listening to oneself within:.Psalms 65:2; the fuel for thinking is current interest on something where you may exercise considerations regarding perhaps, a problem or a possibility or you may create an idea (should we go camping or travel to grandma's house at our holiday time?; should I get a black or goldish colored car? how can I get away from the incessant.chatter of my thoughts and into the silence? should I learn to play the piano and/or a guitar?); each individual also has thoughts that are received and just as many they could generate themselves but don't (mom had an idea about an oven with a glass window, but never did anything about it and a few years later someone had the idea and produced that type of oven, what ideas do you have?)
transitive verb use.to put an idea together in the mind from impressions and/or happenings in life; to ruminate; to use words or mental pictures to evoke thoughts; thinking is retrieving information from what is called the Akashic record according to what one's attention may be on at any particular moment in order to contemplate it; thinking is activity of the brain elicited from a stimulus, when considering a something or a possibility or creating an idea; to use the imagination in such a way as to turn mental pictures into descriptive words by using questions on thoughts presently in focus.in order to arrive at new meaning; to have or formulate in the mind; ideas; to reason about or reflect on; to ponder.(think how complex language is, think the matter through; thinking about principles of grammar); to decide by reasoning, reflection or pondering (thinking or contemplating what to do); to intend; to call to mind (remembered those beautiful days at the lake cottage); to visualize which is using imagination; to devise (invented a plan to get rich); to concentrate one's thoughts on
intransitive verb use.to exercise the power of reason, as by conceiving ideas, drawing inferences and using judgment; to weigh or consider an idea (they are thinking about moving); to have or formulate in the mind; to reason about or reflect on; ponder
the act, process or practice of one that thinks; thought; intellectual activity; attention on something (her thinking was focused upon the welfare of family); intention; purpose; how do we think? 
characterized by thought or thoughtfulness; rational
one who takes time for thought, meditation and contemplation;  one who thinks or reasons in a certain way (a careful thinker; one who disciplines himself or herself to think)

past tense and past participle of think
the act or process of thinking; a product of thinking (what thoughts did your thinking produce?); idea; consideration; attention (didn't give much thought to what she said)

having or showing heed for the well-being or happiness of others and a propensity for anticipating their needs or wishes; engrossed in thought; contemplative
kind and considerate regard for (he showed consideration for her feelings); thinking using wisdom, of what is pertinent before acting; attention directed toward concerns of life because attention is light
marked by or showing lack of due thought or care; careless; inconsiderate; inattentive (a thoughtless remark which hopefully will tell her to think first before speaking and be tactful the next time); lacking thought; thoughtless applies to actions taken without due thought or consideration

if something such as a book or a film is thought-provoking, it contains interesting ideas that make people think seriously

tachyon.noun,.plural.tachyons.(Greek for 'swift') (pronounced 'tack yawn')
a subatomic-particle-that appears when attention is on seeing it, otherwise it's not a particle, but simply a wave; when a particle it travels faster than the speed of light, having no observable mass, no negative or positive charge, but nevertheless, scientists having seen the result of its existence in what's called the '2 slit experiment' which proves the part of humans in the experiment, that is, when someone is watching, this strange phenomena produces a particle and if not observed, it's simply a wave as awaiting creation of purpose, perhaps then a means of communication with God; along these lines we also see the oneness of all in quantum entanglement

terse, terser,tersest.adjectives
brief and to the point; effectively concise-(a terse one word answer)
terseness.noun.(normally used without being pluralized)

true, truer, truest.adjectives
consistent in fact, reality, experience and circumstance; not false or erroneous; real; genuine; authentic; reliable; accurate (a true prophecy); faithful, as to a friend, vow.or.cause; loyal; sincerely felt or expressed; unfeigned (true at heart); fundamental; essential (his true motive); rightful; legitimate (the true heir); exactly.conforming to a rule, standard.or.pattern (trying to sing true); accurately shaped or fitted (a true wheel); determined with reference to the Earth's axis, not the magnetic poles (not magnetic north but true north); in accord with reality, fact or truthfulness (what is truth?)
sincerely; genuinely; from the heart (we are truly sorry for the inconvenience); truthfully; accurately (reported the matter truly); indeed (a truly ugly animal); properly; to act truly is to be a support (to confirm the good you see in another, be a faithful friend and uphold what is right and good and to nourish another)
trueness.noun.(normally used without being pluralized)
conformity to fact or actuality; actions and/or statements proven to be or accepted as true; sincerity; integrity; fidelity to an original or a standard; what is truth and its qualities?
consistently telling the truth; honest; corresponding to reality; true
truthfulness.noun.(normally used without being pluralized)

thalidomide.proper noun
'extensive pharmaceutical testing' declared this sedative and hypnotic drug, C13H10N2O4, safe during pregnancy, but it was withdrawn from sale soon after release due to causing severe birth defects, especially of the limbs, where babies were born with missing hands or severely deformed hands, feet, stubs for arms, etc.; and it was the same for the dangerous but 'tested safe' drug vioxx

Tolstoy.or.Tolstoi, Count Leo or Lev Nikolayevich, 1828-1910. Russian writer and philosopher whose great novels War and Peace (1864-1869) and Anna Karenina (1873-1876) offer extraordinary detail and profound psychological insights. His later theories of ethics and morality recommended nonparticipation in and passive resistance to evil. They had an important influence on Gandhi. Tolstoy's books elicit slices of life rather than simply being a work of art. Tolstoy achieved world renown as a moral and spiritual teacher; one of his quotes. Those who visited Tolstoy as an old man also reported feelings of great discomfort when he appeared to understand their unspoken thoughts. It was commonplace to describe him as Godlike in his powers and titanic in his struggles to escape the limitations of the human condition. Some viewed Tolstoy as the embodiment of nature and pure vitality, others saw him as the incarnation of the world's conscience, but for almost all who knew him or read his works, he was not just one of the greatest writers who ever lived but a living symbol of the search for life's meaning.....comprised with information from Encyclopedia Britannica.
Tolstoyan or Tolstoian.adjectives

the unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence by a person or group against people or property with the intention of intimidating or coercing; what is terrorism video?

Nikola Tesla.1856-1943
Serbian born American electrical engineer and physicist who discovered the principles of alternating current in 1881 (no it wasn't the deceiver Thomas Alva Edison as you'll see in the movie Tesla: Master of Lightning). Search for the Nikola Tesla movies on the Internet, there are a few of them, the PBS documentary is comprehensive, entitled.Tesla: Master of Lightning.and.Lost Lightning: The Missing Secrets of Nikola Tesla.and.The Secret of Nikola Tesla; The Rare 1980 Movie

Tesla's mother was a very spiritual individual. One of the wisdoms from her that Nikola carried with him all his life is here. Another Tesla quote
Movies are about the man who gave many helpful inventions to society, inventions that we use daily today and many others that have been suppressed by the cabal to the detriment of people, but are now released. Learn to save movies on your own computer for later viewing.

Tesla invented numerous devices, such as his famous Tesla coil (an air-core transformer used to produce high voltages of high-frequency alternating currents) and procedures that were seminal to the development of radio and the harnessing of electricity. He is the one who made practical use of what we use everywhere today, alternating current electricity (AC power), safe wireless transmission of electrical signals (cell phones, Internet, neon lighting, the rotating magnetic field which made generators possible, energy from the vacuum of space), but with the dark side around, everything they produced for society were unsafe counterfeits and outright harmful.

Tesla is credited with over 700 patents that he freely allowed others to use in hopes they would improve further on them and he freely gave the technology dubbed 'free energy' to gain electrical energy for the use of all humanity. 

Nikola Tesla much loved his mother and had a sharp wit.
Some of his quotes:.1.(his mom's quote), 2, 3 (Tesla had a sharp wit), 4, 5.

Book,.Occult Ether Physics: Tesla's Hidden Space Propulsion System and the Conspiracy to Conceal It.by William Lyne
Second Revised Edition, can be purchased by mail order from: 
William Lyne, General Delivery, Lamy, NM 87540. Tel/Fax: (505) 466-3022. Email: billlyne@Earthlink.net  $10.00 + $2.00 shipping/handling.

an arrangement of two or more persons or objects placed one behind the other; a two-wheeled carriage drawn by horses harnessed one before the other; a team of carriage horses harnessed in single file; a tandem bicycle
one behind the other (driving horses in tandem)

exulting in success or victory; victorious; conquering

triumph, triumphed, triumphing, triumphs.intransitive verbs
to be victorious or successful; win; to rejoice over a success or victory; exult
the fact of being victorious; victory or conquest; a noteworthy or spectacular success; rejoicing over success

tame, tamer, tamest.adjectives
brought from wildness into a domesticated or tractable.state; naturally unafraid; not timid (the squirrel was unafraid to come every morning for a few nuts)
tame, tamed, taming, tames.transitive verbs
to make tractable; domesticate; to tone down; soften
tameness, tamer.nouns

the periodic.variation in the surface level of the oceans and of bays, gulfs, inlets and estuaries, believed in error to be caused by gravitational attraction of the moon and Sun; a specific.occurrence of such a variation (awaiting the next high tide to sail out; atmospheric tide; the tides that wrack Saturn's moons); something that fluctuates like the waters of the tide (riding a tide of joy); flow; a favorable occasion; an opportunity (the tide of opportunity has come in)
relating to or affected by tides; dependent on or scheduled by the time of high tide (a tidal ferry)
tide, tided, tiding, tides.verbs
intransitive verb use.to rise and fall like the tide as being on the ocean (tiding up the river)
transitive verb use.to carry along with or as if with the tide
tide over.phrasal verb
to support through a difficult period (it's too bad that the financial system oppresses honest, higher quality people to the point of them having to ask for help to tide them over till another payday)

a piece of information or news (tidings of great joy)

tidy, tidier, tidiest.adjectives
orderly and neat in appearance or procedure; substantial; considerable (a tidy sum)
tidy, tidied, tidying, tidies.verbs
transitive verb use.to put in order (tidied up the house)
intransitive verb use.to make things tidy (tidied up after dinner) tidy.noun,.plural.tidies
a decorative protective covering for the arms or headrest of a chair

a poisonous substance, such as the effect.manipulated.proteins and heavy metals have on the body (metals as mercury used in dentistry and fluoridation of a water supply are toxic to the human body, causing a body's living cells or organisms to attempt to rid its system of such poisons which are foreign to its inherent functioning and in addition to its normal cleaning processes, thus putting undue.strain upon itself and are capable of causing.disease to bodily tissues); some natural toxins that may have produced childhood diseases are often also capable of inducing a body's own neutralizing.antibodies or antitoxins

of, relating.to.or.caused by a toxin or other poison (a toxic condition); not healthy; capable of causing injury or death, especially by chemical.means such as vaccinations often do; poisonous (food preservatives that are toxic in concentrated amounts; a dump for toxic industrial wastes)
a toxic chemical or other substance

the quality or condition of being toxic; the degree to which a substance is toxic

a condition in which the blood contains toxins produced by body cellsat a local.source of infection or derived from the growth of microorganisms; also called blood poisoning

the study of the nature, effects and detection of poisons and the treatment of poisoning

a substance that has been treated to destroy its toxic.properties but retains the capacity to stimulate.production of antitoxins, used in vaccines; certainly not true with the so-called covid and now all vaccines, by adding their highly toxic substances to turn it into a bioweapon and also not true with some B vitamin supplements (B12) containing cyanide, labeled as cyanocobalamin; methylcobalamin probably would be a better choice