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You get these with the also free.Online Bible Program.in addition
to the included Strong's Concordance and many translations of the Bible including the few listed here, all to help you in your studies. You can also order it on CD.(small cost).and this would probably be easier to instal. I've never tried it, having instead chosen the free downloadable ones. There are many books, all free, a very few of which are listed beginning below at Family. And under.Historical.and to the list there, you can add another about two hundred classics, all free. See the books by Josephus.

  American Tract (Amtract) Society Bible Dictionary
  Concise Bible Dictionary
  Dictionary of Theology
  Easton's Revised Bible Dictionary
  Fausset's Bible Dictionary
  Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary
  International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
  Nave's Topical Bible
  New and Concise Bible Dictionary
  Shaff/Herzog Encyclopedia of Biblical Terms
  Unger's Bible Dictionary
  Word Dictionary for Archaic Words

  Abbott's Illustrated New Testament
  Adam Clarke's Commentary by Gary Gallant
  Barnes Notes
  Chris Hodge Commentaries
  Commentary on Matthew by John A. Broadus
  Daniel and Revelation Commentary
  Eclectic Notes on the Bible
  Expositor's Bible Commentary
  Family New Testament Notes
  Four Fold Gospel
  Geneva Bible Notes
  Hodge Commentaries
  JFB (Jamieson, Fausset & Brown Commentary)
  Lightfoot New Testament Commentaries
  Luther's Commentary On Galatians
  Maps and Charts
  MHCC (Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary)
  Matthew Poole's Commentary
  NT for English Readers
  Peoples New Testament Notes
  Robertson's New Testament Word Pictures
  Ryle Gospels
  Spurgeon's Commentary on Matthew
  Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
  Vincent Word Studies
  A Token for Children
  On Remarriage after Divorce
  The Superstition of Divorce
Homeschool Material
  English Words often Misused
  1650 Scottish Psalter
  Hymnal for the Online Bible with Words and Music
Early Church Fathers
  The Writings of Eusebius.(another great historian like .us)
  Grace Abounding
Jeanne d'Arc Her Life and Death.(a book you get free with the also free Online Bible)
  Life and Epistles of Paul
  The Holy War
  Ten Reasons Why I believe the Bible is the Word of God
  The Divine Inspiration of the Bible
  Questions and Answers on the Bible and Science
  Church History
  Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.(the reasons why the great
  Roman Empire collapsed)
  Essays on Chronology
  Fifty Years in the Church of Rome.(written by a good priest named
  Charles Chiniquay who found out about the planning of Abraham Lincoln's assassination and who really was behind it and why it was revealed before the assassination?)
  The Bible History of Old Testament
  The Seventy Weeks and the Great Tribulation
Josephus.(the great historian; lists his books there, plus these below) works
  History of the Christian Church; Revised Works of Josephus
  An Exposition of the Sermon on the Mount
  Divine Healing
  Evidences of the Faith of God's Elect
  I Want the Earth
  Imitations of Christ
  Emmanuel and Jonah
  Profiting from the Word of God
  The Secret of Guidance
  Antidote to Arminianism.(the theology of Jacobus Arminius 1560-1609
  A.D. {Dutch theologian and founder of Arminianism, which opposed the 
  absolute predestinarianism of John Calvin})
  Modern Tracts
  Refuting Compromise
  The Biblical Doctrine of Election.(who are the elect?)
  The Doctrine of Election
  Unmasking Pre Tribulation Fallacies
Evolution.(also subject of evolution is here)
  Refuting Evolution
  Refuting Evolution 2
  Creationism and Science Archaeology
  The ABC's of Biblical Archaeology 
  Evolution at the Bar
  Facts of Life
  Modern Tracts
  One Blood
  Revised Quote Book
  Stones and Bones
  The Lie
  The New Answer Book
  The Young Earth
  Why Won't They Listen
  Pilgrim's Progress
  The Last Battle
  The Life and Death of Mr. Badman
  Preparation for the Lord's Supper
Soul Winning
  The Divine Art of Soul Winning
Illustrations and Quotations
  Many Thoughts of Many Minds
Ministry.(Pastoral Theology)
  Saving Faith
  The Doctrine of Revelation
  Biblical Languages Tools
  Hebrew Vowels Points
  Bible Prefaces
  Synopsis of the Books of the Bible
  Robertson's Word Pictures
The Two Babylons.(by Jamie Hyslop, about the satanic one on Earth described in Revelation 17:18)
  New Topical Text Book
  Online Bible Verse Themes
  Primary English Topics
  Proverbs by Topics
  Exposition on Psalm 130
  Doctrine of the Trinity
  Witness of the Stars
  Body of Divinity
  Doctrine of the Trinity
  Sovereignty of God
  The Christian Sabbath
  The Doctrine of Revelation
  The Secret Power
  Revelation Articles
  The Hope of Israel
  The Letters to the Seven Churches
  The Parousia
  What Happened in AD 70?
  With Christ in the School of Prayer
  Regeneration or the New Birth
  Saving Faith
  The Atonement
  The Doctrine on Hell
  The Gospel of the Kingdom
  Definitions of Doctrine
  Doctrine of the Trinity
  The Cause of God and Truth
  The Doctrine of Revelation
  The Temple
  Antidote to Arminianism
  Morning and Evening readings

(more added every so often)