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Kadmonites.(a tribe of Canaanites often called 'children of the east')
Kahil Gibran.(also spelt Khalil, Kahlil Jibran & Gibran)
Kaint, James W..(the amazing brain)
Kalcker, Andreas Dr..(on CDS {Chlorine Dioxide Solution})
Kama Sutra
Kansas State Board of Education
Karl Marx
Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden
...Dr. Bjorn Nordensrom
...Dr. Olle Johansson, Ph D.
Katrina.(New Orleans)(levees.org) 'Katrina' did not flood New Orleans. Civil engineering mistakes did: "Federal Judge Stanwood Duval ruled that the Army Corps of Engineers' mismanagement of the Mississippi River-Gulf Outlet was directly responsible for flood damage of homes.in St. Bernard Parish and the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina...vindicating the long-held contention of many in the region that the flooding was far more than an 'act of God'..The corps allowed the channel.to attack the levees in three ways, Duval said, allowing the levees to slump under their own weight, failing to armor the channel's banks against ship wakes and allowing saltwater to exacerbate the loss of wetlands throughout the area."
Kaufman, Andrew.(doctor exposes truth about viruses)
Khazarian/Kazars/Khazarian.(who were these?)
Keeping your word
Keeping your youth
Kenyon, Dean.(comment on evolution)
Kenites.(ancient peoples of whom came a woman who was partner of Moses)
Kenneth McAll, Dr..(healing the haunted)
Kentucky.(the Creation Museum)
...in coconut oil or spread.(organic extra virgin only).have been shown to cure Alzheimer's/dementia disease
Keturah.(second wife of Abraham, out of whom came the Arab nations)
Kevin Annette.(efforts to stop the killing of First Nations people)
Kevin Costner.(his well researched series 500 Nations: The Story of the American Indians, about the untold true history not written about in school textbooks, of course)
Key scriptures.(for quick perusal)
Key(s) to:
...abundant grace
...advantage in life
...answered prayer
...awakening to truth
...being affected by the truth of the Creator
...being in God's presence
...Bible understanding
...change oneself
...changing circumstances
...Christ.(the key to the Father)
...David.(the key of David)
...driving safely
...future.(key to the future)
...getting rid of problems
...good.(the key to all good)
...growth spiritually
...higher consciousness
...Infinite One's power
...intent of the heart
...interesting life
...kingdom keys
...learning quickly
...limitations elimination
...mind.(how to use it to get all you want)
...nothingness.(the key to it all)
...overall key to all you want
...overcoming.(overcome limitations and you're ready for the happy next step in this life now)
...passion for living
...prosperity and keeping yourself in line when prosperity comes
...reverse aging
...saved.(being saved)
...spiritual growth
...success.1, 2, 3, 4, 5
...to it all, the nothingness
...transformation is salvation
...truth being effective
...turning to God
...we are Gods
...world peace
Khazarian/Kazarian/Kazars.(who were these severely evil ones?)
Khmer Rouge.(a corrupt regime that murdered three million plus, in Cambodia)
Kick.(Amalekites, an ancient people who would 'kick a man when he's down')
Kidd, Jack.(his project for a better world using the funding of the humanitarian projects program)
Kids.(listings for & about children)
Killing.(and murder, children murdered)
Kindle.(make reading time more efficient, save trees)
Kindness.(a higher consciousness quality)
King James Version of the Bible
King, Martin Luther
...a disappointing king
...and servant (the 'This Is Good' story; how to always look at things)
...been the same all through history; people prefer not God, but a King to be over them and to their hurt they become willing slaves
...Christ a king
...kings (good ones and bad ones)
King Henry the VIII and wives
King Jehoshaphat fails in business.(the humorous story)
King of Tyrus.(ancient king)
Kingdom of God.(or, kingdom of heaven)
...all about good
...clean kingdom.(how clean will this kingdom be?)
...kingdom of heaven
...many names for
...scriptures on receiving
...sex there?
Kirjath-jearim.(one city where the ark of the covenant stayed for 20 years)
Kirlian photography.(photographing energy and what it reveals)
Klann, Miki.(chasing out the corporate criminal politians)
Kneivel, Evil
Knew he was of the Lord
"knew their thoughts".(re: Emmanuel)
Knight, Dina.(chef who cured her father's diabetes)
Knights of the Round Table
Know God
Know now in part
Know no man after the flesh
Know these things about the Bible?
Know this about God and you
Know yourself
Knower.(you are the knower)
Knowing where you're going in life
Knowledge.(lack of hurts us)
Known by your fruits
Knows all things
Koala bear
Koch's postulates
Komodo dragon
Korah.(a leader of a rebellion against Moses and Aaron)
KoranSteve Kroschel

Kosmos.(Greek words for 'ages' & 'world')
Kroschel, Steve.(producer of Grounded and Detoxifying Through Grounding, two important movies for getting yourself better and for continued health)
Kucinich, Dennis.(a good U.S. Congressman who gave a great speech)
Kuiper Belt
Küppers, Bernd-olaf.(protein molecule's amazing complexity)
Kurt Gobel.(his amazing theory rocked the world)
Kushi Institute.(recover from serious diseases)

-Kings:.(the words 'pharaoh', 'czar', agag, 'ahasuerus', 'artaxerxes' 'Ben' all mean 'king')
...ancient kings of Egypt.(the pharaohs)
...ancient kings of Israel.(begins just below)
...ancient kings of Judah
...other ancient kings
...prophetic kings of the north and of the south
-and rulers.(us)
-used by God

-Kings of ancient Israel and Judah, some.good, some.evil.(in all these, they are overviews; for more, click on the first linked name of each king; after that, for even more, see the.Bible.Dictionaries)

-First, the kings of ancient Israel's tribes:

-Saul.1st king of ancient Israel.before they split into the two nations of Israel & Judah; started off.good, but soon went the other way; lived.B.C.E. 1151 to 1053; ended up being evil

-David.2nd king of Israel before the split into two nations;.lived.B.C.E. 1085 to 1015; a.good king:.1Kings 15:5;.succeededSaul; David was son of a man named Jesse

-Solomon.3rd king of Israel before the split. He followed his father David; reigned B.C.E. 1015 to 975; a.good king.who reigned 40 years, but one who let his women take him away from God. After his death the nation Israel was split into two, that of Israel and Judah, with his cruel son Rehoboam the first king of this new nation of Judah

-Jeroboam I.1st king of.Israel.at time of the split.into two nations; son of a man named Nebat; B.C.E. 975 to 954; he was an.evil king; one son, Abijah, died very young and the other son, Nadab did make it to the throne for a short reign

-Abijah.a sick child who died; never got to reign; was heir to the throne of Jeroboam I

-Nadab.2nd king of.Israel; reigned only 2 years B.C.E. 954 to 952; usurped by Baasha; son of Jeroboam I; an.evil king

-Baasha.3rd king of the now separate kingdom of.Israel, which comprised 10 of the original twelve tribes of Israel; reigned B.C.E. 952 to 928; he was slain by Zimri; father was someone named Ahijah, not the Ahijah who was a prophet; Baasha's son was Elah:.1Kings 16:6; Baasha was an.evil king

-Elah 4th king of Israel, reigned.Israel.B.C.E. 928 to 926; son & successor of Baasha; assassinated by Zimri after reigning 2 years; was the father of the last king of Israel, Hoshea; Elah was an.evil king

-Zimri.5th king of.Israel; reigned 7 days; servant of Elah; Zimri, before usurping the throne of Elah was his servant and captain of half of his chariots; Zimri slew Elah and reigned in his place:.1Kings 16:8-10; B.C.E. 926; an.evil king

-Omri.6th king of.Israel; formally was a Philistine general; reigned B.C.E. 929 to 918; an.evil king; his son was Ahab

-Ahab.7th king of ancient.Israel; reigned B.C.E. 918 to 897; son and successor to Omri, his father; married the evil bitch Jezebel; he was an.evil king, but changed a bit; his son was Jehoram/Joram

-Ahaziah.8th king of.Israel; son and successor to Ahab and Jezebel; reigned only 2 years; reigned B.C.E. 897 to 896; an.evil king; had no son; Ahaziah's brother Jehoram-Joram.later became a king of Israel after his death; there was also an Ahaziah who was king of Judah

-Jehoram-Joram.he was called either name:.2Chronicles 22:5; 9th king of.Israel; son of Ahab & the bitch Jezebel and successor to his brother Ahaziah; he reigned twelve years, from B.C.E. 896 to 884; Jehoram/Joram had no son; was an.evil.king, but did.some good.things; there was also another Jehoram-Joram who was a king of Judah

-Jehu.10th king of.Israel; reigned B.C.E. 884 to 856; son of a man named Jehoshaphat.(this Jehoshaphat was not a king).who was a son of a man named Nimshi:.2Kings 9:14. There was also a Jehoshaphat who was a king of Judah being the son of Asa. Jehu succeeded Jehoram/Joram.(just above).after killing him. Jehu's son was Jehoahaz; Jehu is listed as overall being a good king

-Jehoahaz 11th king of.Israel; also known by the name Shallum, but not the Shallum of Israel who was son of Jabesh and not the Shallum who was king of Judah. Jehoahaz was son and successor to his father Jehu. Jehoahaz's son was Jehoash-Joash; approximately B.C.E. 858 to 841. He reigned 17 years and was an.evil king

-Jehoash-Joash.11th king of.Israel; reigned 16 years; B.C.E. 840-825; son of Jehoahaz king of Israel; did.evil, but showed he could be good as well

-Jeroboam II.12th king of.Israel; an.evil king; lived B.C.E. 825 to 784; son & successor of Jehoash-Joash; Jeroboam II's son was Zachariah

-Zachariah.13th king of.Israel; circa B.C.E. 780; son & successor of Jeroboam II; reigned 6 months; an.evil king; killed by Shallum

-Shallum.14th king of.Israel; son of Jabesh

-Menahem.15th king of.Israel; reigned 10 years; B.C.E. 771-760; son of a man named Gadi; an.evil king

-Pekahiah.16th king of.Israel; son and successor of Menahem; reigned 2 years; B.C.E. 759-757; an.evil king

-Pekah.17th king of.Israel; reigned B.C.E. 759-739, son of Remaliah who was a captain in the army of Syria under king Rezin. Pekah was an.evil king

-Hoshea.18th and last king of.Israel; began reigning B.C.E. 729-720; son of Elah; Hoshea was an evil king

-Kings of ancient Judah's tribes, some.good, some.evil.(in all these, they are overviews; for more, click on the first linked name of each king; for even more, see the.Bible.Dictionaries)

-Rehoboam.1st king of the new nation of.Judah.after the split with Israel; a.stupid evil king; lived B.C.E. 978 to 920; reigned in Jerusalem for 17 years beginning at age 41; he was also called Roboam; Rehoboam was one of the sons of Solomon who was the 1st king of Israel.before it split; Rehoboam, being son of Solomon who broke the pure bloodline of his father David by 'marrying' an Ammonite woman of the bloodline of Cain; Rehoboam's son was Abijam was also known as Abijah

-Abijam, aka Abijah.2nd king of ancient Judah, who started off well but soon went the other way; reigned 3 years from B.C.E. 958 to 955; he was son of Rehoboam; Abijam's son was Asa; though starting off good, Abijam was an.evil king; in the New Testament he is called Abia:.Matthew 1:7

-Asa.3rd king of.Judah; son of Abijam; reigned B.C.E. 951-910, some say 955 to 914; he had an evil mother named Maachah but must have had a good dad; his son was Jehoshaphat, who also was good; Asa was a.good king

-Jehoshaphat.4th king of.Judah; reigned about 25 years, from B.C.E. 914 to 891; a.good king; he was son and successor of Asa; his son was the evil Jehoram-Joram; he had other sons as well; there was another also called Joram-Jehoram, this one being the 7th king.of Israel; in the New Testament Jehoshaphat is called Josaphat:.Matthew 1:8,9

-Jehoram/Joram.5th king.of.Judah; a son & successor of Jehoshaphat; began to reign at age of 32; reigned 8 years, B.C.E. 892 to 884; Jehoram/Joram's youngest son was Ahaziah-Jehoahaz; Jehoram/Joram was an.evil king.who murdered all his brothers and married the bitch Athaliah, daughter of the evil Ahab and his even worse wife Jezebel

-Ahaziah.6th king of.Judah.who reigned one year at the age of 22, B.C.E. 881 to 880:.2Kings 8:25,26; 2Chronicles 22:2; his birth name was Jehoahaz, until he became king:.2Chronicles 21:16,17; Ahaziah/Jehoahaz is also known incorrectly as.Azariah:.2Chronicles 22:1-6; Ahaziah/Jehoahaz was an.evil king; he was deposed by Pharaoh Necho; he was youngest son of Jehoram-Joram and the cruel woman Athaliah:.2Kings11:1; Ahaziah/Jehoahaz's son was Jehoash-Joash; Ahaziah's brother Jehoiakim was placed in as king over Judah:.2Chronicles 36:4; there was also another Ahaziah, this one being a king of Israel

-Athaliah.7th monarch of.Judah; a.wicked queen; reigned 6 years, B.C.E. 882-878 

-Jehoash/Joash.8th king of.Judah.circa B.C.E. 878-838; a.good king.at the first, who became.evil; began to reign at 7 years of age.(2Kings 11:21).after being hid for 6 years from the evil bitch Athaliah who slew all her brothers:.2Kings 11:1-4; his father was known by these names, Ahaziah-Jehoahaz-Azariah; Jehoash/Joash's son was Amaziah; there was at the same time a Jehoash/Joash king of Israel

-Amaziah.9th king of.Judah; reigned 28-29 years, B.C.E. 838 to 810; Amaziah was a.good king.at the first but later became as his father Jehoash/Joash was, evil:.2Kings 14:1; Amaziah's son was Uzziah

-Uzziah.also known by the name Azariah.(2Kings 15:1).which means 'whom God helps'; he was the 10th king of.Judah; he was one of the sons and successor of Amaziah; Uzziah was a.good.king.until he became mighty.and then he was.evil; in his evil phase, he got leprosy; he came to the throne at the age of 16 and did well.as long as.the great Jehoiada was helping him; overall he reigned 52 years, from B.C.E. 810 to 759; Uzziah's son was Jotham; in the New Testament Uzziah is known as Ozias:.Matthew 1:8,9

-Jotham.11th king of.Judah; a.good king; son & successor of Uzziah; reigned B.C.E. 758 to 742; Jotham's son was Ahaz; New Testament spelling of Jotham is Joatham:.Matthew 1:8,9

-Ahaz.12th king of.Judah; in the New Testament, written in Greek, the spelling is Achaz:.Matthew 1:8,9; son & successor of Jotham. Ahaz reigned B.C.E. 742 to 727, some say 735 to 719; Ahaz was an.evil king. Ahaz's son was Hezekiah, who became king of Judah and was a good king, thanks to his mother.

-Hezekiah.13th king of.Judah; a.good king; son & successor of Ahaz; reigned B.C.E. 726 to 698; son was the unworthy Manasseh; in the New Testament, written in Greek, the spelling of Hezekiah is Ezekias:.Matthew 1:8,9. Hezekiah had massive trouble with king Sennacherib, but it was solved by cutting off the water to the Assyrians:.2Chronicles 32:1-5. Hezekiah was kind but a bit too trusting of others too quickly. The true story lesson as told in 3 most interesting accounts of it.

-Manasseh.14th king of.Judah; reigned B.C.E. 698-643; an.evil king.who later.completely changed, becoming good; his father was Hezekiah who was a good king.(Proverbs 22:6); son of Manasseh was Amon who succeeded him on the throne; in the New Testament, written in Greek, the spelling is Manasses:.Matthew 1:10-14

-Amon.15th king of.Judah; his father was Manasseh; his son was Josiah; reigned  B.C.E. 639-637; Amon was an.evil king

-Josiah 16th king of.Judah; reigned B.C.E. 641-610; Josiah's father was Amon.and Josiah was great-grandson of the good king Hezekiah; Josiah's sons that in turn reigned were 1st son Johanan.(nothing more said of him), 2nd son Jehoiakim, 3rd Zedekiah and the 4th Shallum; in the New Testament, written in Greek, the spelling of Josiah is Josias:.Matthew 1:10-14; a.good.king

-Jehoahaz.17th king of.Judah; birth name was Shallum until he became king; the name 'Shallum' means 'retribution', which came to him:.Jeremiah 22:11,12; he also, like Jeconiah/Jehoiachin, reigned three months, B.C.E. 609; Jehoahaz was a.good.king at first, but turned into an.evil king; Jehoahaz was one of the sons of Josiah who was a good king, but Jehoahaz's mother Hamutal.was evil; his evil brothers were Jehoiakim also known as.Eliakim and Zedekiah; this Jehoahaz is a different Jehoahaz than Ahaziah-Jehoahaz-Azariah.(some had more first names).and also different from the Jehoahaz/Shallum of Israel; Ozias is the New Testament spelling for this individual here known as Jehoahaz/Shallum of Judah

-Jehoiakim.18th king of.Judah; reigned B.C.E. 610-599; renamed by Pharaoh Necho from his original name.Eliakim, to Jehoiakim:.2Chronicles 36:4; 2Kings 23:34; his dad was Josiah; his mom was the evil Hamutal; his son was Jeconiah-Jehoiachin:.Jeremiah 24:1; 37:1; 2Kings 24:6; his brothers were Jehoahaz and Zedekiah; Jehoiakim was an.evil king.ending up being taken into captivity and sent to Egypt:.2Chronicles 36:6

-Jeconiah.also called Jehoiachin.and called.Coniah; 19th king of Judah; succeeded his evil father Jehoiakim as king of.Judah.in B.C.E. 599;.2Kings 24:6; Jeremiah 27:20; an.evil king, but one who.finally.saw God's ways as being best; Jeconiah apparently had no sons who became kings; he reigned three months and ten days:.2Chronicles 36:9; he was succeeded by his brother Zedekiah; in the New Testament, written in Greek, he is called Jechonias:.Matthew 1:10-14

-Zedekiah.aka Mattaniah, which was his birth name, changed by Nebuchadnezzar-II.to the name Zedekiah ,was the 19th and last king of.Judah.and the 20th and last monarch, as there was one queen, the cruel bitch Athaliah; Zedekiah had a bad mother whose name was Hamutal; Zedekiah reigned 11 years over Judah, B.C.E. 599 to 588; he was one of the sons of good king Josiah:.Jeremiah 37:1; Jehoahaz and Jehoiakim were his brothers; Zedekiah succeeded the throne of Jehoiakim because Nebuchadnezzar put him on the throne instead of his brother Jehoiakim; Zedekiah was an.evil king

-Kings of ancient Egypt, some.good, some.evil.(in all these, they are overviews; for more, click on the first linked name of each king; for even more, see the.Bible.Dictionaries):
...ptolemies.(Macedonian kings ruling Egypt)
...shepherd kings
...Shishak.(a king of Egypt)

Other historically noticeable kings, some.good, some.evil.(in all these, they are overviews; for more, click on the first linked name of each king; for more, see the.Bible.Dictionaries)

-Abimelech.king of the Philistines of very early history in the days of Abraham; circa.B.C.E. 2000; a.good king

-Alexander the Great, aka Alexander III, B.C.E. 356-323, an.evil ruler

-Antiochus Epiphanes, Son of Antiochus III, Seleucid king of the Hellenistic Syrian kingdom, B.C.E. 175–164; a vile ruler

-Artaxerxes I.king of Persia; reigned B.C.E. 465-425; a.good king. He was younger son of Xerxes I and Amestris. There were 3 Artaxerxes through to B.C.E. 338. Artaxerxes is just another name for 'king'
-Artaxerxes II.king of Persia; reigned B.C.E. 404-358. A politician style ruler
-Artaxerxes III.king of Persia; reigned B.C.E. 358–338. An.evil king

-Ashurbanipal.king of Assyria; also called Asnappar; also known as Shalmaneser II; B.C.E. 669-626; an.evil king; his father was Esarhaddon; after Ashurbanipal's death, a Chaldean leader, Nabopolassar, in 626 made Babylon the capital of his kingdom

-Ashurnasirpal-II also known as Shalmaneser II, B.C.E. 884 to 859, king of Assyria, son of Tukulti-Ninurta-II

-Augustus Caesar.reigned B.C.E. 63 to 14 A.D.; a.good king; his son Tiberius ruled after him, but was a suspicious and tyrannical ruler

-Balak king of the ancient Moabites; reigned sometime after the Israelites left Egypt; Balak wanted a quasi prophet to curse the Israelites; a somewhat.evil king

-Belshazzar.followed Nebuchadnezzar-II. Belshazzar was the last king of the Babylonish / Chaldean Empire, circa B.C.E. 550-539. An.evil king, Belshazzar was grandson of Nebuchadnezzar-II and son of Evil Merodach, Nebuchadnezzar-II's son. Belshazzar was the king who saw a mysterious handwriting on the wall. Daniel of the book of Daniel in the Bible was given a name that sounds much the same, Belteshazzar

-Benhadad.a horribly corrupt.evil king of Syria who was murdered by Hazael; circa B.C.E. 885

-Caligula.emperor of Rome; reigned 37 to 41 A.D.; an.evil.nut case

-Cambyses II, son of Cyrus II, the Great

-Chedorlaomer.king of Elam, in Persia, in the time of Abraham, B.C.E. 2290

-Cheops, also called Khufu, ruled Egypt B.C.E. 2590-2567

-Chushanrishathaim.king of Mesopotamia, B.C.E. 1402; ancient Israel was in subjection for 8 years to this king.(Israel's captivities)

-Claudius Caesar reigned 41 A.D. for thirteen years. The crackpot.Nero was his son from an evil mother.

-Constantine the Great, about 274-337 A.D., Roman emperor 306-337. It is doubted by the principles he allegedly lived by if he really did convert to Christianity as history says

-Cyaxares king of the Medes, B.C.E. 625–585. Cyaxares is a historical figure who appears in the cuneiform sources as Uvakhshatra. An alliance between Babylon and the Medeswas sealed by the betrothal of Cyaxares' granddaughter to Babylonian King Nabopolassar's son, Nebuchadrezzar II, 605–562. Astyages followed his father, Cyaxares, on the Median throne in 585–550. Astyages and the Medians were overthrown by the rise to power in the Iranian world of Cyrus the Great of Persia. Cyrus began war against Astyages in 553 and in 550 the Median troops rebelled and Astyages was taken prisoner

-Cyrus II.(Cyrus the Great).king of Persia; circa B.C.E. 400. He was contemporary with Nebuchadnezzar-II. Cyrus was a.good king

-Darius king of Medes and Persians B.C.E. 521-486; a.good king; became king after Cyrus II; Darius' son was Xerxes

-Diocletian a cruel Roman emperor, ruled 280-305 A.D.

-Eglon king of the Moabites, circa B.C.E. 1400

-Esarhaddon.reigned B.C.E. 681-669, son of Sennacherib; a reasonably good king; Esarhaddon's second son was Shamash-shum-ukin; his first son died early; his third son was Ashurbanipal

-Evil-merodach.king of Babylon; son of and successor to Nebuchadnezzar-II; a.kind.king.who got screwed in life by his brother in law Nergalsharezer

-Felix, 60 A.D.; Roman governor of Judea; had dealings with the apostle Paul: an.evil.ruler

-Hammurabi king of Babylon reigned B.C.E. 1945-1902; aka Amraphel, king of Shinar, developed one of the first codes of conduct for society, called the Code of Hammurabi; also known as Khammurabi; a good king

-Hazael.became an.evil.king.of Syria after murdering Benhadad the king, circa B.C.E. 840-825. Hazael was to be anointed king by Elisha, replacing the horribly corrupt Benhadad, but Hazael's anointing to king never happened. Not listening to Elisha and waiting, he took matters into his own hands and got rid of Benhadad (I wanna be king now, I wanna be king now!). Hazael was an officer in Behadad's Syrian army. When Hazael became king he joined with king Jehu of Israel to carry out God's plan of cleansing the evil begun by earlier kings of Israel, such as Ahab with his evil bitch of a wife Jezebel and the evil carried on by Ahab's son Jehoram/Joram

-Henry VIII, an.evil.king.

-Herod.the Great;.Herod was not so great at all; oh, the ego of kings; circa B.C.E. 40; an.evil.king

-Herod Agrippa I, grandson of Herod the Great; circa B.C.E. 10 to 44 A.D., an.evil.king

-Herod Agrippa II, 27-93 A.D.; son of Herod Agrippa I; a good ruler

-Herod Antipas, son of Herod the Great; B.C.E. 21 to 29 A.D.; a ruler to stay away from

-Herod Archelaus, son of Herod the Great; circa 4 A.D.;  an.evil.king

-Herod Philip, son of Herod the Great; circa 4 A.D.; a good ruler

-Jabin I, B.C.E. 1450; a powerful king of Hazor in north Canaan in northern Palestine at the time of Joshua, when the nation of Israel was headed to the promised land of Canaan; a.warring.king

-Jabin II, B.C.E. 1300; a later king of Hazor who oppressed the nation of Israel for twenty years, till Deborah and Barak defeated him with an army of ten thousand; a.warring.king

-Julius Caesar.a.good king.and auspicious leader

-Mesha a crackpot king of Moab in David's time, who sacrificed his son to frighten off an advancing army; an.evil.king

-Nabonidus, also spelt Nabonadius; an.evil.king

-Nabopolassar, B.C.E. 625–605, founded the Chaldean empire, becoming its king after forcing the Assyrians out and crowning himself king of Babylonia. Babylonia was within the Chaldean area and the terms are often used synonymously. Nabopolassar took part in the wars aimed at the destruction of Assyria. He restored the old canals in the cities of Babylonia, including the major city of Babylon. Nabopolassar died in Babylon in 605. Nabopolassar's son was Nebuchadnezzar-II

-Nahash.an Ammonite king in the time of ancient Saul, king of Israel who absolutely hated the nation of Israel; an.evil.king

-Nebuchadnezzar-II.became king of Babylon B.C.E. 605-562, after his father Nabopolassar died. Nebuchadnezzar-II followed Nebuchnezzar I, about 500 years later. Nebuchadnezzar-II was contemporary with Cyrus the Great. Nebuchadnezzar II was a.good king.who learned the hard way by having the mind of a beast for 7 years.(*), that God rules all. His son was Evil-Merodach, also a kind good king

-Nergalsharezer.a king of Babylon; son of Sennacherib; B.C.E. 559; an.evil king

-Og.a king and giant in size, early humanity; king of Bashan, contemporary of Moses; circa B.C.E. 1400

-Pharaohs; names of many kings of Egypt

-Ptolemies.I, II, III; Macedonian kings ruling Egypt

-Pul.also called Phut & Put & Pulu; a king of Assyria; B.C.E. 765; He invaded Israel during the reign of Menhem; names are also a geographical location; father was Tiglath-pileser III

-Ramses II.Egyptian king in the time of the Exodus and the time of Abraham, also known as Ramses the Great; circa B.C.E. 1900; son of Pharaoh Seti I

-Rameses III.king of ancient Egypt B.C.E. 1187–56; the last of the powerful kings of Egypt

-Rezin.king of ancient Syria; circa B.C.E. 740

-Sargon-II.king of Assyria B.C.E. 722-705: Isaiah 20:1; usurped the throne from Shalmaneser-v; completed the conquest of Israel

-Sennacherib.king of Assyria, an evil king; son of Shalmaneser, a bully, ego filled king who came against good king Hezekiah; Sennacherib reigned B.C.E. 728 to 710; Sennacherib's son, who also became king, was Nergalsharezer

-Shalmaneser-v, known in history as just Shalmaneser, although there were many Shalmanesers. He was a king of Assyria; reigning B.C.E. 727 to 722, Sargon-II followed his reign.

-Shepherd kings whom the Egyptians despised

-Sihon king of the Amorites; circa B.C.E. 1400

-So, a pharaoh.(king of Egypt).in time of king Ahaz king of Judah

-Tidal, king of nations way back in Abraham's time; Abraham defeated him for taking away his brother Haran's son Lot

-Tiglath-pileser III.and the other ones; the III was a prominent Assyrian king; reigned B.C.E. 745 to 727; son was Pul

-Titus.also known as Vespasian after his father; lived 39-81 A.D.; was Roman emperor 79-81

-Tyre, Tyrus, the king of. An evil king

-Xerxes I.king of Persia B.C.E. 486-465; also known as Ahasuerus. His father was Dariusand son was Artaxerxes I