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Deepak's comments, page 1
(Information gleaned mostly from Deepak Chopra's writings and speakings)
Index to his comments

 "To become familiar with the miracle of the human body and the human mind is to
acquire awesome power in that it allows us to create new bodies that are better
in all ways." ...Deepak Chopra from CD Magical Mind Magical Body

-accident There are no accidents only patterns not yet recognized.

-action To act is to express the universe, each act is both in time and outside it. The impression of past action stored deep in the mind are the seeds of desire. They ripen into action in seen and unseen ways. The fruit of correct action is joy; incorrect action, sorrow, so if there is sorrow in your life, what actions can you think of that may have produced it. Actions from love today produce a better tomorrow.

Through actions we take we change the soul. The natural impulse toward action that flows from our true self will express itself as desire, but it will be an easy, gentle.preference that does not come from a sense of lack or neediness.

Our choices and actions create memories which trigger our desires to repeat or not repeat that cycle. The self doesn't exist in action, yet paradoxically you can find it through action, so get out and do something good. Look at the risks to see if your course of action is reasonable. Infinite intelligence supports your decisions. Is the choice good for me and for all: Romans 13:10.

-affection is deep caring; affection is loving touch, more.

-affluence/abundance: You can have everything. The universe is set up for this for you. Affluence is an expression of complete inner freedom, completely free of boundaries. Here you own yourself. You accept everything so you have everything that is a true desire of your heart, here you are a cocreator realizing the universe is in you. Whether we fulfil our desires through the path of surrender or conscious intention is largely a matter of our personality makeup. Either way works fine because at the root of consciousness the mechanics are identical for the person who is naturally active, in control and takes charge of their life. The intention of what they want to happen is formed and then is released into the gap where the universe then computes and manifests the appropriate outcome for everyone involved, so there is an aspect of surrender there as well. For the person who likes the idea of simply letting the universe determine what they need and when they need it, they too are forming subtle intentions that are picked up by the universe, only they are not doing it as consciously.

Our desires are a natural function of living in the world and even if we don't fashion them into concrete ideas, they nevertheless have the same effect at that quiet level of consciousness. Abundance is not temporary. It's a flow. We are entitled to have all the abundance that the universe has to offer, but this all requires a conduit, giving and receiving. We are ever expanding whatever we could think at this moment. We have the right to abundance, which is something we tune into. In this world we have to generate enough for our life place here. With an abundant consciousness all you need including money, affection, love, joy, abundance, etc. will flow into you:.John 10:10

Keys to abundant life coms from the flow of things into and out of us. This is wealth consciousness. Emotional intelligence involves feeling wealth moving into you? When you can give yourself permission to receive it, it will flow into you. Realize you are a conduit through which these things flow. What do you love to do? Once you know your unique talents, you can be a conduit for the universe to flow through words, thoughts and deeds.

Don't-worry, don't get-anxious.about seizing the moment, it will weave it's way through who you are. If it's something important it will revisit. Allow God to take over. If you're anxious you are not trusting enough from inside regarding the outside.

Most people are addicted to worry, control, over-management and lack of faith. Resist the temptation to follow these tendencies. Avoid listening to the voice that says you have to be in charge, the voice that says constant vigilance is the only way to get anything done. Let spirit try a new way. It has many ways. To see the world anew, as a little child we have to go beyond thought:.Matthew 18:3,4. Giving and receiving keeps the flow of abundance, love and happiness circulating in our lives. Do you find yourself giving without thinking about it? Does the flow of giving and receiving feel natural? The abundance that flows through the universe flows through us in every moment, so have wealth consciousness without worry about money. There's an inexhaustible supply of it. God owns it all. Have a healthy relationship with money. A healthy relationship with money is realizing that it is not the source of our security or happiness.

You can only give what you are and you are what you are within, so go within to tap. The law of giving and receiving is gratitude. When you can give fully of yourself, while being detached from an outcome or expectation of being given to in return, you open yourself to the full abundance and love of the universe.."I find that the more willing I am to be grateful for the small things in life, the bigger stuff just seems to show up from unexpected sources and I am constantly looking forward to each day with all the surprises that keep coming my way." ...Louise L. Hay..The following  practice, wrote Spinoza, would help us find more meaning and joy in our lives and would lead to profound inner transformation."Ask the questions of yourself; who or what inspired me today? What brought me happiness today? What brought me comfort and deep peace today?".When our attention is focused on appreciation, the ego, also known as, the limited way we have always looked at things, moves out of the way. The most precious things are spiritual, such as caring, appreciation, love, attention, affection which is loving touch and releases healing chemicals.

Say that you appreciate something about the other person. When we nourish others we nourish the entire universe. All we think and do affects what's become known as the collective soul. The most happiness comes from unconditional giving with no expectation of receiving in return:.Luke 6:35; Matthew 5:13-16. When we stop the flow of giving we interfere with nature's intelligence and energy stops flowing from the unmanifest into the world of the manifest where we see the principles of nature such as movement, transformation and structure or solidity.

Give away a portion of your income. Have a rich heart (2Corinthians 9:7 "Every man according as he purposes in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly or of necessity, for God loves a cheerful giver."). It attracts more of what you have given away. Know why you are giving; hopefully because you want to help and you are thankful for what you have and that you are able to give.

The universe operates through dynamic exchange. The giver fills what is empty and empties what is full. The human body is a device which captures energy from the universe, circulates it and gives it back. Regarding wealth, always desire the best. Wealth is only a form of energy. Adopt luxury as a lifestyle. It's our natural state. This sets the preconditions for the flow of wealth. Make an unchangeable decision for wealth. You must intend it. The universe handles the details. Just be alert to opportunities. Have intention not countermanded by anything. Money has no value except as viewed from inside. 

Spending and service. To grow it must flow. It's life energy. Keep it coming by keeping it circulating. Get familiar with the knowledge of affluence. Adopt luxury as your lifestyle. Use effort to materialize wealth by cultivating a mood, by using effort to consciously practice an attitude of carefreeness and charity and sharing. Wealth consciousness is a state of mind, don't be concerned about the amount of money you need. Just give attention to wealth is all that counts (from Deepak's Creating Affluence CD disc 3, track 9) and let the universe work out the details. Problem here is then if you really believe it, the ego mind starts to play its tune with an influence that says how can I go about getting wealth? Instead be patient for the universe to manifest it for you. Surrender to moments as they are, not wait for them to be as you wish them to be. You can do nothing and yet have it all. All is for you. Just follow the guidance that comes to you.

The absolute is where all abundance comes from. This is the field of all possibilities. This field is our inner self, our essential nature and this is intrinsically affluent. Look within yourself for guidance. Every event today has its seed in an intention yesterday. You won't look within unless you trust within. Trust all guidance that's of higher consciousness. What's that? A seed contains within it everything necessary to create the tree. All that's necessary is just leaving it alone and it will come to the full on its own and at the proper time

Inherent in having the desire is the mechanics for its fulfilment.."Compare the human mind to a piece of farmland. It is up to the farmer what he puts in that land to grow. The land doesn't care. It's up to the farmer to make the decision. The human mind is far more fertile, far more incredible and mysterious than the land, but it works in the same way. It doesn't care (why?) what we plant...success, failure, a concrete, worthwhile goal or confusion, misunderstanding, fear, anxiety and so on."....Earl Nightingale. Plant your mind with seeds of success and motivation and reap the harvest you sow. The only thing we can do wrong is interfere and this means trying, using effort. The universe is God and God is love energy. When this is expressed by you, the unlimited energy comes. It's the ego world of those subjugating others that want's you to be pressed down and struggling. 

Relinquish attachment to the outcome. Have the desire and let go, trusting all will work out as it should. Let go of your idea of how it all should work out. In your desire is everything necessary for its fulfilment. Trust He who created all things to work all things out:.Ephesians 1:11 "In whom also we have obtained an inheritance, being predestinated according to the purpose of him who works all things after the counsel of his own will.".Three things are absolute and cannot be destroyed. They are awareness, being and love.

The seed of power is the inner self. Clue into the law of demand and supply by offering that demand that you are here for and the supply is guaranteed. Dharma is, we all have a purpose in life. Create and offer that demand so others can have it.

God provides on a daily basis. The lesson of the present is manna rotted. All limiting things are self-directed as the following movies so clearly show;.What If? The Movie.and.The Grand Self.

If timeless is part of your being, your wishes will come true spontaneously without delay and you won't have an uneasy feeling that you might not get what you want. Wishes that don't help you, are wishes that wish for externals. Wish only for internal things. Why?.Matthew 6:33. Wish for the things of the soul. The soul hears what people really want and leads them to the root of happiness. Ask your soul to make you rich inside, no matter how many outward things come your way or not. To have your desires come into your experience, use your attention. This embeds what your attention is upon into consciousness.(John 1:14 "And the word was made flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the father, full of grace and truth."). Don't stress over creating these points, only be aware of them.

A field of possibilities exists when our inner self, with its connection to God, the ultimate authority, is acted from by having in mind you are spirit. Be carefree (that's carefree, not careless) and generous. Offer the demand you see. Have gratitude. Have a clear goal. The goal is in the gap. One can't force himself to change. You only can change the software of the heart by going into the silence. Have an aim to make others happy.

Be single minded in purpose:.Matthew 7:14. Make it unchangeable, well defined. Make a decision, because every decision is a choice between a grievance and a miracle. Choose the miracle and relinquish the grievance and resentment. Avoid being double minded. Double mindedness is based on doubt. There is never a reason to doubt what God can do in your life.

I am = the whole ocean. Get knowledge of that which you want to occur. Know that the flow of life's abundance brings all wanted. Don't work at cultivating a mood of affluence; remember, no effort. The silent awareness seeks out all it needs to heal on its own or bring affluence.

Grow by engaging in activities that mostly contribute to growth. Growth is the willingness to let reality be true every moment;. Learn to let go. The paradox of being spiritual is that you are always judging what is wrong and always right at the same time and so you have many wrong choices that have affected your life. The whole process of right and wrong defers happiness. How can we ever be sure that what is right, is right and what is wrong is wrong? We have assumed that these judgments of right and wrong are necessary and they weren't. Why? Romans 13:10. Love has no opposites and so it is whole, complete, beyond right and wrong, difficult to comprehend at the ego level, but understandable and enthralling from the higher consciousness level of the spirit. Remember the Beatles' song All You Need Is Love?

There's no good or bad in life except your perception of things and events. It is all about choices and rapport. Loneliness is a state of mind. You don't need others to love yourself. You're here to learn all about who you are, so enjoy the experience. Isn't there the possibility that we are making things right and wrong, setting up our own judgments as law without examining if they were really made on a trustworthy basis? Life is change. You must be prepared to let go of today's beliefs, thoughts and actions that you may have regarded as right, no matter how spiritual they make you feel. Every stage of inner growth is good, each is nurtured by God. Although there is no right and wrong in the spirit, as it is just love, at the human interaction level there are do's that work to maintain harmony and don'ts that if heeded can keep one in a safer state in all ways. So, deal with the spiritual things of life and other people with the silent you, your heart.

Know that it is the responsibility of the whole universe at this moment to be as it should be. Be not wishing things to be different. It's only by accepting it as it is that enables us to own it and thus move forward. Every single moment is exactly as it should be, because it reflects the consciousness of the mass mind of all humanity and there is only one way for it to be changed.

Be the caretaker of all in your life, be of service, be sharing, compassionate, loving, exult in success of others; take responsibility for all that is out there or you'll never have a hope of changing it. Take responsibility for whatever the environment is out there, the outer world. It's an expression of your inner world, yes, just yours, strange as this seems; an example of how you can change things.

Have clear attention of the outcome, no attachment, that is remain detached from it, as it may work out differently than you expected and it surely will work out differently than you had imagined if you have a rigid attachment to the outcome that screws it all up. Be satisfied in with the self and avoid attachment to desire. Let the universe handle outcomes. You have control over your actions and choices but not over their consequences. Knowing this you can step in the direction that seems most evolutionary and trust that either you will get what you want or you will learn something of great value.

Asking and receiving is slipping into the gap, beyond the prison of time bound awareness.

To be a success make someone else a success. In every failure is a seed of success. Success depends upon who you are not on what you do. Success is love and having compassion, feelings of joy and sharing it. Success is a journey whose end we never reach. Tithing is now commonly known as giving away a certain portion of your income with no strings attached. Long ago it was a required part of religion.

Money is only a means of fulfilment. The source of all material is the unseen. Whatever we experience is a reflection of the quality of our attention. Fulfilment comes from making a difference, from being inspired to make others happy. The way to fulfilment of desire.

aging: Aging occurs in space/time events. The ignorant man's body, ignorant of what he really is, which is spirit, is composed and decomposed on account of the status of his mental conditioning. In the case of one who has no such conditioning, there is no momentum for such decomposition. We are fields of energy, transformation and intelligence that are constantly renewing themselves. There is no time in the gap. Here the road is to youthful vigor

aging to do with one's identity: Don't be object referred, keep your energy to yourself. Your identity of who you are should come from the self. The rules of cause and effect as you accept them have squeezed you into the volume of a body and the span of a lifetime. In reality the field (area of human activity or interest) of human life is open and unbounded. By identifying with that reality, which is consistent with the quantum worldview, aging will fundamentally change.

alchemy is a seemingly (apparent, outward appearance) magical power or process of transmuting (to change from one form, nature, substance, or state into another, transform). Unleash the supreme force of the universe on people. It's love. Alchemy is powered by love. It has the ability to transform human nature into higher consciousness.

anger is the result of a belief in injustice. Ask for help to no longer be looking at the old hurt. Anger is easier to feel than other emotions. Realize it will take time to be over it. Be aware of your hurt but don't fixate on it. It all comes down to your intentions. If you vent anger it becomes a weapon, but if you release it as you would a rock from your shoe you then 'go with' the anger and are not resisting it: Ephesians 4:26. Then you'll notice you ride the wave of sadness and then this too passes from you and it's over. Your intention has healing behind it. Have a healing intention and you'll notice old fixed beliefs starting to move. People hold onto anger because it enables them to maintain a sense of self-control. It confers power at the expense of feeling.

Those who may feel numb against fear, guilt, anger and pain enables them to believe they possess supreme self-control. The rigidity of self-control dooms us to repeating the same old habits (Deepak's Higher Self Disc 1 Track15); it's the rigid attachment to the outcome that screws it all up.

animals calm down when one is established in love and defenselessness. Maharishi in silence for 11 years. Jai Guru Dev, Maharishi's mentor, was in silence in a cave for 40 years. All he saw was God, not the poisonous snakes and the normally aggressive animals around him. Bruno too. When you are firmly established in non violence, all beings around you cease to feel hostility and they become incapable of feeling it in our presence.

appreciation is someone acknowledging, recognizing us. Appreciation is noticing the good qualities of another person and telling them that you noticed them, their strengths, etc. Express honest appreciation to all who help you. More.

archetype: Archetypes are original models or types after which other similar things are patterned; a prototype. Archetypes are inherited memories represented in the mind as universal symbols and can be observed in dreams and myths. Archetypes are universal concentrations of psychic energy. They are states of consciousness. States of consciousness is anything we believe to have powers from the beyond. Believing in powers from the beyond makes these have power in our lives, for belief makes things work. If you didn't believe the store would have groceries for you, why would you go? Angels, divine beings, super heroes, Gods, Goddesses are in our consciousness, as are the great mythical traditions of the world; the stories of adventure, magic, mystery, going there and coming back to tell the story. Archetypes are states of awareness, universal concentrations of psychic energy dormant (inactive, lying asleep, latent {present or potential but not evident or active}) in consciousness, existing as potential. Archetypes are inherited memories represented in the mind, states of awareness, psychic energies. Archetypes are perennial (lasting through a year or many years, continuous) themes that reside at the level of the collective soul, that have been there forever. Their shapes shift depending upon the age, but are always uncomplicated with purity of intent. They are exaggerations of the energies in the collective soul. Activation of an archetype releases its forces. Follow your own inner quest (search, a seeking) by looking inside and choosing your own archetype. Seek out the qualities that inspire and move you. Access the will of the eternal soul. Select the archetypes that fit with your intention. What creates your life good? 
   Ask the question and your soul will answer. Myths take one into the realm of the wondrous. Seek out and identify with the qualities that inspire you. Choose the imaginings that are most comfortable. Chose one opposite gender archetype. Allow them to express themselves through you. Model yourself after your archetypes (see shapeshifter). Discover your archetypes by intent. Archetypes are triggered by intent. They can provide access to the hidden strengths in you. Ask what they mean. Ask that they become part of you and work through you. The Gods and Goddesses in us have only one desire and that is to be born.

A myth is a fundamental type in the views of a people. Similar myths exist in different cultures. Myths explain aspects of the natural world or delineate (representing, depicting) the psychology, customs, or ideals of society. The reality is, our real unconscious motivations dwell in the mythical world. Inside us are primal (being first in time; original; primeval, of first importance, primary) Gods and Goddesses. We automatically obey our mythic drives without bringing them into conscious awareness. We have many roles. When we lose mythology we become spiritually impoverished and languish into dullness. Kids join street gangs because of this mythical need to express the magnificence of their own being.

We join cults because our modern society has been mythically deprived. Spiritual ecstasy (means to 'stand outside', like you say it was unreal the great experience I had) is inclusive (takes it into its scope) of physical and mythical ecstasy. It is the ecstasy of yearning and yearning is the mask of divine ecstasy. 

ask: ask the master of a skill you want to come forward from within the cosmic sea; questions are the keys.

attachment is object referral, a being joined to something. Have clear attention of the outcome and no attachment by being satisfied in self; no attachment to desire. Let universe handle outcomes. Attachment is not love. Attachment deprives us of love because it goes into every situation asking "what can I get from this, what can I acquire for myself, I am missing this, I want it". The impulse to possess, to get first or get it first, comes from fear and fear is the opposite of love. Attachment is always exclusive. Love is inclusive; attachment is demanding, love imposes no demands; non attachment is a state of freedom that preserves and increases your love for another. Attachment always seeks to control and controlling people deeply fear abandonment.

negativity begins with the love of images. Example, you lose that which you were too attached to. Negative feelings damage life. You may claim you love someone but if she betrays you with another man your love turns to hatred. You were only in love with the image of what you thought she was like and now that image has been defiled. It was the image you loved all along and its betrayal makes you enraged. Images are fantasies. We use them to protect ourselves from something we don't want to face, because we lack love for ourselves. Always look beyond the images we hold. Solve the issue by looking beyond your emotions which will always change. In true surrender we never feel the need to control or cajole (to urge with gentle and repeated appeals, teasing, or flattery; wheedle {attempt to persuade by flattery or guile [treacherous cunning]}), or to manipulate or insist or beg or seduce (to win over, lead away).

Instead, just a calm mutual assurance exists between two true lovers that is beyond words (as in the movie.Wyatt Earp.with Kevin Costner (*), Wyatt was a man who truly relied on the divine force within as the ending of this true movie shows). True lovers refuse to follow the impulses of anger and fear. They trust the universe is on their side. Relinquish attachment to the goal. Become detached. Attachment is a form of dependency based on ego. Love is non attachment based on spirit. When you are detached, your awareness extends in all directions rather than being focused on specific thoughts. Let go of all attachment. In the gap your desire is handed to you:.Luke 11:9 "...Ask and it shall be given you; seek and you shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you." Relinquish any attachment to the outcome, let the universe handle the details, slip into the gap. Release your desire. When you detach yourself from local awareness the universe can't crush you because you step outside the ego's game of 'making me happy'. If there is no individual, it can't be crushed by the universe. One way to give up local awareness is to realize that you already have it all. To be unattached means to be free of outside influences that overshadow your real self.

Romance is set apart from all other forms of love by the intensity of bliss; bliss is natural to life but once we cover it over we must search for it in another, that's why you feel attached to or feel the need to be attached to one you believe is separate from you.

attention is awareness that hasn't been conditioned, so look for things that catch you off guard. Subtle attention is a little shift in quality of attention. Attention is listening with your whole being, not planning a response while others are still speaking. It's the quality of your attention that determines if you'll find that presence and that comes through acceptance of this moment which has been created and conspired by the entire universe. "Have your attention on what is and see its fulness in every moment. The presence of the divine is everywhere. You have only to consciously embrace it with your attention." ...The Vedas. All memories are always there but we can only recall those things we gave significance to, so it's the quality of our attention at the time of whatever we may be experiencing that determines how the memory is structured, that determines the vividness with which the memory is coded in that holographic template of infinite possibilities. The quality of our attention is the key to seeing deep into the cosmic mind. The inexorable passage of invisible and intangible time eats up all creatures. Knowing this the wise keep their attention on the timeless. Attention is either on the presence or ego, either in love or in selfishness. Attention is not a thought like 'I am putting attention on ...', it's just attention, a noticing.

A yogi example at medical school: The instructor who was a yogi, put a knife through his bicep. Some in the audience, not knowing of the powers of the mind, insulted him by saying "And what is your next trick" as though what he was doing was something to trick them into thinking it was real. For a moment the adept yogi let himself go into the ego level and his arm began to bleed. He caught himself and went back into presence and it stopped. This is the process of noticing reality whenever it peaks through the mask of illusion, the mask of illusion being the ego level. It's the way you know spirit and acknowledge spirit.

Hundreds of times daily the spirit makes itself known (Titus 2:11) by the things that don't fit into cause and effect, which is the workings of the world we all were brought up in and exist now in. The universe is always sending messages that tell us where we individually are on our dharma or if we have become sidetracked. How you are upon awakening is that of just being, just being aware of yourself and the inspirations that come into your mind at your daily awakening time upon your bed, a time when you weren't thinking as one does during the day, such things which include how am I walking, breathing, laughing, how is my appearance and the other autonomic nervous system automatic things as digesting food, healing a cut, etc. that also occur without specific thought about them. 

We all want someone who is interested in us, someone who is paying attention to us. First and second attention: First is awareness of the obvious, the apparent, that which everyone else sees. Second is extraordinary awareness, piercing the mask of appearance and going to the field of light where everything magically connects with everything else. Appearances are set against anything non material. Many experience this transcendence when carried away by music, art or sex. It occurs when you feel safe amongst danger, chaos all around yet you feel deep peace inside. You feel an unshakeable inner silence amongst the din and clatter of life, an inner 'voice' speaks to you, wells up in you, guiding you to make spontaneous and correct choices, weaving the web of your destiny, a prayer gets answered and you feel cared for, you have a moment of wonder at the sight of a newborn child, you see yourself as a speck of awareness in the vast expanse of awareness and you begin to expand until you become boundless, beyond the corridors of time and space. Look for the extraordinary in the ordinary. Example, look at a flower. Really look at it. Then you move to the second stage which is second attention, where your awareness sees what others don't see. Second attention comes with these things. Attention is deep listening without judgment (to form an opinion of after consideration or deliberation) and in its natural state, attention only appreciates others.

Attention devoid of memory and anticipation is life centered present moment awareness. Attention and appreciation go hand in hand. Appreciation is noticing the good qualities of another person and telling them that you noticed them, that you see their strengths. Count your blessings for the things that you as a human growing spiritually are able to do. Your life is an occasion, rise to it! Attention localizes the infinite consciousness to a specific point. One can't think of the past if he or she has the mind engaged in something of interest at the present moment. The quality of our attention determines what is reflected back to us in our lives. Attention is energy, intention is information/transformation. Attention is the activity of the energy field, intention is the activity of the information field. We are our attention. Intention is information. Affection (deep caring, shown through gestures of love, eye contact, body language, facial expressions, touch, {very important}), someone putting an intention of lovingness behind that attention of wholeness (seeing you as whole, complete), of communion; these are the things of the spirit and they are what matter. How? By love of God and love of others, you are in touch with others' emotions and your emotions.

acceptance is someone inviting us into the fold of wholeness. Acceptance of each present moment is very important. Acceptance of what has happened is the first step to overcoming the consequences of any misfortune. So, to be loved, to attract love, to give love, be simple, be natural, be comfortable with your ambiguity (doubts about things) and express your love because love is all that counts ultimately. Listen to the feelings of anxiety, anger, fear or regret with compassion and understanding. We see what we expect. We all want the same good things.

choiceless awareness is not being attached to any outcome and when you are not attached to any outcome this is allowing the whole universe to flow through you by just introducing subtle intention to do so. This is the highest form of intelligence. The choiceless life is centered present moment awareness, which is timeless. Turn your attention to the one listening (you) and notice the silent presence of what you really are. Between attention and intention these is the gap between your thoughts of attention and intention. With every thought a molecule is made whenever we interact with the self using different forms of our own attention. What is your attention on? What do you think of yourself? Attention is all that counts for affluence for we are our attention. What we see we become, what we are has been influenced by what we have been around. We think that we think but we are the thoughts of the collective consciousness. Attention and intention = energy and information. Let your attention go to where it wants. As you watch your mind go where it wants, realize you are the watcher. Like the sky watching the clouds beneath.

Actions today produce a better tomorrow when events in our lives are guided by our attention. What is the attention on? What do we attend to in life, high consciousness or low consciousness things?

Accept responsibility for all outcomes you've had a hand in making. Have your attention on the higher things of eternity. Keep your attention everywhere in the body when you feel you should do this, because attention is spirit and spirit is all powerful.

In meditation you go from mind to the soul, the gap, using your attention and from there you project (desire it to going to) your attention to the body. Attention itself is an expression of spirit. We're talking simple attention where there is not a thought about it. Just simply, attention. When you are attentive to say, a good movie, you don't think 'My attention is on this movie'; it just is. When you are noticing vehicles passing by, you aren't thinking that it is so. You are just aware of it being so. Give attention to the thoughts that foster reality not illusion. Give attention to the good things until they take on a life of its own, then you can detach.

attraction: We all are attracted to and respond to the values of love such as feeling safe, worthy, at peace with ourselves, sexually gratified and all of love's attributes. Seeing yourself as whole is the first step in seeing yourself as truly attractive. Attraction hints at sexual union and holds it out as a fantasy of pleasure. What makes a person attractive is not working on one's weak points, but simply embracing them and seeing oneself through the eyes of love. That  makes it natural to see others that way too. Realize that the spirit loves us for simply being here. Nothing is created from outside my spirit but only from within it. You are only as attractive as you feel yourself to be. Attractive people seize the opportunity to creatively respond with enthusiasm and gusto (vigorous enjoyment, zest). So stop looking for approval and be comfortable with what you are. Avoid being passive. Instead, respond creatively to every gesture of love. Be lavish in your expression of love. Don't compare yourself to others or to an ideal; 2Corinthians 10:12; 1Corinthians 15:10 "But by the grace of God I am what I am..."

Attraction is,-accepting yourself, just be yourself, just be. Love yourself as you are. Why not? Relax, enjoy the experience of love. Let your thought be 'Thank you God for making me just as I am'. When you are attracted to someone, love shows you something inside them that is like a jewel, something special that intrigues you. Loveable people are natural and at ease with themselves. They radiate an authenticity that makes anyone being like this attractive. People desperately seek love precisely because they don't feel lovable. Being lovable is a quality of spirit. You are completely lovable because spirit is love. Your pure spirit is able to shine with a love that nothing can tarnish.

purification: The legend of the magical phoenix bird is about a beautiful, mythical bird that rises from the ashes, purified and rejuvenated from the fire (see agni), ready to begin life with a fresh perspective. This is us rising from the ego that was necessary for our individuality and into the spirituality that will carry us forever in eternity. What does this mean to us? When your life becomes an effortless manifestation of stepping into the gap, getting your ego out of the way, introducting the attention, not worrying about the outcome, letting the universe handle the details, you'll then find that the magical will start to manifest, because now your mind is working like this total mind which is generator, organizer and deliverer at the same time and you are now on the spiritual success road. Perhaps that rejuvenation begins with a willingness to metaphorically step into the fire and shed the old in order to purify routines that no longer serve our best interests and adopt the new. When we quiet our minds and listen to the wisdom of the body, it will tell us what we need to know. Tune into your innate knowing today and let it guide you.

Remember that at your very core you are pure and holy as your essential nature is pure consciousness, unlimited by space and time and limited only by your choice. You possess all the qualities inherent in this piritually awakened realm including infinite creativity, unbounded love, pure silence, overflowing bliss and deep peace, as at your core you are pure potentiality.."When we find our core certainty within, then we no longer look for certainty outside."....Deepak Chopra. From a pure heart anything can be accomplished. Purity is the secret of fulfilling your desires. The purest heart brings the highest love. There's no need for anxious searching, for that which can never be lost doesn't need to be found. Simply do this. Come to know your true self and see who you are and let it radiate forth. Embrace the opposites within yourself. Realize that everyone contains light and shadow, the divine and the diabolical, the sinner and the saint, forbidden lust and unconditional love, the beatitude of paradise and the dark night of the soul.

authentic: The law of attraction states to be attractive you must be yourself, because attraction comes from naturalness. Nothing is more beautiful than that. Be comfortable with your own doubts. A person with both positive and negative qualities, who has strengths and weaknesses, is not flawed but complete. Instead of working on your weak points, realize that it's guilt and shame that are the real culprits and you'll become immensely attractive, for nothing is more desirable than this naturalness that radiates simple unaffected humanity, blemishes and all. When you are comfortable with your ambiguity (doubtfulness or uncertainty as regards interpretation; you know that to some you appear a person of doubtful meaning {they don't understand you and don't want to} but you love them just the same) you will not be subject to behaviors that drive love away. These futile acts are a result of an inner dialog that is constantly comparing you to an ideal that doesn't exist. Based on the ego's fear it's saying that you are not good enough, not pretty or handsome enough, not secure enough just as you are. Attractive people do not have this belittling inner dialog.

autism:.autism is when a child blanks out all bonding attempts (love attempts) by others, but their soul is always there, always listening and in this you can have an affect. All that's necessary is to be aware of them, of that they are deep inside and that knowledge of your awareness is structured in consciousness and awareness. And there are physical things one can do as well. Dr. Rashid Buttar brought his son out of autism caused by vaccines, Look him up https://drbuttar.com

Our attitude and behavior gets structured, as knowledge has organizing power with it. The universe provides us with food, air, water, a great deal of scenery to explore, all which comes from the automatic side of cosmic intelligence, the automatic side set up into which the universe and all in it including us, functions as it was set up to do; such as the reap/sow law, the growth law, our autonomic systems regulating the body including the way the cells just know what to do without our conscious input. For example, when you cut yourself, when you lie down to go to sleep. For thinking people who want answers, these things will awaken them:.Isaiah 40:26 "Lift up your eyes on high and behold.who has created these things...".Become aware of the knowledge of the magic of life all around you. Just be aware of these principles and results will be spontaneous with effortless ease. Just as it is with automatic functioning of systems in your body, so will it be with circumstances and events in your life.

awareness = consciousness. Awareness with thought content is perception. We are aware of our existence and our life within it. This is consciousness in its differing frequency formations, which are part and parcel with what is. Human awareness operates as a whole, every thought you have contributes positively or negatively to the field. Your attention is enough to alter the field. When energy is moving, you are feeling better about things, things are better and going better. If our awareness is pure, every desire is fulfilled complete. So, how can one ensure awareness is pure? Meditate and you eventually go from level to level, always and forever becoming more aware, to which there is no limit. Why, because it's interesting. Isn't that why we enjoy life, because it's interesting? In pure awareness you are connected to the whole universe. At the level of pure awareness, where you are truly free and your thoughts follow the onward impulse of the universe we commonly refer to as God, you can reach the realm of pure creativity, beyond any problems and beyond the need for any solutions. Awareness and love are connected:.Romans 13:10. Don't impose upon others and upon life. Accept how things are.

Be in line with the flow of life. In timeless awareness the heart feels connected to the infinite. In time awareness (time awareness is: what am I going to do tomorrow, I'll consider doing anything even risky in order to get this house paid off, how can I become greater than the others around me and have more influence, perhaps a new car, a more impressinve home, a world vacation, a new girlfriend or spouse after or before I dump the present one, more impressive clothes, a deal on the stock market where I can surge ahead of others, having made a lot of money, etc.) the ego calculates constantly for selfish advantage in any way it can (notice how people drive caring only for themselves); timeless awareness is the goal because the presence of the silence stays with you. Get away from time bound present awareness. Meta.cognition is intentional living where you are there all the time. Desires are fulfilled according to our level of awareness. When awareness is full every desire is fulfilled completely.

The universe is eavesdropping on our desires. "It's in raising our awareness that we expand our lives" ...Bob Proctor. Timeless awareness comes from the heart, not the calculating ego. Put attention on those choices which bring joy to us and others. Never give into anything that diminishes the quality of your awareness. Awareness is non local. Awareness can't be found in information. Light in the Bible is awareness. With light you can see things just as you need light to read a book. Awareness and energy are the two foundations of the body. Awareness is attention and information. Awareness is of the energy body. Some are blinded to these things. Blinded equals not being aware and profane (marked by contempt or irreverence for what is sacred). It's not the brain that creates love, awareness is where meaning happens.

Awareness turns unhealthy energy into healthy energy. Health isn't merely the absence of illness or symptoms. It's a higher state of consciousness that allows vitality, wellbeing, creativity and joy to flow into our experience. Health is a constant interplay between all these levels. At the physical level (environment, energetic body {the physical body}) our body has need for food, water, nourishing touch, comfort, sexual gratification and other essential elements for health and vitality. The subtle or psychological level, the mind, the ego and intellect desires emotional security and connection. The causal or spiritual level includes our personal and our collective soul. To move toward healing we must identify and acknowledge the obstacles, the conditioned thought patterns and anything else that is currently limiting our experience of health and well being. Through the active process of release we then open up the space to bring in healing and nourishment. Meditation, yoga, mindful eating are important practices.
Health is revealed in the state of-balance of body, mind and spirit. "Balance is the perfect state of still water. Let that be our model. It remains quiet within and is not disturbed on the surface." ...Confucius Balance is having the flexibility to adapt to change. Balance is the ability to be flexible in the face of constant change. It's not stuggling to get organized, to impose a sense of order once and for all, for that implies a static state that can lead to distress or illness. No need to work hard to keep in balance. Just make choices that don't create a lot of resistance or stress in your life and don't live in an inharmonious manner. The body wants to be in balance. Any imbalance can be traced to a state of lack. It's the causal level which wants to express and experience oneness, expansion and reality. Activate the limbic system with good thoughts. 

Coherent brain waves (the constancy of relationship between different brain waves at a specified frequency when measured from different parts of the scalp; using an EEG {electroencephalogram [provides a graphic record of the electrical activity of the brain]} 12 leads are placed on the head) correlate with better learning ablility, better attention span, better memory retrieval and increases creativity. Life moves us into the answers through synchronicity. Healthy emotions activate the divine qualities in you. As your awareness shifts, so does your soul, your God, for your God is that which you believe him to be like. With a shift in consciousness, reality reveals itself. It's the heart and mind that control the external reality. You increase awareness by every thought that's good, or dim it with every thought that isn't. Awareness is intuitive. Attention makes you aware of all in the cosmic universe. The universe is one verse, one song. The cosmic connection is sharing. It shares all.

atom:.Atoms are just clouds of energy and energy is just an expression out of the void.

infinite intelligence: The good Creator, often referred to as just 'God', permeates all atoms as invisible natural laws of the great invisible Infinite Intelligent Energy. This intelligent energy governs all atoms, govern that is, because all that is, including the Creators, comes as a result of its presence and thinking. 

The Creator created everything we know that is necessary for life on Earth, because it was all needed for our learning. The Creator is actually the Creators and they came into being, resulting from what is called, the Infinite Intelligent Energy working through those created because of it (Colossians 1:15-17 "Who is the image of the invisible God...For by him were all things created, that are in heaven and that are in Earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones or dominions or principalities or powers. All things were created by him and for him. And he is before all things and by him all things consist." Colossians 1:12,13 "Giving thanks unto the Father, which has made us meet to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light, Who has delivered us from the power of darkness and has translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son." 1Peter 1:5 "Who are kept by the power of God through faith unto salvation ready to be revealed in the last time." 1Peter 2:9 "But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people, that you should show forth the praises of him who has called you out of darkness into his marvelous light." 2Peter 1:3-8). The Creator is intelligence because it's the root of everything in the multiverse. The Creator is awareness. Awareness looks at itself and searches out answers. How efficient is your energy? Awareness works magic. Words affect the brain. For example love whispered in another's ear. If words of a different language are not understandable to the listener they do nothing, but if they confirm and add to the listener's interest they do much as it's the awareness that is the magic. Awareness affects others when you look at them. Blindness is non awareness. Consider Gene Decode's website for more information https://genedecode.org

There is a law of attraction and it comes from kindness, which is courtesy (polite behavior; a polite gesture or remark; consent or agreement in spite of.fact) of the heart.

compassion: is kindness going further. It's the feeling of shared suffering and/or a willigness to be that way, that is conveyed to another by your kindness. When you feel someone else's suffering there is the birth of rapport. Have the knowledge that times of suffering in life is shared by everyone. When you comprehend that you aren't alone in suffering, there is the birth of love and when there is love there is the opportunity for peace. Awareness of your heart and gratitude, moves the ego out of the way. Allow in your meditation for images of gratitude and kindness to arise. 

Awareness and alertness comes from being in the silence one finds in meditation. Here awareness is being aware of itself. In silent depths you can know all that's going on. 

boundaries are awareness that has been allowed to contract not expand. Transcend to go beyond all boundaries. The difference between boundaries and boundlessness is a prisoner of karma. There are no boundaries in the soul, the invisible realm. It's man on Earth who creates all kinds of boundaries. See the world as one living organism, as a whole.

The soul consists of pure awareness. Have restful awareness in looking for an answer where you ask a question and you get an answer. The self, the spirit, is awareness, the choicemaker. Have a faint awareness. One does not force and concentrate. Avoid making things to be work that don't need to be. Scan your body daily with attention. Attention is spirit. Attention and intention come together in the now. The 'now' of the mind doesn't happen fast and why is that? Instead it's deep. Keep your attention on the deep things of the spirit, the things based upon higher conscioiusness principles. 

beauty is love at the heart of creation; when you feel beauty you know it's truth. The mind only knows its own point of view which it considers the truth. Experiencing salvation that is truth is an experiencing, a saving from what has been ailing one's life. What is the truth concerning the things of this world except how they are experienced in our own consciousness? (see hallucinations) To know the truth is to be in love. To know the truth is to know there is only one sole reality, no separation, no division between the self and another and that the one infinite light of consciousness exists as the sole reality. What is the truth? Insights bring truth which means insights are love in action. Intuition gives one insight. When firmly established in truthfulness, action accomplishes its desired end.

beliefs are ideas that we hold onto because we are convinced they are true. They are true for the believer. Beliefs take us to a subtler area of the mind. They are like judges deciding if an experience is positive or not positive, right or wrong, desirable or undesirable. Our beliefs are stored consciousness and will follow us beyond life. Beliefs form patterns. They can be cleared by being aware of the sticky quality they possess (samskaras). A harmless form of a samskara would be a tune that just keeps rolling around in your head all day. When you watch your own behavior you are seeing your beliefs at play. One example; strangers can't be trusted. Consider the beliefs behind your actions, consider your responses to people.

People walk around every day harboring a set of beliefs that keep their status as victims such as I'm completely innocent and don't deserve this. There was nothing I could do about it. Someone else is to blame. People are just cruel sometimes. Life is unfair. I want to get back in control but it's hard. I have to be on guard all the time now. It could happen again but I won't let it. There's almost nothing I can do about this fear. Such beliefs are true if you hold them to be true. We each have our own world view. If something is real to you, you don't have to believe in it because it's real to you. Belief can be a cover up for insecurity. However, another meaning for belief is truths that are in your repetroire which which you have corroborated. Some people only believe in that which they are unsure about, yet, others believe in that which they are completely sure about. For most people belief implies trust in something they wish to occur and may be based on nothing but wishful assumptions (I feel I'll be lucky in this week's lottery draw). This is most peoples view of existence and how they look at things. This kind of structure provides for judgmental opinions, including that which is deemed good and what is regarded as bad.

So, belief can deal with what one hopes will turn out true and belief can be based upon conviction of that which you have proven true. For example do you believe in electricity, a ridiculous question, of course you do. You know it's real. If you skydive, your believe is that when you jump out of the plane you'll not go up, but head downward thanks to what we have termed to be gravity. Examine your beliefs to see what they have to say. We believe what our experience has handed us. If someone believes all people are crooks in some way or another, do you share the same belief? If not, why not? Probably your experience was involved with someone of kindness. Victims hold onto their status because they feel innocent. When you stop defending the behavior of your beliefs they become less sticky. We need to relate to ourselves through our soul not through our beliefs, because beliefs can change, but the soul is constant.

Don't allow anything to corrupt your daily sense of being happy, special and protected. It's only a stronger sense of self that will save you from the fears that risk taking away happiness. Remember, above all is your spirit. The spirit can organize your life in goodness.

bliss is the basic vibration or hum of the universe. Make bliss the primary focus of your life and for others. Create joy in your life and in the lives of others. This is the vibratory consciousness that allows consciousness to form into reality. In bliss you still retain a touch of your individuality or you wouldn't enjoy it. Bliss is being happy for no reason whatsoever in the mere fact of existence: Philippians 4:7.

"The same stream of life that runs through my veins runs through the world and dances in rhythmic measure. It is the same life that shoots in joy through the dust of the Earth into numberless blades of grass and breaks into tumultous waves of leaves and flowers. It is the same life that is rocked in the ocean cradle of birth and death in ebb and in flow. My limbs are made glorious by the touch of this world of life and my pride is from the life throb of ages dancing in my blood this moment." "Bliss is the tingling rush of love in action, the flow of being as it reaches out to meet itself and curl back with delight in contact." ...Tagore

Seek happiness not in outside things but in yourself. Happiness is not a feeling but a state of being in which everything is loved. Happiness for this or that reason is just another form of misery. Bliss rides on the current of natural feeling. Don't analyze the word bliss. Avoid defining it. Don't evaluate it. Don't interpret it. Inherent in desires is the mechanics for fulfilment.

Romance is set apart from all other forms of love by the intensity of bliss. Bliss is natural to life but once we cover it over we must search for it in another. That's why you feel attached to or feel the need to be attached to one you believe is separate from you. To find bliss we have to begin where bliss is not and that's in us. Bliss is a higher consciousness quality. When in increasing high consciousness, the qualities increase. Meditationtakes you there.

body your body is a process not a structure. It's a field of energy where you can turn your genes off and on, change your brain structure, lengthen your telomeres, change your relationship with time. Awareness is the key to transformation and reinventing the body. The body is a self-interacting, self-repairing field of consciousness. In it's original state it is perfect balance, perfect order, perfect harmony, pure consciousness, pure intelligence, pure light, every cell is renewed, restored, bubbling with intelligent energy and light. The body is constantly trying to renew itself to the pattern of this perfection. Know your light body is one with the cosmos because the whole cosmos is the same intelligence, the same field of consciousness, the same field of light. Become one with it. Feel your body as one with the light body of the universe. The same intelligence that is your body is the same throughout the universe. Your body is the extended body of the cosmos. One can know his or her past mind by looking at their body now and if you want to know what your body will look like in the future examine your mind now because those two are inseparably one. If your body could talk what would it say and if your heart could sing what would it sing? The body's cells contain holographically, all the information that's present in the whole universe and by tapping into the body one can eavesdrop on the whole universe. The future exists only in the imagination.

The body is just a printout of the way we are interpreting and have interpreted our experiences in every moment of our existence, the body is the printout, the hardware is the nervous system, the software is the biochemistry of all the chemical changes that are occurring. The programming is our own thoughts, feelings emotions, desires, interpretations, ideas, concepts and then there is a programmer. Who is the programmer? It's the inner self and when we get in touch with the programmer (how? through meditation) this gives us the ability to rewrite the program. The body is a field of information existing now as a result of all the interpretations we have made of it in the past. The body is a field of ideas that we have made to ourselves.

Intellectual insight will spontaneously cause changes that are good for your body and for your life. Your body has known and remembers much, such as, immune system functioning, making a baby, knowing how to digest food, repair itself, etc. Your body changes every second. Literally, tomorrow you'll be in a much changed body and in a couple of years it's all been renewed, so why the same wrinkles?

deeper reality: All this shows that there is a deeper reality from which both the body and mind come from. Ask some physicists.about the body and they will tell you that it's a huge empty void with a few scattered dots and what appears to be some random appearing electrical discharges here and there. So what is the nature of this void? Physicists tell us today that some 99.9999% of our body is empty space and out of that empty space come these particles which are not material objects, but are fluctuations of energy and information.

In physics there are quantum units of other things as well, but here a quantum unit of the mind/body connection is a thought, a feeling, an emotion, a desire, an instinct, a drive, a notion, a concept, an idea and it's a non verbal faint impulse which motivates you to drink a glass of water or whatever, so it's an impulse of information from our own consciousness.

For every thought, feeling, emotion, idea, etc., we make a set of chemicals in the brain called neuro peptides. The mind is in every cell of the body. The physical body is made up of matter fields and energy fields. The body is a network of energy and information that we experience as material, as molecules. With this, we experience objectively and call it life. The mind is also a network of energy and information that we experience subjectively and you can't separate them. The human body is the mind and these are one with the universe. We are not the body and not the mind. We are the one who has the body and the mind. The world out there is also a network of energy and information that we experience objectively, which can be anything that happens to us is in our environment. All these are expeiences and the witness of that, the experiencer of that, is the soul

The real you and me is a silent field of infinite possibilities, this silent field is the soul, an organized bundle of invisible energies, protons in organization, organization by the pattern of us in the holographic pattern or spirit, an energy of being, in this case, human being.

Our true self is multidimensional, unbounded, pure potentiality. When you ask yourself what do I want?, it's important to know if you are listening to the voice of your ego or the voice of your soul, because they have two very different visions of fulfilment. And howwould one know the difference? While we have all been conditioned to believe that the ego's vision is practical and more realistic, what the ego promises is an illusion, a will-o'-the-wisp that you can chase all your life without ever coming close (welcome to lottery tickets). The ego's vision of fulfilment is unattainable because it is dependent on external conditions, dependent upon a getting for the self, dependent upon external conditions that it ultimately can't control. The ego can't compete with the soul's vision of fulfilment. Of course, you can manifest your ego desires using sheer willpower, but it takes lots of effort and you may not feel as fulfilled when you attain it as you imagined you would.

That's why no matter what you acquire at the low consciousness ego level, it's never enough and/or doesn't satisfy for long, leaving one-empty again in some way. It's like rowing a sailboat against high winds and a strong current. You can do it with enough effort, but if you harness the forces of the wind and current, then the journey is more comfortable and enjoyable. The test you can use on yourself is to ask 'Does this desire feel relaxed and loving?' 

Those who think of themselves as a bundle of invisible energies can do amazing things such as have been shown in the movie.What If? The Movie.and see the amazing new movie.The Grand Self. The real you is non material and therefor is not subject to the laws of matter which are in the sphere of time, space and causation. Your real essence is a field of awareness that interacts with its own self and then becomes both mind and body, in other words you are basically consciousness which then conceives, governs, constructs and actually becomes the mind and the body. We are not physical machines that have learnt how to think. We are thoughts, impulses of intelligence created by God and put with a physical machine we call the body which has many automatic functioning and repairing components.

We are quantum events in that field which has learned how to create both the mind and the body. We are each a bundle of consciousness and should always be thinking from the level of soul, which is the level of a higher consciousnesss and not the self-image ego self, the one that is subject to getting embarassed and insulted and gets hurt feelings (Psalm 119:165) because one's attention is on his or her ego and not on the inward presence, an example. Don't allow your inward presence to be overshadowed by anything else. Individualized consciousness appears as the subtle or ethereal body and when it becomes gross, that itself appears to be the physical or material body. The real us has many layers from gross to subtle. That individualized consciousness itself is known as the soul where the potentialities are in an extremely subtle state and when this juggling of the soul ceases, that itself is the divine or supreme being. Getting it to cease so you can 'get through' requires spiritual disciplining. When the intelligence is established in the conviction of its ethereal (spiritual, not of the ego; characterized by lightness and insubstantiality; intangible, not of this world) nature, the physical body is forgotten. Even as a youth, one forgets life as a fetus. In truth the cosmic mind, the personal mind and the infinite space are all of one substance, pervaded (present throughout) by the infinite consciousness, therefor regardless of what you have created, you can create as many worlds as you like. If you are living your world and that world is not beneficial to you and/or to others, it can be changed. The  body does not create the mind but what has created the mind has created also the body. The mind also is the seed for the body. The seed was planted by the consciousness which is you. Regarding the body, when the tree dies the seed does not, but when the seed perishes the tree dies with it, but the spiritual seed never perishes: John 15:2 "Every branch in me that bears not fruit he takes away and every branch that bears fruit, he purges it, that it may bring forth more fruit." Galatians 3:16 "...your seed which is Christ." The seed which makes you an heir: Galatians 3:29 "And if you be Christ's then are you...heirs according to the promise." 1Peter 1:23 "Being born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the word of God, which lives and abides for ever."

If the body perishes, the mind can create other bodies for itself. The mind is your particular expression in consciousness. The spirit animated mind is a guide to greater spirituality, the guide to a greater state of beingness. Trust it, understand it. The body, the mind, the brain/nervous system is all a two way antenna system monitoring the reality out there and in us.

The world out there is connected to our body, our body being one and we all in it. Think of it like an ocean where every drop makes up the whole. There are no defined edges to us. We are inseparably connected with the patterns of intelligence in the cosmos and when we let our intention be there, then we let that cosmic mind orchestrate the infinity of space/time events to bring about the outcome that we intended. How?

Look at your body in its most ideal state, most ideal state at whatever level you may be at; mind, intellect, ego, the sense of self, self-esteem, those things we all have claimed ownership on. What do I want to transform here? The human body is a device which captures energy from the universe, circulates it and gives it back. The desires of your body, food, water, nourishment, nurturing touch, sexual gratification, comfort, feeling good; make good conscious choices toward these things to improve life. Do you want money, a new car, person of your dreams, a job that nurtures you, live in a place that connects you? Listen to the answers that arise when you ask the questions. The human body is constantly exchanging what it is, information and energy, with the huge reservoir of all consciousness.

The body is nothing other that the printout of our experience and our experiences are mirror reflections of our thoughts. Everything is a projection. The world is as we are. Whatever our state of consciousness we reflect that in the world. View your body not as you have in the past, as Dan Brule says in the movie.What If? The Movie."we must get up, get a new mind".(how?).and toward this see also the amazingly helpful.The Grand Self movie, for moving out of one's limitations into a better life.

The human body runs on dual controls, that is, you can heal it as best you can from the outside by material means or inside by subjective means. The answer to this is that consciousness unfolds objectively as the visible universe and subjectively as events inside the mind. It's all the same consciousness where messenger molecules begin in the brain as thoughts. This is the process which generates space/time events.

Drugs destroy the natural electrical activity of the body as they affect electricity of cells needed, for example, to digest food, causing digestive and elimination problems. Be aware of bodily sensations as they reflect emotional states. You be aware of bodily sensations by having your attention on your body.

Medicine only focuses on molecules; it's quantum biology, not unlike the reductionist theory where you have to understand the pieces in order to understand the whole, which is backwards. Modern medicine is therefore a backward system. No wonder on the whole, health is taken away. To understand the whole, one has to look at the body, what it is and that is with a spirit that is the true body, something that medical science misses, because medical 'science', non science or nonsense, looks at symptoms. It shows that they are not conversant with healing the body and lack current knowledge about the energy that is all things.

Your body is not a part, not a thing, not a structure but a process, a verb not a noun. Every process is a process of the whole universe. The patterns have been set. You are scientific proof of life after death because your body is constantly renewing itself. There is no mental event that does not have a brain representation. Your body is the biosphere recycling through who you call yourself. The body is a field of self-interactions generated in that field, the field of self-interactions, the field of ideas. The body/mind is one. The body is in the mind and the mind is in something much larger. Body is contained in the mind because the mind extends outside the body. These messenger molecules that extend outside the body are called pheromones (communicator molecules), like plants which give off signals to other plants that say, harmful fungi are going around. 

Plants are localized concentrations of awareness in a larger field of awareness that shares its awareness with other localized concentrations of awareness of a similar kind. Ants and termites do that. Queen bees regulate the behavior of the whole colony because she knows just what hormones (messenger molecules) to secrete.

What is it you feel where you are? Tension in room or peace? Our world is a continuum of experiences and is therefore comprised of space time events. Where is the me that is using the brain to have this experience called the body which gets born, moves through space having experiences we call life and then may come to its space/time end? An atom is mostly space with subatomic particles moving at lightening speed through the space. These are really bundles of vibrating energy. The physical body is a response of the observer, as is the experience of our world. Pay conscious attention to your body functions instead of leaving them on automatic pilot. The body is all energy and information, which is an outcrop of infinite fields of energy and information spanning the universe. The mind and body are one. There is no separation between them, just frequencies which vary.

You make by projection. Consciousness is a projection of consciousness. It is a field of living information, a field of infinite.correlation in that it can do many things at once, like making a baby. Look how the body adapts to a baby inside. At the same time you are making a baby, you can monitor movement of stars and your immune system fights off germs and you can taste a drink, listen to music, etc. 98% of the body is new every year. 

The individual can't be crushed by the universe if you realize you are not an individual. We are the unborn and undying I am with the same consistency as a drop in the ocean has with all the other drops that together make it the ocean. The I am is the infinite creative potential. Everything already exists in universal mind and requires intent to come into physical reality. We are in the movie and are the movie, participants in our own story. The I am has no possessions, nothing to lose, but is everything. 

Unity is like music, enlightenment = self-actualization (Maslow) and that is finding meaning and beauty, laughter, playfulness; like a second birth.

When you dig a well and there is no sign of water for awhile, only mud and rocks. You can't think yourself awake. You can't think yourself into the silence. You can't trust your body. Your passions can't awaken you. Create a strong force field to project image onto the other world. You are God's force field. One's first attention is fear and neediness. Since all is God, what is it that makes a life spirit? It's intention.

Daily ask Who am I? Many people will begin this exercise by identifying their external roles in life, I'm a mother, a doctor, a daughter, a Harvard graduate, a CEO, a triathlete, an artist, a sheet metal worker and so on, However, as you continue to ask this question, the responses will begin to go beyond the ego level to the deeper realm of the soul where the truth of your real being is. I am love, I am joy, I am spirit, I am the totality of the universe acting through a human nervous system. Self-exploration is a key to living by the spirit, but we use things to not see ourselves, building invisible barriers to seeing ourselves. Realize that we are all much more than skin encapsulated egos. Realize that the you that you really are is so much more. Think back on those situations and projects where you excelled and had fun at the same time with. What were you doing and why did it make you feel good? What gifts do you have that can serve others? Another queston to ask of yourself is who are we? We are the life force power of the universe as individually expressed. Ice, steam and snowflakes are illusions of water. If we see only what is before us, we only see the surface. We see the ice, the stream, the snow and miss seeing that those things are all made of water. Water is intelligent. So are plants. We allow the mind to be distracted by illusion of the physical, such as fall in love and believing that it can't last forever,. When you love someone you always love them, even though you may later not be able to get along with them. This is because we are all one and a 'love set' in the akashic record is always there, as the love set is you. 'I am' is your being. Keep a daily journal for ten days, asking yourself the questions above after meditation and then writing down everything that comes to you. Your passion is the force of evolution or change that drives your life energy, so don't suppress it by telling yourself that you can't do this or can't do that, or that it is impractical. Welcome the things of the unkown, why? The important thing is to identify that current of energy in you and then give it an outlet. Once it starts to flow, it builds its own momentum and creates its own path forward. Focus on clarity, not on getting results, that is, be clear in your mind about all that is going on. Be presently minded to get clarity. Put your complete attention on what it is you are doing while you are doing it. Your spirit is always trying to tell you this. Ever pour a cup of tea or coffee or whatever, with your mind not totally on what you are doing?

Synchrodestiny/synchronicity is the ability to use your attention, intention and awareness to awaken to all the possibilities that always surround you.

The nature of consciousness is happy. When your being becomes the same as your soul, you are in cosmic consciousness or divine consciousness. In truth the cosmic mind, the personal mind and the infinite space are all of one substance, pervaded (present throughout) by the infinite consciousness. The cosmos is structured to bring about growth and growth is always in the direction of greater love and happiness.

other life out there? Millions of universes appear in the infinite consciousness like specks of dust in a beam of light streaming into a room through a hole in the roof. Just as in this universe there are countless beings of various species, in other universes too there are similar beings with different bodies suited to their universe.

The way out of illusion is to move from belief in a separate self. The body adapts to things you do over and over again so act as you would like to become. We are perceptual.artifacts. We already know what we came here to experience, physical life with a spiritual twist. Sensory experience tells you that the Earth is flat and that the Earth is not moving. We are limited by our senses, where the eye can't see all, ear can't hear all, nose can't smell all, etc.: 1Corinthians 2:9.

You are not separate from that which is observed. The observed and the observer are one. Nothing is separate at the quantum level. It is all your extended body. Here you are a local concentration of information and energy; God's creation, you, looking at God's creation. The physical world and our bodies are responses of the observer. We are our attention. A healthy immune system is aided by healthy relationships. The ultimate multi tasker is the body.

Drugs tinker with the chemicals in the body in such a way as to distort the body's energy patterns. Cancer is distorted energy. Tune in to your own energies. Body is a fiction. The real you is beyond space/time to the degree of your cosmic consciousness. Macrophage destroys body enemies. One's body is an energy converter. All even genes and germs are energy. When the bond between soul and body has been broken, disease, physical, emotional, psychological results. The soul uses no energy but funnels it (as it's a transducer and filter) from cosmic consciousness into the body. Ideas come from soul. The body can be likened to a radio, where the song is at the source, not in the radio, it just comes through it. The body is a trap for space/time events, so is a TV. The real you is non local. You say then 'where am I' but the question is wrong, because 'where' implies location. You just are. Also, one can't apply moments in time to something that's beyond time, timeless and eternal. This is the soul. The non local is beyond energy, space and time. Here, there is no distinction between the body and mind. In the 'non local' we find unity. The 'non local' is proof of existence of non local intelligence. Here, intelligently operating subatomic particles are wave packets which are concentrations of energy.

The heisenberg principle is where a particle is a fluctuation of energy, not a particle like a speck of dust, but a wave of infinitesimal size. All is energy or wave function, vibration. Humans are made of energy within the overall field and within this field we are a field that generates both the particle (aka the wave). If we weren't connected to the consciousness (this overall field, this non local.realm) we would cease to exist in 3 seconds. Be aware of your body. You are the temple where the body and spirit and mind are one. Ask your body what it needs to become filled with light. Keep your awareness on your body. Be aware of your body as an expression of the spirit. Give gratitude to your body not to some higher purpose that your ego may dictate. Be aware of what your body is trying to tell you and don't listen to the ego. Your body is a cosmic computer which monitors everything. It does amazing things like monitoring the body for invaders, digests food, creates cells, cleans up its garbage and eliminates it, controls elimination, makes a baby, tells you if it's too cold or hot and regulates body temperature, processes different sounds, tells you if something is touching you, etc. Your body is an amazing creation of organized energy and awareness.

Every solid particle in the universe turned out to be a ghostly bundle of energy vibrating in an immense void. The quantum field isn't separate from us. It is us.  Every cell is a terminal connected to the cosmic computer. The body is a thing of the greatest potential. Listen to your body's messages. You are made to for a reason: 1Corinthians 3:16.

The body uses-hormones to alert the brain for say thirst and uses what we call olfactory cells to alert the brain to scent. The activity of the body is organized by a non local intelligence called the soul. Likewise our extended body called the ethereal body and called the spirit of us as connected to the universal energy, is also organized by non local intelligence. This is generally called the spirit. The non local means nowhere in particular and yet everywhere, not confined or restricted to a particular space or time.

The relationship of soul to spirit is like the relationship of a-wave to the ocean itself. They are different aspects of the same phenomenon. The wave appears different but is just a pattern of movement of the ocean. Your soul may appear distinct but is distinct only because it is a particular pattern or movement of spirit or God. The soul and spirit are the non local intelligence that create and organize everything that exists. This level of soul is manifesting all that is, all that was and all that will ever be, in every instant with effortless spontaneity.

When you can be at this level of existence and be thinking and acting from the level of your soul you will manifest healing, you will manifest all you can imagine and more because imagination is also the activity of the soul and spirit. Imagination is a sub world, an invisible world hidden within. Imagination is the source of all creativity. Bodies are focal points in the universal field of intelligence. One's body should be light, carefree and safe with emotions that are happy and positive. Use your imagination. Choose the imaginings that are most comfortable and uplifting.

The heart has a pacemaker which keeps it beating at 72 beats a minute. This is an electrical stimulation and has an electromagnetic field which are photons behaving in a certain way. Your body believes what your mind tells it. Tell it that it's healthy, safe and protrcted. Imagine a lemon you are biting into and saliva runs. Nearly 1 million things have to happen in the body just to maintain its blood sugar levels.

We are skin encapsulated egos, enmeshed in a bag of flesh and bones, confined to a prison of space time and causation, squeezed into the volume of a body and  the span of a lifetime, imprisoned by materialism. Material works are just clusters of energy floating in a cosmic soup. The body we all have is only one aspect of reality. The physical body is a matter and energy field. 

How do you quantify/measure love, emotions, feelings, a thought? The subtle body is energy and information and is not solid matter. We often hear 'she loved him so much, meaning she now misses him, she enjoyed his presence. One measures love by what the actions, by what they see and feel. Nice things done for each are called love and they are love. But, love is bringing forth from within those things of high consciousness to affect others. Only you know your heart. There is really no more or less love than there has always been. How much love do you know? Just as the Creator is constant, so is love constant, for that's what the Creator is, love:.1John 4:8,16.

Love comes from a subtle, the ethereal body because it has mind, intellect and individuality and possesses no location in time and space, this subtle body being beyond matter entirely. Love comes from the Silence. This is where the transformational field is, the basis for all the physical world. Because we can't experience these things through the senses it's necessary for meditation, where we can supersede the physical world. The causal body equals information and the unified field wherein is the 3 components to any experience.

The Creator of all, the observer of all never changes. In this realm which is also known as the realm of knowing or 'the knower' (also called the-seer), all this describing a process of that which creates from the unmanifest invisible.

So, we have the generator (pure spirit), organizer (mind), deliverer (body), all of them are spirit and the seer is the soul, the process is the mind and the body is your body and the body of all creation. The world is your extended body which is always changing and is the object of observation. So, you can go nuts trying to constantly adapt to the many changes if you are identifying always with the body/world which is always experiencing change. We have lost sight of the fact that the real us never changes, because we are in the Unchangeable One. We need to shift focus of attention from our 'scenery' to the seer. The causal body is unbounded non local, whereas the physical body is a bundle of consciousness and local, that is, we are with our bodies.

The body and mind are just means of-communication for the spirit, the presence. Communication makes relationships desirable as more than a brief encounter between two bodies. Communicate your innermost feelings. Be open and honest in communication. Avoid being a complainer. All of us find it hard to open up to a complainer. Communicate your vulnerabilities and your fears. True communication comes out of the joy in living with other souls who are as interesting as you are yourself. We are all in our own way exploring the vastness of the unknown. When you realize this, communication comes easy. You want to feel the finest level of feeling in your body. Have your attention on what is, on the present, the presence of the Creator in all in the present. Have a life centered present moment awareness. The prison of the known is the prison of the past/ We are here for a reason. The body is pure creative potential. The world is the same as body in that both the body and the world experience change. We identify with the changes and not the unchangeable realm. We have lost sight of the fact that we never change as we are individual expressions of the Unchangeable One. We need to shift focus of attention from scenery to the seer. The body is a printout from consciousness. The body works for each and every other part. Everything is connected.

bonding: Only when you bond with others can there be mutual trust. Look at others with an open heart. Allow the bonding process to start naturally and a stranger will feel like part of you in time. The body interacts with the soul. It is here where you decide to be well or sick, loved or unloved, positive about life or negative about it; at this level is where we give ourselves away to someone else if the other also has the same feelings: Amos 3:3. The spirit behind the physical body level is where only complete giving can take place. Are you both there? Receiving is as necessary as giving, where each desires to be lost in the affections of each other.

Attraction, infatuation, communication, intimacy,-surrender, non attachment, passion and ecstasy are the seven stages of love. If we create any open space within ourselves, love will fill it. Love always seeks to give, seeks to fill up with love. Surrender means not giving into another, but giving into love. How can one create this open space and that of largeness without an open heart? Be open to be of benefit to others. Avoid being selfishly offish with others. Surrender and non attachment is necessary to find your true self. Surrender to your heart not your head. Follow the path of love until it reaches surrender. Surrender to another person is surrender to spirit. If you give yourself as one person to another, the end result is a rapport between the two personalities. If you however, surrender in intimacy where all is known and accepted, there is no question of personality because you are giving yourself to the true core of existence, which has been traditionally called the self. Everything you do you do for the sake of the self, this larger self and not the I, being the selfish you. Surrender to another is the most self-centered act you can perform. The secret is that yourself and your lover's self are the same. It oneness.

To make a relationship 'more spiritual' surrender is all it takes. Passion must contain surrender in order to be authentic. Letting go, though frightening to the ego, is actually entering into the boundless ocean of love. The secret of surrender is to let go and flow. Surrender to your heart not your head;. We find our paths through surrender to love which reveals the impulses of spirit beneath the masks of ego. Surrender in relationship is valuable only as surrender to spirit. Surrender must begin on the smallest most intimate scale. It starts with you and someone you love and care about. Learning to be together without resistance or fear is what it's all about. Love in the spiritual sense involves letting go of all that is known. You can call this forgiveness. No one is wrong who loves: Romans 13:10. We have no enemies once we decide to surrender. Surrender means not giving into another, but giving into love. It is not having the desire to convince, cajole, manipulate, that is work things so they are to one's selfish advantage, control or seduce, to entice {to attract by arousing hope or desire} or beguile {deceive} into a desired state or position). Surrender is being alert to exactly what is happening now.

In-intimacy we are so connected so tuned in with the one we love that we feel their emotions, read their thoughts and connect with their deepest intent. Intimacy turns sex into not just having sex but having it without boundaries. Intimacy is defeated when two people maintain their boundaries and succeeds when there is a release from boundaries. This happens on an energy level, the subtle level (the holy ghost, the sukshma sharir). Consider if you can have sex with your partner without boundaries. Are you both connected at the levels of sensual, sexual, emotional and spiritual. True intimacy is that flesh merges with flesh and spirit with spirit. In intimacy, sexual energy and spiritual energy are recognized as one. Sexual energy is seen as the creative energy of the universe. Intimacy is the union of one subtle body with another. The secret of intimacy is loss of ego motivation, the loss of selfish 'gettingness', having defenselessness, vulnerability, playfulness and complete naturalness. The subtle body has channels to all levels. To open these channels we need to rid ourselves of socially programmed ideas about physical relationships, sex and sexuality.

books/music/movies book Mindfulness by Ellen Langer, Harvard psychologist, book is about the 1950's environment; My Dinner With Andre (movie Wayne Dyer); Frantz Cafca in his Path To Knowledge; Biology of Transcendence, Joseph Chilton Pearce, about idiot savants; The Guest House by the Sufi poet Rumi; mature emotions are you admitting you got angry; ask yourself if the negative thoughts are true, then ask if they are really true, Byron Casey's work on this; the book Tagore; the book Adi Shankra; Carlos Casteneda's The Power of Silence; Cycle of the Soul; Lotus album of music. Rasa's Exotica (music), Rasa's Mello (music). Nomad's A Mythic Life: Learning To Live Our Great Story, by Jean Houston; Manfred Rosenburg's Nonviolent Communication; James Glick's Chaos; Tibetan Book of the Dead things read to those about to pass; Removing the Veil From the Soul;Healing Touch of Mary Lucille Lamont?

Also the book-Bhagavad Gita Chapter 1: about conflicts we all deal with, Chapter 2: about the embodied soul casts off old garments and puts on consciousness; many believe this material world is all there is and as such have encompassed themselves with a psychological prison of hopelessness. The goal is to unite with self. Unfilled desires come from being attached to the results of your actions, Chapter 3: sacrifice is the giving up of something in order to gain something, Chapter 4: fight for the knowledge of brahma; Chapter 5: in all you do, do for the good of all, Chapter 6: self-discipline. Other books: Abundance Made Easy, Life's Missing Factor; Larry Dossier? MD, his book on non local intelligence; Amit Goswami Quantum Creativity about quantum leaps; Kahil Gibran poetry; Negativity by Guy Finley (essentiallaws.org); The Third Eye by T. Lobsang Rampa; Patangeli's Sutras as translated by Alistair Sheer?; James Fowler's book Connected, is about behavior runs in groups; invisible connectors run through all society; Naj Hammadi scrolls; 

brain: The brain is constantly busy filtering, choosing, preferring, rejecting, etc. The brain is an editing system with the editor being one's soul. The brain is the receiver of mind, not the other way around. It's not the brain that creates love. One can change his brain by using his mind. This is rewiring the brain. The low consciousness evident in many people today shows that the so-called reptilian or ego brain dominates.

All evils like social-injustice and economic disparity, come from this. The reptilian brain is only useful in life threatening situations. The reptilian brain is automatic responses. Control the low consciousness respones, also called, the reptillian reactions, with SODA. There is no activity in the brain that doesn't have a physical activity in the body. The insula between the cortexes receives and sends messages to the body.

breath: Breathing is part of the great mystery that surrounds us every day and is very related to our brain activity. For example it helps with pain when you hold your breath. It also helps with attention when you hold your breath. Example, you wanted to hear what people close to you were saying so you hold your breath. Lower breathing is best where you allow your abdomen to swell out but without inflating your chest or raising your shoulders.

breath and thought: Breath is the movement of thought energy, because breathing mirrors any good thoughts that you may have. When you breath in, you are not just taking in air, but the energy of God. At our source, depending on how encrusted during our livee, our soul may have become from negative thinking, there is always the spark of good.

Time, breath, thought, movement of consciousness; they are all the same thing. To fill the top portion of lungs, hold in abdomen a bit and don't allow diaphragm to move. Breath in and you'll notice the shoulders raising and the top of your lungs filling. Breath deeply and exhale completely a few times a day, as it helps expel toxins. Can close your right nostril and inhale with the left, then close the left and exhale with the right. Do 20x a day for 3 months and you'll see better and feel lighter on your feet.

warm in the cold: To keep warm in cold weather, even sit unclothed on ice and melt it or dry off wet blankets draped around your shoulders, sit with spine straight but comfortable, close eyes and think of yourself saying 'om', 'om', 'om' telepathicallywhile closing the left nostril. Take in as much air as you can through the right nostril, then close the right nostril, hold the breath for a bit, then exhale through the left nostril while holding the right closed. Always do it this way.

There is no such thing as separate mind. When your brain carries out a desire, the universe is carrying it out at the same time. For example, when you have a child, the vast gene pool of the universe has formed it (from Deepak's Book of Secrets, Disc 3, Track 2). We often say give me breathing room when we intuit that our life force is draining away. Pay attention to your breath as it can teach you much.
Focusing on your breath immediately beings you into the present, into the now which is why many forms of meditation emphasize awareness of the breath. When you allow yourself to be present you create the breathing room that we crave. We are all thinking bodies in a thinking universe. The universe gets to play through us and gives us the controls to see how we will do. We are its vacation.

The brain is a decoding instrument that moves through a vibrating dance of energy and information and as a result of this interaction we experience material and solid things. The brain is a sensor that tunes into an omnipresent vibrating field of infinite frequencies. The brain is the instrument we use to have experiences. Brain/mind is the receiver of the bigger mind, which could be the Soul or the mass mind, aka.collective soul. With most of us it's a bit of both

It's not that we are thinking, but rather that the mind field thinks through us. Everyone has their own world view. We are all so different and see things differently because the observed world responds as we individually expect it to, from deep inside what is us and what we have allowed ourselves to become. Example, lab bacteria. We all have different probability amplitudes, some of us being more inclined to do this in a situation and others would choose somewhat differently. We are all connected to the patterns of intelligence of the universe where all is connected to everything else and no randomness exists, just one pattern moving into another. The numbers in a textbook are not the thinking of themselves, same for you. Your thinking is because of the Thinker and this happens before it comes to the conscious mind. The whole universe is the Creator's mind. How you do things is your expression. What you do it from is the Infinite Intelligence in you.

Just as love is extremely powerful, so is the dark side. Contrasts of life make life interesting and are the impetus for moving through it. 

Without the brain there would be no form, just a mass of pulsating atoms, atoms made up of energy fluctuations, vibrations in the void. All material things are made up of atoms, atoms = subatomic particles (not a material particle {a particle is a detectable occurrence}) moving at light speed through 'empty' (light needs a medium to travel through) space but it's really a wave form, a movement in the formative 'substance', the indefinable nothingness from which all manifests from. Atoms have a nucleus with a dense cloud of electrons around the nucleus. Consider what is it that keeps the action in the atom. These subatomic particles are not material things but are fluctuations of energy and information moving through a huge void flickering in and out of existence depending if there is an observer or not and not if there is no decision to observe them. Energy vibrations are temporary vibrations in a flat field. The flat field doesn't vibrate.

God's light becomes real if we can see a definite brain response. The brain is born from a single cell that had no brain cells in it. Tthe brain registers reality. It takes no energy to know your brain. The brain only expresses what you know (like someone asks you something and you reply with what you know). Think of two words, say, aardvark and lexus. Now a massive radical shift in neurons transpires to switch from one to the other in thought. Now your awareness has both and this is you using the 'nothingness', the invisible realm. Neurons that fire together, wire together. The brain is a receiver of mind. Challenge your brain cells to make new connections if you want a new leap of creativity. Opportunity = taking raw energy and information of the universe and transforming it into something never created before. Imagination is the source of all creativity

cells:.A depressed person has depressed cells. A happy person has happy cells. To be alive is a multi dimensional act. In a single moment of life this intelligence of the cell is thinking, feeling, perceiving, breathing, digesting. It takes in trillions of molecules of food and air and turns them into that mysteriously unique creation that is you, you with your five layers or levels of existence. Cells store only 3 seconds of food. Every cell performs thousands of processes a second. Each cell is a hologram of the entire universe. After only 50 replications cell division stops and so from 1 cell 100 trillion are made that each manage a million functions per second and some 6 trillion reactions occur in the human body every second. What drives the energy systems in the body is the digestive system, the digestion of the food we eat. The strength of the digestive system is more important than even quality of food because no matter how good the food may be if you can't digest it properly you won't get the energy out of it, so it's mostly useless and creates ama. and especially so if its genetically modified 'frankenfood'.

chakras mean 'spinning wheels'. A chakra is a Sanskrit word that means energy wheel or center. Chakras arethought to be junction points that exist between consciousness and physiology. Each of these chakras is assumed to be an energy center associated with a core human need and when a center is open, the energy that flows through it allows us to better meet those needs.

Contrast the Holy Spirit, which is all pervasive and has no need of entry points for energy centers called chakras. Chakra is just an ancient word to describe that what we are is patterns of energy. See the movie.What If? The Movie.and see where a woman cured a basketball size tumor in 6½ weeks just by having her mind connected to the true God of all creation.and see the new.The Grand Self movie, about moving out and away from any darkness in one's life and into the light of the Holy Spirit where the real life is.

Physical actions such as those of the five Tibetan rites can laboriously lead one to what he or she can have simply by asking:Luke 11:13. The life energy is the body's particular pattern in the invisible. 

Thanks to be able to see that we indeed are energy; thanks to Kirlian photography and MRI's and thanks to the work of radiologist Dr. Bjorn Nordensrom at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden dealing with the body's electrical currents and thanks to the work of Dr. Reinhard Voll in Germany and his Dermatron device thanks also to Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama for his AMI machine and his instrument that measures energy changes in the body. We are energy, energy that is directed by mind, our mind. We must learn how to use it.

Sound stimulation creates and maintains. Listen to music that seems healing, cleansing and encouraging to you.

Practice acceptance and sensitivity and realize what is going on inside another. Know that emotions are complex, conflicting, confusing and irrational. You have abandoned sensitivity when you use phrases like 'I don't understand why you feel this way' or 'I don't have the slightest idea what is going on with you', for cryin' out loud just listen to the person. To be sensitive you need to culture empathy., a quality of higher consciousness

Allow others to hear your pure-wisdom. Wisdom is the blossoming of-reason (the basis or motive for an action, a decision, or a conviction) a prudent (wise in handling practical matters; exercising good judgment or common sense, careful in regard to one's own interests; provident, artful about one's conduct; circumspect), but most reasoning is done out of the ego self. The whole object of certain forms of eastern study is to override reason so the true nature of the real self, where the real true God of all creation is the center, where love can show through and profit all.

toning: Be open to the idea your body has sounds it wants to make that have been suppressed by our idea of how we should sound to others. Lsten inwardly to see if there are sounds that need to be expressed at this time.

changing (see also more under purpose) "The inner self of everyman waits patiently until we are ready to discover it. Then it extends an invitation to enter the luminous mystery of existence in which all things are created, nurtured and renewed. In the presence of this mystery, we not only heal ourselves, we heal the world (Dr Len's experience)." ...Deepak Chopra.(deepakchopra.com); the whole world lives in hope that someday, somehow life will be better, safer, prosperous for all, healthy and painless, friendly, purposeful and meaningful: Romans 8:19-24.

All wrongs in the world arise from a belief in non love. We think of the world out there as separate from ourselves but this is not true. The world 'out there' is actually a construct of our own interpretation which we often fail to take responsibility for and this is the very thing that would change it. 

As-Gandhi said "Be the change you want to see in the world." One transforms the world at the spirit level through meditation, prayer, contemplation and study (*). Be careful getting out there and into confrontation in order to alter the system. Why?

The world is like the mind which requires infinitely flexible ways to relate to it. Help the world reach that necesssary critical mass that will bring peace and violence in the world to an end and the world to a new beginning. If I can change my consciousness and if the world is made of the same stuff as my mind, then I can change the world by amplifying my spirituality because any involvement with the ego world at its level won't change it. Why?.

It's memory that keeps old causes alive constantly rekindling conflict. It's the same with angers and resentments people have. If we could only remember who we really are, spirit inside, instead of all those things where we have felt wronged by someone, we could change our future. The one infinite consciousness alone shines in all names and forms. The whole of reality is contained in the present moment. I would take from this statement that with love we can change reality. The whole universe at this moment is as it should be. Do not wish for things to be different, but do see where things must change to love and this is done through meditation, prayer, etc. It's only by accepting the world as it is that enables us to own it and thus see how to move forward in positive change. Every single moment is exactly as it should be because it was produced from the collective mind of humanity. Help others to be more soul activated. Be a spiritual copartner with others in your mind. Decorate your soul with high consciousness things. Anything can be mastered when all effort is relaxed and the mind is absorbed in the infinite unbounded nature of pure consciousness and we are no longer upset by the play of opposites. It's the love we have of the infinite that changes the whole world. Don't preach. Ask open ended questions to lead into a discussion, example 9/11.
Buddha wanted each person to look inside and find liberation through a personal journey ending in a state of pure eternal consciousness, which is present in everyone, like clear water lying beneath the Earth. Buddha's awakening occurred when he came to realize the truth nothing exists by itself, that all is one. Buddha revealed truths that every person can recognize. Grow and engage in activities that mostly contribute to growth, which is the willingness to let reality be true every moment. The world out there is connected to our body. There are no defined edges to us. We recycle its water, its air, its food, its atoms. All is interdependent. If the trees don't breath, neither do we.

You can change the multiverse by showing others how to get away from suffering as fast as they can and that there's a better way to live than war. There is no collective transformation without personal transformation. Be the change you want to see in the world as Ghandi had said. Let the universe work out the details. Things only change by change in consciousness. We transform the world by transforming ourselves because we are spirit at the core and, as such, are here to serve all sentient beings on the planet. "Pursue some path, however narrow and crooked, in which you can walk with love and reverence." ...Henry David Thoreau.

You make fullest use of the law of dharma by committing to serve others through your unique creative expression, in whatever form that takes. When you do this the entire field of pure potentiality opens to you and you're able to create as much happiness and abundance as you want because you are in harmony with the domain of spirit, from which all creation flows. The greatest contribution we can make to the wellbeing of those in our lives is to have peace in our own hearts. Your every thought is taking place in the field of invisibility, the field of creation. We rewire the brain of the collective consciousness by infusing the collective mind (how?) with the spirit of high consciousness, that is, by being that high consciousness ourselves. 

Rewire for healing, transformation and higher consciousness for all. Rewire for healing emotions, etc. Awareness itself is healing. We can rewire the planetary because we're entangled with intention. The whole universe thinks. With a new birth of heart, we see a new world.

In the eyes of love all-people are doing the best they can from their own levels of consciousness. You have power over your words, thoughts and actions, but you have no power over the outcome. You plant a seed, nurture it, give attention to it until it takes on a life of its own. Be the vibration that inspires others. Don't succumbto the vibrations around you as many are negative. Remember we are the one we have been waiting for. Ask yourself how will life continue for me if I continue to make the same choices and continue doing the same actions? Am I expanding and growing or feel stuck; who else is this affecting, who else is caught in the halo of my behaviors. Am I empowering those behaviors to raise up higher or enabling them to carry on with the way they are? Am I adding to their expansion and happiness or is my own constriction pulling at them and limiting them? What is it costing me to not make this shift. How will others in my life be affected if I don't make this shift? What small step can I take right now that will take me toward whatever my commitment is? Consider this is your life in this year. Everything happens in tiny steps. Call and say here's what I'd like to do; let's have a conversation. Now let go of any attachment to the outcome.

IQ is not relevant. What is relevant to a society is how well people are communicating their ideas and how well they are cooperating, not how clever the individuals are. A clever individual may be selfishly negative, so where's his or her value in life?

people types:
Clinging types can be handled by showing them how to deal with situations on their own. Give them responsibility. Instead of doing what they want, show them how to do it. This works with children and clinging types are children who have never grown up, which is why they often seem so infantile. If they try remarks of saying that you do the job so much better, reply that you don't. The stronger and more capable you act, the more they will cling. Finally, find situations where you can honestly say "I need your help". Either they will come through or walk away. You will probably be happy either way.

We all have about six different faces we use depending on whom we happen to be with at any particular time.

Controlling types can be handled by acting unintimidated. At heart, controlling types fear that they are inadequate and they defend against their own insecurity by making other people feel insecure and not good enough. Show that you are good enough. When you do a good job, say so and don't fall for their insistence on constant changes. Be strong and stand up for yourself. Above all, don't turn an encounter into a contest of who's right and who's wrong; you'll never outplay a controlling type at their own game.

Competitive types are handled by letting them win. Until they win, they won't have a chance to show generosity. Most competitive types want to be generous as it improves their self-image and competitive types never lose sight of their self-image. If you have a strong disagreement, never show emotion or ask for mercy. Instead, make a reasonable argument. If the discussion is based on facts, competitive types have a way to back down without losing. For example, instead of saying I'm too tired to do this or it's late and you're being unfair, say 'I need more research time on this and I will get it to you faster if I am fresh in the morning'. There are times when you cannot handle difficult people and must distance yourself, but even this isn't black and white.

Self-important types Let them have their say. You can't shut them up. Mostly you can ignore their contribution, however, they tend to forget what they said very quickly. If they domineer to the point of suffocating you, stay away. The best strategy, the one used by those who actually love such types and marry them, is to sit back and enjoy the show.

Chronic complainer types These people are bitter and angry but haven't dealt with the reality that the source of their anger is internal. Your only option is generally to put up with them and stay away when you can. Don't agree with their complaints or try to placate them. They have endless fuel for their bitterness and simmering rage.

Victim types These people are passive.aggressive. They get away with doing wrong to you by hurting themselves into the bargain. If they arrive half an hour late at a restaurant for example, they had something bad happen to hold them up. The fact that you are the target of the inconvenience is never acknowledged. The best tactic is to get as angry as you normally would, if called for. Don't take their victimization as an excuse.

Poor me types If the victim is a 'poor me' type without the passive aggression side, offer realistic, practical help rather than sympathy. For example, if they announce that they might lose their job, say "I can loan you money and give you some job leads" instead of "that's awful, you must feel terrible". In the short run, most of the everyday difficult types want somebody to listen and not judge them. If you can do that without getting involved in a way that threatens to impinge on your peace, it helps them too. The key is to attempt to bring and/or keep others at the level you are in life (*). Lending your ear for a while is also the decent thing to do. Being a good listener means not arguing, criticizing, offering your own opinion, or interrupting. If the other person has a genuine interest in you they will invite you to talk and not simply listen. Most difficult people aren't that way though. Being a good listener has its limits. As soon as you feel taken advantage of, start exiting. The bottom line with practical psychology is that you know what to fix, what to put up with and what to walk away from. Well being is the number one concern today. The world is as we are. When you step outside your various personas (*), then the karma attached to any one role no longer sticks.

What is there about us that is beyond change? It's the Soul. The East Indian word shavashakti = break old patterns by looking for signs of new direction. Intention repeated creates habit. Think and repeat thoughts to break out of the impossible. Show people a way out. Pluck out the old worn out superstitions. We need patterns for passionate effective people to help create a better world. Teach others to turn on their capacities. Teach them to discover the different kinds of intelligence they have. Most think in words and not from their heart and without the intelligence of discernment. The mistake most of the world makes is assuming you don't change. But people can and do change themselves. 

It's helpful to realize that we can choose not to participate in society's self-created story. So, let us not try to change anyone's story. Why?

Let us only notice and observe ourselves when we buy into it and then, let us back away from participating in it (*). Realize that national and tribal stories are limited, self-serving and based on the past, reinforced by orthodoxy and therefore opposed to real change. Stories are incredibly persuasive. Wars are fueled by victimization that runs deep. All we can do is think, act, and say. Let us direct our thoughts, words and actions to peace. That is all we can do. How can we do it? Then let the results be what they will be. Let us not demand of ourselves that we alone must be the agent of change. In a fire brigade everyone passes along a bucket, but only the last person puts out the fire. None of us know where we stand in line. We may be here simply to pass a bucket. We may be called on to play a major role.

character: All good qualities add a brush stroke to our spiritual path. What it is that is uniquely us. With others, seek agreement and reconciliation (Matthew 5:25)

children: Get your child on a journey of spirit. Most important is to teach them all you can find about spirit (much on this on deepak chopra's site.{deepakchopra.com}.and john hagelin). Get them to know the 7 laws of spiritual success. 7 laws emerge from 1 vision. Get and keep connected to creative mind. If you want to get something, give it. Ask kids what came to their mind when they did something. Raise your child with spiritual skills. The spirit of a person must be cultivated, nourished and encouraged. Teach them to look for meaning in things in a simple way What does that (some situation; growth of a tree one notices; a bird coming close to you; etc. as you teach them to become more aware of what's all around them and changes which occur in life). Children learn to act out the demands of others which is slavery. You don't want your child to obey you out of fear and punishment. Keep them in the spiritual realm and you'll keep them from becoming 'do this, do that' automatons. That's world controller stuff. Goodness can easily stand up to the evil you see in your child. Tantrums around age 2 that leads you to frustration and desire to punish is all about the ego beginning to flourish. Here it is showing you the need for spiritual guidance the child needs. Teach by reflection. Ask the child after a tantrum "do you see what acting like that does", etc. Reflection is the way of the spirit Let them know that they are important to the universe. Try not to be overbearing: Colossians 3:21 "Fathers, provoke not your children to anger, lest they be discouraged." Teach children that in their heart all things are possible: Mark 10:27 "And Emmanuel looking upon them said, with men it is impossible, but not with God, for with God all things are possible."

Teach your child that a few minutes a day meditation is good at about 12 to 15 minutes. 'I can do anything' is a thought that comes from being in nature and contemplatingthe vast sky. Teach them that there is always another way of looking at each thing. Ask for illumination on it. Ask for insight to see the other ways. Invite fantasy and experimentation and openness. Teach your child to find one good thing about another peson and talk about it at dinner. By spending some time in nature each day you can awaken to the inspiration, creativity and intelligence that flow through everything. Walk barefoot on the Earth for a few minutes. Feel the nourishing energy of the Earth flowing into your body through the soles of your feet. Take a walk along the ocean or another natural body of water. Let the cooling influence of the water permeate you. Stand in the sunshine, allowing the light and warmth to infuse your being. Acknowledge the life giving energy of the Sun. Walk in a beautiful park, forest or other area with lush vegetation and breathe in the life force of the plants. The best times to do this are right before dawn and right after sunset. Go to a park, a forest or even your backyard and listen to the healing sounds of the natural world, the buzzing of bees, the wind blowing through the leaves and the calls of wild birds. If you live in a city where you can't regularly hear natural sounds, try listening to recordings of rain forests, ocean waves or waterfalls. Gaze up at the moon and stars at night, allowing your awareness to expand into the heavens and beyond. Have love for your life.

Monday: a day for the law of giving. Have each child give something to another in the family. Here you can teach both givingness and proper acceptance, receiving graciously and with appreciation. Ask them how it feels to give. Have each family member say one thing that day that they are thankful for.

choices: Unconscious choices are painful in result. That's why it's important to always be presently minded in order to make better choices. One can choose to live out of his ego or out of his spirit. Present mindedness enables you to create your own universe

We don't just go through life choosing right and wrong. We go through life making who you are. Choice is the hand that shapes the raw clay of the person (*). What you choose today will ripple throughout a thousand tomorrows. Our choices and actions create memories which trigger our desires to repeat or not repeat that cycle.

The-choicemaker is us who decides which impulses we are to follow. We care about choices and the world around us. You could be fired tomorrow. Your core relationship may change. You could go from one religion to another, but the essence of who you are is the essence of awareness that has no beginning and no end. Our goals and our experiences may come and go, but the-experiencer never changes. It's the one aspect of every experience that never changes. This experiencer is behind experiences. All experience is time bound, but the experiencer is timeless. The experience will change but the experiencer will be the same. The experiencer is the timeless factor in every time bound experience. Every experience has its own energy.pattern. All experiences are determined by 3 components 1) Experiencer (aka seer, knower, listener, feeler, smeller {experiences arising from use of the senses}) 2) Process of experiencing, processing the information from the experience, such as from seeing, hearing, etc. This is the mind which process the information. The information here changes constantly, but the experiencer never does. 3) Object of experience. This is the body and the world. Our error is we identify with #3. That's why Emmanuel said to come out of the world, so we could always have our attention on not the object #3, but on #1, the unchanging reality that is us, the spirit. The experiencer is the one behind every joy, every sadness. What is the nature of inner experience, of inner standing, of overstanding? We just don't know where thinking comes from. In a coma, the mind, in absence of the brain, keeps body functions going. Make choices that make others happy. Freedom comes when you free yourself from choices;. Look at your choices and see that many good things have come out of the bad choices and perhaps many bad things have come out of your good choices. No decision you have ever made has led in a straight line to where you find yourself now. Choiceless awareness is giving up taking sides. It's about shifting your allegiance away from what the ego wants, to what the universe wants. In every experience the hum of the universe is present. What is the nature of inner experience? We just don't know.

coincidences: A-coincidence is a synchronous experience, 2 or more events occurring at the same time, where events occur all reflecting or all part of the same event. Coincidences are clues to the will of the universe. Coincidences are messages from the non local intelligence to break our bonds. What you see and do is one moves into another. Ask the question what does this mean here, what's the story here? Don't go dig for it. Just ask the question. Also ask who am I, what am I here for, what do I want for my life? Discover the soul's desire for your life. Access the will of the eternal soul. Select the archetypes that fit with your intention. What creates your life good? Ask the questions and your soul will answer. Grab the opportunity that arises from coincidence. In coincidences ask what is the message here. Coincidences require our attention.

Myths take one into the realm of the wondrous. Mytsd seek out and identify with the qualities that inspire you. Choose the imaginings that are most comfortable. Chose one opposite gender archetype. Allowing them to express themselves through you creates understanding. See shapeshifter under terms

-comprehending when you feel someone else's suffering, this is compassion and there is here the birth of a bond; broad comprehension of life includes having knowledge that suffering is shared by everyone. When you know that you aren't alone in your suffering, there is the birth of love and when there is love there is the opportunity for peace. A person's quantum mechanical body senses that his or her feelings have been apprehended by the other, that they have been taken into a place of quiet in the heart. This is beyond all rational thought. It is primal. Go with that knowledge. The willingness to reach inside every part of yourself opens the door to total comprehension. Repressing yourself stops the energy from expressing itself and hinders inner seeing of what it needs to know. What if a baby thought this way? yet adults resort to reservations all the time. Give your shortcomings the nourishment of attention.

consciousness is awareness, is the container of the whole universe. The activity of consciousness is what creates the experience of mind, body and the universe. Consciousness is what your attention may be on at the time. Just as movement is inherent in air, manifestion is inherent in consciousness. Consciousness cannot help conceiving, conceptualizing and becoming. It's its nature and its nature comprises restlessness. Consciousness is a causal and is outside space time. Consciousness is not creation but the source of it. Consciousness is awareness without thought, a being aware without thought. Consciousness is time, breath, thought, which are the movements of consciousness. They are all the same thing. Consciousness is the feeling of being alive. Consciousness is the stillness between the vibration and consciousness is your spirit.

pure consciousness is consciousness that doesn't occupy space nor exist in time, therefor consciousness is not subject to the things that can affect the physical body toward dying. Consciousness in this regard has no end and no beginning. It's a field of all possibilities. What you choose today will ripple throughout a thousand tomorrows. The ability of consciousness to shape our lives is the most permanent thing about us. The conditions that turn consciousness toward love are many. Consciousness can be used for good or evil. The choice is ours.

The individualized consciousness perceives what it thinks it perceives. You know, sometimes you just don't 'get it', you just don't understand something at first. On account of both conditioning and ignorance, one's consciousness has been subject to the notion of the ego self arising. At that very moment the delusion of 'a beginning, a middle, an end' arises. If you do not have the notion 'this I am, this I'm not', you will not limit your consciousness. Just as space is not affected and remains untouched by the clouds that float in it, this infinite consciousness is unaffected and untouched by the universe that appears in it. Just as light is not seen except through the refracting.agent, even so the infinite consciousness is revealed through these various bodies:.Romans 1:20 "For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead...".It is essentially nameless and formless but names and forms are associated due to the reflection of its projection.

At the basic level of our existence, we are all a part of one unbounded reality of consciousness from which its creation made all:.Isaiah 40:26. That is very different than saying my imagination created you or that your imagination created me. Our existence is our consciousness and that is uncreated and eternal. The consciousness is not created. It's a function of the invisible intelligent energy which has always been. We all speak consciousness as a second language. The more consciousness you have, the more potential you have. When in the same field of consciousness, there is no difference in space or time. So think only with love. Be conscious among others of the good you want for you, which is also them, because we are all one. What you want is the enlivening of the totality of consciousness. Have the overall development of self-awareness in your heart for all. When we operate from that settled and still sense of self, we meet no resistance that cannot be easily overcome. We are all contained in one consciousness. Consciousness is awareness. The more aware, the more consciousness. Reality comes out of consciousness. 

A dog lives in the moment. We live in the imagination. We ask the questions other species are not capable of. The universe is becoming conscious of itself through us. Consciousness is the epiphenomenon of matter. It is the ultimate ground of creation which differentiates itself using thought as space time, energy and the world of objects. When consciousness, space time and light come together, the universe is made visible. Consciousness conceives, constructs, governs and becomes.

sound: The first movement of consciousness is-sound. A word is a disturbance in the silence, a sound having both energy and information. The second movement of consciousness is sound freezing into matter. The word became flesh as the Bible says. We feel the emotion because the word became flesh. It had thought and it became emotions. Thirdly, you see the manifestation.

higher consciousness things:-Higher consciousness things are love and its attributes, the things of the spirit, such as caring for yourself and for others, the things of intelligence, truth, seeing the past as illusions, organizing ability, creativity, appreciation, honesty, happiness, empathy and compassion, thankfulness, intuition, imagination, awareness, intention, forgiveness, wisdom, peace, kindness, decency, patience, appreciation and gratitude, empathic, joy, gratitude, helpfulness (how can I help, one way is put your money behind the higher consciousness things), thoughtfulness, appreciation of beauty, inspiration, memory, will, intention, self-worth or knowing you matter in the divine plan, non violence, forgiveness. You forgive yourself by becoming a better person and by thinking higher consciousness things. In higher awareness, we see that we aren't our bodies, our possessions, our titles, our circumstances or our relationships We're spiritual beings in the eternal unfolding of life and our natural state is wholeness. Cherish the gifts of creation. Have reverence for and see and feel the sacred. By being non violent we respect life in all its forms. Know your soul is bathed in an endless sea of light. Every one of these higher consciousness qualities comes from this intelligent infinite energy. The growth of these things in your life is a sign that you are closer to your soul. 

Coincidences are messages to you from non local intelligence, the non local domain is inviting you to break karmic bonds, inviting you to embrace the unknown. Consciousness = awareness.

Nature, this intelligent infinite energy, goes to the same place to create a tree or a thought. The universe is a dream machine.

infinite organizing power has organized all our body processes, organized migration, set the spiritual 'computer' to handle a trillion things going on all at once and all correlated. It is simply enough to know, because to know has with it the option to believe. The organizing power is inherent in knowing. When you quiet your mind and introduce your intentions into the field of pure potentiality, you harness the infinite organizing power of the universe to achieve your desires. "A wave of individuality rises from the unbounded ocean and for a time forgets that it is the ocean in disguise. When the wave begins looking inside, the memory of wholeness is rekindled and the wave again knows itself as unbounded infinite and eternal." ... David Simon. Everything is correlated with everything else. All is fully awake within itself but silent. If consciousness is everywhere, we are always in it, even when we decide to die we're still in it. Information is always correlated. Consciousness is the same thing as awareness. Love is the expression of unity consciousness. Love is mysterious and is a thing of the soul level. You can't conceptualize the mind behind the workings of the universe. On can't understand it linguistically, only in the language of nature which is mathematics, the 0's and 1's being infinity. Language is information and energy. Consciousness is the potential for information and energy; David Baum calls it the implicate order, the ultimate ground of creation. What we see we become, so act the way you want to be and you'll become that way.

why are we here We are here to get in touch with consciousness where we create the world in every moment. You are creating all you observe. What you observe in your inner consciousness becomes the outer world. Consciousness is the clay of creation. Carry the consciousness of this presence everywhere you go (see also presence). At this level when you look at a tree you see the soul presence. The sap of the tree carries nature's intelligence to every part of the tree, so like the body you don't deal with just the leaves or the branches, buds and bark to give it nutrition.

3 types of consciousness 1) of physical objects 2) of imagination, things beyond the 5 senses, such as memory. That's why you have no sense of smell in dreams, because dreams are beyond the senses. 3) pure consciousness, awareness, silent mind, the full potential, the I am. In number 2 you can lift a car, see a sick one being well, fly, travel anywhere, etc., all of these 3 interact with each other. 

The future = the next step the mass consciousness takes. In the future, which is now, as past, present and future are all present now. Higher states of consciousness is nothing other than going into the gap. Space/time is structured in the gap. The soul you have uses no energy but funnels it from cosmic consciousness into the body. Higher consciousness will bring a heaven on Earth. In the kingdom of God you are freed from any effects of the law of karma. The kingdom of God is in you. Everything is conscious. Good to get into the presence of high consciouseness as in meditation. The purpose or goal of the divine plan of universe is expansion of consciousness. Transcending as occurs in meditation  is the mind's way of unfolding to itself.

We are designed to transcend. That's why we achieve one level and then it doesn't satisfy. We're made to unfold without limits. The goal of the universe is total freedom. Freedom is knowing you create all that you observe. Freedom is no resentments, no anger; write the situation down from 3 points of view yours, the other and a 3rd party. Ask yourself are you benefiting from this? If not, release it. Feel it, define it, release it and celebrate it's release. Key is participation in the cosmic plan or not; like a baseball game when you are in you are in. Achievement is fully comprehending how consciousness works. Your consciousness is always with you. Constant awareness of cosmic consciousness keeps you there. Consciousness is like water as it only remains fresh if it flows, so let it flow in good works for others. The big job is diminishing the evil in the world. Help world by being a shining light. Evil is more visible than love. We often hide our inner gold under a cover of clay. The multiiversal plan is made up as we go along, but within the overall framework of the incredible plan of the true and only God. If we turn away from the divine plan it can't proceed through us, like water flowing down a river where each rock plays a part until that particular rock is removed. The Creator needs you but can do without you. Know you matter in the grand scheme of things. Why do you think you are here? Everything is consciousness. What you see and do alters the whole structure. The invisible collective consciousness, the mass mind, leads the collective consciousness of society's individials. Consciousness creates reality. Reality is what is behind the curtain and the soul acts from that level. What are you conscious of? The mind of God? Your consciousness is with you now. Focus on the listener. Observe yourself. That consciousness is the same consciousness that's behind the whole universe. There is no fragmentation in it. 

7 states of consciousness When you look at yourself you are using intuition. Consciousness is the epi (above, near) phenomenon of matter. Molecules move around and produce this epi phenomenon we experience as thought. 

When one is awake and alert he is the silent observer, a-witness. Here the spirit observes what's going. 

divine consciousness (see also cosmic consciousness) is where we feel the presence of spirit in all things and even communicate with animals and plants. Emmanuel lived in this state, a state of doing the right thing at the right time without anticipation of a response and leave results to the unknown. Divine consciousness is understanding that your choices are true when you have the assumption that you come from the infinite and are continually in contact. Healthy emotions activate the divine qualities in you which are the higher consciousness things. The divine light comes from a thought system beyond our own. There is no separation in your mind until you begin to believe that there is. This is how you know you are in divine consciousness, when you look at yourself you see only love. In you is where 'I am' is and this is where there is no thought or desire. You are just bathed in the divine consciousness. You are divine and beyond the layers of your life, which include the energetic, the subtle and the psychological. You are God if the Creator is present as you. This is-unity consciousness. See the whole world as a project of yourself, a projection of self. You transcend life and death, have moved into the higher consciousness realm and now your actions are those of higher consciousness.

One moves through the layers of his human being by meditating. Cultivate the silent observer. Cultivate relationships where you are spirit to spirit. 'Namaste' means the God in me recognizes and salutes the God in you.

See yourself in others and see them in you. In relationships you find the non local where everyone else is another version of the self. Through mirror of relationships we discover ourselves. Read some some sutras often and greater meaning comes out.

imagine your day and play your day as a movie, as a viewer of it, not a judger, only as a witness. Replay the day in the evening by taking a moment to reflect; like being dropped onto the planet for 5 minutes with a sole goal of just witnessing life and with no judgments. Witness and let go. The movie is over. Recapitulate perhaps once during your day. Think from the time you just woke up to how all the day has done so far. Don't remind self of how you felt during the day. Your cells, your body already knows that. Be above any negatives in your day. Lean away from that which no longer serves you and towards that which does serve you. Everything in the outer world contains a message about our inner world. Asak yourself, who am I, what do I want for my life, what's my purpose. Just ask the question. Don't try to answer it. You are connected with the infinite intelligece from where all true answers come. Consciousness is everywhere otherwise there is nowhere to go if you die. When you make your only stake in consciousness, you destroy the ego's hold on you. 

Consciousness creates a solid world out of our limited senses. We can't discern the waves of energy and information in this non local field with our limited senses. Key is to live in divine consciousness, unity consciousness. Our consciousness is projected to the world through our 5 senses which are are gateways to the mind/body system; (John 10:34-36 "Emmanuel answered them, is it not written in your law, I said, you are Gods? If he called them Gods, unto whom the word of God came and the scripture cannot be broken; say you of him, whom the Father has sanctified and sent into the world, you blaspheme; because I said, I am the son of God?"). The son of God is Emmanuel talking about unity consciousness, soul consciousness, cosmic consciousness, the witnessing awareness that is always there, the Christ consciousness. Your spirit is watching your body in the dream state.

Abiding in cosmic consciousness leads us to divine consciousness also called God consciousness, where we see the Divine consciousness in trees and in others. See as clearly as you can or at least get a glimpse of the face of God in all. Then there is a consciousness of unity where all is a manifestation of that one spirit. You and source are one. The consciousness behind your thoughts is the same consciousness behind all creation.

contemplation is contemplative meditation, an asking yourself questions. Contemplation is holding a thought in your awareness until you have more comprehension of the thing that you're thinking about: Psalms 4:4 "...Commune with your own heart upon your bed and be still." Contemplation will lead you to the essence of the contemplation. Meditation allows you to get in touch with your essential self. Don't try to conquer your negatives because what you resist persists. Your life has setup neural pathways that resist love, so counteract with a desire to love and be loved; remember, resist not evil Matthew 5:39. Evil is healed in unity with divine consciousness.

cosmic soup We are all embedded in the same reality, an ever moving quantum soup. We think and feel from the invisible world. You'll never find anything invisible if you believe what your senses tell you. Stop trusting that only your senses are right, stop trying to make the world see that you are right and 'they' are wrong. The multiverse is in constant formation. We inhabit a formed multiverse. The whole multiverse is God's mind and we create out of this quantum soup those things reflected into it from our and the collective consciousness. The creator simply observes. The multiverse is always recreating itself.

The multiverse keeps track of paired electrons, where when one changes the other one does also. It requires intelligence to do this. Science has yet to weld the fields of subjectivity and objectivity, staying for the most part on the side of objectivity, like saying you can't comprehend jazz until we diagnose the atoms in Louis Armstrong's trumpet and evolutionists take the same view of life. However, everything is connected.

creativity/creation We are creators. The hard work is removing your belief that you can't be that way. Creative drive isn't facilitated by feeling like you 'should' create something, or that you ought to start a project or you'll regret it. When your desire to create something comes from a feeling of enthusiasm, inspiration, joy and fullness within, then you are in touch with your true nature and the guidance that will help you create and experience fulfilment without the anxiety and frustration which is the way of the ego to gain control over the real you.

If you allocate enough time to sleep, exercise, playing and meditation to your personal relationships and follow the nine steps in your everyday life, you will have a creative response to every problem. you will also expand your consciousness. Creativity is a quantum leap in meaning, context, relationship and story. The creative response to problems has nine steps 1) inner vision or intended outcome, 2) information gathering, 3) information analysis, 4) incubation, 5) insight, 6) inspiration, 7) implementation, 8) integration, 9) incarnation (the solution becomes as reality). Creativity is a quantum leap in meaning, context, relationship and story and is from the soul level reached in the stillness. From here, desire without expectation is easy and automatic.

The spirit is all three of-generator, organizer and deliverer. The whole process of creation is nothing other than Self interaction, the Self curving back within Itself and experiencing Itself as generator, organizer and deliverer, as creator, process of creation and created, as observer, process of observation and observed. It's all from self-interaction, the Self interacting dynamic in the unified field which generates information fields, transformation fields, energy fields, matter fields and the world of form and phenomenon with information and energy.

From this infinite range comes vibrations causing worlds to appear,-vibrates worlds into emergence. It's the same with you. What your attention is on is amplified and what your attention is not on dissipates. Not realizing how the universe creates makes us subject to delusion and when it is realized how it does create, all cravings and anxieties vanish. Patterns of intelligence are everywhere in the cosmos. "Every creative act involves a new innocence of perception liberated from the cataract of accepted belief." ...Arthur Koestler.

master teacher comes from being open to the student within you, anything can be mastered when all effort is relaxed and the mind is absorbed in the infinite unbounded nature of pure consciousness and no longer upset by the play of opposites. All those others you may not like are your teachers. What is it inside of them that pushes your buttons. Send them love, even if it seems clumsy. Send love to all, to those who help guide you out of darkness, to the teacher inclined person sharing what already exists within you that maybe has been submerged by one's ego. Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know. Both the light and dark are our teachers, bringing us to unconditional love and realizing the self into the stream of life as a light to others. Realize that your experiences are your teachers. We could follow around the greatest spiritual teachers learning and absorbing everything that they say, but really it's in our meditation practice that we experience this space of stillness, of silence, of peace and of union. Meditation is where you awake to the interconnectedness with all others.

What has the cat got to teach you? it's-playful and agile yet intent on getting the mouse. Creation is the one self, the one being interacting with itself and experiencing itself. All that exists is me interacting with myself and experiencing myself as spirit, mind and matter. There is only one Being of many expressions. There is only the one Self able to fully create out a universe: 1Corinthians 2:9. Subjectively we experience ourselves mind and objectively as the body and the world, the body, mind and world being just different manifestations of oneself as different forms and phenomena. All is fluctuating energy, frequencies, called particles as they take on shape the moment they are observed. An energy wave collapses into an electron. Subatomic particles are not really particles but waves of light, fluctuations of energy, waves of energy that are composed in a certain way to make gold, coal and anything. We know these waves exist because of the trails they leave behind. They only come into existence by the existence of the attention of the observer. The arrangement of them makes the difference in what we see as gold, coal, etc.

Life appears random, appears-chaotic on the surface but at a deeper level it is completely organized. There is no randomness, only perfect order even though it appears as chaos, like grand central station. Infinite dynamism explains the universe in terms of force or energy an is a process or mechanism responsible for the development or motion of a system, where there is continuous change, activity, or progress. Havin balance is haveing flexibility to adapt to change.

When you live from the soul level you can realize that whatever comes to you is right for you at this time. When your wish doesn't come true it's because you are going against the way life works. Life is desire, but not anxious desire: Philippians 4:6. Desires are of the Soul and like a blade of grass cracking through the concrete, life must express. The universe became local to give us the 'controls' to see what we'll do. The universe has an automatic side. That which is created into the physical is then subject to the laws that are set to govern it. Us also with our autonomic nervous system. Such laws are the law of vibration where anything that exists in the universe seen or unseen in its purest form is pure energy or light which vibrates, which resonates and exists as a vibratory frequency or pattern. The law of attraction ensures that what we broadcast is joined by or attracted to energies that are harmonious or resonate. Another law is that of cause and effect (karma). And we have the law of growth where something always grows, that creation is constant and abundance determined by the quality of the seed. The energy projected determines what you harvest. And we have the law of reciprocity or reap what you sow. This is your world.

We are a ripple in the field of light, a specific ripple of the infinite ocean of life which never-depletes no matter how much is made of it. 1's and 0's; in on position it's the material world, the physical universe, in off, it's the cosmic invisible energy with its invisible created patterns that sustain the world we see and know of. We create in the off position. Before anything happens to you it is conceived in your imagination and can be eradicated if you don't want it there. How?

I am that I am means the universe has become my body. Plunge into this vast ocean of consciousness through the four disciplines; total 10 minutes. Essence is the stuff that comes from the Soul and enables us to live from that level. As the one we know asEmmanuel, we too are from a source that was never born and will never die. First in our life was innocence. Second is ego which gives birth to the achiever (sex, money, power) and third is awareness (dreaming, sleeping, waking) and beyond this are greater levels of consciousness. Don't lose the innocence.

96% of the multiverse is dark energy, also known as dark matter which holds the other 4% together. The process of creation generates all fields of energy, all matter, all form and potential? It is also a field of infinite creativity. It's the uncertainty that creates the creativity. Also it's an intention field which orchestrates its own fulfilment. You need nothing more than that. All that happens has been graced by synchronicity.

Being alive is the essence of passion. The spirit is constantly doing something, creating something, protecting something, allowing some things to fade from physical existence, concealing something and revealing something else. Without this life would not exist. Consider a baby. New cells are constantly being created and new abilities acquired. These are protected, that is, sustained in memory so that the child can continue to develop. At the same time infantile behavior is fading away. We don't tend to notice this as much as our eyes are fascinated by all the new things a baby is turning into. Concealed from view, but just as real, are parts of the genetic program to come in the future, such as the replacement of baby teeth and the arrival of puberty. Revelation comes in the form of delighted perception unfolding in the baby's awareness, a sense of a new world being born that has surprising things to reveal around every corner. Just by paying attention and desire you flip on the creative process. Creation keeps going, it didn't just happen once. Never let imagination and creativity lapse. Use inner imagery to fire the mind.

dating If the mind is elsewhere, the taste of food that is being eaten is not really experienced. If the mind is elsewhere we do not see what is right in front of us. If a man, ask self where is her attention? What is it on? These first 3 stages of meeting, intimacy, infatuation, communication, could happen even on first meeting. Must gain your potential mate's trust. Relate to her a beautiful dream you had about some woman. Be a great storyteller. Sit with her at parties. When giving or taking something from her, show by your manner how much you love her. Tell her you have something to tell her in private. When she comes to hear it in a private place express love more by manner than words. You win her by a great deal of talking if she's ripe for listening. Women when resorted (when turned) to in proper time and places do not turn away from their lovers. Be a man of true love to her. Have these in your mind: 'Each of us  must be pleasing to the eyes, smile and look approachable'. To approach you have to trust yourself. Observe all around you. Women are passive waiters for the right guy. Realize it's about your voice tone and the way you walk over and posture yourself. Do you look closed down? Say yes, be positive and get out there if you are searching for love. What are you willing to do to make it happen? Have the mind set that you are making a new friend. Women love without regard for right and wrong and they have no ulterior purpose. Women naturally shrink a bit from advances so you must keep at it. Be self-confident. Send presents. Figure out without asking what they like. They like messengers. Someone coming with a good report about you and someone coming with a present to her door; perhaps flowers. Be a good dresser. Try to read her mind. Next time you see her, if she is better dressed, she is capable of being enjoyed and if she meets you in some lonely place. Is she flushed, sweating palms when you are sitting there talking and getting to know one another through good conversation? Love is sparked by feelings of delight. Don't seek the right one. Be the right one. There are probably thousands of women you could spend a satisfying life with. Key in dating is, is her heart open to you. Does being with her (or with any people) make you feel more alive, alert. Does she believe she is loved, then she has room to allow another person to love. Look at yourself and the opposites in you and say I love myself just like this.

Things to do: Take her wine tasting. Take her to a book signing. Take her to a comedy theatre. Question to consider in dating: Are our values aligned. Is she living through a social mask? Is she showing any gestures of love? How do we resonate (do our sounds mix)? There is truly someone for everyone. Share your feelings in degrees as you get to know someone. Woman represents softness, tenderness and nurturing. Put yourself emotionally in someone else's shoes. Ignore your own needs for the time being. Other souls are as interesting as you are. We are all in our own way exploring the vastness of the unknown. Consider if you can have sex with her without boundaries. Has she decided to give herself away? Can it be where each desires to be lost in the affections of each other? Are you both moving toward a connection at all levels, the sensual, sexual, emotional and spiritual? The subtle body (the real you behind the physical) has channels to all 3. To open these channels, rid self of socially programmed ideas about physical relationships, sex and spirituality. Listen to yourself deep inside. Sexual energy is at work anytime we feel attraction. Sexual energy involves arousal, an awakening, alertness, passion, interest, inspiration, excitement, creativity and enthusiasm. When you feel these states of awareness, put attention on this energy that is being experiencing. Nourish it with our attention. Experience it with joy. Keep it alive in your awareness.

To improve your sexual experiences, get rid of physical expectations (like, I expect her/him to be or to do this or that) and have spiritual expectations instead (two souls become as close as they can be and expect to find a new world for themselves in intimacy and ask yourself does she feel that way?). These sort of physical expectations are relics of the past exemplified in performance "how am I doing", "how am I feeling" and are also security expectations as exemplified in questions like "do you love me".

Can she be uninhibited? Sexual fulfilment occurs when the experience comes from playfulness instead of need. When sex comes from playfulness, the result is ecstasy. Otherwise it leads to addiction when people bring their conflicts and needs into the sexual experience and it becomes a project. All sex problems can be traced to resistance, suppression and repression, not to the sexual urges themselves. All resistance is mental because only the mind can decide what to experience and what to repress. Repression implies judgment against what is being felt. Sex becomes a problem when it is mixed with feared emotions as shame, guilt resentment and anger. 

Lovers must share the same values:.Amos 3:3 "Can two walk together, except they be agreed?".The impulse to possess comes from fear and fear is the opposite of love. Attachment is demanding. Love imposes no demands. Non attachment is a state of freedom that preserves and increases your love for another. Attachment always seeks to control and controlling people deeply fear abandonment. In true surrender we never feel the need to control or cajole. You can't get negative unless you first resist a condition that you blame upon that negativity (resist not evil). When you resist something you are pushing away because it's a thought of that moment that bothers you.

Become one with the events around you. Don't be outside of life. Thought can't reconcile thought, that is, sitting down to figure it all out only brings more thoughts, both from you and the other, that now have to be considered. It's an endless cycle. Instead, seek for the calm mutual assurance that exists between two true lovers. Come from a place of silence, the silence one attains in meditation and you'll see the difference in your lives.

True lovers-trust the universe is on their side and forming their desires deep within their heart and are watching the higher self execute them. They believe they are enough as they are. They heed the tenderness and-sweetness of their love for others. They put their full energy of love into every situation. They cultivate the peace of inner silence. They understand that nothing is ever lost. 

The suppression of sexual energy is false, ugly and unchaste. Sexual desire is chaste and sacred (a thing of high consciousness). During sexual union there is union between flesh and spirit through energy. There is an actual discharge at the subtle level. Bliss, carefreeness and playfulness are the essence of sexual energy in its most refined.state. Don't be afraid to ad lib your life or do you use each moment to attempt to orchestrate the future? Never control people other than yourself. The law of surrender says to lose yourself in another person. Surrender is the result of releasing the ego's last claims to separation. Fear is blocked energy.

Sexual intimacy is the road to the taste of or experience of true freedom, because it is the one area of life in which we can become completely uninhibited (open and unrestrained, free from traditional social or moral constrains). Free people bring their conflicts and needs into the sexual experience, dealing with the conflict, the wargasm, using no words, just sounds when angry, like a gorilla. This keeps the relationship on an even keel

If we are allowed to discover our urges, desires and emotions without outside inhibition, they won't go to extremes. Extremism in any form is a reaction to repression, inhibition and suppression. Aggression and violence are the shadow energies of fear and impotence. Sex is many peoples means of escape and is their only experience of meditation. Spirit and sex have been tragically divorced due to social conditioning. Too bad we have come a long way away from the information in the ancient book Kama Sutra. Sex reminds man and woman that they are not really different at all. Make love freely with each other without shame and with pleasure in mind. When sex is actually united with love, its ability to free someone becomes amazingly strong. Sex is the main way humanity can experience ecstasy. In sex you pour your spirit into the other and in this all is made new. All the things we do with our life have ecstasy as the ultimate goal. Turning one's back on sex is the same as turning one's back on the very nature of the soul. All our exploring, all our desires to travel to 'get away from it all' is really a seeking for love. Every single beneficial chemical response in the body is triggered by sex, the immune system is strengthened, feelings of power, peace, contentment and belonging emerge.

Keep looking, there is someone out of perhaps a thousand who would be suitable in varying degrees. Try to be clear on what you are looking for in those of the opposite sex. What are the core values you are looking for? Get clear on it. Ask yourself, is the attraction level sustainable? Put energy and attention into finding love. But then, what does this scripture mean?.Luke 20:35 "But they which shall be accounted worthy to obtain that world and the resurrection from the dead, neither marry, nor are given in marriage."

...topics for conversation and.dating considerations

Your spirit is trustworthy when aligned with the Creator's principles Trust your spirit to bring your life into order;. When you trust there is no need for hidden hostility and suspicion, the two great enemies of peace. Everything you do you do for the sake of the self, the higher consciousness ways of the spirit, not the I. A heart that has learned to trust can be addressed (approached, spoken to) in the world:.James 3:17

What is the message you are delivering to yourself? Get out there. Have the mind set that you are making a new friend. Consider what someone else sees in you. Do they only see what they already know? What good is that then? How can you take them further in life for their good? Consider that. Have fun with others. In that way you build loyalty; live in the moment; think about what worked and what didn't work; have gratitude; it's a journey of learning along the way; be happy on your own, don't rely on the relationship to make you happy; women emphasize process rather than product; relationships important to them; does being with her (or with any people) make you feel alive, alert;

What drives you; must identify what is currently challenging; do you feel that with me you are part of something much bigger than ourselves? communion is not communication, it's connecting with the soul of another (no superiority, no inferiority); is contact of soul with soul, where lovers take from each other what they did not possess alone if your communion is deep enough; communion is interfered with by projection; the ego wants to shatter this temporary state of 'we' by battling for boundaries, if ego wins then fear has projected itself from the past into the present through memory and all the old boundaries are put back into place.

Communion: The secret of is soul to soul connection; communion is not communication, it's connecting with the soul of another (no superiority, no inferiority); communion is the basis of trust; big thing comfortableness; what is the need of the moment and how do I fulfil that particular need, so ask your loved ones what they are observing, needing, feeling; the eye tells more than the tongue and if the eye and the tongue contradict each other, believe the eye; question her eyes as they are vastly more voluble (fluent) than her tongue; if you would know the secret of success with women, it is said in a word, ardor (fiery, intensity of feeling; passion; strong enthusiasm or devotion; zeal); More.

Death the endless round of birth, death, that's in a spiral, where everything flows into the next moment, but to us it all seems like it's a straight line starting at birth and ending at what we call death: the opposite of death is not life, but the rebirth the Bible talks about as typified in the resurrection. Nature tells us by seeing the caterpillar turn into a beautiful butterfly, that it's not death, but change. It is simply an opportunity for another birth, a rebirth (when? now!). The trees in the forest, all plants and animals tell us the same thing, otherwise the universe would not be one of love:.Isaiah 25:8 "Death is swallowed up in victory ..."

The physical body is at the ego level because we are conditioned to it as decaying, but the spiritual body pattern, the pattern supporting the physical, never ages, so the key is to live from the spirit and how does one do that? No link of the spiral could exist without the previous link of the spiral. We are in this spiral at a specfic focalpoint not realizing we are in this spiral of passing time apart from our linear view of it. We go through what to us is this life of ours, forgetting as it were our true reality, that of an eternal being and so we need to be reborn as a child to remember who we really are. All you take with you if you go is yourself. The last thought you may have if you choose to leave is the culmination of all the thoughts of your life and this last thought which is the last breath, comes automatically. That which had no beginning cannot die. Many of those at the time of transition had these thoughts. The body is like a cloak. For the enlightened it's like letting it fall to the floor and for the unenlightened it's like ripping off a cloak that is sewn on. When you were physically born and saw the light, you saw one who was expecting you, maybe two, your mom and dad and by the age of three you knew you were a unique expression amongst others and felt as though you were no stranger here. Just as your mother and dad expected you, so will it be if and when you choose to pass into the afterlife. There are those there that are anticipating seeing you again. You can bring them back here to be with you or go there and be with them:.Romans 8:23 "...even we ourselves groan within ourselves, waiting for the adoption, to wit, the redemption of our body." Philippians 1:21 "For to me to live is christ and to die is gain. Philippians 1:22,23 for I am in a strait betwixt two, having a desire to depart and to be with Christ; which is far better. Nevertheless to abide in the flesh is more needful for you.").

Those who fear and hate death, fear life and dislike their presence here. These are the angry, the resentful, the greedy, the selfish and the unthankful. 

In death we move from one world to another, if we have chosen to leave this world. Our beliefs being stored consciousness will follow us. How much baggage will we carry with us if we have chose to cross over?

The zero point field is more real that the physical universe, it being simply a projection from the 'nothingness', creating a hologram of our physical universe that we humans interpret as real, when it is all just an illusion, but such an interesting one. There is no need to fear the vanishing act of death because life has always been a vanishing act

What we most value in ourselves, our capacity to think and feel, didn't come about from entering the physical world, it got projected into the physical world from a source which was the zero point field that is the root of consciousness, extending back billions of years and ahead into the foreseeable future. This model explains the universe better than any other and gives the modern and ancient physics inclined people what they both demand, a bridge between mind and matter. If you have chosen to die, you leave your body but you remain aware of who you are (Life After Death, disc 3, track 11). If consciousness isn't everywhere there would be nowhere to go after death that isn't conscious. It is here you experience all the significant moments of your life since birth and here you clearly see the rights (higher consciousness actions) and the wrongs (low consciousness actions) and here you see completely that you were responsible for everything you did. These are all self-judgments, not divine edicts and you find yourself in regions of the akasha known as locas, which is like the pause between two breaths. The afterlife is a journey only in a sense that a daydream is as we are when in it, taking our attention away from one level (kosha) and placing it on another. The afterlife seems to be a transformation chamber, as it were, for reentry when one chooses so and further experience on the physical plane of existence. In this illusory world nothing is ever lost or gained because all is energy, frequencies and energy can only be transformed, never destroyed. Though it appears that gain and loss is real, only our perception of gain or loss is what appears real to us. When you die you lose everything of this world, but the you that forever was and forever will be, that something that always remains is the soul of you (Ephesians 1:4 "According as he did choose us in him before the foundation of the world, for our being holy and unblemished before him, in love." ...Young's Literal Translation of the original Greek.

Romans 4:17 ".....God, who quickens the dead and calls those things which be not as though they were." Romans 8:29,30 "For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate...moreover whom he did predestinate, them he also called and whom he called, them he also justified and whom he justified, them he also glorified." 2Timothy 1:9 "Who has saved us and called us with an holy calling, not according to our works, but according to his own purpose and grace, which was given us in christ Emmanuel before the world began." Ephesians 3:21 "...world without end.")

The true reality of life is hidden beneath the illusory world of the physical, the physical world we sense with our 5 senses. Hidden behind is the real world where we are spirit (*). This is the world where we always have been, the world where we animate our physical bodies from, a process set up that we take for granted.

According to vedanta whatever mental things we allow to limit our freedom now will continue to operate after we die, so learn to be free now. In both cases you are subject to the power of karma, which is 'we reap what we sow'. The afterlife is a place of new found clarity. The afterlife isn't static. We continue to evolve and grow after we die. Choice doesn't end with death. It expands. Earthly images carry us into the afterlife. We see what our culture has conditioned us to see, but then the soul makes creative leaps that open new worlds (Ecclesiastes 7:1 "A good name is better than precious ointment and the day of death than the day of one's birth.").

Prepare for the afterlife by-self-examination. Experiences during this life are very important for our afterlife. The afterlife brings you into the soul's domain as every spiritual tradition says it does. We need to die to old memories that continue to hurt us emotionally, die to the social conditioning that has programmed us negatively, die to habits that aren't in our best interest and die to the idea of self-denial meaning all the things that the mind uses not to see itself, the things that restrict the unbounded potential of our minds.

It's the choices we make that build the invisible barriers, the limitations, that only we can take down by being willing to change and grow spiritually. The ability of consciousness to shape our lives is the most permanent thing about us. For those without expectations, where do they go after death? You can't remember a moment of not being alive because you always were.

Forget the rumors that you were born. That's the cure for dying. You weren't born, you just manifested from the invisible back into the physical world. We are temporarily disguised as a human being, more accurately a being human, a spirit being human, having a human experience, but our essential nature is infinite spirit which is unbounded, immortal and invincible. The ignorant man's body, ignorant of what he really is, which is spirit, is composed and decomposed on account of the status of his mental conditioning. Just as you make your own life within the overall framework of your life plan, so you also make your own death experience by how you may have lived. Some have peaceful passings and others of violent natures may be afraid of death, not understanding it. They have concepts come up that they have not dealt with in life. Just as in life, in death, in the world of spirits, we will be around those of similar natures to ours, matching our spiritual growth or lack of it. Life may change but it can never be destroyed. The change from one form of existence to another is called death. This transfers one's life from one form of existence to another. Just because it disappears from out of sight doesn't mean it has ceased to exist.

The creator has not created anything for destruction. If it was intended to be destroyed it would not have been created. This is talking not of the physical level where we see things come and go all the time, but of the eternal level below the atom, below all we see and know. If nothing in creation is destroyed then that applies to humanity also. At time of death the body loses its sense of feeling. Death is like sleep, no pain in passing over. Similar to as an exhausted man being overcome by deep sleep, so comes the sleep of death to a man.

Death comes so suddenly to many that it is only with great difficulty that they realize that they have left the material world. Bewildered by the many new things they see around them they imagine that they are visiting some country. Those there will instruct them so they can realize that their spiritual body is different from their former material existence. In the caseof one who has no such conditioning there is no momentum for such decomposition.

A lifetime is but a single thought in the infinite consciousness. This lifetime of ours is transient as autumn's clouds. To watch the birth and death of human beings is like looking at movements of a dance. The inexorable passage of invisible intangible time eats up all creatures. Knowing this the wise keep their attention on the timeless, the spirit that is the real them. The mind, the real you, also is the seed for the body, if the tree dies the seed does not, but when the seed perishes the tree dies with it, so keep your mind and awareness of the real you alive by knowing you are spirit at your core.

If the body perishes the mind can create other bodies for itself. We who know the deathless nature of the self are not afraid of death. Egotism is but an idea based on a false association of the self with the physical elements. In reality this egotism does not exist anymore than water exists in the mirage. A lifetime is like a flash of lightning in the sky, a rushing by like a torrent down the steep mountain. Decide to be free by being grounded in your deep true being, grounded in the spirit that you are. The ignorant man's body is composed and decomposed on account of the status of his mental conditioning. In the case of one who has no such conditioning there is no momentum for decomposition. Even as the cosmic being creates the universe after cosmic dissolution, we create our own world after death, that is, we create the body not the mind. The mind is our individuality in the spirit and it's the spirit that we commonly call God that is the entire intelligent universe. We are in God and are God:.John 10:34 "Emmanuel answered them...you are Gods?". It's the mind that creates the body. The mind is the seed for the body. When the tree dies the seed does not, but when the seed perishes the tree dies with it.(Matthew 10:28), but unlike the physical world, the spirit never dies, but it can be separated from further creating. If the body perishes the mind can create other bodies for itself if the One who controls all allows for it to be so.

Fear of death is a spontaneous feeling deeply rooted in us as a result of the mistake of the intellect, that is, we believe in death. The quantum mechanical subtle body of ours, unborn, never dies, but if a bad person in life, a bad person who never changed or even wanted to change, then, for a time may not be allowed to come back into the physical as he or she was before. It would be the same as would happen to the evil angels:.Revelation 20:2,3.

What happens when we die? Nothing, we are always here, just in a realm that can't be seen by those in the physical. We do not die. Like people in a telephone conversation, the line gets cut off, the communication stops, but what happens to the people? nothing. Only certain lines of communication that use a certain nervous system providing life to a physical body, have temporarily been disrupted. The people live on, the body comes and goes, but men and women are always here in their real, but invisible form.

When the body succumbs to the mind's negativity, therfore becoming faulty, diseased, it is no longer comfortable for the spirit and no further lessons on this school of Earth can be learned. It then becomes time to discard the body, so gradually the spirit withdraws and exteriorizes outside the flesh body. The spirit form has exactly the same outline as the material vision and can be clearly seen by a clairvoyant. At the moment of death the cord(s) or grid.(called silver cord in the Bible in Ecclesiastes 12:6,7).the spirit uses to maintain physical presence thins and then parts from the visible remains.

After death we will not be with those who disliked us in the physical, as we will be in the 'all harmony' with others and similar to being in the physical with those whom we had rapport with. Dying is simply the birth into another plane of existence. With the death of the day the evening is born. As one doffs (put aside, discard) his clothes when worn out, so the soul doffs the body when the body sleeps or when it is ready for dissolution, but that need not be, depending on one's belief. 

What happens after I die? the illusionof separation forces you to believe that something gave you life, therefor can also take it away, but you are life. The silent witness has always been there, a pure creator that never knows death, only the coming and going of different bodies and somewhat different minds. We fear death because we fear loss. Nothing is lost at death. It's a beginning. Death signals a new beginning. Whatever you hold onto is already dead. Die to every moment by living in the present moment, letting it die and looking forward to the next moment. Die to every moment and you discover the way to everlasting life. Being centered is living in the present moment, not thinking of past negatives and worries over the future.

In death you lose what was temporary and unreal but necessary for the purpose why we are here. This is an illusory world, a projection from the underlying spirit realm.

Death is not the opposite of life. It's the process of allowing some old formation of energy and information to transform into some new form. The opposite of death is stagnation, no newness. To have newness we must consciously die to the old pattern, the behaviors and beliefs that represent stagnation. Die every day to negatives and you'll attain everlasting life:.1Corinthians 15:31; Matthew 7:13.

What we on this Earthly realm call death, is really an entry into another organization of energy and information. We can never die because we were never born, speaking here of the spirit, the eternal spirit that each of us is an individual expression of. Stop identifying yourself with your body. Experience now the part of you (how?) that is at peace and unchanging and you open yourself to the experiences of spirit that are beyond fear. It's an opportunity. The ingredients of life shift from one plane to another without distorting the exquisite balance of life. Death is simply just another face of birth. But death doesn't have to faced. One can live now in the spirit in his physical body and carry on forever. God created life, eternal life! Death is not a part of God's initial creation.

The closest to death we come to in life is when love is absent. See the movie.Out of Africa.for a poignant view of this.

Atoms are nothing but transformed,-recycled energy to begin with: Ecclesiastes 1:9 "The thing that has been, it is that which shall be and that which is done is that which shall be done and there is no new thing under the sun." Your atoms are billions of years old and after you are finished with them they'll recycle into a different form of energy (1Corinthians 15:55 "O death, where is your sting {or error or separation from God, death being the result of man's separation from God}? O grave, where is thy victory?") and the answer (1Corinthians 15:56 "The sting of death is sin {sin or error is from separation from God; by implication immortality is our true life; sin is simply missing the mark of a better life for yourself} and the strength of sin is the law.").

Death would be better labeled change. Those who believe in death, believe in a world separate from the observer. Death is based on a selective view of reality that was conditioned into you before you had a conscious choice. Your pet canary, dog or cat went to heaven, etc.

Things are dying constantly and then renewing. The only living part of the tree is the thin cambium or ring in the middle which feeds the living leaves until they turn to skeletons and fall off. Your skin is always dying, your body is in your soul which is your spirit, yet actually the body is the soul, as it's just slowed down frequencies, slowed down to the point of visibility. The body 'leaves' the soul eventually and we call this death. If you aren't going anywhere when you die, you must be there already, so it's just a change. The non local, the invisible is always there, so you don't go anywhere when you die. In the spirit realm which is where you always are anyway with or without the body, nothing changes, you just become aware of this new realm as the physical one has passed for now and you no longer sense with your physical five sensess, but your mind is still very much what it has always been.

All comes out of imagination and thought. Your thoughts are what you have accepted as true and they come out of the life experiences that produced those thoughts and this includes the spiritual ones you may or may not have had. You will go to where you believe it's real to go to, for you are a creator of the Creator. The baby of you died over time to become a child. The child of you died and became the young person. The young person of you passed behind to become the young adult who passed on to become the elder adult, all different persons physically. You are not the same now as in any of your previous periods of growing and maturing. Though you are the same being that has always existed you are the being who came through those periods of your life for your time on Earth. When you are a grandparent you will no longer be in early adulthood, a teener or a young adult, a child or a baby, so when it comes time and if you choose to pass on, you go back into the completely spirit realm. So, which one will show up there? The ten year old you once were is now gone. So, what is the part of you that doesn't come and go? It's the real you. You are a spirit, spirit energy that is intelligent. You are dying at every moment so you can be created anew and this as you go along in life.

In death the soul falls back into the larger entity. You are a soul, a unique expression of the underlying multiversal field of consciousness from which it and all else emerged. After being here for a unique moment in time we progress onward if we handled it right. What does that mean? We fear death because we are identified with an imaginary self an illusory self. Don't cling to anything. We cling because we fear something being taken from us and this causes much unnecessary destruction of any joy we could be experiencing in the present. There is no separate self. We are recycled, recycled information and our personality is recycled relationships. Feelings and emotions are recycled energy. What arises also subsides. This is the law of impermanence. All in the relative world, this physical existence, is impermanent, but we try to hold onto that which is impermanent and we too are impermanent, just here for a reason of the Creator-God. Birth and death are waves in this overall consciousness of spirit energy. Humans are the only creature knowledgeable about death. A dog doesn't ask questions, it just lives in the moment. You come from the infinite and are returned to the infinite. You came from a source that was never born and will never die. You go to the place where the soul lives before you die by being quiet in meditation time with yourself. We remain in the cosmic journey creating new relationships, new context, new meanings and our personal identity.

Our-persona, as we see ourselves right now is a space time event. You are in that cosmic identity which is you having an impermanent pattern of behavior in that identity, that is, you are not the same person today as you were when you were a child, a baby, a teener. If you have awareness now, which you do because you are aware you are here and who you are. Similarly, you'll be aware then.

All our roles, our various expressions, exist simultaneously, such as the child we are at thanksgiving, the work persona we have, the fun/travel person, etc. 6 maybe more of you exist alongside. Each of these are your personas and they all overlap. If you try to sort them out, you'll see none of them is the real you. Step outside any past negative personas and then the karma attached to any one role no longer sticks.

Dying involves moving from one world to another. Fear not death because there's no death in the first place. Get rid of fear of death by realizing that you are not a person. The real you is not a person, but a formation of intelligent energy that is associated with a physical body. All thoughts survive death, but the physical bodies, private memories, sense of identity don't. That's why you can't recall what you were like before coming here in the physical. The after life is an opportunity to expand beyond boundaries of time and space. You go to the place where the soul lives when you are no longer physical. Upon death the body leaves the soul. The soul being still here in the invisible, takes center stage when we decide to die. We then would be absorbed into love as another face of its expression. Choices await one's soul in the afterlife such as perhaps coming back. Why would one want to come back?

Death is going into the after life where you wake up from physical existence. Our job here, our purpose here is to awaken dreaming human beings from their ego induced state of physical concerns only, a sort of 'sleep in selfishness'. There is a whole different reality we need to wake up to. Listen to signals coming to you from within, just be quiet, this helps one to go within. Turn to the true self of you, your spirit, your soul. As we are on a path discovering that we are the executor of all, that we are potentials and potentials because we have thought and thought is creative.

Listen for signals of-comfort and discomfort from your body. When confronted with a situation have your attention on your body and see whether it feels comfortable doing that or not. Is your body sending you a message of comfort re what you may be considering? Just observe it. Just be a witness to it.

This brings up information from the realm of the subconscious mind. Listen to your heart, your feelings, your gut feeling. Be aware of what emotions are going on in your body. Ask yourself if this is comfortable for you regarding what your attention may be presently on and just witness it, just have your attention on it. This is intuition. You don't have to evaluate it. In a similar way, our emotional boundaries send us messages of comfort or discomfort when our boundaries are approached. Messages of comfort encourage us to move towards the source of stimulation and messages of discomfort, to move away. We can endure things if we believe it will bring us closer to more happiness and better results in the end. We lean toward the comfort and away from the pain pathway. We want the energy of the happy pathway in our life. It's the expectation of ultimate or greater comfort or pleasure that moves us on in life. Be flexible and adapt to change.

Our souls are potentials beyond time/space. In meditation we go beyond physical to the level of our soul. In the afterlife our 5 senses are left behind and the you that you are in meditation and contemplation can now express the spirit's next stage of existence. If you've chosen the after life, you can still grow there, albeit slower so than in Earthly existence. Death is a forsakingof the consciousness of physical objects. Death cannot touch that which is real, which is the spirit. Only the physical illusion is dissolved; oh death, where is your sting? In the after life pain gets erased from your memory.

You are already outliving your physical body because every 2 years all cells in the body are new, but your spirit memory is constantly reestablishing itself from mind to 'physicalness' and the same scars, the same body shape, etc. are there because it's the spirit of you that holds and reproduces these patterns. These patterns can be changed by imagining yourself different from what you have constantly thought of yourself as being, such as, I'm getting young instead of I'm getting old, I'm happier each day instead of I'm sadder as each day goes by and other such thoughts about the physical body that are not true when it comes to the real you, your spirit. Through conditioning by how you have allowed others to program you and this has probably been mostly negative, perhaps you have accepted other opinions as authority over you. Belief is powerful. Be cautious what you accept of opinions about yourself. You then generate the same information and energy because your thoughts are also energy and information. If we are not alert to what is going on with us, thoughts transform themselves into the same states of presence we had before and we remain in bondage to our own memory and to the opinions of others we have accepted. So we have a new body every 2 years, but same arthritis, because through conditioning we generate the same impulses of information energy, the same patterns which were in the soul as before. Freedom is there if you use your memory and not let it use you.

Using your memory is like "I remember where that road is to get to that small town park"; letting it use you is "these thoughts are making me sad". When in a state of rendition, that is placing all that is going on with you in the present moment and in the light of what you really want for yourself, the soul is an animating force of the physical body.

Without this animating energy, right now we would all be just a frozen mass. When the soul goes the body disintegrates, but whether in life and after death, the dream continues. We are the only creature knowledgeable about death. We fear death because we are attached to the impermanent, the things accepted that made an impression on us that made us the human being that we are:.Ecclesiastes 12:7. We fear death because we are attached to the idea of a permanent self.

Nature's purpose is to live forever. Our souls separate only once from the physical body and from then on we are in the spirit realm with all others who have passed before us, but you'll still be you, still able to think, change, contemplate, etc., just a spirit body then and one that isn't slowed down to be able to function in this limited by the five senses world on Earth:.Hebrews 9:27

Poem from an unknown american native author:."Don't stand by my grave and weep, for I'm not there, I do not sleep, I am a thousand winds that blow, I am the diamonds glint in snow, I am the sunlight on ripened grain, I am the gentle autumn's rain. In the soft hush of the morning light, I am the swift bird in flight. Don't stand by my grave and cry, I'm not there, I did not die.".The soul takes center stage after we die, absorbed then into universe of love: 1John 4:8,16 "He that loves not knows not God, for God is love....God is love and he that dwells in love dwells in God and God in him." Philippians 2:5,6 "Let this mind be in you to be equal with God." You always have been alive. Every level of the journey exists in this invisible field of information, this field of intelligent energy called consciousness. You leave behind the five senses when you go.

Van Komel has proved that there is consciousness in the absence of brain activity. Poem:."This is my road to travel, on a road to unravel. Why should death take the fullness of life? I can't remember not being alive.".What do you want your story to be after you die? Consciousness is everywhere otherwise nowhere to go when you die. Most people postpone the journey to their goal until they die. death retreats with saying to yourself "I am", meaning I exist and I'm endless. The so called after life is always present. Death ends nothing. It opens a different world. One is self-motivated even after death. When you die, you go to where the clocks don't tick. The last thought at the time of death is culmination of all thoughts of your life.

Buddha dying said "I'm awake". Buddha didn't see himself as divine as Emmanuel.did. Buddha is about the seekers life, where searching is water for the spiritual thirsty. Dying allows us to see reality clearly out of time bound daily life awareness. To die in one world brings life in another. Remember the butterfly. Find the part of you that is unborn and you will be free of birth and death. The lesson of Buddha is a journey from asleep to awakening.+

Depression /-demons a depressed person has depressed cells, a happy person has happy cells. If you have a pulse you have a purpose. Demons are alive negative circumstances in our lives akin to attitudes of destruction. The cause of pain is a mind asleep to itself, so be aware of how things are affecting you. Keeping your head up and carrying on with life will help keep you out of depression when depressing things come. Depression is depletion of energy due to fear, guilt and hostility and can be discharged by taking a deep breath.

Sit quietly and deal with this energy of anxiety. Let any feelings, thoughts or energies come up, just be with it, just watch the energy disperse as much as it can, feel the sensation without judgment. Don't demand complete discharge. The body will let go of stored energy as it is able to. Repeat the process for 5 minutes a day as often as necessary. Do this when your behavior is influenced by past memories and future worries and fears, burdened by guilt and sorrow, causing the entropy that leads to aging and death.

Cognitive therapy is getting the mind off an idea that was a false belief that held you down. Embrace your demons, diminishing their effects by accepting them and share your dark side with good friends. Notice how like one's breath, negative thoughts emotions, which are feelings and sensitivities, arise and subside. Remember, if it arises it also subsides. The first principle of Buddha is that of impermanence.

Suffering's cause is that the unbounded self is overshadowed by the world. A reason for problems is because we are caught in an illusion, in the boundaries of space time causation. This is because of your self-imposed illusion and all your conflicts arise because of this, birth, death, pain, pleasure, hope and fear. To end these problems you must end the illusion, end this being caught in a net. Time itself is a net.

Suffering has 5 causes and can be brought to an end. The 5 causes of suffering are ignorance of our real nature, which is the failure to discriminate between the permanent and the impermanent, the pure and the impure, bliss and suffering, the self and the non self and ignorance of our nature is the source of the other four. Egoism (self-interest has been the byword of human conduct since man has been on the Earth) is the limiting sense of I and results from the individual's intellect attributing the power of consciousness to a self that he or she has accepted as being limited. See the free full length movies.What If? The Movie.and.The Grand Self.for the way out of this conundrum. Object referral is attachment, a clinging to pleasure. Aversion is this object referral thing clinging to pain.

Fear of death.is the spontaneous feeling rooted deep in us as the subtle cause of suffering is destroyed when the mind merges back into the unmanifest. The gross effects of suffering are destroyed through transcendence attained through meditation. The root of suffering is the mind identifying with the ego, obeying the ego's bounded view, living in fear and separation instead of living in complete love the force that upholds all life. 

A shift in perception is needed to live the answers to the age old questions of why am I here, who am I, why is there suffering. A shift out of the spell (trance, bewitched, a sleeping state while awake) of duality and illusion is accomplished by not buying into the old conditioning. New thoughts are needed that show how to get away from suffering.

If duality is an illusion then rejecting duality allows reality itself to take over. Reality is more powerful than illusion. Waking up from it is a gradual process, one that must be renewed every day by meditation and purification by means of using contemplation. Suffering is impermanent. We unfortunately attach to what is impermanent because we don't recognize the 2nd principle of Buddha, that of there is no separate self. We have cut the line to God and it's we that must reopen it. Show people a way out of the causes of suffering, that it is because people are filled up with their unreal self, the concepts they hold as true. When you detach yourself from local awareness, the universe can't crush you because you step outside the ego's game of making you happy, that is you'll be happy if you take this or do that. If there is no individual, that is, you realize that all is one, it can't be crushed by the universe. One way to give up local awareness is to realize that you already have it all.  And you do! Everything is recycled, breath, emotions and personality

-time bound.these recycled things are time bound, it comes about when the present is identified with the past and projected into the future; time present and time past."Time present and time past are both perhaps present in time future and time future contained in time past. If all time is eternally present, all time is unredeemable". Though is is not redeemable, it is alterable,.how?

Time is recycled relationships, recycled by the mind thinking about them. One's being is the universe in individual expression. Personality is time bound. It comes about when the present is identified with the past and projected into the future. The self is a reflection of all selves. Breath is the movement of thought that's why in the gap breath and thought stops. One's original state is always present except in manifestation, because then he or she is in the time bound state If no shadow then you not in the light, as light always casts a shadow. Shadow is dark energies within us. Get to know your dark side.

An emotion is a feeling, a sensation in the body. Put your attention on it. Make sure you have mature emotions, that is, that you are responsible not that others have caused you be this or that way like a victim feeling abandoned. Mature emotions are that you admit you got angry. Ask yourself if the negative thoughts are true, then ask if they are really true, bexause a depressed mind equals depressed cells and depressed cells equals negative happenings such as illness.

-desire.(see also attention and intention) Desire is pure potentiality seeking manifestation. Allow the universe to play its game through you. Don't write the philosophy, allow the philosophy to write though you. As Joe Namath, baseball player of fame said, allow the game to play through you. Anything you want you have because inherent in the desire are the mechanics for its fulfilment, like a seed which produces a tree. The test you can use on yourself is to ask 'does this desire feel relaxed.and.loving? Is it coming from a place that already feels good about itself? Do I want this for others as well as for myself? Desire is made into our enemy whenever we take the natural urge for more and suppress it or distort it. Must let desire flow freely. A desire is nothing more than an expansion of a need. All desires arise so we can learn more about our higher self which is totally free, unbounded and blissful. Money has no value except as measured from the inside.

If our desires do not come easily they are out of-alignment with our higher self, the essence of which is Creator-God, therefore nature does not make your desires come true. The best way to get them is to live in the present moment and note the desires that come along. There are steps to fulfilment of desire. Let all of your activities bring you into alignment with your essential being, that is, the you connected with the infinite intelligence, the formative energy of the universe, available to all. Every experience has a lesson to teach. Everything is now exactly as it should be, which means it all comes out of the collective consciousness that all humanity has put into it from the beginning. If it's not what you like, it can be changed. How?

Because inherent in having a desire is the mechanics for its fulfillment, relinquish attachment to results and you'll then be in the process of fulfilment of your desires.."Keep your desire turning back within and be patient, allowing the fulfilment to come to you, gently resisting the temptation to chase your dreams into the world. Insteadf pursue them into your heart until they disappear into the self and leave them there."....Maharishi. Do not strain after the needs of life, just be quietly alert and aware of them. Desires get fulfilled just by the mere thought of having them. You don't really add accelerating power to them by any urgency you may feel. We exist to actualize the deepest desires of our hearts. Our desires are trying to free us from all limitation, that's why when one is fulfilled, often there are many more along the same lines. 

Realize the self connected to the Soul, is the cause of all. The impression of past action stored deep in the mind are the seeds of desire and they ripen into action in seen and unseen ways. They are are like seeds left in the ground. They wait for the right season and then spontaneously bloom into beautiful flowers and majestic gardens, into mighty trees and enchanted forests.

You can feel free from desires when you know you have it all in consciousness, because you know you are fulfilled, like a musician performing is in a state of no desire, because he's in a state of fulfilment or you're having a satisfying meal. Slip into the silence, be sure your ego is not your internal reference point, release your desire if it comes from the level of pure silence. Into this field of pure silence you release your desire. In the desire itself is the mechanics for its fulfilment. Being multidimensional beings, our different levels give rise to different desires. You are your deepest driving desire. As is your desire so is your will. As is your will so is your deed. As is your deed, so is your destiny. Your deeds or actions are essentially your attention and personal commitments. Desire makes life expand. Every desire is trying to heal your lack of love. In love all things are made new; desires come true when they are held quietly in the heart so whisper your dreams to love, not to the world. 

Growing in life means letting life be new at any moment. Desire allows one to reach into the unknown. Desires are fulfilled according to our level of awareness. If our awareness is pure, that means, of love, every desire is fulfilled completely. Any desire to grow spiritually is following the flow of love. If we block our desires we block our natural avenue of growth. A desire is something we want in order to increase happiness.."Knowledge of what is possible is the beginning of happiness."....George Santayana. Our inner need must be faced before we can feel secure. Desires aligned with your high self come to us effortlessly, so live in the present moment. The best thing that can happen to you is happening right now. It does matter to you what happens, so be impeccable with your words, thoughts and deeds and it will all flow to you. All desires are spiritual when seen to their deepest level. Allow the relaxed flow of awareness to occur and forget the result, because if you're in the process the result is guaranteed. If you are in the end result in your mind, you are trying to be the controller. Let desire flow freely. Wanting more of life is natural. Desire is just an expansion of a need and is natural when in alignment with your higher self. All desires arrive so you can learn of the nature of your higher self. Have the desire and no attachment to the result.

Turn your attention to the one who is listening. Desire is the heart's way of reaching into the unknown, the experiences of life come from the heart.Proverbs 4:23. Out of it are the issues of life, the experiences of life that come from meaning. All life's negatives as caused by the ego are to show you that there is a better opposite. The force that makes life expand is desire. Remember, desires are like seeds in the ground are are key to having more spirit energy in your life. Do one thing you love to do, but avoid repetition of trying to do all you would like to do. That kills joy. Desire wants to go deeper.

For example, see more to love in your partner then you both will desire more. Your desire must point to where you want to be from where you are. Desire is the connection between manifestation and its realization. If you have a desire, you are meant to fulfil it.

Karma is action and as such generates memory and memory generates desire. Time submits to your desire. All you want is packaged with its own inner schedule. Desire must point from where you are to where you want to be. Be open to welcoming anything that comes so ups and downs don't set you off. All desire arise so you can learn more about your higher self. Desire is the basis of creation, meaning, basis of action is desire. Desires not realized come from being attached to the result.

Destiny.is a combination of personal and collective karma. We are local concentrations of information and energy and the universe is all your extended body;

Detachment many wisdom traditions teach that the path to happiness and spiritual enlightenment lies in letting go of attachment, this doesn't mean renouncing your desires or living the life of an ascetic, instead, you set an intention then relinquish your attachment to the outcome, have a goal, give it attention, let go and let it come how it will, have it mind that your actions are free from the outcome, free from fear of disapproval, why?."Using the power of your attention and intention, you can dissolve the impurities that limit the fullest expression of your life force, allowing you to remember your true nature as a divine being masquerading as a human."....David Simon. Detachment is a natural quality that emerges as your higher self, your spirit, becomes your internal reference point; you engage in life with joy and passion yet no longer get swept up in the ego's fears; you are rooted in the knowledge that you are pure love and pure spirit;."Yoga (yoga means 'unity') is perfect evenness of mind. Seek refuge in the attitude of detachment and you will amass the wealth of spiritual awareness. Those who are motivated only by desire for the fruits of action are miserable, for they are constantly anxious about the results of what they do. When consciousness in unified, however, all vain anxiety is left behind. There is no cause for worry, whether things go well or ill. Therefore, devote yourself to the disciplines of yoga, for yoga is skill in action."....Bhagavad Gita.

The Bhagavad Gita is a book about a ruler asking a clairvoyant there with him to tell him what is happening on the battlefield. The entire book is about the clairvoyant's account of what is transpiring on the battlefield. In this case the clairvoyant shifts the area of his consciousness, corresponding to the distant events, to the area of consciousness which is brought close enough for precise perception of these events."....Grigori Grabovoi).
   He who would be serene and pure needs but one thing, detachment." ...Meister Eckhart. "We have not come here to take prisoners or to confine our wondrous spirits, but to experience ever and ever more deeply our divine courage, freedom and light."....Hafiz.

Detaching solves the fight in you between good and evil. Attachment is based on fear and insecurity. When you forget your true self, which is pure consciousness, pure potentiality, you begin to believe that you need something outside of yourself to make you happy. At a deep level, however, you know that happiness can be lost and therefore has the potential to bring you pain. The only way out of this dilemma is releasing your attachment to a specific result. Step into the field of all possibilities, set your intentions, take action and let the universe take care of the outcome. Detached involvement is the key. Give attention to it until it takes on a life of its own, then you can detach. We are not the-roles we are playing; it may be our destiny to play these roles, but we are not the roles we are playing. We are the silent observer that can participate in every experience without becoming identified with it. Witness each moment with detached involvement. In detaching lies the wisdom of uncertainty. In the wisdom of uncertainty lies the freedom from our past, from the known which is the prison of past conditioning and in our willingness to step into the unknown the field of all possibilities, we surrender ourselves to the creative mind that orchestrates the dance of the universe. You put the law of detachment into effect by committing yourself to detachment and allowing yourself and those around you the freedom to be as they are. Don't rigidly impose my idea of how things should be, and you won't force solutions on problems, thereby creating new problems. Participate in everything with detached involvement. The law of detachment states that whenever we give up attachment to the outcome, we have total control over our own actions but no control over the fruits of those actions. 

The Spirit has a good outcome for any situation if we can open ourselves to it by not having any anxious thought. Once you create say a painting, you become detached from it, done with it, like after sex. By stepping outside the karma, you detach yourself from insecurity, that is your ego, then going into your center. Here you lay up treasures in heaven (Matthew 6:19,20) far away from the ego. Have a goal but be detached, such as, if I don't get there I don't care. Spirit can keep you from being stressed and overwhelmed from things around you. This is called detachment, a leaving the larger plan to spirit. Look within for guidance, trust your instincts, your inner self, your intuitive senses. Your inner self has profound knowledge of life. Let us realize that engagement and detachment aren't opposite. The more engaged we become, the more detached we will have to be, otherwise, we will lose ourselves in conflict, obsessiveness, anxiety over the future and feelings of guilt and inadequacy. Keep in mind that we are pioneers into the unknown and uncertainty is our ally. When our minds want closure, certainty and finality, let us remind ourselves that these are fictions. Our joyous moments will come from riding the wave, not asking to get off at the next station.

-disease mechanisms are not the origins of disease and this is where medical science goes wrong, When ill the body is sending a message of imbalance, a message that some lack is present. To live without love, devotion, compassion are spiritual deficiences. A change in awareness from comfort to discomfort occurs due to frustrated desires.

-dna sequencing. The gap is different for each dna of living things. It's not the atoms but the sequencing of them which causes this. Life emerges from gaps in dna which is the source of consciousness. Dna has knowledge of the future. Dna grows baby teeth for everyone. How does dna deal with time, baby teeth loss, puberty, menopause, etc. How does a chemical keep track of time. Telomeres are involved but where did they get their sense of timing. Timing requires a mind. 

dreams: Look for clues in your dreams toward patterns. Give instructions to your subconscious to witness your dreams. Take note of your behaviors in your dreams. We spend our whole lives projecting a dream from pure being, the source of all energy and all creation, the source whereis total potential of natural law (gravity, electromagnetism, etc., which are not just forces but intelligence); Every day in our lives we are stepping into this projection and believing the dream is real, when it's only illusory. What are dreams for? They are real when you are in them. Dreams come true when they are held quietly in the heart. Don't tell your dreams to the world. Whisper them to love: 1John 4:8,16. Our aspirations and dreams derive from our individual souls, which are of the ocean of consciousness as a wave is of the ocean, which wants most of all to fulfil its unique purpose in life.

The roaming of the spirit of you produces dreams, which are impressions transmitted along the silver cord:.Ecclesiastes 12:6. At night one's soul detaches from the body and can roam always connected by what is called a-silver cord. It's like an umbilical cord where it stays connected until the time of what we call death, which like an umbilical cord when cut means birth into a new world for the baby and death to its life in the womb.

-duality or dualism is belief in the us vs them thinking and has you in its script whenever we feel alone, isolated and fearful of the world 'out there'. The way of peace leads beyond duality. Embracing duality exercise; think about the person who is attractive to you, write down what is attractive about them, 10 things or more. Stuck? Ask "I like this person because ...", then do the unattractive to you whys, then find 3 opposite qualities in each category, then ask self if you were ever that way and circle them and check mark those that do not apply to you, then select the 3 at each category that do and don't apply to you.

-eco system is the web of relationships in which we all exist.

-ego is always self absorbed and concerned with the self in the external world. That seems to be why we have it. The mistake of our intellect however, is seeing the ego as our reference point to existence because it misses the world of the spirit:.1John 4:4. Close your eyes and step away from your ego into meditation where one finds the deeper true reality. The ego is always calculating, anticipating and making rational choices. It seeks approval. It makes fear motivated choices. The ego is the state of object referral, created when we relinquish the deeper spiritual self for the self image, accepting instead a mask for the true self we are at our core. The ego is needy but spirit.is not. When we look away from the false identity which is.the ego, we will realize our essence as the supreme being or infinite consciousness and we will be freed from all conditioning and all limitations. 

If you intend to change your consciousness so completely that violence is extinguished, you will no longer be an ego driven personality and you will have no stake in politics, psychology or money or the future. Your only stake will be in the timeless region where consciousness is born. Find that seed ground and everyday that you touch you will add to the peace of the world in a way that no other action can hope to do. At one level you will remain the concerned individual, the doer of good, one full of hope, but at a deeper level you will keep your eyes on the absolute as the only begetter of transformation here on Earth. The soul remains detached from the ego which is always in fear, always wondering is this right, is this wrong, what will be the reaction if I do this and it's all fear. Time is manufactured in the ego.

ego dead: If your ego self is dead, dead meaning not the motivation center any longer from which you act, as the ego was necessary to bring forth the unique individual you were before this physical life (2Timothy 1:9) and that to modify yourself to become even better to be:.Ephesians 4:13). That's why this pressure cooker world.

You will not limit your consciousness unless acting from the ego, the selfish level. Be firmly rooted in the non existence of your ego self which came into being through ignorance and delusion, but was necessary. When you lose this false identity you realize then your essence as the supreme being or infinite consciousness and you are then freed from all conditioning and limitations. It's a being born again.

If your ego self is basically dead you will not limit your consciousness. Your ego is dead when in you the very notions of calamity, poverty, elation, pride, separation, dullness and agitation do not arise. Then your ego self is rendered null and void. Then you will be liberated while living and utter purity will prevail in you because you will be a liberated sage whose ego mind hhas been passed on from:.Colossians 3:3 "For you are dead and your life is hid with Christ in God."

Such a mind as the liberated sage is full of noble qualities, intense friendliness, where love, compassion and natural goodness will remain in you. Renounce all-notions (a belief or opinion; mental image or representation; an idea or conception) and then renounce the renouncer of those notions. Your words carry power. When the conditioned you has ceased you will be like infinite space, free unbounded, eternal. As long as there is a you and an I there is no liberation, no freedom and only a belief in separation. Even as movement is inherent in air, manifestation is inherent in consciousness. Whatever the mind thinks of, that alone it sees. We who know the deathless nature of the self are not afraid of death:.1Corinthians 15:55

Egotism is but an idea based on a false association of the self with the physical elements. In reality this egotism does not exist anymore than water exists in the mirage. This lifetime of ours is transient as autumn clouds. To watch the birth and death of beings is like looking at the movements of a dance. A lifetime is like a flash of lightning in the sky rushing by like a torrent down the steep mountain, but now we are free and grounded in the being of the infinite consciousness: Ephesians 3:17-21

Here lifetimes ripple by like waves in the vast ocean of consciousness. The ego sense and also the fancy that there are others are as real as dream objects, real to you while in the dream of the stage of life, but the only reality is the infinite consciousness which is omnipresent, pure, tranquil, omnipotent. Here one sees the truth that the non dual consciousness which dwells in all beings is omnipotent and omnipresent. An ego that looks out on a dangerous world feels threatened because everything out there is unpredictable. The soul self on the other hand is always the same, present in all things, has nothing to fear or defend against and replaces the need to judge using the principle of acceptance. In timeless awareness the heart feels connected to the infinite, but in time awareness the ego calculates and is not love and cannot create love, instead pushing it away. It wants love, but it itself is not love and can seal you out from the world of love. Like a candle flame held in front of the sun, the ego disappears in the sun's bright light. Similarly, your ego dissolves in the overwhelming presence of love.

Don't reinforce the needs of your ego. The ego is one of the operating-centers in us. The soul remains detached from the ego. If your internal reference point is your ego, you will be hurt for the rest of your life. Normally the ego is "what can I get out of this for me", but from our soul level it's "how can I help". All the ego can offer is to feel good or feel bad; give money to someone who needs it makes you feel good, lose it somehow and feel bad. Know the difference between ego and spirit. Ego is needy but spirit is not. By quieting our thoughts through meditation and opening to what the universe has to say, we go beyond our egos. Gratitude, one of the attributes of love, kills the ego and feeds our heart. With the ego, the reason for existence is to accumulate. It wants more of anything it sees.

The sole goal of the ego is to make the self happy by its pursuit of a cosmic delusion consisting of false awareness that believes in-separation, fragmentation and loss of wholeness. We see our bodies as separate from others because we see them over there somewhere and this gives rise to the illusion that we must struggle and compete with every other isolated body. At one level we are separate, but at the deeper level of unity we are one. Understanding oneness is comprehending that really there is no others out there and that we are slices of individuality existing alongside similar others. The paradigmof separation is that you must work hard to accomplish your goals, but nature doesn't work like that. There's no effort in nature. It just functions with maximum efficiency and no effort. Things just work effortlessly. The principle in nature is to do less and accomplish more, so just have the desire and let go and accept whatever comes and when or if it does and this because you'll never see all the larger picture. Trust the universe. The truly conscious person is not merely awakened about their own existence, but is fully aware and even spiritually attuned to the reality that we are not really separate from other living things around us. Transcend the individuality that the ego provides by drawing on your higher self. You are a choice making entity. The ego has guided you through a world of infinite diversity to bring you to where you are today. It was the only option since it and not the spirit, the real you, dominated your life. As long as there is a you and an I there is no liberation but a belief in separation, see the-other as a different expression of what it is that is you. It's the activites of consciousness that make us all different. It's the interaction of the awareness with itself that it sees itself as the other. Animals are also different levels of consciousness. Some call it 'namaste' which means the God I am recognizes the God you are:.Philippians 2:3 "...in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves."

The ego mistakes surrender to unity for death, thus seeing its domination come to an end; when we turn away from the notions of I and the world, we are liberated. The notion of 'I am this' is the sole bondage here. To be whole involves surrender, because you can't fight the ego. Just observe its workings. Monitor it until it goes away. The ego throws you into a world of opposites and so we have wars and who can feel at home in the middle of a fight. We have found at least a somewhat stable point of life through the ego, so we embrace it and hold onto it. Look at yourself as if you were another person and you lose the need to be the only one who counts. Life's journey is to come home to the self. Ego is edging God out as so many short sighted ancients did:.Jeremiah 44:16,17.

The ego is the state of-object referral which is attachment, a referring to an object in the environment, identifying with it in order so you can understand. The ego uses objects such as situations, circumstances, people or things to make meaning out of an existence lacking a spiritual component. Whenever a person refers to objects to seek his identity he is in the object referral mode, a seeking to know himself through the eyes of others. It's a clinging to pleasure, an awareness of fear, a feeling of being threatened. Problem is, all these objects change. As a result of this our life becomes a roller coaster ride, with our happiness tied to externals.

Humans define themselves through objects which includes people, titles, possessions and accomplishments, but objects change and as long as your identity and sense of security is tied to these external factors your life will feel unstable, that is, by referring to an object to identify yourself. People believe that to be as happy as they can be, they identify with those things that they believe will bring them happiness, nice house, newer vehicle, just the right clothes for every occasion, etc., etc. Object referral is defining yourself based on what others may think or on what you think that they may think. We need self referral not object referral, then actions are spontaneously right and you live life comfortably and as it comes. Ask yourself 'What is happening around me and withing me?' Object referral is to identify with the object and lose one's centeredness, to have our focus outward as opposed to inward. Object referral is thinking that something outside of you will bring you want you want in order to feel good, in order to be in happiness. That's a trap. That's social conditioning.
-Simplicity destroys object referral and brings freedom.

What then remains is the deepest-healing.."Your body cannot heal without play. Your mind cannot heal without laughter. Your soul cannot heal without joy."....Catherine Fenwick. "Being happy is the most important factor in health." ...Deepak Chopra.

In the silence of meditation (meditative music in background is also helpful) you return to your original unconditioned mind which starts to restore balance in your physical body. Nothing in the body is permanent, so you can change the memories.that hold the body in its present state. Change the memories and you change the body, how?

Most approach their illnesses with a symptomatic approach, that is, take a pill for this, take a pill for that, get a vaccination for this and another for that. This is a crude approach based on lack of intelligence of how the body really works.

Things many cultures throughout time have done in order to bring about the healing response are 1) the use of sound, music, chanting, mantra;.2) massage; 3) meditation; 4) prayer; 5) exercise of some kind; 6) breathing techniques of some kind; 7) diet; 8) herbs. All healing comes about as a result of restoring the body's natural rhythms. Your body takes better care of itself when you cease worrying about it and listen to it. Ask your stomach, for example, before you eat what you are considering and see what message your body gives you. Healing is the loss of fear because we have discovered a part of ourselves that is beyond change. True healing occurs from the level of the soul. In our spirit is the real us. We are beyond memories because the spirit, aka the 'nothingness', is beyond all that comes out of it and we are the silent witness of the memories we choose to look at (and we should look at them all) and healing is the return of the memory of wholeness. In order to heal ourselves we must get in touch with that wholeness which is the experiencer.

Since the body is holographic, when you reduce one of the-biomarkers of deteriorating health the others reverse (blood pressure, auditory threshold, hormonal levels, temperature regulation, skin thickness, muscle mass, blood sugar regulation, muscle strength, metabolic activity, body fat, visual threshold, immune function, bone density, cholesterol and lipid levels, aerobic capacity, antioxidant levels). Know your intention, close the gap of separation, fear, greed, rage, hopelessness. Feel yourself connected to these so you can stay apart from them. Ask for mastery.

Shavashakti= shapeshifter, is transforming oneself into a person for which great things happen. Break old patterns by looking for signs of new direction. Intention repeated creates habit. Think and repeat thoughts to break out of the impossible. If we block our desires we block our natural avenue of growth.

Love does not need a reason. It speaks from the irrational wisdom of the heart. Love based on spirit has no fear of being wounded. The unknown is the territory of lovers. A prayer for others could be that God will fill up the missing gaps in their life. Disease is a signal from the body that some lack is dominant, a signal that some imbalance exists. Healing's first law is to look within yourself. We all face temporary energies that block the way. Healing doesn't take place at the ego level, but at the level that changes the body's printout. That level is the spirit.

Don't attack the negative mindsets because that elevates them in power to affect your life in a similar negative manner, but don't shrink from the truth that a negative mindset, such as maybe anger, needs to be healed. 

Being defenseless removes blocks that keep new life from rushing in to help you. When you can mesh the moment by having the thought 'I can heal this', it's the instantaneous impulse to heal without any hesitation or doubt that enables the wound and the healer to be a precise fit. It's a matter of meshing your mind with the moment; say 'I can heal that' regarding whatever is unlike higher consciousness you come across in you or in others.

When you feel unbounded and free you will begin to free your self of all. The subtler one's awareness the more powerfully it can heal. The eastern tradition of vedanta states healing is the return of the memory of wholeness. Inner awareness is the source of all healing, the sense of I am, unity. There's only one secret to healing and it's enlightenment. When you feel unbounded and free you will begin to heal yourself. Healing is being whole. It's the healing of love. Sickness is a self correcting cybernetic feedback mechanism allowing you to get back on the path of bliss, happiness and the spontaneous fulfilment of all your desires (Deepak's Higher Self CD, Disc 2, Track 2). Close your eyes, allow your awareness to wander where it will, note the sensations, they are asking for healing, the fact you are paying attention to a sensation is what brings the healing, all that is needed is attention because attention in spirit and spirit is only love and spirit-knows how to best bring to pass what it is you want, so you don't have to struggle and strain. 

Relax in the sureness of the ability of the spirit to perform absolutely anything: Matthew 11:28-30. Here the mind is answering the body's request, a friend to a friend and the awareness goes between different parts of the body that have some discomfort. Bodily signals become part of one's thoughts and emotions, both on the negative side and positive side. There are thoughts that promote healing and thoughts that bring hurt. It is all attention. Let the sensations come and go as they will, as clouds passing by and the background, the sky, the-watcher to it all. As you watch the mind, you become aware of yourself as the watcher.

Celestial light is free from disease. If one's attention is on the 'I', separation from the 'we', the whole, takes place and when an internal reference point is outside of the 'I', we have connected to some other thing to determine if the 'I', the self, is happy or not. This is object referral. There is no 'I'. There is only we. But, being human, we have a bias toward what we can see, taste and smell. This is the center of reference for our egos, but when our internal reference point is pointed to an external, that is, something outside of us of which we have no control over, here we are victims of position and possession. Don't put too much stock in this 'thing' that's outside of you, be it your status, your job, car, cabin, vacation, etc.. This again, is object referral. Forget the need for external approval, called object oriented existence.

Ego is created when we relinquish the self for the self image, a mask. How would you answer the question who are you? Your spirit knows who it is but man's intelligence refers to itself by objects when it sacrifices the spirit for the self image. This is object referral based, we refer to an object to determine what we are, like name, job, education, social status, power, satisfaction of self at expense of other, etc, What we really are, that is, our soul, is "a holographic expression of the entire universe (the 'greater' or 'overall' Soul) manifesting as a continuum of probability.amplitude for space/time events in a field of infinite possibilities. The ego is the 'I', the self as separate from all others. Time is the internal reference point using the ego as the base. Time is a result of our internal dialog and is a subjective experience. You can't measure subjective experiences because all experience is subjective (how we personally see things).

The ego hates humility,-humility = surrender to the creative mind that governs the universe.-Doubt reflects the ego, whereas love reflects that which is eternal. Doubts can come from challenging situations and can lead you back into the ego's grip of fear and confusion. Remind yourself of your intentions and spiritual purpose. Meditate, find your center, reflect and plant your seeds of intention in the fertile field of all possibilities. Doubts form the chief boundary that encloses uswithin the confines of our narrow consciousness. You find your self when you find love and then the ego dissolves like a candle flame becomes invisible when held before the sun. Ego is typified by need to control and manipulate and carries around fear, the desire for gain and power, along with approval of others. Real self is love, joy, peace and spontaneous living:.Galatians 5:22 "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith."

A hologram is a 3 dimensional projection of memory, where all of it is in every bit of it. The ego tries to trick you into believing that daily life is not fulfilling. The true self is beyond images like self image and is the real self where your true being has no limitations. Give up the need to defend your point of view. Rely on a higher power to protect you takes you out of the ego realm. Ego things are not the real you, even though some try to make themselves that way. Always remain centered (how?) and you won't be pulled this way or that way by the ego. Ego thinks life will be improved step by step. Dark side uses the ego in getting you to go darker. Win, own, consume, all is of the ego. Ego is always working according to actions judged right or wrong. Don't judge self or others. Just thank God for 'making me as I am'. One needs to know his or her dark side in order to release it. We have given the ego permission to authorize events, where we become puppets on life's stage. There is no stability like this for living life.

(disk 5) The ego never gives up trying to be in control until you come to your end and give up for the-unknown/uncertainty.today. Release the need to know. Release the need to be sure of something. This is a small step into uncertainty and the knowing that you are always supported by the universe. Welcome uncertainty and nothing goes wrong.."The unfathomable nature of the ever changing world ceases to be a source of anxiety and instead is a source of joy and adventure. In our willingness to step into the unknown, the field of all possibilities, we surrender ourselves to the creative mind that orchestrates the dance of the universe."....Deepak Chopra.

From the ego level we hunger for surety. If going on a trip we must know all the details before hand so that we feel we can be ready for anything and evaluate the whole affair's safety. Let go of attachment to the need to know how things will turn out and this then opens up the spontaneity and unanticipated pleasures of the present moment.

One can't buy traveler's insurance for our life's journey and we can't be sure of our exact destination, so why worry, allow your self imposed limitations to evaporate and embrace the unknown. Over the years you formed likes and dislikes. You learned to accept certain limits. All you have become is a product of the known. One of these is the real you. The unknown is awaiting you, an unknown that has nothing to do with the "I" you already know.

Some people reach the edge of illusion only at the moment of death and then with a long look backward, one lifetime seems incredibly short and transient, the part of us that we know, is the part that flickers out all too fast. When you feel a new impulse, an uplifting thought, an insight that you have never acted upon before embrace the unknown. Cherish it as the newborn baby. God lives in the unknown, and when you can embrace the unknown fully, you will be home free. Appreciate life, face the unknown with carefreeness and have a zest for life. The more uncertainty, the more joy. 

Love dances in the freshness of the unknown. The unknown is the territory of lovers. Cherish the unknown. The unknown is everyone and you are a lover. Love is the journey. In detaching, lies the wisdom of uncertainty. In the wisdom of uncertainty lies the freedom from our past, from the known which is the prison of past conditioning. In our willingness to step into the unknown which is where the field of all possibilities is, we surrender ourselves to the creative mind that orchestrates the dance of the universe. You put the law of detachment into effect by committing yourself to detachment and allowing oneself and those around you the freedom to be as they are. Don't rigidly impose your idea of how things should be and don't force solutions on problems, thereby creating new problems. Participate in everything with detached involvement. (disk 2) laughing birds are free, humans aren't. Desire to be free and let go of ego holds and boundaries. Let go when things don't go your way. The ego disguises the real self, the spirit of you. There's the inner knower and the mind which sifts everything. Freedom is being in the present. Replace the need to judge with complete acceptance. The ego gets you to believe that you are small and the world big, when really everything is contained in the tiniest part of the whole. The mind has to find meaning in existence and if cut off from God, finds meaning in the self. Ego things keep life interesting but not fulfilling. It keeps things filled up for minds separated from their soul's connection with the infinite. Ego is that which sneaks around seeking for negatives to impose upon others and positives upon itself. Ego keeps its grip by making us feel fearful and helpless. See everyone else in the light. Anxiety comes from the ego's need to defend itself. Have the attitude your actions are the actions of non local intelligence and let go and don't worry about results. Don't allow worry over the future or resentment and grievances of the past to bind negative emotions to you. Grievances come from the ego, worry equals being sure something bad is going to happen. Worry goes away when you face situations. When gratitude flows, the lower consciousness ego things dissipate, as you are in a higher consciousness. We cut ourselves out of the good energy by allowing the ego to dictate. Let go of ego things. Think from the soul level. Allow images of the great to arise. Decide to let go of grievances and choose miracles which can happen if you have the soul on your side. Ego interprets any crossing into it without permission as pain. The ego hates humility. Look at the 'I' not at the things the ego drive makes us pursue. The ego says this is happening to you. We need to die to the things the mind uses to hide itself. Make your only stake in consciousness and you relagate the ego to the house it was designed for. Don't defend the temporary 'I'. Forgive yourself and move on from the things you  can't change now. In dealing with the ego there is energy belief and structure. Watch your behavior to see what beliefs you have. A national choice is choice of ego. Ego is a mistake of the intellect and the big mistake we make is responding to information only from the 5 senses. The biggest mistake made is not imagining the world a person may want to be in and so by default they are in one of the imaginings of the majority of humanity, the mass mind.

-Conflicts.have a necessary point in the journey of the soul. Conflict serves as the meeting point between two choices and as long as we are on the path, choice is a constant:.Proverbs 25:8. Conflict is a way we can use to open the mind. Conflicts can be used as such by 1 know that you are going to identify with your worldview at every stage of personal growth; 2 accept that these identifications are temporary, transitional and provisional, you will never be truly yourself until you reach unity; 3 be willing to change your identity everyday, take a flexible attitude and don't defend an 'I' that you know is only temporary; 4 allow your ability to observe without judgment to replace the ingrained ideas you reach for automatically; 5 when you have an impulse to struggle, use that as an immediate signal to let go, open a space for a new answer to unfold on its own; 6 when you can't let go forgive yourself and move on; 7 use every opportunity to tell yourself that all viewpoints are valid, every experience valuable, every insight a moment of freedom. You can be realigned continuously. Forget the I, me and mine and welcome change. Conflict is the inevitable result of separation. The way of winning wars one conflict at a time is not working. The seed from which all others conflicts grow is our inner self. It can end once you can reach its source. There isn't a single choice you can make once and for all, the journey is too dynamic for that. Every conflict is serving spirit even in those dark days when we think conflict is here to defeat us, conflict coming from the ego level. In spirit there is only unity and thus no separation. It's the ego that's serious, self-important, has self-pity. The spirit is not serious, responsible but not serious. The ego has longings, but in the spirit there are no longings because everything is there.

Negotiate.Here's how to negotiate conflicts through peace. Show respect for your opponent, recognize perceived injustice, believe in forgiveness, bond at the emotional level, desist in belligerent actions, recognize values that are opposed to yours, don't pass judgment and make your opponent wrong, don't talk in terms of ideology (a set of doctrines or beliefs that form the basis of a political, economic or other system; the body of ideas reflecting the social needs and aspirations of an individual, a group, a class or a culture), confront the underlying factor of fear.

-Apology.Often, both sides are waiting for an apology from the other. Don't wait. If you cannot apologize, you will find it very hard to be close to anyone because we all make mistakes. We have to know the values of our opponents in order to ascertain what is negotiable and what isn't. Most wars are started because both sides believe they are in the right. You can't end any conflict by forcing the other side into a defensive posture, where they refuse to negotiate; example American Civil War, a war started by the cabal to bankrupt both sides and place the banksters into control. 

All ideology must be removed from negotiations if they are to reach a realistic basis for going forward. Both should admit they are in mutual fear of one another. Interdependence is more important than competition as has been proven by looking at nature. We will one day come to the end of the ego. The ego is the 'I' occupied with materialism that clouds the soul, crucifies the soul and the machinations of which feed the dark side beings, who actually live on the heartfelt emotions of strife, conflict, hate, murder, frustration and any an all negativities. 

Only light can resurrect soul:.1John 1:5. Ego is fear, hesitation, longings. By silencing the mind such as in meditation, the ego disappears. Grudges and grievances encumber the ego. The way of the ego is to teach by rules (schools, government, corps, etc.) and is far away from higher consciousness ways. The soul likes unpredictability as its creative and can handle anything, whereas the ego loves stability. Love disarms the ego which is always arising to override higher consciousness. The ego builds up defenses against losing what we want. The ego is tantalized by freedom but can't walk out of the prison.

-emotions/feelings.(see also intention/thinking/thought/emotion) There's only two emotions, love and fear, which are often interpreted as pleasure and pain. An emotion occurs when thought and feeling are linked together. We say 'I felt the emotion'. We feel the emotion because the thought we had was not just a sound in consciousness but a feeling in the body, a sensation in the body (feelings are sensations in the body) and being a sensation in the body, it was a molecule in the body as well; the word, the feeling became flesh, a component of the physical body:.John 1:14. Any emotion has two components to it; it's a thought and a physical sensation.

Feelings are a sense of comfort or discomfort in the body. All of our emotions.derive from our needs. Pay attention to where your emotions are as they are sending a message to follow, so if grieving, allow it, if sad, allow it.."We would not grieve if we did not love.".When someone is grieving about all you can do is send them love and light. Have that in your mind when your thoughts are on them.."Avoid allowing the memory of comforts we have lost, to make us unthankful for those who are left."....Matthew Henry's Commentary.

Look at the emotion. Like anything personal, feelings come from the ego and are your response to things and emotions are sensations in the body that we associate with thoughts in the mind and are your expressions about things. Emotions are the messages our body sends us from the boundaries of the ego. They are sensations in the body that we associate with thoughts in the mind. 

Feelings are your link, your inborn-computer, to the spaces between your thoughts. All cells have this computing ability. Your body is a cosmic computer where the two messages are comfort and discomfort. Chose the feelings you want to experience. Don't allow circumstances to dictate them to you. Freedom from emotional toxicity frees up immense energy. Grieving can become toxic and becomes so when it hangs around and it hangs around because we are living in the situation in our minds that caused the grief which may have now physically past, so why hold it your mind any longer? The way out is to become presently minded. An emotion is a thought coupled to a physical sensation; know what your emotions are and get rid of the toxic ones. Inherent in having a desire are the mechanics for its fulfilment. We are responsible for our emotions. Look at them from all angles.

-stress is we think that is something outside ourselves. Stress is an interpretation of what is happening to us. It's not generated in us but can be generated by us when we ignore the signals of the body, thus forcing the attenion to go where it doesn't want to immediately go to. For an experienced surfer the waves provide no stress. Shift your perception of what is happening. Whenever you are reacting to anything, you are reacting to a signal generated within yourself to itself. An experience has nothing whatsoever to do with any external event. It's the self interacting with its own self as the observer, the process of observation and the observed, they are all self interactions. It's the self experiencing itself with different qualities of its own attention (Deepak's Living Beyond Miracles Disc 2, Track 3). Focus on your body, identify the source of your pain and discomfort, name the feeling there; name it, ask self what am I feeling, what color and or shape is it, now ask self what is the need underlying my desire to control this particular situation in my life? What is the feeling that I need that I can give myself right now, what do I need that would require me making a request of someone else? Process is, pause, identify the feeling, ask self what you need, address the underlying fear, take action. We have total control (Romans 12:2 "And be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind {need something new in the mind}, that you may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.") over our actions, but not over outcomes. We simply control our thoughts and words. Love dissipates emotional toxicity freeing up immense energy. Emotions are recycled energy, always triggered by interactions with environment, mostly from relationships.

A person's quantum mechanical body senses that his or her feelings have been understood, this is beyond all rational thought, it is primal, go with that knowledge. We create emotions which create physical pain; ask self what am I feeling, can't be happy until you own your emotions, ask don't demand archetypes (an original model or type after which other similar things are patterned; a prototype; an ideal example of a type), ask don't demand. Archetypes are inherited memories represented in the mind, states of awareness, psychic energies. Discover your archetypes by intent. Ask what they mean. Ask that they become part of you and work through you,; the example of Elijah and Elisha. Ask the Divine Being to gently correct what is wrong in you.

The universe is in you; the meditation on it. In absence of relationships and events there are  no emotions. Emotions are always due to involvement with the environment in some way. Emotions are not created in isolation. We feel the emotion because the word became flesh; what was in the mind became physically real and affected us. Feel the energy of the emotion dispersing. This gradually releases the toxicity of stored emotions (see fear, hostility, guilt definitions) and opens the heart to the present moment. Emotional toxicity clouds our consciousness. Real heroes remain free of these toxic emotions not by denying emotional pain but by being in touch with it and by moving beyond it.

-emotional clearing 7 steps; 1) take responsibility for what you are feeling; turbulence occurs when our needs are not met; when you react emotionally toward other people it's because there is some quality you have not fully acknowledged within your own nature; so, accept responsibility for your emotions and cease to be a bundle of conditioned reflexes; maintain clarity to maintain balance of the swirl of emotions and demands around you; 2) identify the emotion, say to yourself 'I feel ...' and here, define and describe what you are feeling; identify with the emotion; 3) witness the feeling in your body; emotions are sensations in the body that we associate with thoughts in the mind; associated with physical sensations and thoughts trigger bodily reactions releasing chemicals that have a life of their own; cannot be instantaneously shut off; the energy of the emotion must be dissipated before the emotion can be processed further, just observe the feeling allowing it; this is safe, separation is unsafe; it's the same as finding your source; there is no division at the source; a divided self can attain wholeness; wholeness is the state of complete freedom; the glory of human existence lies in the fact we can unite with cosmic intelligence; wholeness wants to heal you by seeking balance, rest and activity are harmonized; value your well being over any other experience; the source of all abundance in the universe; compassion, love, forgiveness is the healing that comes from being whole and this unleashes a deeper intuitive knowingness and you'll see why things are they way they are, and in this you leave superstition behind; to embrace the sensation in your body and by simply experiencing the physical sensations, some of the emotional charge will dissipate, and you'll be able to hear the message the emotion is carrying; we become what we meditate about.

Goal is to embody the positive qualities of the unified field such as affluence.-Grace is synchronicity

The divine is always present. We are instruments for the evolution of the universe. In modern terms this is good things happening in your life.(John 10:10).that are synchronous.

-synchronicity is placing yourself in the position of the observer of your life and you'll have more synchronous things occur in your life; the result of synchronicity, which is the ability to connect any need with an answer from the Soul coming through your soul, is harmonious living. When you become still and listen to the still small silent voice of your inner intelligence, fears and insecurities will dissipate and you will flow with grace. There are no coincidences. Nothing happens by chance. Grace is when all works out for you; God was on your side. Grace is where intention orchestrates synchronicity through leaps of creativity. The state of grace comes through exploring consciousness. One becomes what he knows and to that extent.(Matthew 9:29 "Then touched he their eyes, saying, according to your faith be it unto you." 2Peter 1:2 "Grace and peace be multiplied unto you through the knowledge of God and of Emmanuel our Lord." 2Peter 3:18 "But grow in grace.{John 1:16}.and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Emmanuel Christ...").

-faith is different from belief; faith is stepping into the unknown. We live and move and breath in the unknown. Most people call on faith only when the mind has given up. Faith is usually preached to keep people quiet and forbid them to think on their own, that's blind faith, not power faith. You live in reality when you have faith, not the past or the future. 

Our activity becomes infused with the qualities inherent in pure consciousness. A particle is created by our attention. It is our attention that is bringing a probability amplitude (greatness of size, magnitude, fullness, copiousness, breadth or range, maximum absolute value of a periodically varying quality, the maximum absolute value reached by a voltage or current waveform) in the field of infinite possibilities into material existence The presence of God is everywhere. You need only to consciously embrace it with your attention. This encompasses  the frequencies of interaction in space/time events.

Time exists only as the-continuity of memory using the ego as an internal reference point, that is, what it is you give the sense of continuity to. You are in the now when time ceases to exist where perfect balance is, where infinite silence is encountered. Here, self referral means you don't refer to any outside object in order to identify the self. It is our own awareness; purifying; freedom; our real nature being the silent witness. Spontaneously put your attention on that which brings joy. Attention is the very mechanics which brings the particle into material expression, so have attention on a theme each day and the word 'becomes the flesh', the reality of life wherein lies freedom, peace, etc. Your chosen theme will soon embed itself in your consciousness and this will bring a change about in your life activity. The present is linked to the word presence and that is, when you are in the presence, the present moment becomes filled with the presence that is all absorbing, completely at peace and totally satisfying. You are then in the now.

Perfect balance in all we see, has self sufficiency. This is the 'word became flesh' which now-curves back within itself to create again and again because all is available within the field itself. Curving back on itself means your response, say, to your boss's criticism where your response is a signal generated within yourself. You have created what you are responding to. There is only a single instant of time that keeps renewing itself over and over with infinite variety and from here we have invincibility, unmanifest, process of the nourishing of trees, birds, beating in our hearts, integratiion of all life, purifying, etc. and all you can imagine, so use your imagination for making your world.

We can't visualize beginning and ending because there isn't such a thing in the spiritual realm, only a curving back upon itself; everything recycles. It was designed to be that way because all the energy that is, is all there is ever going to be. There is no new energy in the universe. We have erroneously convinced ourselves that experiences are built up over time. When one misuses time by engaging in negatives such as anxiousness, resisting change, reliving the past, regretting old mistakes, brooding over impermanence, his or her focus is occupied with such non productive and self destructive attentions. To relate to the universe focus on what lies in front of you. at the present. If you take this to heart your attention will shift. You're in the now when time ceases to exist, being alive to such negatives.

-freedom comes to us from the experiential knowledge of one's real nature and this comes about when the ego's purpose is properly understood, then the joyful silent witness, the non attached immortal spirit that animates all creation fluorishes as you. Freedom comes from the understanding that life is the meaningful coexistence of all opposite values. All experience in life is by contrast. You can only know what darkness is because you have experienced light.

Freedom implies acceptance, letting come what comes and letting go what goes. This is trusting the infinite wisdom that nothing ever goes wrong and so we can live just in the present without worry over the future and without agonizing over the past. To use, once to have freedom we have to break down the concepts, notions, beliefs, the prison of our own conditioning. Freedom comes from the experiential knowledge of one's real nature, that of the joyful silent witness. Finding freedom involves letting go of expectations, preconceived outcomes and egotistical (selfish) points of view, getting rid of the bondage points. It's the simplest form of our own reality where being free brings a lightness, a carefree surrender to all that is happening around you and an acceptance of reality, that is, what is. It's simply what is.

-going with the flow is.acting upon your new thought. Have a game plan for accomplishment, focus on it and let it sprout and grow in your mind. Ask your soul by putting attention on what is you inside you. Your desire for help and encouragement, your need for these things, is your asking for them. Let go and allow the results to take shape. Never act until you feel clear. Don't take any action when in doubt. Don't spread confusion that way. Have faithin your purpose. Don't act on anger, anxiety or other negative impulses. Expect the best and accept every result as the best you can do at that moment. Don't blame yourself for setbacks and obstacles. Don't shrivel up and go tight inside when something goes wrong. Be open to the lesson that every setback contains

Avoid don't-blaming.others. Never blame the forces outside or you'll never get in touch with your inner self. Know any outcome is possible. Put the past behind you by living in the present and trusting in a better future. Don't accept bad outcomes passively. Change whatever has to be changed within yourself. Life is a learning opportunity. Learn. Don't force or control the situation. Don't go off in fantasy. Try to be as present as possible. Feel safe and centered inside Check all around you for signs you are on the right path. Be responsible for your own destiny. The flow of spirit can accomplish anything once you get out of its way. There's less struggle when in the flow of life. Stay within your calm center. When you run into problems turn them into spiritual lessons such as learning to be patient and courageous. Deep inside us is a God in embryo and its only desire is to be born. God is an experience in us, unmanifest, immeasurable. God cannot be squeezed into the volume of a body or the span of a lifetime. Gos is unborn, real.

The only-reality.is the source from which everything else is projected, just purely itself. Reality is unrestricted and changing. Reality could be almost anything as we live in a flux of potentialities that are given shape and substance by mind (one example is the electron, another is the placebo effect and it's the no placebo reponse that works when your doctor may take away any hope you may have had. You're simply impressionable enough to believe what he says and so you accept it to your death.

The real never ceases to exist, nor does the choice to be that way.."You aren't here to be as good as possible. You are here to be as real as possible."....Deepak. And when you are real, the goodness of God is in your life and you don't feel as if you're a phony pony. It's like having say, a real pet and not a plastic one, a real cellphone and not a kid's play phone.

Think of an-ocean, (from Deepak's Magical Mind Magical Body CD) are you seeing it now? So, now think of someone photographing it, thinking that the photograph is the ocean, when it was only a frozen moment of attention; that's what the body is, but all those waves that come on the surface of the ocean up and down, that's what the mind is, but neither those waves up and down and changing all the time, nor the photograph are the reality. The reality is the ocean which is always there and it creates this mind form and then expresses itself as this body. You are more than just a body and a mind. As a wave is to the ocean you are part of a larger whole. Once you truly realize this you'll be healed on every level and this transformation begins when you seek to discover your real identity.

The essential you, your real essence is a field of awareness that interacts with its own self and then becomes both mind and body. In other words you are basically consciousness which then conceives governs constructs and actually becomes the mind and the body. You are not what your circumstances may be dictating you to be. Our awareness creates controls and constantly becomes our bodies. This faculty of inner awareness that when cultivated (meditation) causes the dramatic change from turbulence to peace and from illness to health. There is a reality that lies beyond our current ideas of health and well being. What is it that makes the mind/body connection magical such as how can one reestablish connection to the universe by heightening your level of awareness.

Take control over your own level of well being by listening to what your body wants and needs and here you also learn to retard the aging process. The power in you to do this does not awaken unless you call it. A cell phone's signal is all around us but it requires a device to make them functional for us. It's the same with our perception abilities. The observer and that which is observed is the same being. The seer and the scenery is the same being. The knower and that which is known is the same being. Reality is an interpretation of what we experience as reality. When we understand the symbols of our normal reality, our perceptual reality (how you look at life, that is, what you think of circumstances you may encounter), our reality will change for us to the true reality, where we now womder about what's the real nature of the world we exist in, what's the real fragrance of flowers, etc. 

It depends on who's looking. It's all a radically ambiguous and ceaselessly flowing quantum soup and we are like magicians literally. In the very act of perception we freeze that quantum soup and we create material reality out of it. Material reality is created inside us. The senses we have are like transducers. They take an energy soup and decode it inside us just like a TV set that decodes energy and information into an experience of reality. The quantum soup is a field of infinite possibilities. Because of our nervous system and how it's been trained, perception can be a learned phenomenon. We may perceive the scowl on a stranger as anger or as eyes needing severe focusing to see better in the type of light at the time.

The nervous system can decode that soup into any reality. The human eye for example usually perceives only between 370 to 500th billionths of a meter. A honeybee sees the flower differently than we do because it doesn't have the receptors to see the usual wave lengths of light that you and I see. A snake uses its sensors to experience ultraviolet radiation which means nothing to us on the level of our perception. A bat expeiences the world as the echo of ultrasound. A chameleon's eyeballs swivel on two different axes so they see a room different than us.

We are creating reality from inside us. There are five levels of existence. There now is a new understanding of nature based on the mechanics of perception, for example our senses tell us things that are not really so, such as the world is flat and the Earth is not moving, yet within the hologram it is. Our senses are not the crucial test of reality. The unreal (unreal as compared to the true reality:.2Timothy 1:9) holographic world which is this world and all us on it living as it were on its stage, has no existence, it being just an illusory world for the purpose it was made for.

Celebrate your-losses.for only the unreal can be lost. Loss is just another word for change because in this illusory world nothing, though there appears gain and loss, is real, only our perception of gain or loss is what appears real. When you die you lose everything, yet that something that remains is the soul, the true reality of life hidden beneath the illusory world. Even death cannot touch that which is real:.1Corinthians 15:53-55 "For this corruptible must put on incorruption and this mortal must put on immortality. So when this corruptible shall have put on incorruption and this mortal shall have put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written, Death is swallowed up in victory. O death, where is your sting? O grave, where is your victory?"

Each of us are a projection of reality. You control your movie. You are safe, you are not safe. What does your belief tell you? To many people, simply being alive is the ultimate risk and so they tip toe through life, reticent to involve in interactions unless absolutely necessary. You are secure when you realize God has provided you with all you need. Take your place inside the play with confidence. Let go of things not going as you want. Forget judging good or bad. Accept it as the way it is.

True healing occurs from the level of the soul. Since the body is holographic, when you reduce one of the biomarkers of deteriorating health, the others reverse. The mind creates a-path, just as it does boundaries even though the relationship between me and myself is too close for a path. The path exists so that the mind can convince itself that these boundaries are unreal, that they have nothing to do with the real me, so, following the unfolding path is the same as getting real. The whole of reality is contained in the present moment. With love we can change reality. Love has its own power

Expanding your reality means probing into subtler layers of nature until you reach the ultimate layer where solidity, textures colors all vanish into pure potentiality. Our consciousness is our contribution to reality. What we perceive as real becomes real (perceive is to become aware of directly through any of the senses, to achieve understanding of, to apprehend {to grasp mentally; understand}). To know what one's own reality is, we must escape the prison of the known for the unknown, our old logic based on the superstition of materialism for a new logic (the formal, guiding principles of a discipline, school or science; the study of the principles of reasoning, especially of the structure of propositions as distinguished from their content and of method and validity in deductive reasoning) based on insights of quantum physics and meditation. Reality is the consciousness without which, you can't see, imagine, taste, smell, etc. Reality shifts when consciousness shifts. Even our biology, knowledge and reality shifts and the forces of nature too, they are all within us. Getting real;.ways to get there, contentment, no doubts or fear and restfulness in the mind. Look for a moment of contentment daily because you are safe and cared for, be content you are in the flow of life, you are made of the same mind stuff as the angels and God. Question the unreal over and over until it disappears, until you reach something completely trustworthy and that thing must be real. Like all skills it must be coaxed into existence. Ask self daily who am I? The answer is inside you not outside in the world. The world is in you, not you in it. Strength, because you're looking inward no one from the outside can help you and this makes you strong. It's a kind of isolation and solitude that only the strong can accept. This journey itself makes you strong. The mind judges what is good or bad. Love brings only good. Love is everywhere but in some places it is blocked by fear. What does not contain love must contain illusion, because is all true reality. Strength is the foundation for passion. Just live as if there is one reality and the fear evaporates..There is.only one reality:.John 8:42 "Emmanuel said...I proceeded forth and came from God. Neither came I of myself, but he sent me." 14:20 "...I am in my Father and you in me and I in you." 2Corinthians 5:18 "And all things are of God..." Ephesians 3:9 "...who created all things by Emmanuel Christ."

Other people are mirrors of our own love. In reality there are no others, only the-one Self in other forms, being the Oneness, the Soul of all expressing as the individuals we all are. There's no separation. There is only one continuum. What is real to you is who you are, otherwise God's a projection of our consciousness like a punisher, a blesser, an old man in the sky somewhere, etc. (Philippians 4:7 "And the peace of God, which passes all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Emmanuel.")."I used to be an atheist until I found out I was God." Ha ha!. In other words one can't see deep goodness in his life until the mind is renewed; (Romans 12:2 "And be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind {you need something new in the mind}, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.").

Express your negative emotions in private to yourself using accurate language to describe them in order to see them more clearly. Look for similar emotions in your life. Release the emotion through some ritual, because we create and reinforce behaviors by creating rituals, such as physical activity, movement, listening to loud music, dancing freely, rapid breathing, anything that will help you discharge the emotion from your physiology. Allow your body to detoxify by releasing the emotion through this one way or some other way you use. Be aware of the release of the emotion as you are doing the activity. Share the emotion with someone who won't try to solve the problem, someone who is empathic, someone who has conscious listening skills. To recognize this be aware of how you would do it.."How do I listen to others? I listen as if everyone were my master speaking to me his cherished last words."....the Sufi poet Hafiz.

Use a talking object such as a stone, a feather, a stick to remind yourself to speak honestly, openly. When you feel complete with your communication pass the object to the other person allowing that person to express himself/herself. Rejuvenate by buying a present to reward self for your good work here, which takes conscious effort. The latin poet Ovid said."To be loved be lovable."

"Having a toxic emotion is like drinking poison thinking that it will kill your enemy."....Nelson Mandella.

Enemy.killing an enemy is killing an aspect of God and ourselves. Exult in success of others, even competitors and those who consider themselves as enemies. We are all one.

Energy (see also shadow energies) Every experience has its own energy pattern. We are the energy of the universe that never runs out when in high consciousness because it's a spiritual energy. That's what the energy of the universe is. We are the energy of the universe when we are plugged into high consciousness. Gratitude is the way to experience spiritual energy and it moves the ego out of the way. 

Without the electromagnetic field vibrating in a certain way, specific experiences could not exist and you could not bring back to mind any experience you may have had. Freedom from emotional toxicity (how?) frees up immense energy; all is energy, move your attention to the things you want so they blossom and ultimately become you; matter and energy are one; you can convert matter to energy and from matter you can create energy (energy is called prana in ayurveda); when your actions are motivated by love, your energy multiplies and you're able to create anything you want (how does this work?); when you seek power and control over others, you waste energy chasing the illusion of happiness; set your intentions on expanding love and you will be able to manifest your desires with effortless ease.
Matter is condensed energy; energy always carries information; our thoughts are also energy and information; the heart has an intelligence that is more powerful than matter; love dissipates emotional toxicity freeing up immense energy; can change another's energy by intention; soul uses no energy but funnels it through the body; mind like an electron in a computer where you produce the energy; solution is unsticking the stuck energy, move old stuck energy; people are 'hard', 'cold' who have stuck energy; ultimate solution is not on the level of the problem ex. darkness in room with people in it, you could form a committee to investigate the problem, get reports on the state of darkness, the density, etc., but really darkness was not the problem, problem was the absence of a positive element, for example fatigue is the absence of a positive element energy, rate your energy by sitting quietly, everyone has a unique constitution (body/mind), for example conventional medicine pays attention to the differences in diseases, not the differences in people; seeing sends out energy and takes energy in; attention is energy, intention is transformation; can't handle all the energy through the soul all at once (it's a supply of spirit), desire is the key to having more spirit energy in your life; germs and genes what medicine has historically focused upon, are really traceable to energy; all illness is poor energy patterns; all interactions affect another's energy; imagine energy running up and down your spine; the body is all energy; your thoughts create energy good or bad, words and thoughts affect energy, practiced words come out too loud and too fast, how efficient is your energy, awareness works magic, words affect the brain for ex love whispered in another's ear if words of a different language not understandable to the listener they do nothing, but if they confirm and add to the listener's interest they do much as it's the awareness that is the magic; energy going up the spine strengthens one; everything behind the scenes is information and energy; energy turns into matter; science and religion just different ways of decoding the universe; energy vibrations are temporary vibrations in a flat field, the flat field doesn't vibrate, the '0' point which = a switch station, between existence and nothingness which is the starting point of all matter; energy and information have to be exchanged in order to bring about a transformation in the field; every time we touch something we gain some of its energy, and lose some of ours, an exchange; the universal field of energy underlies everything in the universe, always purposeful activity, humans are in a continuum with it; a particle is a fluctuation of energy, all is energy or wave function, vibration, humans are made of energy within the overall field; the non local is beyond energy space and time, mind and body are one no distinction; 

enlightenment is being in a state of freedom from past impressions; it means going beyond your ego encapsulated identity and realizing that you are the universe manifesting through a human nervous system and becoming self-aware, a state of an awakened person. Enlightenment is identity in the light. You are the light, find the part of you that is unborn and you will be free of birth and death. You have to use your brain to achieve enlightenment but it is often encumbered with its work of doing what it does. As you listen to these ideas they cause a shift in your consciousness and everything changes. Self-regulation and self-repair is healing. When ignorance is destroyed the unbounded free nature of the self is discovered. This freedom, this liberation, is enlightenment. Enlightenment is the shift in consciousness that goes from our conscious thinking to the higher consciousness of the universal presence.

enlightened beings: Even though we are constantly engaged in activity realize there is nothing to cling to or grasp, nothing to renounce or run away from, as long as we retain our unique perspective within this ocean of consciousness. That is, your particular outlooks are fine as long as they are based on love.

We keep our sense of individuality even after we attain enlightenment. Buddha's journey was to find happiness in enlightenment. Enlightenment is awareness having become aware of itself. Enlightenment is second birth, as opposed to being happy in ignorance. God is an experience of your own absolute self. This means going beyond the ego encapsulated identity and realizing that you are the universe manifesting through a human nervous system. Realizing this is becoming self-aware, not just living life, but aware of you in it.

-essence is the stuff that enables us to live from level of the soul. It creates the soul, the reality, wherein is contentment. Inquire, that is, question the unreality until it disappears and you have the truth you can hang on to. Self-awareness being alert to what true love is telling; being the truth which later will be seen as love. Realize the world is in you, as you are a co-creator. For strength, look inside not outside your body. The essence is love, the love of being here. We are all the same being in different disguises. 

-eternity is not a function of time. There is no time in eternity. Eternity is not having endless time, but being in timelessness. Eternity can't be grasped by the mind in our ordinary waking state as eternity is outside time and space. At the most subtle level your inner intelligence is steadily progressing along the corridors of eternity, although this is deeply hidden. 

What is the duration of a life span in eternity? This life span of ours is but a trivial moment. Eternity stretches before and after it. God dwells in this thing called eternity:.Isaiah 57:15 "For thus saith the high and lofty One that inhabits eternity...".Existence is the infinite unbounded consciousness where a life span is but a single thought in that sea of consciousness:.Psalms 90:2 "Before the mountains were brought forth or ever you had formed the Earth and the world, even from everlasting to everlasting, you are God.(John 10:34)."

"The contact of your physical body with the eternal Soul, quite naturally, makes your body eternal. In the technologies of eternal life, when you set the goal of exactly eternal life, many processes start to acquire a more expanded, another meaning. This is what refers to explaining this understanding inside you."....Grigori P. Grabovoi, September 25, 2015, the lecture on The Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi about God, The Technology of Teaching Eternal Life, p.10.

-evaluation is an-interpretaion where you attach meaning to a situation. 

-evil = pain and suffering. Evil does not exist. It's the separation we have been conditioned to believe in, the separation being good and evil which is there to lead you to the good where there is the realization that there is no separation, only a belief in it. We show our belief in separation by our belief in heaven and hell. It's all duality, but beyond the duality of angels and demons and all opposites, is pure light, pure love, only oneness, wholeness, one being wholly in their spirit, the holy spirit, the attitude of oneness. We have to realize that all is reflected back to us, that we make our own universe; nothing can come into your life unless it was first in your heart. That's why the Bible tells us to guard it, but most people treat it like a garbage can and allow any and everything to go into it. These are the same ones who treat their bodies similarly. It's no wonder they make such demons they later have to fight.

-terrorism the safest country is the one with no army and no weapons. We will never end the anger that expresses in terrorism until we endear (to make beloved or very sympathetic such as a couple whose kindness endeared them to friends) ourselves to the enemy. The enemy is us and can only be changed by higher consciousness. Emmanuel intended a new view of human nature with resist not evil and turn other cheek: Matthew 5:44 "...love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you." Luke 6:27-31 "...love your enemies, do good to them which hate you, bless them that curse you, and pray for them which despitefully use you. and unto him that smites you on the one cheek offer also the other, and him that takes away your cloke forbid not to take your coat also. Give to every man that asks of you and of him that takes away your goods ask them not again, and as you would that men should do to you, do you also to them likewise."; terrorists don't see themselves as evil, they see themselves as revolutionaries, as idealists (one whose conduct is influenced by ideals that often conflict with practical considerations; one who seems unrealistic and impractical; a visionary) willing to make enormous sacrifices in order to bring about a better world, they see themselves as virtuous, even utopian in their aims; creating a false sense of self is the main effect of idealogy; to the jihadists this is a time when the true faith must be saved from the threat of the infidel, the corrupt West has defiled and betrayed the tenets of Islam, stolen their holy places and supported Israel in its intolerable possession of Jerusalem. They believe modernism spreads its influence smothering the commands of God and if these commands continue to be disobeyed innocent Muslims will find themselves in hell. God knows this and has armed his true sons and daughters so that they may win paradise through martyrdom. To do this the manipulators are given permission to disregard morality. A surreptitious.entity, some supervisor, is put close by to reinforce the cruelty making it a duty. A hierarchy is arranged so that lower ranks must obey upper ranks. An atmosphere of fear is created and group pressure is applied by showing that everyone else is going along. The evil deed is released from any threat of being punished. Everything must be done behind closed doors. All these applied to the Spanish Inquisiton, the Salem witch trials and the Nazi concentration camps. Torture can exist when you remove the atmosphere of fear of the acts of torture. If one is in power and authority who forbids cruelty, torture won't fluorish. An essential question is how we deal with human imperfection. Do we pronounce guilt? Think only high consciousness thoughts; think good things.

The rroot of all evil is the withholding of love. Allowing a little bit of unlove, blame and dislike to enter in, allows it to grow in the shadows. There is a never ending tendency within one's own thinking to proceed without love and this makes one miserable. There is a tendency in us to be unloving. Key is to balance the forces of light and dark in your own being. It's pain that makes us want to find a better way to live. Help others. Realize life is in balance. Don't curse the darkness, light a candle, because light makes darkness go away. Love expands life. Because the dark side energies do exist and can play their tune in those whose minds have allowed some darkness, is why regular citizens in nazi Germany turned into butchers when the opportunity presented itself. An evil person is a person who has not faced their shadows. When you can't talk about your feelings, and you break down in tears for no reason or don't like a person for no reason, all these are irrational reasoning and show they come from your shadow nature. Look at the feeling and see where it is that it wants to go. In your dark and quiet time give yourself permission to look at your shadows. Don't run from them. In this way these energy shadows dissipate. War is the way of the ego, a way the ego engages in suffering. War is a grove in the mind, a way of getting what you want by violence. 

No one is ever lost on the soul level because there's just as much energy in the universe as there always has been and we are energy transformed into what we interpret as physical. Light evaporates the evil similar to how the Sun evaporates water, making it free of impurities. Resist not evil. Dealing with strong holds on us: 2Corinthians 10:4

-faith is unity and is built into the brain as such (book of secrets, disc 3, track 8) is expressed in the higher state of consciousness; faith is the vehicle that takes you into the soul level, the knowing that a deeper reality is dawning; the moment of faith is when nothing seems to work;

-fearfear is being reluctant to change; we fear death, loss of a relationship, etc.; it's a fearing of mortality in disguise; mortality is quantified immortality; fear holds you in concern for your body and takes you out of being in eternal presence; we get stuck in boundaries by not seeing the total picture that we are eternal beings, that which had no beginning cannot die; anxiety is chronic fear; true guidance is being guided out of fear and into joy; fear is the illusion that something bad will happen; bringing fear into something ruins everything; fear is a personal construct; fear spoils all it touches and especially relationships; become one with the events around you; a fearless life is a life that understands that all that is taking place has a purpose greater than one's reaction to the event; fear is blocked energy; breath transforms the fears we have in our body; we allow our minds to be influenced by fear based thinking - news, etc.; where there is no love, expect fear; fear based thinking dominates the world; forget analyzing the darkness, emphasize the light, the voice of the illuminator, the still small voice of God; (1Kings 19:12 "And after the Earthquake a fire; but the Lord was not in the fire, and after the fire a still small voice.") we were born in perfect love;when we think without love we manufacture fear - split minds, duality, love and the shadow, which is an illusion; fear slow burns to crush the soul; when we think without love we manufacture fear; remember virtue is its own reward; never have to defend who you really are; isolation and abandonment, or its desire for-control, approval and security; we want to control what is and we resist what is, fearful of ad libbing your life, holding back spontaneousness, improvisation, or do you feel the need to orchestrate the future; we never control people other than the self, leave the outcomes alone; where in your body do you feel this need to control?, a feeling of fear or anxiety in your stomach; your body wants attention like children when they are upset, and feels comfort when they receive it; your feelings are your guidance system, messages from your body intended to serve your highest good; you won't be driven by your ego's fears (fear is anticipated pain); on the mortal plane fear speaks first and loudest, fear of-rejection you can't spiritually be rejected unless you reject yourself; when someone else rejects you the pain feels inflicted and you are the victim; superheroes never fall prey to victim mentality; we fear death because we fear loss of what we believe is us; no fear when we realize that we are beyond time bound experience; fear's main tactic is to make you think the illusion is real, so it gets you worried over the future and dwelling on the past; fear holds you in concern for your body and takes you out of being in eternal presence; stuck energy tied to fear and the past; no truth to fear, no reason to fear (like Adam in garden hiding from God, rejected God and hid); the higher intelligence that lies within makes you safe, all that matters is the present moment; take your place inside the drama, potential dangers are illusions, only what lies at hand is real, you will be secure when you realize God has provided all you need; fear is being stuck to things, most want strength from others and avoid the self, value freedom above everything, "this is what I want to do" and ego says "this is what you should do" this is born of fear stuck energy comes from being tied to fear and the past, ask self what do I want; true guidance is being guided out of fear and into joy, fear is the illusion that something bad will happen, stop struggling and path to soul will easily unfold; fear based functioning is energy dissipating; laugh is an antidote to fear; what is true in the material world is the opposite in the deeper world; fear comes from separation; to create something new must let something go; death of the toxic and resurrection of the new; replace fear with love, love = unity, fear separates us; we fear death because we are attached to the idea of a permanent self; forget the content of fear with its countless images of horrible outcomes, pay attention to anxieties because they let you know that some part of you feels weak, fears are healed in the presence, ask for trapped energy to be healed, silence, intelligence and creativity come from deep levels of the self;

-field is an area of specialization, that's what you are

-forgiveness (meditation for) forgiveness is a feeling, not a platitude; forgiveness involves seeing the connection we all have with each other, seeing the better person below the surface; we withold forgiveness from those who have violated our physical and emotional boundaries; we believe that not forgiving others keeps them in a perpetual state of suffering for what they have done; what we don't realize is that withholding forgiveness binds us to the unintegrated emotional charge for months, years, and even lifetimes; when we move into understanding that we were all doing our best from our level of awareness at the time, the fostering of forgiveness begins to unfold; challenge the old hurt with reasons why it should be replaced; keep experiencing both the old and new feelings until the old dissipates; be aware of your hurt but don't fixate on it; nature's greatest form of forgiveness is to allow us to forget the past; learn to forgive yourself, we all fall into traps of selfishness and delusions when we least expect it, the chance remark that wounds someone else, the careless lie, and the irresistible urge to cheat are universal; forgive yourself for being where you are, apply to yourself the same dictum (an authoritative, often formal, pronouncement) as to others, that is, that you are doing the best you can from your own level of consciousness, deepak quotes one master's definition of the perfect disciple which is "one who is always stumbling but never falls." like was ancient David, and boy, did he do wrong; forgiveness is born of increased awareness; the more we can see, the easier it is to forgive; forgiveness in the heart comes about when the walls of separation in the mind fall, the hallway between the past and a marvelous future; forgiveness is allowing us to forget the past.

-guiltkeeps us remembering the past, keeps insisting on unending atonement every time a past mistake is remembered, keeps us in unending atonement; it is yesterdays hurt we are defending against; forgiveness in the heart comes about when the walls of separation in the mind fall and compassion makes the shadows into a complete us; forgiveness is a feeling; to forgive is to send away, send away the hurt you have felt in your heart; look in the other person's eyes with acceptance; show that you understand their point of view; show respect; feel what they are feeling; give the other person the gift of approval, smiles and laughter; body language should be relaxed, facial muscles relaxed; respecting others bonds with them; love can create a world that is holy and healed, the two are the same thing; the direct experience of spirit is the only lasting foundation for love; forgiveness doesn't happen in your head until it occurs in your heart; treat that person as if the hurt never happened; forgiveness removes toxic memories from the mind; forgiveness is erasing the memories of the past that have negative emotions to them and replacing them with a new you Ephesians 4:24, 1John 2:8, Hebrews 10:20, Colossians 3:10, 2Corinthians 5:7; ask self if holding onto things that need forgiveness, ask what those things are, and how to eliminate them; have the intention to forgive anyone for any trespasses (to commit an offense against); look at the feelings of unforgiveness you have, allow new and better feelings; would take forever to forgive everyone; ego forgiveness has conditions like when you calm down and after you have, vent yourself, don't be attached to non forgiveness, if you see yourself as healed in advance, blaming is over, nothing to forgive in the first place; forgiving is seeing the true heart of another, the soul even if someone does something that is offensive, that is, you don't change your opinion of the other, you realize they are doing the best they can from where they are in consciousness; when there is great peace nothing offends you (Psalms 119:165 "Great peace have they which love your law {what law?}, and nothing shall offend them."), love is unity consciousness, then impossible to hurt or be hurt; forgive self for allowing yourself to be taken down so deeply that it submerged who you really are; disk 7 Reinventing the Soul - pain makes us feel victimized, no blame game, if you see yourself forgiven in the first place then there is nothing to forgive; forgiveness is the essence of letting go, deep seated fears and anger are as a result of ego conditioning over many years; forgive because it makes you feel better and removes toxic memories from your mind;

-freedom when ignorance is destroyed the unbounded free nature of the self is discovered, this freedom, this liberation, is enlightenment. Freedom that reveals itself through asking the question what do I want? True freedom comes only from being in non local awareness. You are truly free when you are not a person. Act as though your influence extends everywhere and you've stepped outside of local ego influences. We all want to be free of restrictions, inner freedom is greatly compromised when fear exists and fear is a natural outcome of separation. As you come closer to your soul, the old boundaries and defenses start to melt away.

-gap/discontinuity is vibrations going on and off. When you go into the gap there is no time, breath, thought or movement of consciousness, these are all the same thing. There is no time in the gap as it's beyond time and space, it's here, in the gap, where time is manufactured and superseded when in transcendental meditation, so there is no aging. In the gap is the potential for any thought. Into the gap is where the transformational.vortex is reached. Have a goal clear to you when you go in and then detachment. Memory, desire and action is the softwareof the gap or soul. Once you reach the level of the gap and one way of doing that is to become aware of the observer or if listening to something like meditative music then, become aware of the listener, just be aware of that presence and put your attention on what you want and need, like a part of the body that you feel may not be up to par and you direct healing energy to do work there or on whatever your attenion is on; you introduce an intention out there and the ocean of consciousness responds and that's-fulfilment of desire. There are 5 steps to fulfilment of desire, to the manifestation of what it is that you want; the gap is the world of silence, the world of the soul, the spirit. In the gap is where the personal psyche communicates with universal psyche. The gap is the space that is always there even when there are no thoughts as it's a field of silent awareness. The gap, as Deepak calls it, is the pure revelation of freedom and when we realize this, our choices change. In the gap is that light, that love. If we can stay in that gap we stay in love and we become love. 

About the thinker. The small self (one's soul) communicates with the big self (the Soul {God}) through the gap. Step outside the 'I want', 'I don't want', for a while and just observe. Just be mindful. The gap is where is the transformational vortex. It is the subconscious mind. And what you do here makes all the difference in getting the good things you may want for self and others. Learn about it and live in joy with prosperity. In the gap is the potential to organize and orchestrate the details of any outcome. Have the goal clear to you when you go into the gap. That's decision. Once your decision is made, leave it as it is. Let go, which is 'let go and let God'. Let go of attachment to it where you might tend to want to tinker with it (if it's not broken, don't start fixing it), but keep expectation of it without anxiety.

In the gap your desire is handed to you (Matthew 7:7 ask and you receive; knock and I'll answer). Let the universe handle the details and just know the result is sure.

In meditation you go from the mind to the soul. The soul is the gap and using your attention from there you project your attention to the body and what you want for it to be and to have in this life, so slip into the gap, release your desire, ask and you receive. Easiest way to do this is in transcendental meditation. The cosmic mind whispers to you in the silent gap between one's thoughts and you, your soul, is the continuum of these gaps which you have interrupted with your thoughts, which are space/time events. Infinite choices exist in each gap, but each gap is qualitatively different from the other gap, so here's the mechanics, slip into the gap, have the desire, release attachment to the outcome and let the universe handle the details. 

Time is manufactured in the gap. In silence is where all thought stops. Time stops for you for the time your are in the silence, but the time of the world carries on and the world and those in it continue to age. The silence is the space between vibrations, the space between thoughts. The universe is always correlating all activities all the time. Higher states of consciousness are nothing other than your ability to go into that gap. 

The world is going on and off at or above the speed of light. Everything has to start from and pulsate on and off from its resting point. Scientists say that in this gap there is only infinite possibilities and all in correlation, nothing else. "I am healthy"."I am going to Fiji". Each gap is intellectually different from other gaps. Space/time is structured in the gap. Have to surrender to uncertainty, as there are infinite possibilities in the off state. Don't hold onto things. All belongs first to God. Attention itself is an expression of spirit.

-goals don't be attached to your goal, be process oriented, not outcome oriented, leave the details, the outcome to the universe, to God. Desire and detach. Never let the attainment of a goal be one's all consuming interest in living:.Lamentations 3:37 "Who is he that says and it comes to pass when the Lord commands it not?"

What then to do?.Philippians 4:6 "Be careful for nothing.(of course be careful in all you do; it means not to be anxious over outcomes where one worries about how life will be tomorrow or how he or she will get through today; being 'careful for nothing' doesn't mean to be careless about anything), but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God."

The goals of life are dharma = virtue, artha = material success, kama = desire. Practice your spiritual goals, one being, seeing God in everyone. We use material life for a spiritual purpose, to be happy. Approach others with a sense of bonding connection. Enjoy just being here and you improve the atmosphere around you. The overall goal is to reach God consciousness. It's good to have temporary goals. We are individuals and as such, have different dreams.

Desire your goals, but then detach from their outcome, as they could work out differently because of what it is God specifically has in mind for the realm of your life; realm because others will be affected by your life. Have the attitude that if I don't get there I don't care:.Romans 8:28 "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.".And one has this attitude because this is the road he or she has decided to walk. Better to have a goal of life in joy than life in wealth. One will always have enough when trusting in God. God is real right there and knows all about you. Have goals to lead others to good, for example, to turn toxic people into empowered ones, to change the way we look at others as we look at others mostly from the ego level. See others as God sees them; holy, righteous, perfect.

-God.(see also Emmanuel)."Behold you were within me and I outside myself and there I searched for you."....Saint Augustine; Jeremiah 23:23,24 "Am I a God at hand, says the Lord and not a God afar off? Can any hide himself in secret places that I shall not see him? says the Lord. Do not I fill heaven and Earth?...". Creator-God isn't a person; is a process and not the entity that we have projected him to be. Creator-God is a verb rather than a noun, a process called the universe, called God, called the intelligent silence, called Brahma, called love, called the 'nothingness out there', called the 'void', called the 'all', etc. and is experiencing the uniqueness that is an aspect of what the Creator is, experiencing this as you in your life here. But one is free to always go the other way back into the hurts of life, but like duh! what kind of intelligence would this be?

When Moses was with Creator-God in Exodus 3:13,14 He answered Moses' question with "I am who I am." It is difficult to put a meaning on the words as they seem intended to point out the eternity and self existence of God. Plato, in his Parmenides, where he treats sublimely of the nature of God, says, nothing can describe Creator-God, no name can be attributed to Him because God is what we believe and we allow what we He means to us and what He means to us normally is what we have been conditioned to accept as true and what we have been conditioned to accept as true erroneously involves thinking that we are apart from the reality that actually is Creator-God: John 10:34; the reality of the infinite one in our lives is a continuous experience, an experience that we call an enlightened human being which is possible when aligned with Creator-God, who is then able to express the individuality of His {word 'His' used so that we can relate to what God is} presence as it is expressed as you. This is what makes life so interesting, that finding out what others are like, what expressions they may be of this great infinite one, who individually being the totality of the universe acts through a human nervous system;

The Creator comes through us in flashes of insight that cut through the darkness of our down periods and periods away from higher consciousness. In meditation the things that come into the mind are often the wellings up to your mind of thoughts that wll enable you to produce good, for yourself, for others. Learn to listen.

The essence of the Creator is consciousness and His consciousness is a higher consciousness. The Creator shows the way through consciousness because the Creator is consciousness, a consciousness of love

-finding the Creator: You can't find the Creator in even a flower unless the mind is attuned to seeing God because one naturally avoids the amazing things of the Creator, the mind racing him away as fast as it can. If you can't find the Creator in a blade of grass, if you can't find the Creator in a rainbow, if you can't find the Creator in the eyes of another being, you're not going to find the Creator in a book of religion. Truth is, as you evolve in Godliness (Godliness is goodliness), through growing in spirituality, so does the Divine because the divine is expressed as you when you grow in higher consciousness. God is not static, but dynamic and so it is with the universe God created:.Isaiah 45:18.

The way of peace depends on bringing that truth to light step by step. Individualized consciousness appears as the subtle or ethereal body and when it becomes gross that itself appears to be the physical or material body. That individualized consciousness itself is known as the soul, your unique.spiritual signature, where the potentialities are in an extremely subtle state and when this juggling of the soul ceases such as in the quiet of meditation, that itself is the divine or supreme being, present everywhere like air on Earth. The one infinite consciousness alone shines in all names and all forms. The great infinite intelligence, the presence of all that is, will never force one to be in its presence which is love. Instead it's a willing heart that allows the love nature that is effective for change of self and others into higher consciousness, solving their problems. 

The large Self, the Self of self, is what we call God. We are the small self that grows larger with spiritual growth, like a baby is the small self in his or her family. God is a gigantic cosmic living being and that's who we are when we see the reality of our being. Our true home is eternity itself, generally unseen because of all that occupies the mind, the mind urged to action by our five senses.

We all want God to aid and support us. God's presence brings with it the qualities of spirit. All God is we are at our core

Does God care for us or are we left alone to suffer and be in doubt? God doesn't live in heaven, but in the realm of pure spirit. The spark of divine fire must be in us if it is anywhere. In questing after this spark we cannot walk a path dictated by opposites such as pleasure and pain. Pleasure and pain exist to speak to us. They too are all one of the same wholeness to give us signals about how our body and mind are doing. Just as the greatest pain is not the absence of spirit, the greatest pleasure doesn't approach fulness of sprit. Spirit is found in pure awareness, pure knowingness, knowing you are a creator being, is enough to circumvent all the religiosity. The Creator is a field of pure potentiality, causal, uncreated or that which gives birth to and becomes the whole universe.

-good and evil: God is the intelligent energy that allows for creation of good and bad as we are the ones that express it with our thoughts:.Isaiah 45:7; John 1:3. "The power of evil that is impotent in the struggle against man, human history has shown, is not the battle of good struggling to overcome evil. It is a battle fought by a great evil struggling to crush a small kernel of human kindness."....Vasily Grossman in his masterpiece Life and Fate nybooks.com/books/authors/vasily-grossman/

God is becoming self aware through us. If God is running the world without us, there is nothing for us to do but idolize the Almighty and hope to pleasing to this invisible being. God is running the world with us. One person is a wave. God is the whole ocean.

Social conditioning has made it look like God is not friendly to sex. If God is an omniscient (all knowing) creator why would he have created sex knowing that it would turn into an endless source of trouble? Of course He didn't. We have added the social conditioning which has affected our minds to add the constriction (to make smaller or narrower by binding or squeezing; to squeeze or compress) which so many evidence towards sex today. 

God loses itself in order to find itself, it's a going and a coming back. We are like that too. We go away and like to come back. God's ability to give is unlimited but we limit it by our own unloving perception. God lives in the unknown, embrace the unknown. God is a process of bringing light into beings. To know God, decide to know God. God is the one who doesn't think (from How to Know God CD Disc 1, Track 1), but just is and creates from a process involving love and knowingness, knowing what's needed.

-knowing God: How do you know God if not from the responses you have? If God has a presence that means he can be experienced. Faith in God is knowing God loves you.

If the same energy allows me to-wiggle my finger and I'm God, how come I can't wiggle your finger? It's because you think of me as somebody other than you so you can't wiggle my finger and because we all receive from the Creator individual guidance, that is, one can't override another's spiritual presence here.(Matthew 10:28). You think you are you and I think I am me and this individuality comes about from the ego that gave it to us so we could have this Earthly experience of being human. We are both God pretending (make believe) or better, expressing to be us individually or operating through the ego self that we are, alongside as it were, for how can you guide someone into a better direction unless you're with him?

That's how God plays the game of-hiding himself/herself to find himself/herself. It's just a play and one made in such a way that it's interesting. So we have sinners and saints, victims and heroes and basically the sinner and the saint are just exchanging notes. They are both God. How? The best of us we may call saints, but are they not all still sinners as well, as was the great apostle Paul, who said:.Romans 7:6,14-25 "But now we are delivered from the law, that being dead wherein we were held, that we should serve in newness of spirit and not in the oldness of the letter. For we know that the law is spiritual, but I am carnal, sold under sin. For that which I do I allow not, for what I would, that do I not, but what I hate, that do I. If then I do that which I would not, I consent unto the law that it is good. Now then it is no more I that do it, but sin that dwells in me. For I know that in me,that is, in my flesh, dwells no good thing, for to will is present with me, but how to perform that which is good I find not. For the good that I would I do not, but the evil which I would not, that I do. Now if I do that I would not, it is no more I that do it, but sin that dwells in me. I find then a law, that, when I would do good, evil is present with me. For I delight in the law of God after the inward man. But I see another law in my members, warring against the law of my mind and bringing me into captivity to the law of sin which is in my members. O wretched man that I am! who shall deliver me from the body of this death? I thank God through Emmanuel Christ our Lord. So then with the mind I myself serve the law of God, but with the flesh the law of sin."

The whole thing makes the play interesting. How do you define God? Baba said "He's the surprise you never expected. He's the rainbow in a clear blue sky. He's the spirit in ordinary things.".

Step out of the ordinary, otherwise, where's the surprise? Every day presents at least one chance for a spiritual surprise if you welcomely expect the unknown and look forward to the uncertainty of the day. The part is revealed at the expense of the hiding the whole. If we are focused on the part we sense with our senses, we miss the invisible deeper reality. Silence is the womb of all creation. God is the mathematics behind the support of the laws that comprise the universe.

God, the Father is the intelligence from which space/time, energy, information and the whole universe and all events including us come. God cannot be squeezed into the volume of a body or the span of a lifetime. God is pure being, unborn, unmoving, infinite, unchanging, undying, intangible, unmanifest, invisible, immeasurable and is real. God is made of the same pure awareness as the soul. God can know us all at once because we are all in the same great universal mind that God became and that God is.

God and war, here God doesn't generally intervene because human affairs are our responsibility and we are here to fix the negatives. 

God relates to all with unconditional love. Doing things to please God in order to gain some favor of God you think you lack, means you believe God lacks love and attention toward you. And so in this, one makes God in his own image, because God isn't like that at all. God already loves each of us unconditionally. It's just that so many of us have yet to awaken to the many prompts daily coming to our minds. You were with God forever in the past (2Timothy 1:9) and have never been rejected by God for any reason (Hebrews 13:5), even though at times you may have thought that to be the case. Thinking that way throws out grace. 

Being in a state of grace is feeling loved and cared for by universal intelligence. The closer is your connection with God the greater is your spiritual power. God causes things to happen through you. No one is outside God, only our perception, our conditioning tells us that we are. Emmanuel is in a state of unity with God:.John 10:30. Ask for help from God when you need it. Here you are activating.the presence of God that you are. We are co-creators with God. The creator is in his creation. If you look with love and appreciation you'll see God in it. There is no place where God is not. We receive everything from God. God is experiential (involved in experiences). Knowing God:.1John 5:20. God is easy to find as God is impossible to avoid. All, everything is contained in divine consciousness. God is a total abstraction (removed or separate from something else) from your attention when it is on the things of the senses. Notice God in your life. Being grateful activates the power of God that gives. Whatever you focus on grows. You are the projection of reality:.John 10:38 "I am in the father and he in me.".If God has a presence that means He can be experienced. God's light becomes real if we can see a definite brain response. Why know God? Because you want to be a creator. Who is capable of taking the universe away and putting it back again thousands of times a second? God is where all energy is stored before materialization.

Trinity is spirit, mind and body or experience (karma), memory and desire. If not aware of this software then one's at the disadvantages of life. The soul/brain/mind system is the transitional, the corridor, the intermediary between the spirit and the body/brain/mind system; from a Christian heretic of the 3rd century "You can't understand God unless you make God your equal". God is running things with you. Creation keeps going on. 

To see God, become a God yourself:.John 10:34. A gold ring, gold necklace, gold watch, gold grandfather clock, all made of same substance that we could call 'God'. You are spiritual when you stop believing that God is anywhere but in you. God created us in his image, the image He had in mind for how humanity would physically look like and also emotionally, mentally, feeling nature, etc. (Genesis 1:27 "So God created man in his own image {what does this mean?}, in the image of God created he him, male and female created he them."). The truth of your reality is that you are spirit which is energy that is intelligent and this is disguised in your heart. All things become possible as you walk the road of God, increasing in awareness of this as you go along:.Mark 10:27. There is no end to your manifestation. Imagine yourself as having dissolved into a golden ball and from this emerge in any shape or form and through the consciousness of any being, real or imagined, a warrior, a king, Emmanuel or whatever; perhaps a sex Goddess and imagine what she may do. Imagine yourself as the wind, a storm, a tree, an eagle, a dolphin, lion, etc. Experience your body as being that of light by focusing with eyes closed on your body which then becomes lighterand more subtle. Visualize your body as pure light and you'll become lighter and more agile and energized. Since God is a process, if He didn't want to be found he wouldn't be. He attracts notice through 2nd attention, which is attention by us to what is deep inside us. God's existence is intuited. God is the elimination of evil through the experience of all the individual selves we are deep inside. Where are the 'selves' inside each of us taking us. This is an unfolding journey, the quicker we observe what the selves in us want to do. It's a road of discovery, a road where we can make decisions about what selves we allow to express in our own world. We know that we are somewhat different depending upon who we are with, but it's still us. It's just one of our many sides. Individually we are all uniquely complex. 

God is the generator, organizer, dispenser. Enchantment is to become one with God through chanting. Sound is important for healing. Can you open a rose to full bloom without damage to the petals?, God can! Learn about Him and you'll come to know Him and as you come to know Him you'll see He is you in expression of a higher consciousness.

-hallucinations: are false or distorted perceptions of objects or events with a compelling sense of their reality. Hallucinations become reality when experienced by many, even as a statement made by a very many people is accepted as true and when these are incorporated into our lives they acquire their own reality. After all what is the truth concerning the things of this world except as how they are experienced in our own consciousness. Our own consciousness is affected by the weight of what is in the mass mind and by how clearly we may be tuned into it.

-happy:(see also love)."Happiness is not something ready made, it comes from your own actions." "...mental stability and physical well being are directly related...anger and agitation make us more susceptible to illness." ...Tenzin Gyatso's writings on the Dalai Lama XIV..The more we care for the happiness of others the greater our own sense of well being becomes.

A depressed person has depressed cells. A happy person has happy cells. Bliss is not mere happiness. Happiness for this or that reason is just another form of misery. When we are authentically happy we tend to be healthier, more loving, more giving, more creative, more successful, more affluent and more at peace with ourselves. Learn to love yourself just as you are. Be a human being, not a human becoming. You are the spirit that is you, being human.

We are happy when our needs are met. We find it hard to experience happiness without being reminded of the things that could shatter it. Happiness can't be saved for later. Our minds are conditioned to fit the play of opposites. If you say I'm happy right now, you break the spell. Key is to catch the present moment without thought, just be! Make others happy. Happiness is a continuance of happenings without resistance. When you are happy you are just happy. You don't have to think of it. You catch the present moment without thought. Happy people don't start wars, do torture, develop weapons to kill. Your own consciousness if of anger, hate, resentment and violence is the cause of all wars. Anger, depression, humiliation, embarrassment, etc. is mild humiliation and is a blinding force.

Pontificate (to express opinions or judgments in a dogmatic way) Sir James Genes stated."In the deeper reality we are all part of each other." We are connected and all cohere in the invisible. We are all bound together by a spiritual connection. One's happiness should not be based on exploiting others. We have to turn from exploiting nature to realizing the importance of  balance to the natural balance of the environment. Environmental imbalance leads to imbalance in individuals. The nature of consciousness is happy. Happiness draws all good things towards you. The key to happiness is stepping back to see that you are one with the universe. You are the one that is creating all the experiences of the personal self. To have a shift in consciousness, listen to your body. Live in the present moment with choiceless awareness. Just go with the flow. Embrace silence through meditation, the field of all connectedness. When you find out who you really are you have found nirvana, which is the happiness that is so great it can't be described.

Good luck is opportunity and preparedness coming together, but most think if I have more I'll be happy, if I was healthier I'd be happy, but if happy you will get those things. Seek the kingdom of God, wherein is the highest consciousness:.Matthew 6:33; Well being is number 1 concern in the world today. Be happy and make others happy. Making others happy is number 1. Some see problems and others opportunities. The problems of life should not cause us to feel contracted and withdrawn. This is imbalance in itself. You find happiness when you know who you are. Fulfillment occurs when we have a sense of accomplishment, are inspired (means to be in spirit), help others, have a satisfying meal, etc. In a state of fulfilment there is no desire. When living from the soul level we spontaneously radiate the qualities of the soul (lovingness, knowingness and bliss). How can there be any happiness for those who are not peaceful? In short, happiness = fulfilment at the spiritual level.

-healing/sickness.suppressing our real feelings leads to illness. Your secrets keep you sick. A healer is one who can transfer his excess prana to the solar plexus of another who is suffering. Evoke good emotions for wellness. Being holy and healed is arriving where you started from. As an infant of 1 to 2 years old you didn't know healing or illness, you just were what you were and what you had was what you were. This was wholeness; "From the center of my soul a flower grows inside me, A love that makes me whole, a budding love that sets me free." ...Marilyn von Waldner. Know that your body is one with the light body of the universe. This brings the mind's attention to the body. The first step in any healing process is acceptance. Accept the moment exactly as it is "Every situation properly perceived becomes an opportunity to heal." ...The Course in Miracles. Healing the mind allows for healing the body. What are you holding onto that is uncomfortable for you?, any conversations, any of the moments that lessened you or the moments that hurt you, any of the moments that are turbulent in your mind, any of the moments that you wish hadn't occurred, any unfair moments. Ask yourself how you can be less constricted and more expanded; don't answer it, just ask the question, why? The body is a self-repairing aspect of the field of intelligence. Ever cut yourself? The original state of the body is perfect balance and order and part of the extended body of the universe. The body is a self-interacting, self-repairing field where every cell is renewed, restored, bubbling with intelligent energy and light. The body is constantly trying to renew itself to the pattern of this perfection. The same intelligence that is your body is the same throughout the universe. Here's a meditation "I started holy and healed and I live daily this way". 

What remains now is the deepest healing of all, the healing of love. When our personal reference point is outside of us we are connected to that whatever other thing it is to determine if happy or not. This is object referral. Those believing in separateness believe in a world, wherein lies the negatives of sickness, aging and.death. You are constantly outliving your physical body, every 2 years it's completely new. It's just a place for your memory to call home. Your memories are constantly renewed as your physical molecules. Cancer and other deadly diseases are healed when the memory of wholeness is brought back. See Brandon Bays' example. No one is ever lost at the soul level. Look at a tree. It's both dead and alive at the same time with its dead leaves and branches. Your life never began nor will it ever end. Only your experience here began. Breath in, smile, feel the energy in your body renewing it. Scan your body and release. God is love where there is no pain. Be in God. How? Suffering is because people are filled up with their unreal self. Healing takes place in silence. Take time for meditation and sleep. inner awareness is the source of all healing. For any person engaged in strong denial of pain and anger, the picture of reality presented to him will be twice as convincing because whenever he makes a move to relieve his pain it will hurt and escaping hurt was his whole reason for denying it in the first place. He therefor needs a new consciousness. Thinking about the attributes of love will provide a new outlook.

-ignorance:.ignorance not meaning stupid, but ignoring what is the true reality, which is what the ego has caused to occur, by making important the focus of your mind mostly on physical concerns. Ignorance equates to being absorbed with the ways of pleasure, the temporary way of the senses. Our ordinary low consciousness nature is constricted awareness, where every situation you find yourself in is influenced by perceptions, expectations, assumptions, beliefs and feelings. If these make you fearful (contract you) you're in contracted awareness and if they expand you then that's good, then there's pure awareness, mindful of your source, the realm of the source. In pure awareness there are no problems only creative opportunities.

If needing healing, what is the story I'm telling myself that has made me thus? Everyone feels swept along by circumstances beyond their control. To accept such a reality is the most crippling kind of ignorance according to the.Rishis.(the legendary East Indian seven seers and/or sages of mythic times, frequently connected with the Prajapatis {Brahma's [Hindu word for God] created sentient beings}), because it fulfils its own prophecy. If you are ignorant about your own self, your self will shrink to fit your conception:.Psalms 82:6. Ignorance is the most circular of circular traps.

Ignorance is the failure to discriminate (to distinguish, to make a clear distinction between) the permanent and impermanent, the pure and impure. When ignorance of higher consciousness is destroyed the unbounded free nature of the self is discovered. This is enlightenment There is bliss and suffering, the self and the non self, which is the way we have lived with the low consciousness that unfolded early in our lives. When you notice something you ignore everything else. We are linear minded (one thing at a time) and not programmed digitally. We erroneously think that since this is a material body we can heal it only by material means. Modern medicine misses seeing that the mechanisms of disease are the origins of disease, so we interfere with the mechanisms with drugs, etc.; We have a duty to be healthy otherwise we disrupt that cosmic harmony. Disease and discomfort are basically the result of stress. The secret of healing is enlightenment. Don't have a passive attitude toward any suffering you may have. When you feel unbounded and free you will begin to heal yourself. The word healing is related to the word holy. Healing is the return of the memory of wholeness. When you are whole you are 'holy' and you are healed. When you are whole you lose the fear of death because you recognize that death is a creative opportunity to recreate yourself, so the secret to healing is actually the secret to enlightenment. Best way to reach enlightenment is through yoga, the yoga of meditation. Yoga means unity. When you hear the ideas over and over again they cause a shift in your consciousness and everything changes. These sutras activate self repair mechanisms because they reveal to us our true identity. Self regulation and self repair is healing. Everything moves to a higher level and all the higher consciousness qualities then come forth. Seed your consciousness with words that come from the universal domain, such as I am space, I am the sun, I am the directions coming from above and below, I am the Gods, I am the demons, I am the Earth, I am the ocean, I am omnipresent. Fear vanishes because we have discovered a part of ourselves that is beyond change. Healing is a loss of fear because we have discovered and focus on the part of ourselves that is beyond change. You heal through awareness and energy. All illness is poor energy patterns. Drugs tinker with the chemicals in the body in such a way as to distort the body's energy patterns. They hit the body too hard and too broadly. Cancer is distorted energy. Tune in to your own energies. The body is a fiction. It's an expression of the soul. The body's macrophagesdestroy body enemies. The body is an energy converter. All, even genes and germs are energy. If sick, the bond between soul and body has been broken. Imagine a beam of light coming into the sick person; prayed and was healed. You can change another's energy by intention. Awareness turns unhealthy energy into healthy energy. You want to catch the body at the very onset of illness when the person is starting to feel like his energy is weak leading to depression. The body knows what it lacks and yearns to correct it. It's the body sending a message that something is lacking. Today, more people live off cancer than have it. The body is replacing itself constantly. The real you is beyond space and time. A gentle focus of attention is all it takes to free the body of discomfort leading to sickness. We ignore the body's signals because we are fearful. Suffering is mental, so untangle pain from suffering. Realize the body is on your side. The subtler one's awareness, the more powerful it can heal. Nature functions through silent efficiency, a baby forms in the dark and quietness of awareness, it doesn't think to itself should I make a liver or do this or that. A quiet mind is all you need as from there awareness seeks out the old wounds and begins to mend them. Transcending is the mind's own way of unfolding to itself. The higher self, the soul, is that place where a mere desire is the trigger for transformation, the principle of least effort. Total mind functions with generation, organization and delivery in all process of creation. Operating principle of nature is do less, accomplish more. There can't be effort; can do nothing and have it all. Relax, God is aware and there. We ignore our own power to heal, instead relying upon the grotesque medical system. We are all made up of the same stuff, the same elements on the periodic scale. When you know this you are healed. Remember, pain is a message asking for a reply. You want healed and it brings consciousness there, then back to heart and gratitude for what you have. In meditation bring your awareness to the point in your body that needs healing. This brings the consciousness of healing there. Healing others is having your attention on them. A hurt shoulder can lead to hurtful thoughts where you can allow your attention to be on those thoughts and thus dissipate them. When you start watching yourself, your mind, you become the watcher the seer, the uninvolved witness. Don't be attached to things, the images we interpret as being real. Impulses come into the mind and get converted into the body. This is also where we empower ourselves to be all we can be. All a soul has to do is radiate its magnificence, to let light shine to transmit to another Mark 10:46-52 = Emmanuel heals how?

'Your' faith (the faith you have from Christ, not some human generated bootstrap 'jack me up' kind of philosophy) has made you whole. Healing depends on the higher Soul sending energy to another's body. Awareness can move energy. Why do you want to get better? Since the body is holographic when you reduce one of the biomarkers of deteriorating health, the others reverse (blood pressure, auditory threshold, hormonal levels, temperature regulation, skin thickness, muscle mass, blood sugar regulation, muscle strength, metabolic activity, body fat, visual threshold, immune function, bone density, cholesterol and lipid levels, aerobic capacity, antioxidant levels). True healing occurs from the level of the soul. The eastern tradition of vedanta states that healing is the return of the memory of wholeness, the return of the memory of who we really are, not a body, not a mind, not an intellect, not an ego, but a soul which is a drop in the ocean of consciousness which is a part of the collective soul which in turn is part of the universal spirit or God. Healing is a miracle because it is a manifestation of biological activity. Disease is the initial discomfort that ultimately manifests as disease. See also 'tests'. Consideration towards the pain that is crying for attention is using our own power to heal instead of rushing to the medical system. Healing is about living life from the level of the soul. The silent awareness seeks out all it needs to heal on its own or bring affluence. Know you are healed:.Isaiah 33:24 "And the inhabitant shall not say, I am sick...". Mesh mind with body. Just know that you can heal. Love increases the immune response. To be healed one has to go beyond timeboundedness into the Soul. The body's pharmacy involves asking your body, your heart, before you eat what you are considering or do what you may be thinking of doing. The soul (soul and Soul) has the intelligence of all the cells. You will get a message of comfort or discomfort, pleasure or disgust. Simply ask, don't demand, no anxiousness.

Drink hot water to lose weight. It releases toxins, a couple of sips every ½ hour for a day mobilizes toxins and removes them from affecting the cells. The tongue will turn pink again. If it's pale, there are toxins in body. Healing involves the restoration of biological rhythms. Sound is important for healing and a healing environment of peace is important. Ama = impurities in food, toxin producing food, Some foods are ama and some not. A white tongue elicits ama. Eat quietly, TV off, attention on food being consumed. If upset don't eat till you calm down for a few minutes. Eat to only ¾ of your capacity, should feel comfortable not stuffed, no cold icy drinks. When chewing be quiet. No emotional conversation at the table. Don't touch your fork or spoon until you have finished the previous bite. Sit quietly after meal for a few minutes. Incomplete digestion blocks free flow of energy. Have main meal at lunchtime as digestion sharpest when Sun is highest in the sky. Digestion sluggish in early morning. Eat only if you need to. Maybe wait for lunch. Sip hot water every 30 minutes or so helps to cleanse system. Rest digestion. Ffor a day a week, drink only liquids. Knowledge has organizing power and is the greatest healer producing neuro peptides.

-habits let go of habits that no longer serve you and commit to taking the next step to achieve your dreams; the rigidity of self-control dooms us to repeating the same old habits, being driven into the same compulsive acts.-Repetition is inevitable when you refuse to give space to the present moment. This is a form of denial.

-denial equals believing things will improve if we do nothing is a deep stress in our consciousness, which can through meditation dissolve this stress allowing hurtful judgments to melt away. Stress constricts bliss because bliss rides on the current of natural feeling. Denial is the feeling that judgment is not being held and sets the trap that there is no problem or that things are beyond you, that things are just right or wrong. Fear and distrust underlie denial and this takes a lot of effort to keep it forcefully out of sight. A person in denial seeks to control others, those close to us who may expose us. Suppressing our real feelings leads to illness. Denial basically is the feeling one is not holding onto judgment. Need to break through denial and banish judgment.

-hologram/holographic.is a sculpture of light, a 3-dimensional sculpture of light, a projection of a certain object where all of it is in every bit of it (how does this work?), for example the hologram could be your memory. You see many of them at Disneyland where what looks like real people is really only a projection of light. The whole thing in every bit of it. The impulse for separation (the world we live in is a world of contrasts) gave us the reality we know and the holographic impulse will give us a new reality as it bypasses details and aims for wholeness, It creates 3 dimensional settings in which inner and outer fuse into one. From a fragment the whole is created. We retain the power to create a new hologram for ourselves (and, as in the case of resurrecting, for others too), 

Need to dig into the shadow world to find the true self. The shadow is a human creation, an invisible model which undermines rational thought. The shadow is the separation impulse. We have passively inherited a split self. You can create a new self, a new hologram and it happens not by one piece at a time, but by a hologram, the whole at once (see wholeness). Here one's reality is altered all at once. Find the level of the soul where the holographic impulse can create anything all at once. This implies a new self. We are bits of this giant hologram, where the real you is beyond space and time. Here all is made up of the same stuff, the same elements on the periodic scale. We are holographic expressions of our memory expressed as physical body at birth. We are holographic expressions in a time bound experience. The physical world is a response of the observer, our receptors and nervous system. We can't trust our senses. They tell us the Earth is flat and not moving. The human body is a hologram of the universe. Let your intention take you wherever it will take you. The quality of your attention determines the lucidity of the encoding in the holographic template. It all depends on the quality of your attention. We must uncreate the shadow creating our true function as creators. The most damaging illusion is your split self. Find the level of the holographic whole where you can create anything. You live inside the hologram and you can create a new hologram for yourself. It is a holographic world where everything and everyone is a mirror and that gives you an opportunity to reclaim an aspect of yourself.

-hope.is postponing when you can have it all now. Another kind of hope is anticipation of desire, such as is used here:.Romans 15:4. See desires, see meditation. True hope is that your connection to Being, the real soul of you, being one of humanity, can never be lost:.Hebrews 13:5