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This first is about vaccines/vaccinations

video also covers pets, danger if vaxxed, toward the end of the video
"Vaccination is the voluntary choice of every individual."
...Vladimir Putin, Russia.


Know that the so-called pandemic has their cabal lie shovers and just plain stupid followers, the willy-nilly.trusting and believing what authorities say ones who swallow the lies as being truth.."No amount of evidence will ever convince an idiot."....Mark Twain.

If you need an employer letter regarding them wanting to vaccinate you or you could lose your job?.

Psalms 35:20 "For they speak not peace, but they devise deceitful matters against those.(like the covid con and created wars to siphon off money).that are quiet in the land." Ecclesiastes 9:3 "...the heart of the sons of men is full of evil and madness is in their heart.(madness on Earth not tolerated beyond it).while they live and following that is death.(that is, after they are caught, arrested, tried and executed)."

Ask yourself questions before deciding on any vaccine for you or your family. See and learn from doctors who've reported the truth. The good stuff the criminal medical/pharmaceutical, et al complex have conspired to keep from you is, the covid so-called 'vaccine' is not a vaccine whatsoever.

Dr William Makis tells us about the con:

Bioweapons can never be registered for anything to do with health, as they are killing mechanisms, designed to murder, maim and severely harm those who may have been bamboozled into taking such a thing, as many doctors and scientists have proved, as well as people have proved, by losing their lives. One must comprehend that these are satanists out to depopulate.(murder).most of humanity. The registered as vaccines, but no jab needed, no poisoning and does a body good are Ivermectin, Regeneron, Hydroxychloroquine and along with those are Chlorine Dioxide Solution (easier to take than the MMS.Master Mineral Supplement), Potassium Iodide, Boron (detoxing from vaccines; hydroxychloroquine and boron you can easily make at home). These proven safe and effective in restoring health are criminally kept.(*).from you by this evil complex of death, with the help of the complicit mainstream news sources, better know as propaganda sources, spouting things as this communist dictate:."Public education must establish the status of vaccination as a social norm, ensuring that public discourse is not dominated by vaccine opponents."....how's that for communist propaganda from Chief Public Health Officer of Canada Dr. Theresa Tam.(now superseded by another lackey), who wants us to 'trust the science' on vaccines. Does she mean trust the science they want kept hidden from the public for 75 years? They want you to just trust what they say, that is, their propaganda, to get you to do something they know well are based not on science, but are nonsense. The true science they want hidden from you.

That's what authorities often say when they want questions you may have, to remain in the unquestionable category, because they know true answers would incriminate them.

"I would rather have questions that can't be answered than answers that can't be questioned."....Nobel Prize winning physicist Richard Feynman.(feynmanonline.com).

What's the history of vaccination?

One can even make their own hydroxychloroquine easily. The sycophants who suck up to the criminals have to give you the SDS.(Safety Data Sheet).for any vaccine if you ask for it

It's the law, but they avoid this, as it all appears to be a quest to kill you. You can also check the ingredients, here. And, here is more on aborted babies and their cells used in vaccines. You support abortion, the murder of children, if you take the poisonous vaccines, because baby tissue is in most all of the ones they want to jab into you.
...if it's all more information than you can handle at this time, check out the quick infographics here and the recent court case of Patrick Henry in Alberta setting the stage to kick the hell out of the hoax called covid, in that, it was the excuse to poison you with their injection. See actual deaths from this hospital region from covid and the Vaccine Death Report and the worldwide figures on deaths and injuries from the jab. See the movie Tolerance Lost.

Pascal Najadi talks with Professor doctor Sucharit-Bhakdi about the princess of Thailand's 8 week coma and death linked to the Pfizer jabs. They talk about covid being a proven fraud at 19 minutes in and criminal charges brought against those having pushed vaccines as being "safe and effective", what they say about any poisons used on the public; at 23 in shows the genius of Trump in flushing out the covid criminals with his 'warp speed' directive to get the 'vaccines' out to the public way ahead of the cabal's plan to do so, which would have killed way, way more people:.1Corinthians 9:22 "To the weak became I as weak, that I might gain the weak. I make myself all things to all people that I might by all means save some."; at 30 in, it's not the spike proteins, but the package they come in, which are lipid nanoparticles, that are deadly. See the video.

Pascal Najadi is a well-known international Swiss investment banker, filmmaker, author and the son of Hussain Najadi, the founder of AmBank Group in Malaysia, who was murdered on July 29, 2013 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Pascal Najadi was a member of the Management Board of Dresdner Bank, London and from 1993 to 2003 was responsible for the capital markets business in the emerging markets of Central Europe, Central Asia, the Russian Federation, Africa and the Middle East. He was born on August 20, 1967 in Lucerne, Switzerland. His mother is Heidi Anderhub-Minger, a direct descendant of Rudolf Minger, former Swiss Federal Councilor and President of the Swiss Confederation before and at the beginning of World War II. Pascal has filed criminal charges against the current Swiss President, which he talks about in this video.

Pascal Najadi produced the Swiss feature film "GROUNDING, die letzten Tage der Swissair" (2006), which was voted one of the best films in Swiss film history. In the summer of 2022, he began production of the docu-drama "The Najadi Assassination" about the murder of his late father Hussain Najadi in Malaysia. The renowned Swiss filmmaker and director Michael Steiner is part of his production team. Pascal Najadi lives in Switzerland and is married to Anna Najadi-Janson, a professional Swiss photographer.

The criminal vaccination pushers are sneakily poisoning you. Magnetism INTENTIONALLY added to 'vaccine' to force mRNA through entire body. It is done through a lipid nano system pushing the mRNA technology into places it was never meant to be https://www.bitchute.com/video/OmpL3GdVFyNY/
Millions Against Medical Mandates.https://www.MAMM.org

One can see that vaccines are adulterated concoctions when you check the ingredients, but manufacturers often don't list harmful ones, manipulating by gaslighting and by hiding ingredients like ethyl mercury.(called thimerosal).and 'neglecting' to list other extraneous substances found out to be heavy metals.(how to clean them out of your body).and then lying about it, so the poisoning of humanity, infertility and death pathways can continue. See the Congressional Record for US House of Representatives Senate Subcommittee Hearing on Autism, May 6, 2004, Senator Dan Burton.

"There will be in the next generation or so a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them but will rather enjoy it."....Aldous Huxley, Tavistock Group, California Medical School, 1961. 

Now think, why would you ever want to leave your liberties behind and why would anyone want to take them away from you?

-Dr. Shiv Chopra (shivchopra.com), chief microbiologist at Health Canada.(now passed on).and former world vaccine expert at World Health Organization.(WHO), who was a good man protecting people from those in the WHO and Health Canada advocating poisonous vaccine injections, food additives and devices. Dr. Shiv Chopra's advice on vaccinations."Don't get any of them, an immune system has no need of poisoning." Dr. Chopra would be the first one to tell you what he means by that broad sweeping statement and that was 'don't get any you don't need', meaning what if you're bit by a rabid dog or skunk, etc. and not yet have knowledge of what natural remedies you could use? He meant not to get the ones you have no urgent need for and feel you are being conned into decision on. Nature has cures for all illness and without poisonous vaccines, if one cares enough to learn about them in advance and to stop trusting authorities most of whom constantly lie to you. Why constantly? Be prepared with knowledge about the Creator's remedies. Learn, learn, learn:.1, 2, 3. Now you know why information on what nature can do is not taught in schools. Rabies is no problem for nature's cures..Learn to listen to your intuition. Learn about intuition. This asking inside yourself will keep you from accepting ideas of others which make you feel they have your best interests at heart, when they may really be out to fufill their depopulation agenda by killing you slowly or quicker.(example), while these murderous criminals in the pharmaceutical / medical / chemical / political / media / banking cartel continue violating the Nuremberg Code. Don't allow anyone to override your God given rights by dictating what goes into your body. DO NOT trust authority unless your heart tells you they are to be trusted. The decision is always yours. Make sure there is no possible harm attached to it. 

God given rights are Natural Laws of God and down from there into Common Law of all nations, but the cabal liars are out to keep any and all truth on anything away from you, because they are the product of satanic purposes, using their private corporations in inflicting harm in various ways upon We the People

But haven't vaccines eradicated serious diseases of the past? Not at all! It's made to look that way even when the disease is still around, by relabeling it. You can't believe how many lies they use to keep you on track for the poisons they've lined up for you. Oh yes! It's been planned all along for decades; their world without you in it. And this has even been going on surreptitiously, in different ways, for centuries 1, 2. Now it's being stopped and that permanently! Be careful making decisions until you see it has all been stopped.

His main advice on GMOs and vaccinations was to avoid them entirely. No vaccine ever, since the first one in the late 1700's, has stopped transmission of any disease or done any good for anyone of any age, in spite of what you have been propagandized into believing by the corrupt allopathic.Rockefeller medical system  and in spite of you not knowing how incredibly powerful your own immune system really is. If you're living your life, at least ask a few questions along the way!  IndexV.html#make_your_own

In fact you've been conned into believing vaccines do the opposite of what they actually do. Get his book.Corrupt To The Core.(one reason why to get it), available at libraries or purchase at booksellers or Amazon..Some of the highlights from Dr. Shiv Chopra's site before it disappeared.

Government breaks the law re covid, masks & lockdowns

Just one example of the craziness the government lackeys implementing the Covid con.have caused.

How can you tell the vaccine, so-called scientists, are corrupt?
...the worldwide cabal controlled medical/pharmaceutical/chemical corporation racketeers avoid the more powerful and safer ways to get and stay well and healthily advance in life, instead, carrying on in spite of massive evidence to the contrary of their protection racket scams
...the same cartel avoids emphasizing strengthening the human immune system and this was avoided in medical education, which prefers to follow the propaganda that vaccines are safe and effective for preventing disease
...the same medical, pharmaceutical, chemical cartel has never done a study comparing vaccinated with the unvaccinated; that's how much they care about you
...generally no seriously harmful examples of those harmed by vaccines are made widely available as the media is controlled

"The most successful tyranny is not the one that uses force to assure uniformity but the one that removes the awareness of other possibilities, that makes it seem inconceivable that other ways are viable, that removes the sense that there is an outside."....The Closing of the American Mind.(*), Allan Bloom. Example of this is hiding helpful information on methods of health used for decades or hundreds or thousands of years.

Vaccinations can and do injure you, initially mildly and cumulatively over time or severely to the amount of poisons used in them. Click on the pic for the 10 min. video. Almost the same vaccines sales pitches are used today as back then. The injuries just never stop! They are out to harm you toward death.

Bill Gates in it all https://www.bitchute.com/video/vggH8BYdP31u/

"Science is a process, a systematic means of exploring possibilities, not a dogmatic, stagnant set of beliefs."....Dr Kelly Brogan, MD,.Vaccines and Brain Health. There is absolutely no science to the covid nonsense, none whatsoever.

In some countries the so-called virus goes away during curfew hours. In other countries idiot administrators follow the dictates of the corrupt World Health Organization.(actually a World Homocide Organization), the Center for Disease Control.(because they are a vaccines sales company masquerading as a 'we help you with good information' corporation, we call them the Center for Disease Creation corporation).and their partner in lying, the Federal Drug Administration or FDA (the Federal Disinformation Administration corporation) and other cohorts.

If there is no viruswhat is the testing for? Ah! They have an agenda and they ain't tellin' you. But you can find out unless you want to remain asleep to research and awake to mainstream media lies.

Such idiocy as social distancing, which itself is a misnomer, where only 3 allowed in small stores which helps to wipe the small stores out, as they did in the contrived 1929 economic crash, enabliing big cabal controlled stores to take over. Hey! It's the same cabal and if you don't stand up with others who know the truth, well, what have you got? Idiocy such as 'stay 6 feet apart', unless you're on an airplane where you sit within 2 feet of the next person. Idiocy such as you can't cross the border in your car, but it's ok to in an airplane. Idiocy such as the stupid idea of masks (https://www.bitchute.com/video/K2TR2kVIy3Go/
https://rumble.com/vw9n31-best-governor-ever.html), allowing non elected 'health' bureaucrats to dictate policies which override the laws of Natural Laws of God, on which are built Common Laws extant throughout time and effective today. Idiocy such as only so many peoole can gather together outside and a lesser amount inside. All to 'prevent the spread' of what is erroneously believed to be an infection from what is wrongly termed a virus, because no 'virus' ever, scientifically, could ever infect anyone. 

People choose out of their own stupidity. It saves these lazy people from using their intuition, their inner guidance abilities and so they park their brain and avoid researching to arrive at truth, instead opting for the nonsense mainstream media propaganda 'news', thus, remaining comatose. Therefor they don't find out that if they have life insurance, it's null and void with some insurance companies, if they die within the first year of taking an unapproved product such the covid injection which is actually a bioweapon administered by those highly influenced by Satan to murder people, such as the criminal pharmaceutical / medical / chemical complexes. 

Many around the world already have died after being injected with the device labeled as a vaccine, the patented.man-made.bioweapon called the Covid jab. Life Insurance Company states if you have had the covid-19 'vaccine' and die from it, they consider your death as suicide and won't pay your beneficiaries your life insurance as they-consider-your-death-as-suicide

False opinions perpetuated by those receiving money for pushing the Covid con, such as stupid and/or paid off politicians who just may have screwed themselves if they have taken money for promoting the lies and deaths. Along with them are the corrupt nonelected.bureaucrats, those too asinine to use any commonsense thinking abilities. The 'yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir' people are those believing lies from the mainstream media stations and have no idea.(because they have been brainwashed for so long).of the real worldwide conspiracy daily affecting them toward death.

And totalitarian inclined politicians show their true colors by going along wth the covid fraud and many other 'health' frauds preceding it, thus joing in the war against people by using such health frauds and other frauds such as the Birth Certificate scam, the Income Tax scam, the interest payable on loans scam, the 'not enough money' shortage scam, the 'we're a country with leaders in control' scam, etc. It's all a war on people of the nations. Arrest them! And that is now being done. Did you do anything to bring it about or were you a victim of being bamboozled? Did you even check to see what rights you have? Have you prayed and meditated?

What prevents humanity from awakening is if one carries on not responding? He has in this process, the searing of his own mind:.1Timothy 4:2 "Speaking lies in hypocrisy, having their conscience seared with a hot iron.".Such stupid adults are they that believe that injecting poisons is 'boosting' their immune systems, when it's really another boost toward death; all satanic lies propagated by those subject to the dark side, in order to poison, disable, maim and kill humans as quickly as possible:.Revelation 18:4.

-More harms kept from you knowing about them, so you'll buy into the misinformation.package that vaccines are safe, which none of them are or ever were better than nature's remedies.(see Dr. Shiv Chopra, above and Robert F. Kennedy's work).

Vaccine labels on the vials doctors, hospitals, nurses and pharmacists receive, say thimerosal free, but it's a lie.

Thimerosal is highly toxic mercury as this graphic below shows. It's a trade name for the mercury produced by Eli Lilly pharmaceutical company. Why is it added as an adjuvant to the horrible concoctions called vaccines if it's so toxic or even toxic at all?

According to those trusting in anti-science, it makes the vaccine more effective by gaining a greater immune response through severe poisoning. In other words, we can do better than God who designed the immune system. But they can't, of course. Anything the body interprets as a poison, it wants to rid itself of.

But the anti-science people who are all for vaccines, for whatever reasons there could be.(money, depopulation, hate other humans), are also anti-thinkers and anti-health and at the worst, anti good people. It's clear now that it's a depopulation.(murder).agenda. Why is it they follow against those who believe scientific.truth about vaccines and other poisonings.(see the 9 part series.The Truth About Vaccines). Why would anyone ever recommend any vaccine, when none have been proven to ever have done any good?.(*)

You know why? Because they have little or no idea how powerful an individual immune system can be in handling natural threats to it like chickenpox, measles, whooping cough, mumps, etc. Note that viruses are not mentioned here, because they never can infect anyone. What's a virus? You might as well find out, because medical so-called.'science', doesn't seem to know, so then it's medical non science or nonsense

As long as one's immune system hasn't been harmed by vaccinations and other unnatural toxins, like harmful frequencies, the 'cides' and chemicals used to grow and protect nutritionally.deficient and genetically altered crap they call 'food', the body is designed by God with its incredible systems to ward off all negatives, unless of course one stupidly allows his body to be poisoned; stupid because they don't see how they have swallowed as truth, the lies from Satan's propaganda masters.

There is nothing in vaccines that is beneficial to the physiological system. Many good doctors have reasoned this out on their own, once they grow away from the false information under the banner of 'vaccines will protect you' It's a complete lie!

If people espousing.the poisoning of humanity were smart enough to see that is exactly what is happening and weren't so unscientific and closed-minded, the documentaries VAXXED and VAXXED II and so many other sources of scientifically helpful information would give them a lot more than haphazard.opinions they seem now to be operating their daily responsibilities by. These are the unscientifically minded ones attempting to foist opinions on the unstudied.populace.

Here's how they lied regarding mercury in the form of thimerosal being added to vaccines. It's a matter of congressional record. They used to add it after the vaccine was made. They were told to not do that because of the danger of mercury. Now they don't add it after the main concoction is made, but they do add it in the main manufacturing process to all the vaccines. So, its not added after. It's added before. So, it's labeled free of mercury. But it isn't! Because it's in this main mfg. process, they said it's not added to the finished product as before. So, the damage upon people can continue in ways one may not notice right away until it's too late and an individual has alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis, dementia, chronic fatigue syndrome or one or more of a whole host of other chronic diseases.

Know that satanists cannot tell the truth. All they tell you is a lie of some kind or other, the crafted twisted truths, the information left out, the blatant wrong opinions, opinions supported by their phony 'experts'.

Congressional Record
US House of Representatives Subcommittee, Hearing on Autism, May 6, 2004. It's in the Library of Congress.

Congressman Dan Burton's questioning resulted in recommending that criminal sanctions be brought against the head of the FDA and the CDC, because of this cover up of mercury poison they were to remove, but didn't. Their reason for adding the poison Thimersol in the first place was to force a greater response from the immune system they wanted to wipe out. The purpose of all purposeful poisonings.(what poisonings?).is to wipe out the immune system the only true God made you with. But it's always your choice, made either in ignorance, not caring about your body's health or deceived by those you trust. 

No media covered this most important event. You can't at all trust the lying mainstream media's news coverage regarding reporting on the horrendous damage pharmaceutical companies were and are still responsible for. The CDC is itself a vaccine sales company, along with the FDA, the rubberstamp organization used to approve pharmaceuticals. They are all part of the harmful worldwide satanic cabal, whose purpose is the elimination of anything created by the true God, such as you and any good thing on the planet.

Hello! Why give vaccines to 'improve' the immune system when every one of them suppresses the immune system? That's how they lie - it's 'safe and effective and will improve your health'. Purpose is to kill you, either slowly over a few years or quickly or both. That's what the dark side ones are like. But once you comprehend the hidden from view plot against all humanity, then it all makes sense. One can start by seeing these documentaries.

When it comes to 'protection'."Booster shots are all hogwash and are based strictly on rhetoric."....Dr. Rashid Buttar. Their effect is to 'shove down' an immune system that has been working hard to get rid of the poisoning any previous vaccinations provided. The immune system God designed for you has been engineered to work all your life. Just don't interfere with your immune system it by allowing your body to be poisoned. That's idiocy! If you don't stand up for the rights given you by the good people in recent history, then you have no rights, do you?

Vaccines never have been properly tested to be given to anyone. Babies with a developing natural immune system are, if you can believe it, given vaccinations.

It's no wonder autism is up from 1 in 20,000 and is now 1 in 28 new births.

Measles breakout was the excuse for more vaccinations, but they certainly avoided telling the truth, where analyses showed it wasn't wild measles as claimed by the liars, but from those who contracted it from others who had received the measles vaccination. Vaccinations not only harm but also spread disease.

Pathological teams reports are outclassed by the controlled media that only reports on what the infectious disease team allegedly finds, such as, 'this number of people have now been infected', as compared to the information the pathological team may have on the toxicology.(what is poisoning the human system).

-Articles on the pandemic (plandemic/scamdemic) and masks:
The True Story of the 1917-18 'Spanish Flu'. The so-called 'Spanish' flu wasn't at all Spanish, but is proven to be a vaccine concocted by the ancestors of the same people out to kill you today, which are those influenced by the master duper.(Revelation 12:9), out to destroy all humanity; that's the satanic way:

Dr. Denis Rancourt Examines COVID-19 Riddles, on breggin.com. Eyeopening information. How a mask harms you besides retention of toxins the body is normally trying to rid itself of and enabling chemicals in the mask to enter your body and reducing oxygen your body needs by 17 to 27 percent. Masks set you up for illness, more so if you're already further down the road on the pathway of death; called comorbidities. But stupid people sillily stand up for what they believe are authorities to be trusted and what they are told by them, such as these cops who were made sure by the cabal not to know anything about people's rights.

The COVID-19.(Certiified Ownership Virus IDentification-19.{1 = A & 9 = I, means.Artificial Intelligence}).and is a patented.deviceshowing it was purposely created and owned and though labeled a vaccine, is actually a bioweapon to kill you, but there are three types used, one is a saline injection, which won't kill you, so you tell others 'I've had the vaccine and I'm fine' and another is the harmful flu shot with added graphene oxide as they have done now to all vaccines because they were too slow at killing, taking 2-4 years to kill you, unless you know what to do. And the third is the almost immediate kill shot, no time to do anything, from immediate to about 5 days or so. This patented device is erroneously called a vaccine for surreptitious reasons, those reasons including the legalities.of it being called a vaccine are more favorably legal than it being called what it actually is and that's a device, a gene therapy device used as a bioweapon, but this is hidden from the people being affected by it, instead calling it a vaccine, laced with Graphene Oxide, a highly poisonous compound which has no reason other than murder to be put in jabs to eliminate people; dangerous to animals too.  The third most dangerous jab contains Graphene Hydroxide. See the video. Other murder weapons they used are drugs called Remdesever and Midazolam and of course devices called ventilators.

The RT-PCR Test.(Reverse Transcriptase-Polymerase Chain Reaction):
How to Mislead All Humanity. Using a 'Test' To Lock Down Society:

And what about the swabs used on you that have cancer causing ethylene oxide on them? https://www.minds.com/usanewschannel/

The German Corona Investigation on Crimes Against Humanity by using the Covid hoax.

Dr Robert Young has true information, pictures of the covid con and a lot more. 
"If the fish is sick, what do you do? Change the water or treat the fish?" ...Dr Robert Young drrobertyoung.com

Plandemic.and.Plandemic II.documentaries can be found at these places:
Ultimate Proof Covid-19 Was Planned to usher in the corrupt cabal's New World Order, destroying economies of the world so they are more easily taken over:

An RFK Jr. interview with David E. Martin of.Plandemic II
David E. Martin has also explained that the so-called vaccine isn't at all a vaccine, according to a vaccine's legal definition. It's a device, a device they hide under the vaccine name so those who don't research such things.(politicians, health bureaucrats, the general easily soothed public).remain asleep to what's really going on. More of David E. Martin's explicable very important information.

It is a medical device, because it meets the CDRH Center for Devices and Radiological definition of a medical device. It is not a living system, it is not a biologic system, as it would be if it were a vaccine. It is a physical technology. It happens to just come in the size of a molecular package. The mRNA vaccine isn't a vaccine but genetic engineering, a biological 3D printer, capable of producing a cytokine storm where the body becomes at war with itself.

This dormant pathogen has the ability to activate, when fused with the other half of a binary poison. It's a two part poison, hidden by lipids. Since the mRNA vaccine is in fact an operating system, another element can be introduced into the body at a later time and when the two elements interact, a binary poison can be created. These two separate elements fomenting into a singular binary poison cannot be traced back to the original alleged mRNA vaccine. A hidden harmful destroyer:.Hebrews 2:14.

The device involves gene therapy with a genetically modified serum, that is using your own body to alter your genes, all unknown to you, at first and never disclosed to the public. This mRNA non vaccine is a synthetic code, whose purpose is to create a synthetic spike protein in every cell of the human body. To protect you from these horrible things that you can even get from them shedding if someone has had the jab and got one that wasn't just a saline injection, here are some ways. Shedding poisons on you by creating a synthetic spike protein, where the body is deceived into an unnatural process of replicating mRNA and bypassing the safeguards built into one's normal organic immune system. In essence the newly created synthetic spike protein may become a dormant pathogen in the body. See Dr Sam Bailey, what she found out.

It's an awful experiment and guess who this harmful experiment is on? Their experiments, of course, are to monitor your dying, as slowly or quickly the harm progresses. Many are being harmed.

It's the synthetic proteins eliciting the immune response, not the mRNA. The DNA present in every cell is turned into codes for the protein. The mRNA is an intermediary between the gene and the protein. It is the protein to which the human body develops the immune response. Therefore, by definition the mRNA vaccine isn't actually a vaccine because it doesn't elicit an immune response.

mRNA is asking the body's cells to produce protein as a response.(you go kill him, I'm going to sit back and direct you), prompting the antibodies to stave off chances of infection. mRNA is simply a messenger system.(here's what I got for you). Depending on the 'package' it was instructed to deliver it could be very bad or just bad. 

As Professor Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi discovered, it's the package that has the poison, similar to the poison added to some cereal packages to keep the processed cereal crisp.

"If it disagrees with experiment. It's WRONG!"....Richard Feynman

That's why pharma avoided showing the results of experiments and wanted them sealed off from public view for over seventy years. But others who were not corrupt scientists, made known the disastrous results regarding the health of people and finally a court released the Pfizer and other pharmaceutical companies documents. These sort of criminal things should not have to be dragged out for the public to become aware of them. And, they would not even happen if the constitution.We the People.originally set up was adhered to and.We the People.monitored to immediately hold accountable anyone stepping away from the constitution's protection and fomenting harm upon the good people of society.

Before considering any vaccine.(and, really, why consider any of them at all?), have your antibodies checked about three times over a few months. What's in the Covid jab is designed to be an irreversible genetic modification of the human body, through redirecting its immune system to become a manufacturing facility, in other words, to take it over. The body is now genetically modified and when the next natural occurring exosomes, such as what we call the common cold, comes along, the immune system could mistakenly interpret it as a serious antibody attack and begin to attack itself, producing the aforementioned cytokine storm. The human having received this insult to its body is because the criminals hid the truth from you.

As one top CDC.(Center for Disease Control or is it creation), a private for profit company that sells vaccines to governments and like the so-called Federal Reserve, the CDC is not at all a government entity and by results so far it should perhaps be called the Center for Disease Creation for Vaccine Sales, as this top CDC official has stated 'there never has been one vaccine that did what they said it would do'. Dr Shiv Chopra years ago warned us about this.

They all, every one of them, harm the immune system God made you with, one example. So, it's satanic, right! But what else would you expect from the dark side out since the beginning to destroy humanity?

At 1 hour 42 minutes into this video David E. Martin explains about the new plan of eradicating men, women and children the deep state regard as lower than insects and using the so-called covid vaccine to do so.

If we said were going to give people prophylactic therapy for the cancer they don't have, you'd be laughed out of a room, because that's a stupid idea. That's exactly what this is. This is a mechanical device in the form of a very small packet of technology that is being inserted into the human system to activate the cell to become a pathogen-manufacturing site:."It's not a vaccine. It's an mRNA packaged in an envelope delivered into a cell..The device is an operating system calleld mRNA which is designed to alter the inherent patterns God designed to maintain you as a human being.-.Frankenstein anybody? Why is it dangerous?.It's a medical device designed to stimulate the human cell into becoming a pathogen creator. It's not at all a vaccine issue. Vaccines are a legally defined term where immunity has to be stimulated and transmission of a disease is disrupted. This is not that. It is rather, a treatment. The term 'vaccine' is being used to sneak this thing under public health exemptions. You are getting a chemical that's made to make you sick. 80% of people getting this medical device have a clinical adverse event negative response, such as MS, Lou Gehrig's disease, alzheimers, etc. Nothing about this stops anything but creates illness. There's no non conflicted voice on any platorm as the media worldwide enforces the deep state designed pharmaceutical / medical / chemical / political / media and banking narrative, through deep state puppets such as Rockefeller/Rothschild and corrupt communist Chinese puppets, which now have all been removed. Their systems are remaining but waning and all will soon be completely gone. Such forces of evil have been out to harm humanity over past centuries.".Information comprised with the article mRNA Vaccine Lie: Physical Technology Designed To Induce Illness.Monday, March 15, 2021 by Lee Austin, who is also the author of Morning Star's Tale https://morningstarstale.com

The cabal has shown what they think of those not of their ilk. In this video, at about the 34 minute point gene Decode reads word for word The Secret Covenant about purposes of these evil ones, regarding all but those of their ilk, as being lower than insects and worse. Find about their satanic long term evil plan for the humanity they despise and see how it was playing out today, but thanks to Putin of Russia, Trump and the Alliance militaries, it has been stopped dead, all 46 biolab production facilities that were all in Ukraine have been taken down, with some having been moved to Romania, necessitating more removal. Virtually all DUMBS & tunnels where the scum did their dirty work, are now cleaned up or almost finished being cleaned up. 

See and hear gene Decode read the short.(10 minutes).booklet at 34 minutes in https://www.bitchute.com/video/C1T8Vc8zdgfw/
also at 35 minutes in on this URL https://www.bitchute.com/video/RM2Gn8wO9HtO/

And see the Banker's Manifesto. And, why did the good God of all creation allow it to become so evil?

Many good caring doctors upset over injecting aluminum and all the other poisons into your kids and the inflammation caused is the reason auto immune diseases are rising in children. Dr. Ardis on it

Also see Reiner Fuellmich and his information. And, a heads up to alert you to what the evil ones have planned for you. But not to worry!.Psalms 91:3. Care for others by praying and meditating.

And a typified example of the cabal's uncaring arrogance, regarding you as worthless.https://www.bitchute.com/video/9SUs02fqv3Ei/

And on that see Janet Ossebaard's reports on how these odd, arrogant, erudite and uncaring ones progressed through the history of the world until today.

Dr. Mercola and The Plandemic documentary; Plandemic II with David E. Martin also here.

So-called.Viruses, such as, are patented, meaning they are made on purpose. Vaccines are made by the same group. What does that tell you?

Research showing up the lies.

Chief Science Officer for Pfizer Says 'Second Wave' Faked on False-Positive COVID Tests, 'Pandemic Is Over' till they fake the next one.

The Covid-19 Roadmap: Towards Global Economic Chaos and Societal Destruction.

Nobel Prize winning Ph.D. medical physicist, Dr. Otto Warburg, shocked the world when he revealed that most disease is caused by insufficient levels of.oxygen.in the body getting to the cells, not just into the blood stream.(welcome to air travel and jet lag). His studies showed that if you deprive a cell by 35% of its required levels of oxygen for 48 hours the cell is likely to become cancerous, whether or not one's tissues are on the acidic side or the alkaline side. See the new information on acid vs alkaline in a video by that name here https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwO5V2VPA71ocXrK8GIhLW6RoFW1xpmx0

Breathe deeply often during the day. And no, exercise isn't the key. In fact too much of it is to be avoided, but you do need exercise, walking, stretching, resistance exercise, weights are good. Also to be avoided are masks, depriving the body of 27% oxygen. Hey, think the 'health', medical/pharmaceutical criminals didn't know that? Wake up. They are out to eliminate you.

Make your own hydroxychloroquine, is an anti-inflammatory.

3 organic grapefruit
3 organic lemons
Use the skins with the white on them. Peel them and put the skins in a glass or stainless steel pot. Cover the skins in the pot with distilled water or filtered water or spring water. Put the lid on the pot. Use a stainless steel or glass lid for the pot.
Turn on the stove at the very lowest heat setting; leave for 3-4 hours, then shut off heat to the pot, leave the pot on the stove to cool overnight. 
DO NOT OPEN the lid to have a look.
In the morning it's ready. Pour the liquid into glass bottles or jars after you've sterilized them with boiling water poured into them and discard the boiling water you used.
You can refrigerate it.
I take a couple of ounces every 3-5 days. Keep yourself healthy! Listen to your body and take more often if needed.
-That Mask Is Giving You Lung Cancer. Here's how & why.
-Information on what you can do.

A comparison: vaccinated versus unvacinnated.(who's better off by far?)
Herd immunity.(true or false?)
Natural immunity or vaccines, which really protects you? And difference between immunization & vaccination and what about vaccine injuries?
Why the corrupt individual medical/pharmaceutical/chemical ones and their paid for worldwide mainstream media, never talk about how strong is the human immune system, that is,.if left unpoisoned.by vaccines and other poisonings the Chemical/pharmaceutical companies initiated for you?
the medical/pharmaceutical corruption on poisonous vaccines, which is all of them since day one

-Vaccine ingredients
Harmful hidden ingredients kept from all of us apart from those who did their research. Some of the main ingredients. Why were they added to vaccines along with the regular poisons already in them? Wasn't the first child injured by a vaccine a warning not to go any further down the road with vaccines? Why does humanity carry on beyond warning signs unless he has an evil side to him that he keeps feeding? What will wake humanity up, if not the reap/sow multiversal law? Why is humanity so smart in many areas, but appears as ignorant in health. See the movie documentary.Plandemic II.and Indoctornation.on Brighteon.com and you'll find out.
...autism.there's a good chance of complete recovery if under 9 years of age, if you follow the alternative health protocols and the med beds will fix anything to do with health, including psychological, available soon.
...mercury in vaccines, in the form of thimerosal, by.Robert F. Kennedy Jr., lawyer, JFK's nephew.

Robert F. Kennedy's site is www.childrenshealthdefense.org
Get on his mailing list. One highlight of this report is."...a shameful conspiracy to cover up the greatest public health scandal in American history; the ubiquitous conflicts of interest, financial and otherwise, that infect relationships between the pharmaceutical industry and the public health authorities...We must come to recognize the milestones of oncoming tyranny."
-movie on it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XiAomm-PhRI
-myths.(search for 'Expert Pediatrician Exposes Vaccine Myths' at articles.mercola.com)
-polio.(who started it; what perpetuated it? Bill Gates polio vaccine seriously maimed and killed 10's of thousands of children in India; corrupt mainstream media silent). Gates; Gates exposed
-quotes from researchers on vaccine idiocy
-scientists discover covid gene manipulating concoction increases cancer (also wrongly called covid 'vaccine'l it's a bioweapon to kill)
-SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, also called Crib Death)
-vaccines and brain health.(not good)
-vaccine research health guide
-videos on: type into YouTube (they now may have banned it, so try Brighteon.com) Bought and that'll bring up more
-viruses, what are they?
-what is vaccinate?
-VAXXED.and VAXXED II The Peoples Truth.(and you trusted them to do you good).about the heartaches a growing nuumber of parents who had their kids vaccinated, now must endure; banned on Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, et al, because of the good helpful information; there are murderous people out to depopulate the world and don't want you to know about such things. VAXXED II can be seen on Brighteon.com.(see also 'Viruses' below)

"Vaccination is a barbarous practice and one of the most fatal of all the delusions current in our time. Conscientious objectors to vaccination should stand alone, if need be, against the whole world, in defense of their conviction."....Mohandas Gandhi.

"What The Pharmaceutical Companies Don't Want You To Know About Vaccines" ...book by Dr.Todd M. Elsner. (*)

Vaccination questions to ask and demand answers to
A letter for your employer to fill out if your are threatened with job loss because of a vaccine issue

Vacation suggestion
...by age 2
...Canadian doctors who've died after vaccination
...getting well after having been vaccinated
...never have they done any good; when you research it, look for the alternatives
...shedding by those dumb enough to get vaccinated with the Covid-19 bioweapon
Vacuum of space.(also called the Dirac sea, after Paul Dirac and, Tom Bearden speaks about it)
Vain.(as in vain repetitious.prayer)
...the custom
Valiant Thor from Venus
Value to another
Vandals and Goths.(455-476 A.D.)
...interior toxicity.(heads up!)
Veil.(the ancient veil's relevance for us today)
Ven Lama Dondrup Dorje.(Chi master explains and demonstrates internal energy)
Verses.(Bible.scriptures by chapters and verses; also favorites, a sampling of important ones)
Venus.(the planet)
Verily.(the word)
Vessels of destruction
Victor Frankl
Victoreen, John, Dr..(physicist who developed a better hearing device)
Views.(on women man has had from the beginning till today, limit both of them)
...Christ, the vine
..."every man under his vine"
...against women
...how children learn
Virgin birth
Visioning.(how to design your life so it works for you and not against you)
Vrils.(strange creatures used in satantic practices)
Viruses.(what really are viruses and why they can't infect and, bacteria, what's the difference and what about Covid?)
...all you learned about viruses is wrong and why
...how attitude makes a difference
...West Nile virus
Vision/visualization.(power of the imagination)
Vision of own heart
Visit.(God says He'll visit one's life if wickedness isn't being gotten rid of)
Visiting.(with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob in the kingdom of God)
Visiting others socially
...vitamin B4.(whatever happened to it?)
...vitamin B6.(now banned in some countries, but poisonous pharmaceuticals, cides & vaccinations aren't, yet should be)
...Vitamin B12.(avoid.B12 made with cyanocobalamin)
...Vitamin C.live longer
...Vitamin D
...importance of vitamins
...synthetic vitamin dangers?
Vladimir Putin.(president of Russia; quotes)
Voice.(still, small voice of God)
Voices.(hearing voices?)
Vomit.(dog returns to his puke)
Von Neumann, Johnny.(brilliant mathematician)
Voting.(what to look for)
Vow.(ancient vows; Old Testament stuff)