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Packets.(light packets)
Paine, Thomas
Panda bear
Pandemics.(the hoaxes; also masks)
Papuan Bird of Paradise
Parade.(life a parade of egos)
Paradise.(where, when, how?)
Parallel realities
Paramahansa Yogananda
Paranoid.(Emmanuel accused of)
Parent essential oils
-avoiding mistakes
-bad parent examples 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Parallel accounts.(Matthew, Mark, Luke, John)
Parallel worlds?
Parkinson's disease healed
Parrot fish
Part.(your part & God's part in change)
Passed on
...can ask for help from those having passed on
...what's it's like for them?
-for living
-in relationships and work
Passover.(an ancient day foreshadowing.the crucifixion)
Passport.(Canadian one and what it allows)
Past.(learn from)
Pasteur, Louis.(pasteurization; the man who stole and took credit for Antoine Bechamp's work)
Pastors & teachers.(and elders, bishops, leaders, overseer, rulers)
Pastors.(corrupt ones)
Patent.(as a new creation after the covid gene altering jab)
Pathros.(name of one of the divisions of ancient Egypt)
Pathway.(of God as compared to pathway of low consciousness)
Patmos, Greece.(island where the apostle John was banished to)
Patterson, Dr. Colin
Paul Cienfuegos.(bringing back people's natural rights; see also Michael Tellinger Ancient Technology)
Paul Stamets.(world expert on types of mushrooms to do with human health and solving the world disaster of disappearing bees)
Paul the apostle: 
-an apostle much later than the others
-called to reveal God's Son)
-crisis of his life
-death.(Paul's death)
-decides based on his own feelings
-distance healing.(Paul used handhkerchiefs and small cloths)
-doorkeeper.(Paul would rather be just that in the KG if others could get a higher position because of it)
-endured many hardships
-example of earnestness
-eyesight issue?
-felt deeply for others
-hot for God
-journeys he took
-Life and Epistles of Paul.(book)
-low consciousness of Paul
-membership in Sanhedrin
-miracles.(heals a cripple; sends out handkerchiefs)
-nazarite vow
-out of body experience?
-psychology with others
-Paul, a Roman
-some followed his lead, probably some others changed their mind
-stands up for himself
-supported himself financially as a tentmaker
-trials of Paul
Pauling, Dr. Linus.(discoverer of vitamin C's many beneficial functions)
PCR testing.(know the facts first; test is also know as RT-PCR Test)
-David Lynch.(what world peace encompasses)
-enemies at peace with you
-if you want to make peace in the world, here's where to first look
-in peace lies power
-invincible defense technology.(key to world peace)
-key to world peace
-main page
-permanent peace
-why peace for some and not for others?
Peaches and oranges
Pearl of great price
Peckford, Brian.(former premier of Newfoundland, with Rocco Galati)
Pedestrian.(don't get blamed for this error)
Pee and pooping
Pekah.(a king of ancient Israel)
Pekahiah.(a king of ancient Israel)
Pencil on end
Pendleton, Oregon.(good people who help)
Pentecost.(one of the feasts celebrated in the Old Testament that has importance in the early New Testament era)
People and properly relating to them
People types:
-noble person.(what they think about)
-not to forget what they are
-of Creator's ways.(people of God)
-not nice
-poor me types
-righteousness of
-self-important types
-stuck in life types 1) 2)
-today want
-too many prople on Earth?
-two sides to all of us
People want physical leaders
Peppered moths
Peppermint oil
Perdition.(son of)
Peregrine Falcon
Perfect.(see argument about imperfection)
Periodic Scale.(aka the Periodic Table of Elements, as created by Mendeleev)
Perizzites.(ancient inhabitants of Palestine, who had mingled with the Canaanites)
Perkins, John.(former hit man for the IMF/World Bank; how the deep state took over countries, using the same attitude of Benjamin Franklin)
Person(s).(see 'people' just above)
Personal responsibility.(Dr. Hew Len, Zero Limits book)
Personality Disorder cured
persons.(the first, second and third persons in grammar)
Persuading our heart
Peskin, Professor Brian.(on the importance of the right oils and dangers of aspirin, brianpeskin.com)
Peter.(one of the disciples/apostles, the one who thought he knew himself well and found out he didn't)
Petrified trees
Pets.(careful of birds)
Pharaoh's heart hardened
Pharaohs.(many of them)
-and the law
-ignorant learned men
-mark of a modern Pharisee
Phase transition
Philadelphia.(one of the seven churches the apostle John wrote to in Asia)
Philip.(one of the original 12 disciples)
Philip.(one of the seven appointed deacons)
Philip Zimbardo.(on the nature of evil; landmark study)
Philistines.(ancient tribe existing before the time of Abraham)
Phineas Parkhurst Quimby
Philosophical naturalism
Phoenicians.(covers where their descendants are today)
Phut.(a son of Ham who was second son to Noah)
Physiological systems of living beings
Physical and spiritual blessings
Physics:.(see also theories')
-absolute zero
-alpha particles
-beta particles
-four forces?
-gamma rays
-gauge boson
-gauge field theory
-laws of
-magnetic field
-nuclear fusion
-particle physics
-physicists et al
...Fred Alan Wolf
...John Bedini.(see Tom Bearden)
...John Hagelin
...Nassim Haramein
...Paul Dirac
...Peter Higgs
...Tom Bearden
...Werner Heisenberg
...Wolfgang Pauli
-quantum electrodynamics
-quantum mechanics
-quantum physics
-quantum field theory
...3 types
...beta decay (radioactive decay)
-radiocarbon-14 dating
-relativity; both general and special explained
-speed of light
-strong force
-weak force