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an ancient stringed instrument similar to a harp or a zither, played by plucking the strings with the fingers; harp

the situation of being poor; lack of the means of providing material needs or comforts; deficiency in amount; you can use poverty to refer to any situation in which there is not enough of something or its quality is poor (far too many people live below the poverty line, which is the income below which a person or a family is considered to be poor and in need of help)

poor, poorer, poorest.adjectives
having.little or no wealth and few or no possessions; lacking in a ways necessary for optimum health (poor quality food being.mostly.devoid.of.needed.nutrition); inadequate for quality of life; inferior (a poor road to travel); deficient in value; insufficient (poor wages); substandard in quantity (poor attendance due to inclement weather; poor soil due to no worms because of pesticide applications and other 'cides' affecting it)
people with little or no wealth and possessions considered as a group (homeless and those on the brink of it need assistance to lift them up to a decent.standard of living, as much as those who may be sliding toward poverty)

a watertight cylindrical vessel, open at the top and fitted with a handle; a bucket; the amount that a pail can hold

a stake or pointed stick; a picket; a fence enclosing an area; the area enclosed by a fence or boundary; in heraldry, a wide vertical band in the center of an escutcheon
pale, paled, paling, pales.transitive verbs
to enclose with pales; fence in

pale, paler, palest.adjectives
whitish in complexion; pallid; of a low intensity of color
pale, paled, paling, pales.verbs
transitive verb use.to cause to turn pale
intransitive verb use.to become pale; blanch (paled with fright from the Earth shaking); to decrease in relative importance (the Earthquake pales into insignificance the earlier tremors)

a thin layer of metal, such as gold or silver, deposited on or applied to a surface
a shallow dish in which food is served or from which it is eaten; the contents of such a dish (ate a plate of spaghetti); a smooth, flat, relatively thin, rigid body of uniform thickness; a very thin applied or deposited coat of metal; a flat piece of metal forming part of a machine (a boiler plate); a flat piece of metal on which something is engraved; in printing, a sheet of metal, plastic, rubber, paperboard or other material prepared for use as a printing surface; a print of a woodcut, lithograph or other engraved material, especially when reproduced in a book; in dentistry, a thin metallic or plastic support fitted to the gums to anchor.artificial teeth; in architecture and in wood-frame construction, a horizontal member, capping the exterior wall studs, upon which the roof rafters rest; in baseball the home plate; service and food for one person at a meal (dinner at a set price per plate (ate at the buffet around the corner); a thin cut of beef from the brisket; in electricity, an electrode, as in a storage battery or capacitor; the anode in an electron tube; in geology, in the theory of plate tectonics, one of the sections into which the Earth's crust is divided and that is in constant motion relative to other plates, which are also in motion
plate, plated, plating, plates.transitive verbs
to coat or cover with a thin layer of metal; in printing, to make a stereotype or electrotype from; to give a glossy.finish to paper by pressing between metal sheets or rollers

a minute, disklike.cytoplasmic body found in the blood plasma of humans and animals that promotes blood clotting; also called blood platelet; platelet is also known bt the name thrombocyte

preparatory (a college prep course; did extensive prep work for the interview)
a preparatory school; preparation (she studied daily to get her education, shunning anything that was not in line with her life's goals)
prep, prepped, prepping, preps.verbs
intransitive verb use.to be enrolled in and attend a preparatory school; to study or train in preparation for something
transitive verb use.to prepare or prime (prep a surface for painting); prepare someone for a medical examination or surgical procedure

prepare, prepared, preparing, prepares.verbs
transitive verb use.to make ready.beforehand for a specific.purpose, as for an event or occasion (the chef prepared some fine fare for the county fair) the students for the exams; to put together or make by combining.various.elements or ingredients (prepared a tasty Indian style meal with exotic spices; prepared the lecture); to fit out; equip (prepared the ship for an arctic expedition)
intransitive verb use.to make things or oneself ready; to study or complete a course of study at a preparatory school
the act or process of preparing; the state of having been made ready beforehand; readiness; a preliminary.measure that serves to make ready for something (preparations for the vacation)
serving to make ready or prepare; introductory; relating to or engaged in study or training that serves as preparation for further education (a preparatory course; preparatory students)
a making ready; a preparing for; in preparation for (a thorough cleaning of the house took place preparatory to our departure for a vacation so that it would be all clean upon returning)
serving or tending to prepare or make ready; preliminary
something that prepares for or acts as a preliminary to something following

a formal dance held for a high-school or college class typically at or near the end of the academic year; short for promenade
a leisurely walk, especially one taken in a public place as a social.activity; a public place for such walking; a formal dance; a ball; a march of all the guests at the opening of a ball in order to find out who's who; a square-dance figure in which couples march counterclockwise in a circle
promenade, promenaded, promenading, promenades.verbs
intransitive verb use.to go on a leisurely walk; to execute a promenade at a ball or in square dancing
transitive verb use.to take a promenade along or through; to take or display on or as if on a promenade

Computers:.memory that can be programmed only once; an acronym for 'Programmable Read Only Memory'

not given expression; repressed (pent-up emotions)

domestic.fowls, such as chickens, turkeys, ducks or geese, raised for meat or eggs

a soft, moist mass of bread, some kind of ground up meal such as barley, etc., clay or other adhesive and absorptive.substance, usually heated, spread on cloth and applied on the body to warm, moisten or stimulate an aching or inflamed part of the body (they applied a mustard plaster to his chest to relieve the coughing from bronchitis)
poultice, poulticed, poulticing, poultices.transitive verbs
to apply a poultice to

a man or woman submitting a request or application; a petitioner; a candidate for admission into a religious order such as a woman wanting to dedicate her life to being a nun with other women in a nunnery

Nautical:.in nautical.terms, a long, tapering, usually triangular flag, used on ships for signaling or identification; a flag or an emblem.similar in shape to a ship's pennant; in sports, a flag that symbolizes the championship of a league; the championship symbolized by such a flag

pretty, prettier, prettiest.adjectives
pleasing and attractive in a graceful or delicate way; beautiful; if you describe girls as pretty, you mean that they look nice and are attractive (she's a very charming and very pretty girl; example)
in a pretty manner; prettily or pleasingly; to a fair.degree; moderately (a pretty good student) 
one that is pretty; delicate clothing, especially lingerie (she put her pretties on at bedtime)
pretty, prettied, prettying, pretties.transitive verbs
to make pretty (she got all prettied up for the prom; pretty up the house)
pretty well.or.pretty much.idiom
for the most part; to a large extent; very nearly all; greatly; mostly; much; in great measure; on a large scale; to a high degree (after working late we had pretty much finished up getting ready for Christmas)

a fragment of broken pottery, especially one found in an archaeological excavation

the word in the original means 'the land of wanderers' or 'of strangers' and often is called 'the Holy Land' (Zechariah 2:12); an ancient land in the Middle East (Exodus 15:14) in the region of Canaan.(map), a historical region of southwest Asia between the eastern Mediterranean shore and the Jordan River roughly coextensive with modern Israel and the West Bank; Palestine has bee occupied since prehistoric times and ruled by the Philistines, Hebrews, Egyptians, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs and Turks; a British League of Nations mandate oversaw the affairs of the area from 1920 until 1948, when Israel declared itself a separate state (see the historical novel Exodus by Leon Uris) and the West Bank territory was awarded to the country of Jordan. Since the mandate, Israel has occupied the Jordanian area west of the Jordan River and there have been increasing problems as both those in this new nation of Israel and those claiming to be Palestinians, want the land. In November 1988 the Palestine Liberation Organization under Yasir Arafat declared its intention of forming an Arab state of Palestine, probably including the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and the Arab sector of Jerusalem, thus increasing tension and conflicts; see a Bible dictionary for more on ancient Palestine

a pointed stake often driven into the ground to support a fence, secure a tent, tether animals, mark points in surveying or when pointed at the top, serve as a defense or a discouragement (the high picket fence would keep most people off the property);  a person or group of persons stationed outside a place of employment, usually during a strike, to express.grievance or protest and discourage entry by nonstriking employees or customers
picket, picketed, picketing, pickets.verbs
transitive verb use.to enclose, secure, tether, mark out or fortify with pickets; to post a picket or pickets during a strike or demonstration
intransitive verb use.to act or serve as a picket