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Most of the movies listed below are available on Netflix and YouTube.(youtube.com).and/or from your library.

Some of the best movies I've seen; good movies with no down side where you can really gain something from them that makes you a better individual:.What If? The Movie.and.The Grand Self.

Movies made as advance notice of what was to happen in the world aka predictive programming. The cabal.has to do this as they believe it absolves them of karma affecting them once the real scenario arrives.

Great movies with a spiritual theme. Some classic movies. gene Decode mentioned movies.

Movies on food you'll love. Great information.

Sully. Tom Hanks as captain 'Sully', who saved 155 lives by ditching the doomed jet in the Hudson River, New York, January 15, 2009 and how the corporations of government, insurance company and airline sneakily tried to blame him for it, neglecting to mention what they found until asked directly, perhaps so they could carry on with blaming him. They tried to stick Sully for it all. Another reason the corporate system really stinks. Corporate dishonesty at its worst.(Isaiah 1:4-7). On Netflix.

The Connected Universe. Informative, interesting, enlightening and entertaining movie about major new proven discoveries in physics that humanity.needs to know.which changed the world of science forever!."Imagine how the world will change when humanity realizes its interconnectedness with all life and works together to restore the health and well being of the whole."....Nassim Haramein. Free to see on YouTube: 

Michael Tellinger Ancient Technology.(type 'Michael Tellinger Ancient Technology' into an Internet search engine, about the ancient civilizations on Earth and why they were created and who were the beings involved? See all the movie for information on technologies shortly after.{Genesis 11:3}.man on Earth); also as a corollary, see Paul Wallis's the5thkind.com

Alberta, Canada's Stonehenge.(type into an Internet search engine)


Released April 2020, this crowdfunded.(people believed in the content of the other two movies.{Sirius.and the movie.Unacknowledged}.to put their money into getting this new one to you).movie will prove that these kind, helpful and good hearted non terrestrials are indeed here and have been coming, off and on, for ages. What they are here for and what are they doing and what's it mean for humanity is answered in detail in this movie. Also see these releases on remote viewing.(the powers of the amazing mind we all have).and the ones below here. You'll learn much.

Wouldn't it be nice to know what their world is like? They were monitoring Earth and noticed the beginning of a nuclear arsenal and then stepped in and took action. Be nice to know how their interdimensional spacecrafts come into being from just sound and mind? An interesting manufacturing process. Be nice to know if it's the same for the propulsion system they use in their spacecrafts? Also nice to know what they eat, how body wastes are handled, do they grow food or make it with their mind? How do they reproduce, how long do they live and what is their commerce like, do they use some sort of currency in transactions? Learn more from gene Decode.

Non Terrestrial (ET) contacts.common to many now proven valid: ET's, crop circles, interstellar and interdimensional travels by civilizations far more advanced than ours, ours being a super secret governing on Earth behind and beyond regular governments and covering it all up with illegal tactics, Why the cover up? And yes it is true that nuclear weapons facilities were shut down by ET's. Dr. Steven Greer explains in these videos you can freely view and/or download. There is a nominal charge for one of the latest,.Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind. Consider also his documentary UNACKNOWLEDGED.as well as these other ones. Get on his mailing list to keep up with what's really going on. Make sense of the things adversely affecting life on Earth. Learn other things beginning now to affect Earth in a better way, for example, the non terrestrial's message for humanity is 'Enhance Humanity' as you'll see in one of the later episodes on Remote Viewing.

See these movies free:.Unacknowledged.and the earlier.Sirius.are on Netflix.and on one of Dr. Greer's sites.(disclosureproject.org). You'll see it's true that nuclear weapons facilities were shut down by these non terrestrials, as is also being done today. The loving advanced civilizations that regularly come to Earth.(and how long has this been going on?).just.will not allow the madness.(Ecclesiastes 9:3).to spill beyond Earth.

Humans are here to fix the problems they have and develop a higher consciousness. Not doing this is holding up the next step in man's development, by not preparing for it. All the negatives.must be.fixed; one is. Fixing yours, fixes others. We are all one out of the same Infinite Intelligent Energy. Then, why are we different? Even those who are bad are part of the stage for character that is this world:.Ezekiel 18:31 "...for why will you die...?".But for those having crossed the line to evil, it's another story. That is, why would anyone but the evil psychopaths and sociopaths choose to die with the same consciousness they've always had, when change is always possible to a higher consciousness?.Here's why:.1Timothy 4:2.

The Need To Grow. A great movie with new safe technology that safely accelerates nature's patterns in growing organic foods. Truly a breakthrough. Farmers, also learn from the great work of National Resources Conservation Services.

Dare To Be Wild. The true story of Mary Reynolds and how she rose to fame. A little girl growing up amongst the wild landscape of Ireland's beautiful countryside, Mary had such a love of wild flowers, trees and all that the countryside presents. Right then and there she decided to be a leader of the world by making it better, even if it was just bit by bit. Her love for nature took her childhood dream on a winding course to the premier event of the year in Britain, the annual RHS (Royal Horticultural Society's) Chelsea Flower Show, where she became the youngest person to ever win since it began in 1913. The logistics of arranging such a massive undertaking, moving trees and flowers from Ireland's countryside to Britain proved almost too much of a task. She lacked the equivalent of the $500,000 dollars needed to get it done and no one would or could help financially enough. At the Chelsea Flower Show each entrant was given a plot of land for their display. Out of 8000 applications only 8 would be selected from drawings they submitted. Prince Charles plot was right next to Mary's. A very interesting story unfolds also taking in the country of Ethiopia. You'll like it and if you're a gardener, you'll love knowing the importance of Mary's philosophy that inspires her in reaching others, sharing what she so deeply believes in. On Netflix.

Ice Pilots, NWT. A so interesting series and more so as you come to know the real life characters; their training, their lives, their highs and lows. Throughout the episodes of this northern airline based in Yellowknife, North West Territories.(map).you'll learn much. Reality at its best. What they go through each day will both astound you and endear them to your heart. On Netflix.

Expelled, No Intelligence Allowed. Is the evolutionary theory irreparably damaged? An informative movie about it, done by Ben Stein. It's about what happens when a scientist dares to believe that the beginning of living organisms is not by the academia approved strange alleged process called evolution. The movie covers incredible design, evidence of intelligence coming from beyond and why scientists are castigated for their views in a supposedly free country. It's happening..(search with an Internet search engine)

The Code. Professor Marcus du Sautoy explains the overall mathematical code underlying the entire multiiverse. It's a mathematical multiiverse. Who designed the code and put it to regulate the multiiverse as it does? On Netflix.

The Magic Pill. Things we need to know but haven't heard that can save civilization. Produced by.hopeforhealth.com.au

Architecture Ten Best, the world's best bridges, trains, roads, etc. Fantastic scenery, clearly presented. On Netflix.

Hubble: The Invisible Universe. PBS, Nova series. Need I say more?
   Is God a Mathematician? (was on YouTube; maybe still is)
  The Great Math Universe (was on YouTube)
   The Great Math Mystery (was on YouTube)
   Describing Nature With Math (was on YouTube)

Tesla: Master of Lightning (these were, maybe still are, on YouTube and some on Netflix)
   Lost Lightning: The Missing Secrets of Nikola Tesla
   Movies are about the man who gave many helpful inventions.(over 700).to society, inventions that we use daily. Another good movie about him is.The Secret of Tesla: The Rare 1980 Movie. Search for it; may still be on YouTube..Quote."My mother had taught me to seek all truth in the Bible".he wrote regarding his inventive prowess.."The gift of mental power comes from God, Divine Being and if we concentrate our minds on that truth we become in tune with this great power."....Nikola Tesla.

Generation Zapped. Secrets about cell phones, wi-fi, smart meters. You don't want to know how they harm you and how the corporate corrupt industry has done no independent studies to provide proof positive that they are safe. Same story with vaccines. Wireless technologies have extreme dangers as 4000 pages of scientific research shows. Is sticking your head in a microwave oven and turning it on safer than using wi-fi, cell phones, their towers and 'smart' meters? How about bathing the world in harmful cell phone frequencies.(they could have been made safe).beamed down from satellites or beamed out from boxes that are planned to be put on every city block, so you'll be bathed in radiation from them 24 hours a day, every day, every year? Why are such negatives happening to humanity?

Biosludged. They could incinerate, but they don't. They recycle it, sell it and guess who eventually eats it with its highly injurious risk factors? Is it as bad as vaccinations causing autism and other issues, which are out to destroy the immune system God made?

The Secret.(whatisthesecret.tv).the secret of the ages known by a few and suppressed by those few in order to keep the majority in subservience; the secret known throughout history about multiversal law is how one can think in such a way as to solve every negative in life and bring into life his or her hopes and dreams, but with the caveat being, it has to fit in with all else and the Creator has reasons for taking you on your specific journey through life.

Out of Africa, Robert Redford, Meryl Streep. A well done interesting and entertaining story about a wealthy Danish woman who decides to take up residence in Kenya, never finding the fulfilment she sought, so she returns to Denmark. Did she find it back home? Spectacular scenery. Gripping story.

Africa, a fantastic BBC series with astounding video clarity. On Netflix.

Wild France. You never knew France could be this gorgeous; 24 hours, a gripping thriller through all episodes. On Netflix.

BBC's Human Planet, on Netflix.

Earth From Space. Spectacular viewing, much from satellites. Learn about how the Earth really works. Very educating. A movie not to miss; things you never have known.

Disney's.Butterflies Wings Of Life.

Canyonlands. National park of Utah.

Scenic National Parks, Banff/Jasper, Alberta.

The Nature series, this one.Nature Himalayas. A gripping trip with stunning aerial views from Pakistan through India to China. 

Creation.(with Paul Bettany playing Darwin), more

Local Hero.(a 'new' classic; where they used people from a village in northern Scotland and the scenery, Wow! Great story and funny!).

Skyfall. One of the James Bond series and one of the most intelligent plots to date. Here you'll also see the rugged beauty of northern Scotland.

Braveheart, Mel Gibson. And, Mel Gibson's.The Passion, about the man who provided the turning point of all history:.Isaiah 7:14

Risen. The well acted story of what happened after Emmanuel's crucifixion. Accurate and really makes one think. Netflix.

Dragonfly. Kevin Costner stars. About near death experiences. It's a glimpse into the invisible side that's right there, just beyond the physical.(like the true story movie.A Beautiful Mind.also brings out). Dragonfly.is entertaining, interesting, very well done and will take you beyond in your thinking. Directed by Tom Shadyac, who also has a story about his life. Netflix.

The Last Knight, one of the Transformer series. Brilliantly done and stars Mark Wahlberg and Anthony Hopkins. Directed by Steven Spielberg. On Netflix.

Shadowlands, 1993; about the life of British writer C.S. Lewis, starring Anthony Hopkins and Debra Winger.

Almost Heaven, shot in Scotland and Canada, you'll laugh yourself silly; just as funny as Local Hero and also extremely engaging.

The Promise..A touching movie about young love that never dies; real love never does die. The Promise movie here talked about is the one about a car accident where the mother lies to the deceased's fiancé about her death; check your library.

The Notebook. A good movie that will help you understand love more; every scene a masterpiece, starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams.

Mumbai Railway, through which station goes some one million passengers daily. Extremely interesting, light and enjoyable. From BBC. On Netflix. Well worth watching! If you love railways, you'll love this!

World's Fastest Indian. A most interesting slice of life with the grand acting of Anthony Hopkins.

Ghost. Will make you think.

Mama Mia, Pierce Brosnan, Meryl Streep. A most interesting musical based on the incredible music of the Swedish group ABBA. Mama Mia was so good, there's now a Mama Mia 2. Just as good, some say, better.

Laws of Attraction. Pierce Brosnan and Julianne Moore. Lighthearted.

Lord of the Rings, about what may be going on behind the scenes, in the invisible world.

Alive.(profoundly moving; very interesting).the true story of the plane that went down in the South American Andes mountains and how those that survived the crash kept themselves alive by eating the flesh of those not having survived.

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation Tom Cruise. A very interesting movie many believe to be the best of the MI series so far. Tom does this astounding stunt at the beginning, strictly on his own. See it and wonder! No special effects. They even did this scary stunt 10 times to get it just right and Tom had the strength and courage to do what many others would never risk nor attempt, many others, that is, apart from perhaps Jackie Chan and other great martial artists.

My Summer in Provence, with the exceptional acting of Jean Reno and Anna Galiena. An excellent movie; warm, friendly, happy and moving. Takes place amongst the great scenery of southern France.

San Andreas.(how would you deal with a devasting Earthquake {Earthquakes like that soon to be no more}; the special effects are amazing).with Dwayne Johnson.(a.k.a. the Rock).

Touching the Void, a true story of amazing survival under the worst of odds in mountain climbing.

The Water Diviner, Russell Crowe. A touching interesting movie about a man searching for his sons who allegedly were killed in war. During the scrolling of the credits at the end of the movie, you'll hear a great song,.Love Was My Alibi, the lyrics of which were written by Crowe and sung by the beautiful voice of Kristoffer Fogelmark.

Robin Hood. The classic story! Starring Russell Crowe. Also see.Ironclad I & II.which tells the story of the great document, the.Magna Carta.

Winter's Tale, Russell Crowe. Russell as you've not seen him. Deep, dark, full of meaning; not negative, but it will make you wonder.

BBC's equally astounding and valuable.Planet Earth.series. Never think anything from BBC is less than cutting edge interesting and entertaining. Also see BBC Earth. On Netflix. This is one more amazing series of episodes revealing incredible ways on Earth, such as animals and how do they think as they do? The new.Planet Earth II.gives you even greater stunning photography done with the latest cameras and thrilling composition of brand new material. You've probably never seen anything quite like it! The expensive new cameras and editing equipment produce results that are absolutely stunning. Now you can see it on Netflix. 10 years since the original Planet Earth comes BBC's ultra ingenious.Planet Earth II. Your jaw will drop many times in this awesome and brilliantly engineered shorter series, keeping you on the edge of your seat. Worth it beyond words! One of life's must sees!

Also from BBC, the absolutely amazing.Natural History Collection, such a great series. Once you see it all, you'll know why people say it's worth at least 7 times the cost it was sold for when it came out.

Many of these movies are available from your library and/or on Netflix.

Dirty Money, the details on Volkswagen's greed actions and the law suit against them, won by the great lawyer Reiner Fuellmich.(on Telegram at https://t.me/ReinerFuellmichEnglish), it's debacle and other sad greed stories, such as Wells Fargo, the payday loan scandal, etc. Interesting. Informative and helpful in keeping 'heads up' about the avariciousness of so many hiding behind the corporate label. Shows the deviousness of the ordinary consciousness of man and what it can do when influenced by the dark side. On Netflix.

Unlocked. A well done criminal/conspiracy type thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat. On Netflix.

Disney's Butterflies Wings Of Life.

Duckumentary. What you'll learn about ducks!

Cirque Du Soleil, the movie. Amazing! If you haven't seen it live, this is for you.

The Cobbler, Adam Sandler and Dustin Hoffman at their best. Very interesting and surprising plot. What if you could live the lives of those whose shoes you repaired, just by wearing them?

Blended. Drew Barrymore at her best in this movie.

The Rewrite. Hugh Grant. Captivating and 'down to Earth' interesting.

Love & Mercy. The amazing true story of the Beach Boys. A movie that will reach the heart. The song Love & Mercy, which you'll hear in its entirety during the scrolling of the credits at the end, is one you too will love as it's one of those special songs that sticks. It's so moving! Very interesting movie. About the genius in music and a singer of the Beach Boys himself and how he took music to a higher level with his intuitive insights, bringing the Beach Boys to world prominence.

Moondance Alexander. You'll see spectacular Alberta scenery and small town Alberta; a girl, a horse, an interesting story that will lift your spirits.

I AM. Profoundly moving. The true story of.Tom Shadyac.(iamthedoc.com/toms-films/).an extremely wealthy screenwriter, director and producer of movies that have starred Kevin Costner, Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, Eddie Murphy, etc. Tom's choice was to give up his unhappy lifestyle and live in a mobile home community, getting his life to a more simple and happy state. And it worked! What led him to do this and what can we learn from it all? See the movie for all the answers. Really, a good movie because it will reach the heart, providing answers to questions.(they ask the questions too).a lot of us have wondered about. 

Jim & Andy. Jim Carrey tells the true story of Andy Kaufman and the movie in which he portrayed him. Has good wisdom for life, including how Jim manifested 10 million dollars and why Jim is the wacko he appears to be. On Netflix. One of Jim's quotes:."You can fail at what you don't love, so you might as well do what you love.".On this, listen to the words of Beth Chapman's song, How We Love.

Along the same lines are the profoundly moving Steven Segal movies.On Deadly Ground.and.Above The Law. Be sure to pay close attention to what Steven says at the endings of these movies about corporations and governments of greed, being the world wide control by the cabal.(Psalms 64:2-9).

What The FUQ? Frequently Unanswered Questions of the Australian Government..(use an Internet search engine to find it). The incredible true story today of two national governments in Australia and how corrupt one is. Looks to be a 'fifth column' takeover? Surreptitiously happened to most countries over past decades by the satanic cabal and now being stopped by Trump, Putin, the Alliance militaries on Earth and the non terrestrial ones, along with both Earth and non terrestrial patriots supporting them.(*). Interesting and entertainingly presented. Gives you insight into the Khazarian mafia corrupt world controllers in most countries, which are being, shall we say, taken out. Watch and pray for quicker world change in the hearts of people, by seeing the world as good as you can imagine it to be. Feed off the positives, not the negatives, but know what the negatives are and where they come from. This is how one awakens out of the sleep that clouds his or her growth in the only true God:.2Corinthians 3:16. See The Grand Self.documentary.(ten dollars).for information on dumping any propensity toward the dark side people have at times.

Erin Brockovich. The true story about a completely irresponsible greedy utility company's poisoning of water and their cover up, allowing the poisoning to continue to cause grotesque health problems to the local community they lied to, even telling the townspeople that the water was good for them, just like was said to the people in Palestine, Ohio, February 2023. And just like fluoride and vaccines! It's good for you! It's safe and effective! Anything goes when it comes to getting you to believe their lies so they can slowly or quickly dispose of you as they get you onto walking the pathway of death.

Sick minds perpetrating hurt upon the innocent, along with so many other corporate hurts to men, women and children by extremely low consciousness corporate governments and corporations whose first concern is for themselves and not for best service and health and care to the public they purport to serve. Truly the love of money is the root of all evil, the root that allows the dark side a path to minds of low consciousness. Netflix.

THRIVE.and.THRIVE II, Foster & Kimberly Gamble's.(a la Gamblefamily {Proctor and Gamble}) movies about reaching people with information about suppressed technologies being the reason the world is still in such horrible shape with poverty, disease, wars, etc., preventing it to thrive. See the decades long work accomplished to benefit humanity, in opposition to those out to harm, damage, limit and destroy humanity with their many concocted ways of hurt. Listen to the physicist Nassim Haramein explain what he's just done. You'll learn much that matters for good! It's all for you and the entire world, to lift us into an amazing future, for us, for our kids and all humanity. These are good people who do good things for others. In these movies you'll meet them.

The Railway Man, played by Colin Firth, with Nicole Kidman. The true story of Eric Lomax, a soldier in the Second World War that will astonish you and why he's called the railway man. At the hands of his captors, one being Takashi Nagase, unnecessarily suffering cruel treatment to the pont of death and why and how wonderfully it all turns out. A movie you'll remember and learn lessons from.

The Lady, Michelle Yeoh, David Thewlis. A lady of Burma who, in the steps of her father, wanted to change the horrible Burmese government 1947-2010 and her life to get there. As of 2010 Burma still is holding 2,100 political prisoners including 17 video journalists, some of which supplied footage for this film.

Flash of Genius, Greg Kinnear, Lauren Graham, based on the true story of the invention of the intermittent windshild wiper and the stealing and usage of the idea by automobile corporations. Greed almost at its worst.

Rabbit Proof Fence, based on a true story of ethnic cleansing of aborigines of Western Australia, another cabal genocide, similar to what went on in Canada and the U.S.A. See Kevin Annett. And see Kevin Costner's.500 Nations: The Story of the American Indians.

See Kevin Costner's 4 part series.500 Nations: The Story of the American Indians, about the history not written about in school textbooks, maybe because it's true and/or part of the dumbing down of people by a corrupt controlling cabal corporate government out to genocide those they don't want around to reveal truth on what they've done to others. These corrupt ones prefer instead to provide historical 'facts' for so-called 'historians'.(lackeys).to write books from. There are two governments in just about all countries. Few actual historians go to original sources for true facts, as Kevin has done in this movie series. On YouTube..
   Also Kevin was in the well done true story movie.Hidden Figures. Also you gotta see.Dragonfly.and.Wyatt Earp.

Dragonfly. Kevin Costner stars. About near death experiences. It's a glimpse into the invisible side that's right there, just beyond the physical.(like the true story.A Beautiful Mind.also brings out)..Dragonfly.is entertaining, interesting, very well done and will take you beyond in your thinking. Netflix..Dragonfly.is directed by Tom Shadyac, who has a story about his life. 

Wyatt Earp.(*), Kevin Costner. The true story of this amazing individual and how he tamed the West.

Hidden Figures, based on the true story of three African-American women and their critically important remarkably intelligent contributions to NASA. Katherine G. Johnson, Dorothy Vaughn, Mary Jackson, Kevin Costner, star in this most interesting movie.

Gran Torino, Clint Eastwood.(available on NetFlix). About a curmudgeon who does in fact, have a heart for people after all and how his 1972 Ford Gran Torino fits into the story. He's great in it! 

Ring of Bright Water, William Travis, Virginia McKenna. A classic!

The.China Revealed.series on NetFlix shows forth the stunning beauty of China few ever see.

Grounded.and.Detoxifying Through Grounding.has completely turned lives around of those ill.

Fallen Angel.

Confucius. Interesting historical movie on the life of Confucius, B.C.E. 551-470. Check Netflix, YouTube or your local library for a DVD.

City of Angels.and.The Family Man. Both with the superb acting of Nicolas Cage.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, an expansive movie that's a meticulous work of art, a wonderfully put together interesting movie with amazing subtle humor that you'll want to see again. The movie is a great take off on the 1942 book of the same name by the amazingly successful writer James Thurber. Starring Ben Stiller, Sean Penn, Shirley MacLain. Impressively.mastered by Ben Stiller who's also director. You'll also see beautiful Iceland.(gardarolafs.com).and Greenland and you'll see the rare and elusive ghost leopard, the Snow leopard, in the mountains of Afghanistan!

Ghost of the Mountains. From DisneyNature comes this so interesting documentary, with camera footage never seen before of a family of highly elusive Snow Leopards. It took months upon months to gain the footage in these mountain areas of China. So much work was involved, it's amazing what they were able to do at all at 16,000 feet, but because of the locals and the very helpful monks who reside there, the film was able to get done. The kids will love it. Netflix.

Expedition China. From DisneyNature. The rare animals of China. You probably know only one of them, the Giant Panda.

Brad's Status, starring Ben Stiller. You'll learn much from how he deals with jealously and comes out on top. More of a thinking movie and we all need to think more regarding what thoughts have formed what we are. Well done! On Netflix.

First Wives Club.with Goldie Hawn, Bette Midler, Diane Keaton, Maggie Smith, is a hilarious movie, especially about.¾.of the way into it. You'll laugh yourself silly! On parwith.The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

Anna Breytenbach Animal Communicator.(available on YouTube). About how to really communicate with animals. Trailer is:.The incredible story of how leopard Diabolo became Spirit.(click on the pic). You'll see a snarling leopard's nature change and more:.Isaiah 11:6-9. Also have a look at her communication with consciousness of the great white shark.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvwHHMEDdT0

Her website is animalspirit.org

And see this communication with animals.

Life of Pi. Amazing!

The Expendables 2. Ever gone on a roller coaster ride? Hang on to your seat with this one. From start to finish it's a wild ride well worth watching. The all star cast includes Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Bruce Willis, Chuck Norris, Jet Li, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Arnold Schwartzennegger, Randy Couture, Dolphe Lundgren, Liam Helmsworth, Scott Adkins, Terry Crews and Yu Nan. Great story. Extremely well done with amazing real life stunts and maybe most important of all, the funny moments are really funny; guaranteed, you'll be laughing as well as remembering the plot long after the movie. On Netflix.

Floating City, based on true characters, this fine movie from China.(has subtitles).is an interesting and touching experience. On NetFlix.

Silver Linings, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence.

American Sniper, Bradley Cooper. Well worth the time. Insightful!

Castle, an interesting TV police mystery series; has an adult theme.

Lie To Me, another interesting TV mystery series; about body language; adult theme; most TV series are available from time to time on Netflix or at your local library.

Doctor Martin, a TV series about a dysfunctional English doctor who gets sick at the sight of blood. Light and interesting!

Grantchester, starring James Norton with Robson Green, Morven Christie. This TV series taking place in the beautiful English countryside town of Grantchester. Time well spent!

Bones, a long running entertaining TV series about dead bodies and what killed them; intelligently and interestingly done.

Life Below Zero, a valuable docuseries that follows the lives of those living above and slightly below the arctic circle in Alaska. Well worth watching for the treasure trove of wisdom gleaned from those daily living it. You'll see the amazing adaptions these healthy hardy families and individuals have mastered throughout changing conditions. What they say, where they came from and why; exciting! If you've been thinking of life in the wilderness, take notes. These real life adventures provide one of the most interesting, knowledgeable, entertaining and scenic series there is. You'll come to love the characters. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, filming took place at many locations. Real life at its best! Currently on Netflix. New season 5 added.

The Mentalist, a TV mystery series about reading character;  refreshing; an entertaining yet thought-provoking film.

Scandal, superb acting, stunning and gripping mysteries, adult theme, another of the great interesting series from the two giants ABC TV and 20th Century Fox.

White Collar. An enjoyable, grasping at you TV mystery series that will keep you on the edge of your seat; white collar crime. As in all of the above series, here too, the acting is brilliant; adult theme.

Patch Adams, with the Robin Williams.

And So It Goes.

The Giver.

Into The Wild. The true story of Christopher Johnson McCandless February 12 1968-August 18 1992, who sought the spectacular outdoors of Alaska in order to escape from the rough emotional past he endured. It'll move your heart and leave you with new thoughts. If you don't love your child and show it, perhaps you could see this movie, by Sean Power.

The Way Back. Walking out of a Russian gulag all the way to India.

Chocolat with Johnny Depp. I loved the scenery and the story.

Julie and Julia, Meryl Streep. Based on two true stories about cooking, the Julia being Julia Child. Very interesting and enjoyable.."You'll never know everything about anything, especially something you love."....Julia Child.

The Love Punch.Pierce Brosnan, Emma Thompson. Interesting, great scenery in France and funny.

Hidden Treasure Hunters..True story of Spain's Golconda Diamond Mines that has been thought exhausted for 500 years; how it was found and what was discovered. Many famous diamonds including the Hope diamond came from this, at the time, the only diamond mine in the world. A fascinating journey to success, both colorful and scenery filled.

Hidden Dimensions.James Garner. Beautiful country scenery of New Brunswick, Canada that will enthrall those who watch this movie, all woven into a charming story.

Keeping Mum.Rowan Atkinson. Not what you may think. Hang in with it till the end. Very good movie.

The Post. Starring Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks. Directed by Steven Spielberg. Based on true events, this well done most interesting watch should be remembered for its lessons to help us. Netflix.

War Horse. A 2010 made inspiring first world war story.

Today's Special. Another 'good story' movie.

Red Cliff, 2009, directed by John Woo. An amazing epic taking 5 years in preparation and with literally thousands and thousands of cast members. The most expensive movie ever produced, which also had the most money raised for it of any movie. In Asia alone, it earned more money than Titanic did worldwide. It's not a 'movie', it's an stunning experience!

Left Behind, a 2014 gripping, PG-13, edge of the seat thriller. 

Check for all these movies on Netflix, at your library and/or YouTube, etc.

Blood of the Vine, beautiful scenery in France's superb wine areas. Most interesting stories and superb acting. This series done for television in France is well worth watching. You'll learn much about famous wines of France integrated with stories of intrigue and suspense. Starring Pierre Arditi, a charming character you're sure to love.

Secrets of Shaolin.Jason Scott Lee. 

Interstellar.(at some libraries).

Age of Adaline..What would life be like if, once an adult, only you stopped aging?

A Beautiful Mind, 2002, directed by Stephen Spielberg; the true story of one having to deal with his seeing into the invisible and the beings he met there.

The Terminal. What happens when you arrive in a country and your passport is no longer valid because your home country's government was just overthrown and the new regime has yet to be recognized by the country you landed in? Now you can't leave the airport terminal and must stay there, not knowing the language of the nation you're in. Must stay there, that is, until the terminal gets fed up with you and now you won't go!

Boyhood. Filmed over 10 years as the boy grows up.

Hanna..A young girl grows up trained by her special agent dad. The movie is great. The series of episodes based on it is ok.

Nature's Himalayas..Journey through these incredible mountains by air and land, learning their importance to many countries.

Disney Nature Wings of Life..Stunningly done. You'll learn so many highly valued necessary for life things you may not have ever thought about.

Here's a list about as much as possible about every movie ever made, imdb.com

Great movies with a spiritual theme. Some classic movies.