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The incredible body system continues: The bladder stores for subsequent discharge. Our temperature is maintained at 98.6 degrees fahrenheit, unless of course the body has to fight infection, in which case it creates fever

This temperature system with its heating and cooling, is perfectly maintained day in and day out throughout the hot summers and colder winters.

When sick, we feel like being still and lie down. This way all the body's resources can be more effectively mobilized to return us to health. They're not used up in fueling the body as we walk and work.

We have a built in balance system. All this superior functioning is done in a comparatively small size.

When cut, the body has a built in repair system. The repair system replaces tissues; skin, organs and bones. Most repairs occur when we sleep. During the day the body is busy providing for our activities.

Blood coagulation is a paradigm.(a pattern, example or model).of the staggering complexity that underlies even apparently simple bodily processes, such as: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

The blood is filtered, cleaned and added to by body processes, removing wastes and carrying fresh food to all the cells, every 33 seconds. 
   Blood is also filtered and cleaned by the kidneys and liver. Blood clots as needed and obviously stops before all the blood in us is clotted. Clots must form at the right place at the right time or circulation would be cut off. Clotting is confined to the site of injury. When a clot forms it is fragile. If bumped the wound can bleed, however the intelligence buried in us, that maintains us strengthens a clot once it has been formed.

Aggregated fibrin is 'tied together' by an activated protein called FSF.(fibrin stabilizing factor).which forms chemical cross links between fibrin molecules. Many more chemical functions occur here, such as the protein which acts as scissors to remove the clot after wound healing has progressed. This is explained in detail in the book, Darwin's Black Box, by Professor of Biochemistry at Lehigh University, Pennsylvania, Michael J. Behe, on pages 79 to 97.

Evolution is hard pressed here to explain why it is that you can't start with one chemical function needing another to perform a task, when the other function has not yet been developed. The whole system had to be put together at once. No one on Earth has the vaguest idea how the coagulation.cascade came to be. At some point this complicated system had to come into existence and it could not have been done in step by step fashion. The idea of Darwinian natural selection is it can only choose systems that are already working in order for natural selection to have anything to act on.

Few understand in workable ways that the body is an energy converter, where all even genes and germs are energy. Underneath the atom all there is, is energy. You interact in this world, this physical dimension, through your body. It's important to always do the best one can; why? Doing your best means acting from higher consciousness in everything you do and it's more fun this way.

Similarly, corpuscles necessary for the body's defense are internally made by a marvelously.complex.mechanism. 

Our remarkable digestive system secretes hydrochloric acid into the stomach, yet the stomach walls' mucus lining isn't dangerously eroded. The lining is always in a state of continual replacement, a total replacement of which occurs every two weeks. Why two weeks? Why not 3 weeks? 4 weeks or 5 months? It has a built in program that says 2 weeks.

What drives the energy systems in the body if not the digestive system. It's more important than even the quality of the food because if you can't digest it properly you won't get the necessary energy out of it your body needs. Most people simply do not know how to eat. It has been shown that those with digestive issues, when taken off genetically modified food, recovered within 10 days.

Enzymes are important for digestion. Digestive enzymes and other juices are secreted by the stomach's partner, the pancreas and as needed from a storage tank, the gall bladder. An amazing design which includes a back up.

Overcooking foods can kill enzymes you need. When cooking vegetables keep the water temperature below 115 degrees fahrenheit. These days a good enzyme supplement can augment nutritional requirements. Check out naturalnews.com, greenmedinfo.com and mercola.com

A computer can store information, retrieve information and with overriding intelligence can manipulate information. A computer has a built in operating system but needs instructions to utilize its many functions. Until then and like us, which are mind, the computer is only potential. An individual becomes known by what he or she does. What he or she does educes their character.

The human body, like the multiverse, stores and retrieves information using its brain, the receiver and processor of its mind, The heart brain, the brain with well balanced emotions, is capable of love while the head brain concerns itself with ego and survival. These 'brains', which are different functioning of the one brain because of the frequencies of life we have aligned with, use the Akashic Record to store our beliefs and retrieve them as thoughts.

The heart brain is where intentions come through from the soul, our soul and if aligned with the higher consciousness thoughts of God, then they are mingled with those higher quality frequencies.

We call this 'a gut feeling' and often say 'follow your heart'. And there is good reason for this. The heart brain has 40,000 neurons and this proves it's not just a pump. It has its own brain. Cognitive dissonance is when our thoughts don't align with the beliefs in our hearts. Harmony is when they do.

"You are not your mind, you are awareness. You are aware
that you are doing something, watching something, eating, singing and talking. You use your mind for thinking."....Sai Baba. You are the you that works through you, the real self that uses its physical body in expression here on Earth.

What is thinking?

Know that medical criminals are out to get organs for sale, often telling family members that their loved one is brain dead.

Dr Paul Byrne explains about brain death being a lie:.https://youtu.be/5IRQtONl2fs

An experience of @deemariewright3981 

"...My son has been telling me, Donít ever let them pull the plug on me if I'm unconscious or they claim I'm 'brain dead'. His 1st cousin, about 18-19, bad car wreck. After an period of time the doctors finally said, she's Ďbrain dead' & was preparing family for 'pulling the plug', taking away anything that helped her to keep getting fluids & oxygen. My son was about 16 then. My son
& the cousin's father were in her room alone with her. My son was telling him "Donít let them kill her!' She is not brain dead! 

"The father said what can we do?" So they got closer to her, basically screamed to her, to move or squeeze their hand or open her eyes or anything to let doctors know she was alive because if she didn't they were going to kill her by pulling the plug! I can't remember at this moment exactly what she did but it was sufficient to prove that she had heard my son & her father & that she was NOT brain dead. She had to have lots of care & healing time, but she lived, married and had a beautiful daughter. This proved to me that brain dead was not true. I forgot to change my Driver's License organ donor but plan to very soon because it's time to renew." 

Most people of lower consciousness make decisions from thoughts in their minds, many of which are out their by others, such as 'I think that's a nice color for the car', rather than simply following their heart's feelings. If the thoughts in their minds are in sync with the feelings in the heart, one should proceed. The thoughts in the mind alone cannot be relied upon:.Proverbs 14:12 "There is a way which seems right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death."

The mind contains whatever thoughts may currently be prevalent. The mind is a container for thought. It is part of one's incredibly designed body, where the aggregate of information from a human's senses receives information of memories from what is called the Akashic field and this according to interest. 

The brain, if it's not fragmented from emotions harmful to self and others, is able to process information the mind has in it, which comes from circumstances of daily life and the Akashic Record. What does a non fragmented and fragmented brain look like?

But, before acting on your thoughts, consider what your heart is telling you. Not sure? Use Ask Suby or take time for meditation so the things of the spirit which come into your heart can be heard. How can they be heard?

Listen to Tom Bearden on the conscious, subconscious and slow motion, as the motion appears to be in advanced martial arts. (click on the picture)

What one's interest is on produces information that comes from this invisible field. Like a computer when we search for a word, the mind works the same. We input an image, say your sister. Information then comes that can be selected for more. Say, the choices are sister when a kid, sister when she moved to Canada, sister when she got her first something or other. Then we select according to interest in whatever selection we made and we have information on it for consideration.

We're all so focused on where we're going, we don't yet realize we are already there. We're not human becomings; we're human beings. When you quiet your mind, your heart will speak and you'll know that what you are now in your good heart is what you have always been. Why?.2Timothy 1:9.

The mind is the bridge between the head brain and the heart brain.."The mind therefore is the state of the soul. At any given time its level of awareness causes information alertness. What was your mind after hearing the inspiring singer? One's mind reflects the state of his or her soul. The mind is a way to react to information, that is, to the external influence."....page 128 Grigori Grabovoi's book.

"The brain doesn't think. We think in images.(an image is a likeness of something). Think of your vehicle and you have an image in your mind. Think of your finances. Think of your pet. What images come to mind when you think of things? Learn to write down things. Writing causes thinking and thinking creates images. Images control feelings and feelings cause actions and actions create results. Successful living requires learning just like learning to ride a bicycle or drive a vehicle. Mind is movement and body is the manifestation of that movement. 'If you want to be free, you gotta be me.'.(that is, just be your self, your best self, in life).Build a winners image by "I am so happy that I am."....Bob Proctor. One starts first building a positive winner's image by belief.

Because we think in images and impressions, we can gather or use information gathered. For example, the impression of loudness. We hear an annoying noise and know its annoyance by its volume of loudness.

All information we regain is from memory stored in the invisible 'place'. Also from here guidance comes to a person's soul. This is the invisible spiritual field of energy and information. Spirit is intelligent energy.."The twenty-first century will be the age of the mind."....former commandant, U.S. Army War College.

The brain registers what each individual is. It processes information received from the five senses and from the invisible, wherein is your memory and the memory of all, again, being the information in what is called the Akashic Record. From these things it can use an ability humanity has that animals don't, that of imagination.

The brain processes what you know and what you decide. Decision is a spirit.(spirit is energy and information).function of the invisible.(*). You can't see or feel from where it is that you decide from. It's just there, somewhere beyond the 5 senses in the invisible realm. You pull it to you by your intention.

You are the observer of what your brain is processing. Someone asks you a question and you reply with what you know to be the best answer, because it was your intention that your soul activate the part of your brain that tells your mouth and vocal cords to respond in a certain way with specific information drawn from the invisible. Just like a computer. It too responds with what it knows and it only knows what has been put into it. If one puts garbage in, the computer doesn't respond as expected, or doesn't respond at all and crashes. Same as you body. If you feed this perfect machine garbage, you'll get sick sooner or later.

Beneath the surface, beneath what we see and in this invisibleness is what you really are, 'where' you really are. You are not really 'here', that is, the soul.(the real you).is aware of your physical body being in this time and space. You occupy space and observe circumstances of your life happening sequentially. At the soul level there is no physical, there is no time, there is no matter. All matter comes out of it. It's intelligent energy at a higher level of functioning.(frequency).than we have at the human level.

The amazing brain! Think of 2 words, say, lava and Lexus or action and Jackson. You have just put into place a massive radical shift in neurons.transpiring to switch from one to the other in thought. All this complicated rearrangement of electrical activity is done for you. All you had was the intention to understand both.

In this, your awareness of the meaning of each word uses the 'nothingness'.

Challenge your brain cells to make new connections. It's easier with gold. Get a good collodial. Study what you are interested in if you want a new leap of creativity. In this way you make opportunities where you can transform what the universe is, energy and information, into something new.

You create energy by a thought. The body is all energy; nothing else but energy. Thoughts create energy good or bad. When you act from your thoughts of good toward all humanity you act from an awareness of love and this aligns you with the Great Everliving One with whom you are now equal in this regard.

Imagine.(imagination is very powerful).energy running up and down your spine and it will renew and restore you.

Words and thoughts affect energy but only when you are aware of the meaning; otherwise they are gibberish. Words affect the brain. The words kindness or tasty connotes meaning only if the listener understands the words, otherwise it is confusion. Words that are understood open awareness.(the attention is on something).and add to one's interest. People in all their activities want greater meaning. Becoming a good conversationalist can provide increased meaning to others.

Ever try to get to sleep but the energy generated from thoughts keeps you from sleeping? Learn to control your thought processes and not let them control you. The first step here is to decide to.

Associated energies.(energy in line with your thinking).are attracted like a magnet from the invisible, giving you additional information. 

Be aware of the energy in your body. Your brain is in tune with all going on in the body. You can become aware of it all by using your attention to focus on yourself from head to toes. Scan your body from time to time. If you find something you don't like, let your attention move to what needs to be done about it. Attention focuses energy. Attitude determines if the energy will do good or bad for you. Avoid getting angry, being cruel, of cheating heart or depressed or conniving.

Body and mind are just means of communication for the spirit, the presence, the presence you experience in your meditation times. Mind is the subjective expression of consciousness.

It's not that you, that is, your brain is thinking, as the brain can be likened to a CPU, a central processing chip in a computer.

The mind is a field where the result of thinking is displayed; a display mechanism. Mind is the result of the brain processing information of interest; interest being something one desires knowledge on for some purpose. The mind therefore reflects the state of the soul at any given time that its level of awareness causes information alertness. You could ask yourself what was your mind after hearing the inspiring singer.

"The non local mind.(the intelligent.invisible.energy).is pure consciousness, pure stillness." ...Deepak Chopra.

The mind is turbulent but can be transcended in meditation.

We can't comprehend life with the mind being at the common consciousness level, but have to step outside all the information that the mind constantly deals with and into the stillness. Herein we see a lock on the treasures of silence. 

Your mind field is in the realm of the soul, where thinking takes place; more of a sensing from your brain.(like a computer processor), that something is coming in to be processed, like numbers in a book are not the thinking of themselves. The processor, the brain, processes the numbers, but what the numbers mean is derived from the thinking of each individual.."The mind is a way to react to information. The mind unifies.(like a spell at the lakeshore cottage unifies the water, the Sun, the Earth and the air, in a feeling you take with you forever).the soul, the spirit, consciousness and the body.(so that it can be ready for action and/or additional thinking)."....Grigori Grabovoi. The brain processes information which becomes mind and which can be acted on, like, should I go or should I stay?

The mind reflects the decison making ability of the soul. The mind reproduces whatever the soul is concerned with at the moment and this takes about 6 seconds to dawn in your mind.

You are concerned that your kids do the best they can in life. You are concerned that your car makes it throughout the winter ok. You are concerned that the foods you eat are not the corrupted GMO kind.

Mind is mental things, the processed information the brain received either by the ego.(yourself).or through one's connection to the Soul.(often called your higher self, as the things of it are of the highest consciousness and for the greatest good).

The mind is a field of intelligent spirit/energy frequencies we have entry to by means of the Soul. How are they intelligent?

The brain adapts to your intention. Examples.

Our real nature is outside of time and space, is non local, is vibration and the means by which the universal intelligence expresses itself as you when you are aligned with it:.John 9:31.

Love aligns you with the 'all mind', the Soul, the Multiversal Intelligence, the Invisible Intelligent Energy, out of which came even the Elohim, an original Hebrew word in the Old Testament describing the word God.

"Vibration interacts with vibration"....Deepak Chopra, the key here being, moving energy from the unmanifest.(the non local).to the manifest and.into the physical world where we experience our lives on a day to day basis. Here others and the world are affected by how you vibrate

What it is that you are which contributes to the collective consciousness of humanity, making it better or worse for all? Why wanting to make it better for all is a wise choice. Why making it worse is not the best.

Thinking can be of acceptance or rejection of what the thinker thought. The process of thinking is not the thought. Thoughts come from this process. From the state of thinking, vibrations flow through your soul. Then they are processed by the brain and then what has been prepared comes into the physical world as your particular experience. This is why it is important to think only what is of love, only that which is good:.Philippians 4:8.

The mind determines, by what's in it, what a particular expression may be, all depending on what frame of mind you may be in at any moment. Mostly for ordinary consciousness people, resultant expressions are initially formed from the reservoir of the ego level early in one's life and also from what has been learned from experiences and also from what higher consciousness spirituality one may have gained along the way. You are the thinker and the thinker is not in the body.

Thoughts are from the soul, from the silence, from a level beyond the physical where 'the thinker' is. The thinker is the real you. It has to be silent otherwise it's the thought. Thoughts well up from the silent thinker. Our true reality exists in an unconditioned realm.beyond the physical. Here, in our realm on Earth, our true reality, our spirits, are locked into conditions longing for that freedom we sense is real, the freedom beyond time and space. The movies.What If The Movie.and the new one.The Grand Self.have much more good stuff on this and both will help you leave behind any limitations in life you may be experiencing.

Thoughts are movements of invisible information and are only accepted by us according to our established structure of beliefs that we have built into ourselves during our responses to life experiences and to information. If I told you that people everywhere are throwing off serious diseases, you would not look into that statement unless your beliefs allow it. You may think 'it's crap' and discount it, immediately deeming the whole subject unworthy of investing any time toward it. You may be close-minded on many things that would be of benefit to you. The ancient Thessalonians in Greece were like that:.Acts 17:11.

Thoughts are energy. That's why you have difficulty sleeping, because you are filled with thoughts. 

Thoughts come from the soul and are processed by the brain becoming our own particular mind.(and in turn, the mind modifies the soul that is us individually), our individual expression of soul. In this we are creators, either for good or for evil, each individual's choice:.Matthew 12:35; Deuteronomy 4:7-9; Jeremiah 21:8

It is when the brain processes information from the soul which is connected with the spirit.(connected to the degree one's mind allows {which means, to the degree you want it to be so}).that we are on the road to enlightenment.

The mind as influenced by the ego level is like a runaway coach pulled by horses whipped by the driver, but a still small voice from beyond whispers during each day what we mostly pass over due to the noise of life. Too often our hasty approach to getting things done, too many things to do and places to go, too many phones calls, too much interest in the modern distractions that consume so much time, drain our systems, cloud our perceptions, squelch our intuition and drown out all gentle promptings from the spirit. That's why we need to take time for meditation. Getting into nature massively helps.

The doubter of a thought is that of the doubter; if you doubt, then, that's you. Where do you comprehend what you see and hear if not in the mind?

Mind and body are one at the quantum level, all energy, all waves of light, all varying frequencies of constant movement providing different functions we use to experience life here. There really is only oneness underneath it all.

Different textures, hot and cold sensations as when you hold a cup of coffee or a cool drink, are thanks to the myriad of switching stations we interpret as varying solidity, temperatures, etc. 

Mind experiences things subjectively. All experiences are as a result of contrasts.

The truth of existence is masked by the physical, by our life's conditioning of what is called our individual egos.

Mind exists outside of physical brain and in the invisible soul. Mind is like an electron in a computer where you create, forming energy by clicking on a key on your keyboard to produce by using the computer's processor powered by invisible electricity what you wanted to see. The keyboard exists outside the processor and tells the processor what to produce on the screen; same in your daily life. In computers some don't know how to use its power to make it do what they want it to do; same in daily life. Learning is required. Where to start?

As Deepak Chopra has explained."Mechanical energy doesn't convey meaning. For example, when you think of the meaning your career means to you and think of those you love, the output is different for each of us depending on what words are used to describe the picture, the image that comes to mind".

There is no didactic proof the mind exists apart from the above. An example of the brain artificially stimulated to move an arm of a patient; he can use the other arm to keep his opposite arm from moving. So where is this commander controlling this functioning? Not inside the body. It's like listening to Beethoven. If you tore the radio apart you wouldn't find him in it. The body is like the radio. It's a space/time event. Like the radio, the body takes a non local event and captures it as a space/time experience. The body gives the mind a space/time experience.

Memory, desire and action come from the software of the 
gap or soul. We are all connected to the mind of the universe. Although actually everything is one, we have different names as we see different functions within the oneness of everything. Like an ocean, it's all one, but each wave is a completely different 'expression' of it. Baba explains it.

Snowflakes are all different, but they are all snow. All bodies have same patterns, sexual organs, immune systems, cell reproduction, repair system, etc. We couldn't speak or walk without the oneness of the mind, the Soul, the Spirit in us and this intelligence is beyond the physical, in the realm of the soul.

The universe had no beginning and has no end: Ephesians 3:21. It is unfolding as needed. The mind is in you and is you. The 'I', the you, is the domain of the spirit:.Romans 8:9.

There's the inner knower and the mind which sifts everything through the filters we have allowed to develop as us as we grew up living our lives as best we knew how. These filters, our egos, referred to in the Bible as 'the flesh' are the source of all our problems. At the 'knower' level there is no sifting. So, to get ahead get to know yourself

As we go along in life we learn to weigh how much love to display or hold back from showing, depending upon situation(s).and individual(s).in front of us, not realizing that love is perfect for everyone and every situation and never needs to be withheld. The knower accepts reality directly. Your soul is the knower.

Alternately, your ego shouts that the reality is really through models and ideas, concepts you have allowed to be the you that you are today, the you that looks at people with many judgments. The love that could flow freely has been judged against, because we have, at the heart of it all judged ourselves, without even really knowing ourselves, instead of just 'being', just being in the present. We are human beings. Well, does that mean it's not wise to judge? 

The number in the Bible for humanity is 6. Six stands for the 5 senses plus the mind and its opened 'eye' that is one's connection to God, called the pineal gland. Of course Satan doesn't want this third eye active so the satanists add poisonous fluoride to water and food to shut it down by calcifying it. And if that weren't enough, the satanically influenced ones want to further sever any connection to the true God by using the bioweapon erroneously called a covid-19 vaccine. It alters one's DNA, which is the aerial to receive into your mind the things from God, as well as doing much more harm.

The entire body was a complete system and had to be so from the start. The senses are entry points to the human system.."Senses are codes of intelligence."....Deepak Chopra.

Everything is infinitely related. The whole universe is the mind of the Creator and us as individual expressions within it, but completely at one with it, whether or not we realize it and therein lies the problem. By not realizing this we remain in the level of problems, the level of the ego and at this level we experience those things we believe to be true, whether or not they actually are true. The ego is in the realm.of delusion.

To realize the truth of existence, one has to go beyond the lower consciousness ego level which is good at restricting information to only what arrives by the 5 senses from the material world you are experiencing. You'll never find anything invisible believing the senses. Senses are important for immediate information but trusting them leads into errors in perception.

100 years ago peoples' senses told them that a hunk of metal was heavy and therefore could never be lifted into the air. 100 years ago it was a thing of fantasy that you could see the world and people doing things in it through a glass in your living room, and so on.

The senses are designed to provide a sense of continuity to the Earthly environment we perceive as real. In our memories this information is stored as events in space and time. For example we are an event occupying space and noting time.

Imagination and memory, desire, faith, response to humor, attention, intention and the impetus for action are some things beyond the 5 senses. The senses we use depend upon memory.

The senses are only for the physical life and are left behind upon death. After death the you that you are in meditation, contemplation and prayer, the you where your memory and imagination and all the other important things that are under the category of spiritual, are able to express in the next stage of existence in full memory of all that is. This is a resurrection from physical death for those in higher consciousness. Some on the Earth are more and some are less into higher consciousness:.Philippians 3:14 "I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Emmanuel."

Without your memory what would the color yellow look like? Close your eyes and imagine a yellow car parked over green grass under green swaying palm tree branches, beside the blue ocean on a sunny blue sky afternoon with a chair close to the car for taking in the view of the sailboats with white sails passing by. Where do the colors come from? Where does the movement of the branches and sailboats passing by come from? You put it together from memory; so it existed as potential. All frequencies exist as potential. If it existed then it is real at the level of memory; not only real, but eternal, that is, you can bring the memory back any time you decide to. It always exists as potential. Another example.

An exercise from Deepak Chopra that you can use to sharpen your sensitivities to things of the invisible such as mentioned above under imagination and memory: Go through every room in your house using your imagination.

The 5 senses being designed for limitation to physical existence allow us to perceive a solid world out of a multiverse of frequencies. We remember this world as of substance, that is, as solid. Waves of energy and information in the non local field, the field of transformation, where things transform from frequencies into matter, the domain of the soul, are bypassed by the 5 senses and accessible only by those things of the spirit of you, things such as imagination and memory.

Physical 5 senses existence is contingent upon labels to function in sanity, that is, to function with 'anchors' tying us to the world we know so we have our bearings, our awareness of position or situation relative to surroundings. In this we find comfort. The unknown seems uncomfortable until it is understood. It is in becoming comfortable with the unknown that we expand in life and find purpose beyond the physical.

Physicists understand what the nature of anything physical might be, that's it's all empty space, space occupied by frequencies that are slowed down, frequencies we label as subatomic particles. They understand what occurs below the atom. Our senses can convert.(transduce).energy, the frequencies that make up all things, into what we understand as solid matter. This occurs in our minds.

The mind knows what the 5 senses tell it. Memory doesn't come from mind:.1Corinthians 2:14.

Some don't think the multiverse is conscious. You are conscious and I am conscious and we are both expressions of what has to be a conscious multiverse? Your consciousness brought a memory in from a field which is also consciousness or you would not have been able to access it. The multiverse has to be conscious of itself in order to sustain all we see and know and all we don't see and know and that which yet is awaiting discovery or rediscovery as by memory.

Those who try to understand and want to locate a path of spirituality, can end up in a cult.and/or be easily manipulated by those out to take advantage:.Proverbs 3:5. In all things seek the guidance of the Creator.

Once you align your mind with total mind you can create all that total mind can.."The process of creation therefor is self-interaction. Desires get fulfilled at the mere.intention of having them."....Deepak Chopra

Body and mind are just means of communication for the spirit, the soul, the presence. What we really are.(including our memories).is beyond the physical.

The interpretation of what we see occurs at the level of the mind. The mind makes the mistake that its true nature depends upon things outside itself, such as the fear based football of fate, which is, allowing opinions of others to affect your attitude negatively. A negative is something that creates unhappiness in you.

All experiences come to us as a result of the information received from these 5 senses. From here comes our feelings, our thoughts and actions and our sense of being. And such is what is life.

The invisible spirit component of humans.(Job 32:8; 1Corinthians 2:11).enables an innerstanding of such things of the ego and the soul.

Transforming the activity of millions of brain cells into coherent thoughts we can use to function from, the mind is created by use of the invisible energy that surrounds the physical brain.

We do not understand how it can compute as it most certainly does so well. It clearly is light years beyond the most advanced computer available today. But we have discovered some of the secrets. 

The brain has 100 billion cells and is formed by 22 bones fused together to form a natural crash helmet. Such amazing design of development, that all came from one cell!

We would have great difficulty wiring something with 60 trillion junctions. And, unlike an advanced computer today, the brain, amazingly, appears to store data right within the processing circuits, whereas, data in a computer is stored apart from the CPU.(central processing unit or chip {meaning 'integrated circuit'}).on its hard drive.

The question evolutionists still wrestle with, Which came first, consciousness or emotions? Antonio Domasio in his book The Feeling Of What Happens, 1999,.Harcourt, Brace, New York, N.Y., says that they can't be separated. Like so many things in God's wonderful creation, they interact, such as does the atom with the electromagnetic field, they compliment, they have always existed side by side.

A body's operating system anchored in the invisible, controls growth of its parts. Hands get larger. Ears grow, etc., all pretty much in proportion to each other to produce a unique adult. The body has a built in clock, a timed biological system. We get baby teeth and then another set of teeth. We go through puberty, where an adolescent boy's voice begins to change and the girl's body begins to turn into a beautiful woman. And then after child bearing time is over, along comes menopause for the woman.

Things we seldom or never think about include why can we see our hand, our foot, etc.? Look at your hand with the question in mind, How do I see this?

The first cell replication is in the womb of the mother and all done without her conscience involvement. 

Like a computer with its built in operating system. the body's clock regulates such things as growth, puberty, a woman's voice change, periods, menopause and aging. Things turn on and off as they were programmed to, all with no bother to us so that we could be free to experience this thing called life.

Do evolutionists see these and other changes as proof we're evolving?

"Today is the oldest you've ever been, yet the youngest you'll ever be, so enjoy this day while it lasts."....Unknown.

Aging comes not from genes, but from natural consequences, like a car does not need a gene to tell it to rust. But there is a way to reverse it:.Psalms 103:5. And what is it that really causes aging? Molecules do not age and we are made up of them, so why do we age? It's the memory of time that does it. But aging can be reversed with the 'med beds' too.

In meditation we can move backward in time, even removing past hurts. Can we call this time travel? As quantum physicist Dr. Fred Alan Wolf has said, meditation allows us a respite from the normal everyday concerns in the space time continuum.(everything you do in this physical world involves space and time {you walk through space on the way to get some organic coffee at the store and it takes you a few minutes or so}), allows us to move backward in time.(how?).

"While engaged in this type of travel you can slow your body's aging process, simply because the mind has relaxed its concern with creating an objective world arising from the probability curves of habitual behavior that you've indulged yourself in."  ...Dr. Fred Alan Wolf. In other words, the way you have been, presents the high probability, which is the way you will continue on going, unless you do something to change. And, the best way known of to start on that road is to meditate. It's after meditation time, perhaps a few days or weeks later, that new possibilities arise causing a real and permanent shift from one's predictable old behavior patterns. In meditation you actually are freeing yourself from the prison of the space time bound patterns of your existence, because you are reachng beyond them.

Aging is not on the level of matter. If your soul is weary, that's reflected soon throughout your physical appearance. It's in mind and the belief system. And from this, your body makes the 'stuff' out of its invisible 'stuff' that becomes visible, to make you old or young looking. It works! Try it for your good. Or, just continue on allowing your mind to default to what the common opinion is in the collective mind, that of aging as we have all been conditioned to expect.

If you want to remain young, if you want others to see you as young, you must see yourself as young and you cannot feel young doing the things of the ego which age you. Replace the concept you have of yourself aging with feelings and images of youthfulness. Become creative! 

"Creative people are able to enjoy periods of silence and solitude. They are easily able to just be with themselves. Creative people connect with and enjoy nature. They are happy in natural surroundings. Creative people trust their feelings more than their intellect. Creative people can enjoy themselves and function in the midst of chaos and confusion. They are not so much goal oriented and generally not very organized. This is because they are process oriented due to them having an inner stability which enables them to work well in the midst of chaos and confusion. Creative people are childlike, not childish, just that they enjoy fantasy and play. They are self-referral. They are not rigidly attached to the defense of their point of view."....Deepak Chopra.

Remember yourself as the young person you were. Take time daily to see yourself when you were at your best. Don't just passively imagine yourself back then. Have strong interest in your state of being back then and have strong intention you be now as you were then. Learn the chakras. Know that your thoughts shape physical reality, even your body and that its behavior.(health).is shaped by them also.

Your belief reflects your existence. Nothing outside you can affect you unless you accept it and we all have been conditioned.(see ego).to accept things from others, from society and its oh so many ego influences and mostly by default.

From a cell so small the human eye cannot see it, comes all these incredible synchronized systems. The ability to make another cell just like a present one is a built part of the design.

From where did the intelligence in the minute cell originate in order to so magnificently unfold this incredibly complex system of the human body?.Ecclesiastes 11:5

What is it that causes a flower to bloom and when it should? 

Think about: The nervous systems controlling the feel when we touch something; the sense of whether something is too hot; the sexual systems of man and woman; the eliminative systems which can hold waste for awhile; the development from one cell of multiple tissue kinds; the many particular membranes the body has, each organ possessing one. Check an encyclopedia and look up 'membrane'. For example: The Peritoneum is a bilayer.(2 layer).serous.(secretory).membrane in the abdominal area, consisting of a parietal.(relating to or forming the wall of a body part, organ or cavity).layer that lines the walls of the abdominal area and folds inward to enclose the viscera holding the majority of the abdominal organs and mooring them firmly in position.