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E x t r e m e l y  g r e a t  t i m e s
u n f o l d  q u i c k l y  n o w. Has taken much longer than expected because
of how many severely evil criminals there really are, having done such horrible things.
Ecclesiastes 9:3 "...the heart of the sons of men is full of evil and madness
is in their heart.(madness on Earth not tolerated beyond it).while they live and
following that is death.(that is, after they are caught, arrested, tried, excuted or blown up in the air)."
There is always a reckoning time for having done satanic evils harming humanity. The verdict by the International Common Law Court of Justice applies worldwide, effective January 16, 2022. The International Court's verdict is against the genocide bioweapon (the so-called vaccine). The Court's own Sheriffs begin now arresting the following (1, 2, 3). And only a bit of the info surrounding the court's verdict (1, 2, 3). And local police now being informed on arresting those under the International Cort's verdict.

The International Court's details of evidence regarding Canada that convicted Big Pharma of genocide and banned the covid 'vaccine' worldwide. In the International Common Law Court of Justice, the so-called 'vaccine' (bioweapon) has now been labeled what it is, a weapon for genocide.

Emma Walmsley, the CEO of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Pharmaceuticals, is one of 75 felons who was convicted of Crimes Against Humanity by the International Court. The penalty for Crimes Against Humanity is death or life in prison. Her GSK company also owns Google and YouTube, which today quickly erased and censored the Court's January 15 broadcast put on YouTube of its verdict and sentencing of Walmsley and others.

The entire corporation government of Canada (in existence since 1867) has been convicted of Crimes Against Humanity by the International Court.

The entire Canadian corporation Government of Canada includes (cities, provinces, territories and anything federal) in this International Arrest Warrant, along with the 10,786 companies belonging to the corporation called Canada in Canada and ownings around the World. The International Criminal Court is seizing all of Corporate Canada's criminal government of 10,786 corporations, all of its 570,000 employees, all of their assets. And, anyone who continues to promote and Administer the MRNA Vaccine is included in the Arrest Warrant.

The order to stop the promotion, sale and use of the Vaccination (bioweapon), is Worldwide. 

In Canada they accused, tried and convicted the entire corporation government according to that published verdict. That includes all levels - City, Municipal, Provincial and Federal Politicians, Bureaucrats and Healthcrats and everyone working under that umbrella has been issued the International Warrant of Arrest. 

Includes also, anyone and everyone who continues to partake in the promotion of, dissemination of information and direct administration of covid injections.

Basically, the International Court acknowledged and confirmed the vaccine (bioweapon) is a genocide weapon. This Court has their own Sheriffs and Deputized Police worldwide. They are huge. The arrests begin. Nowhere to hide.

Now, watch as all Covid injection sites are shutdown and all MRNA injections seized worldwide. 

Every Country is arresting everyone in connection to the covid vaccine.

All MRNA/Covid injection sites are now considered crime scenes.

This is the same Court that removed Pope Benedict from Office in 2013.

All who pushed and injected people with MRNA therapy / covid injections are part of International criminal investigation.

audio on it on Telegram (https://t.me/romanadidulo) from Romana Didulo, Queen of Canada, Commander-in-Chief of Canadian Armed Forces.

Crimes against humanity and treason both carry the death penalty as these treasonous ones are also slated for.

The crime against humanity of the covid con revealed concisely, by one of the most intelligent men on the planet https://www.bitchute.com/video/tRrJ3gzmvMt8/ Dr David E. Martin's blockbuster about the bioweapon called a vaccine and at 18 minutes in speaks of Trudeau and how badly.(evilly is a better word).he's ripping off Canadians using the covid con. And David talks about which corporations and individuals are really doing the paying for promotion of the covid con, companies appearing 'nowhere' unless you know where to look; hiding behind the scenes like the satanic snakes they are. See at https://t.me/AnneQuePorterPatriots/119505.

And more from David, such as this also MUST WATCH https://www.bitchute.com/video/fHhniBm4cyiM/ on the criminal conspiracy to commit murder on children and depopulate (aka murder) people on the planet, except of course for conspirators and those elites who have been part of it, pretending to get a jab. And on 'following the patents' for the murder weapon, a bioweapon,
https://thegoodlylawfulsociety.org/dr-david-martin-follow-the-patents-then-you-will-understand-covid/ and a dossier on it to send to your attorney general is here, unless of course you wish to remain in the 'those who murder children and others' category, by remaining silent and uninvolved as to what is really going on. That's how the Nazi's were allowed to rise in Europe. Wake up! They've already targeted many, including children, for a bioweapon jab they call a vaccine. And follow the evolved corruption to today and today is where it stops:.https://welovetrump.com/2021/12/18/dr-david-martin-the-truth-about-covid-hiv-coup-detat/

Australia especially is such a huge mess to cleanup (see https://www.bitchute.com/video/ecwU4XMOr5ap/ at about 23 min in). It is being cleaned up as we speak and as of December 17, 2021 Australia and New Zealand almost finished. Africa started on now. Over one million mostly children, discovered in the massive tunnels complex under Australia. Many were saved and many dead. Worldwide, 8 million children and young adults disappear yearly into the tunnels not to be seen again. A few manage to escape. The rest are used, abused and die while being brutally harvested for their blood for adrenochrome (*) and body parts, etc. Canada had about 3,000 humans annually, mostly children, U.S. about 50,000, U.K. (don't know). Europe, Antartica is just about finished being cleaned up with its 50 million people hidden deep in underground cities there. Clean up finishing in Australia, Africa, South America and other places throughout the world as smaller tunnels are found.

Keep up with it all from Gene Decode. Much on it is brought out every few new videos he does. Important documents and latest videos at this one of Gene's sites: BlessedForService.org
At https://www.bitchute.com/search/?query=gene%20decode&kind=video.to see latest, click on Relevance and select Newest First, then hit Search. One of Gene's latest, October 15, 2021, is the one with Patriot Dave - really astounding information. Gene's on Telegram at https://t.me/RealGeneDecode. Many recent videos are about the new Earth alongside the Earth we are on, such as https://www.bitchute.com/video/SHcpEylAXmma/.and others are about the progress cleaning the DUMBs & tunnels, blowing them up, cabal & much more. For more on Gene's specific videos please see the dogs.

If you're anywhere in the world and need help immediately, soon and/or continuously, of many kinds, see here. All thanks to Romana Didulo.

And, if an employer is telling you that your job is in jeopardy unless you take the jab, wear a mask, take a PCR test, etc., solve the issue by creating a Religious Exemption.or this. See and save know your RIGHTS. The courts WILL BACK you up if YOU stand up to the tyranny! If you can't or aren't inclined to stand up, because it's just all too much for you and don't at this time know how to handle it, do something that helps you and/or others. It's a large final and permanent clean up of evils:.Matthew 13:36-43.

Something of importance we all must do. And, to ensure horrible corruption such as we have today, NEVER sneaks in again: Tell other good people about what's really going on (lawyer Lin Wood explains) that corrupt governments and corporations, full of pedophiles and/or baby flesh and blood eaters (demons in people do these kinds of horriblenesses), all over the world have been involved in. Tell others because most just don't know. Since 1867 Canada became much worse in all these evils. And, very important to do if you're 'with us' in prayer: Pray for the soldiers and the good non terrestrials who have come to help us, without whose help we would have already been finished as a civilization. Together they are returning the Earth to good, from the evil we all have allowed to accumulate over many centuries. How? Many already have lost their lives fighting in the DUMBs and tunnels. Hold their arms up as they continue on keeping you free, cleaning up the world:.Exodus 17:11. Do your part! At least please pray and meditate.

So what evils are being cleaned up? Child Sex Trafficking, Child Ritual Abuse and Sacrifice of them to Satan, Adrenochrome, Organ Harvesting, Torturing Children and Others Stolen for Human Trafficking and taken into the DUMBs and tunnels and used for horrible Experimentation, murdering them in the process. Also Drugs and Weapons Trafficking and more.

Waking up others is an important way to help:.Acts 26:18. Many were duped so badly they were lulled into thinking the world 'has its problems, but it's basically ok' but didn't see the snakes slowly getting ready to bite all of us. Thank God, some over many decades were watching. That's what we mean by waking up! Perhaps start mentioning the old fake Queen Elizabeth II of England, executed for crimes against humanity (and others)....And replaced by the real Queen Romana https://t.me/romanadidulo. Then perhaps talk about Canada's new Flag because the old Flag, belonged to a cabal controlled Corporation of Canada, not the We The People of Canada. Instead it represented corruption, criminality, thievery and massive evils. We were like the frog, which when placed in a warm pot of water will sit there and you can very slowly increase the water temperature and it will stay there till it's cooked, whereas, if you put it into the boiling water immediately, it would jump out. So, help awaken others. We have to wake others up as best we can. Talk about one or two of these: 1) Adrenochrome.(*). 2) Child Sex Trafficking.(*). 3) Child Ritual Sacrifice.(*). 4) Human Trafficking. 5) Illegal Drugs Trafficking. 6) Money Laundering industry in Canada. 7) Queen Romana of Canada. 8) PizzaGate. 9) Chemtrails. 10) Pedophilia. 11) Corruption, Blackmail, Extortion in all industries. 12) Human Organ Harvesting. 13) Bioweapon packaged as Vaccine. 14) UN Agenda 21 and 2030.(*). 15) Georgia Guidestones (pic is here https://t.me/romanadidulo/3522). 16) Human Cloning industry in Canada.

They.all know the jab is a bioweapon, so, they do want dead most of us. Within these jabs are 'alive' dangerous AI particles and more horrendous poisons. All these criminals would sell your soul for a nickel and you thought they could be trusted as authorities to look up to, to look after you. Ha! They'd walk over you with their boots on and think nothing of it. Why? And, they all signed "Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)" also known as Confidentiality Agreements, for this bioweapon, in exchange for 10s of millions of dollars each...The higher the rank the bigger the bribe money. The Intergalactic Federation of Worlds of Light Beings have Special Forces here to help us get out of the mess we have allowed since people have been on Earth (see the History of the World series by Janet Ossebaard). Why and how have we allowed this and how can we fix it?

In addition to that, the more of us who awaken others, the more the intergalactic special forces are able to help us. Why is that? Learn how it all works?.The true God of all light, love and good creation is against all evil:.1Peter 3:12. How are we or how can we be against the evils as the real true God is? What can be done by us? In addition to awakening others as best you can, by being respectful and kind, know that if you've spoken in love, then it's the true God's words. Why is that?.1John 4:6,8,16

Please also continue prayer and meditation:.Exodus 17:11 "And it came to pass, when Moses held up his hand, that Israel prevailed and when he let down his hand, Amalek prevailed.".Perhaps some of them will awaken:.Psalms 83:13-15. If they think you're nuts and they won't take to heart what you're talking to them about and check out what you've kindly mentioned, well, you've done your part. They just don't care at this time and that's their choice. Remember, they don't have to agree with you for you to love them. They could be as hard hearted as Paul in the time of Christ on Earth, that is, until the true God took over directly in Paul's life. Paul awoke! Pray that this happens in other closed-minded people too:.Acts 26:10-12. Your good work and care for others is being noted; noted where? Many, not all, are good at their heart, but some hearts, peoples souls, have been encrusted over many years by 'deals with the devil'.

Deuteronomy 18:19 "...whosoever will not hearken unto my words...I will require it of him." 2Samuel 4:10,11 "When one told me, saying, Behold, Saul is dead, thinking to have brought good tidings and that I would give him a reward, I took hold of him and slew him...How much more, when wicked men have slain a righteous individual in his own house upon his bed shall I not therefore take your blood for what you did to him and take you away from the earth?" Like the true God, David did not play around when it came to dealing with evil. Matthew 13:16 "But blessed are your eyes, for they see and your ears, for they hear."

Please do your part.(Matthew 25:35-40).in this worldwide cleanup of these criminals who actually do worship Satan and this includes the lying media (controlled worldwide by six of those in the cabal:.Isaiah 25:7), corporate and political (worldwide some 85% plus of all in key positions are cabal), pharmaceutical / medical bribes, chemical, agricultural, manufacturing, etc., all criminal scum perpetrating and participating in horrible satanic evils. It's a huge cleanup job. Prayers are needed for those alive and rescued and for the Alliance and the non terrestrials here helping us. 

Gene covers all this. Keep up with him. See recent ones below (the dogs). And if you are having to deal with the bullshit of the covid con, the absolute law of Canada is right alongside with you, but print out the sheets you can carry with you and use if need be in maintaining your freeness.."If not us, who? If not now? When?"....JFK.

The cabal.is.being wiped out, but do what you can in the meantime to respectively alert others to what has gone on, as it's a huge part of what you can do. We are in the time of the consciousness of the one and only true God of all creation. At first everone will have all they need and all they may want and much more. Eventually money will not be necessary. Character will be the main focus.

The Canadian Armed Forces, the U.S. military, along with Russia and 14 other militaries, including their Space Forces are working with our non terrestrial loving brothers and sisters,the.Intergalactic Special Forces of Light Beings.(see their ship and the highly secretive (not any more) USAF TR3B triangular crafts, able to cloak and then destroy enemies).in eliminating the harm being done to children and all of us. The new Kingdom of Canada including its new Space Force, is set up and is STOPPING these and more evils in Canada! Nobody hurts the children on our watch! We are coming for those that did.

8 million children and young adults are trafficked for forced sexual exploitation per year. 1 million found alive or dead, just in Australia, in the tunnels and cities beneath that continent. The average victim of human trafficking is raped 6,000 times. Every 30 seconds a child is sold for sex, adrenochrome, organ harvesting and labor. Those who do such great evils are being rounded up and executed.

Matthew 18:6

The GOOD STUFF! The new Earth for those of higher consciousness. 
The rest will come along after, as they grow in love. Evil bigots will not be there.
Look closely or click on these words for enhanced image and see the Sun of the new Earth alongside ours.


New Earth explained at about 54 to 56 minutes. What's it like? Cities built there. Not many people yet. It's for those of good heart now rising up spiritually, from low 3d to 4d/5d and beyond. Transition to the new Earth will be seamless..Isaiah 66:22 "For as the new heavens and new earth, which I am doing, shall remain before me, says the Lord, so shall your seed and your name remain." 1Corinthians 15:51-54 "...We shall not all sleep but we shall all be changed, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye...the trumpet shall sound and the dead shall be raised incorruptible and we shall be changed. For this corruptible must put on incorruption and this mortal will put on immortality. So when this corruptible shall have put on incorruption and this mortal shall have put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written, Death is swallowed up in victory." Acts 26:8 "Why should it be thought a thing incredible with you that God should raise the dead?".You'll wake up one day soon and you're there. It's a copy of this Earth but without any negatives in any way whatsoever. This world made toxic by the satanists remains for awhile so those of lower consciousness who may want the good and seeing where the evil on this Earth is bringing people, can be helped toward a higher consciousness (from 3d to at least 4d) needed in order to move to the new Earth.
And at about 1 hour 8-11 minutes into that video Gene explains mankind (kind of like man) genetics people.

https://t.me/romanadidulo (Head of Canada)
https://t.me/NursesAgainstLockdowns (Canadian Frontline Nurses channel)
https://t.me/RWMaloneMD (inventor of mRNA vaccines)
https://t.me/ReinerFuellmichEnglish (massive worldwide lawsuit on the covid con; and in Canada, another one)
https://t.me/MichaelYeadon (former scientific at Pfizer; his warnings on the jab)
https://t.me/RealGeneDecode (DUMBs, tunnels & cabal)
https://t.me/whitealexandriaslibrary (like free books?
https://t.me/thecrowhouseoffical (Max Igan)
https://t.me/joinchat/ZdcEossRxSRhYmZh (for goverment workers being forced to vaccinate; concern yourself with your rights, not the criminal illegal mandates)
https://t.me/hsretoucher17 (JFK. Jr.)
https://t.me/stewpeters (true news)
https://t.me/NaturalNewsMedia (more true news)
https://t.me/GlobalResearch_ca (in depth comprehensive news)
Telegram has great info to quickly to get you in the know. Join Telegram. No cost!
Above are a few channels on Telegram to quickly get and keep in the know.
Charlie explains more good stuff here and there, in daily videos. The great benefits of hydroxychloroquine you can easily make yourself. And,.this video especially will open your eyes as it's about clearing most serious diseases using chlorine dioxide, on Telegram at https://t.me/Chlorine_Dioxide. It's also known as MMS (Master Mineral Solution, type into DuckDuckGo.com or look up Jim Humble or see the video mentioned) and, Potassium Iodide can be used in combination with an MMS protocol as Gene Decode explains at 47 minutes in. Potassium Iodide is available from MorgellonsDirect.com.Very important to know that they work and are totally safe and like anything, when used according to directions. For example if you drink too much water, you can die. Drink when thirsty. And, here's the pdf file on the chlorine dioxide and the science.

The 'med beds' are below, which will fix whatever ails you. In the meantime these other things should do the trick. Learn more things you can do to improve health. No wonder Big Pharma says poo-poo to it, using lying propaganda on their controlled media.

Watch Charlie (who's Charlie?), as best you can afford time to do so, for release of applications and instructions, so you get the money needed for yourself, family and others, when the program we have now is amplified and released widely. There are caveats of course. Evil purposes, such as these, will not receive money. Remember all your good works also go toward an eternal reward. Could the new Earth and Sun be some of the good that's coming? Be a good steward! See these short reflective video songs which bring back the meaningful parts of life (newest is 6).1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Recent news from top people. Appears to be the final effort on awakening those who can be, before the storm and the calm thereafter. Learn about the 'med beds' you can use at no charge ever and the incredible things they'll do in working with your body to heal you and those you love. Big Medical and Big Pharma kept them away from humanity and even from this group of dubious ones called mankind.(there is a difference).for decades, while they continued to poison you with vaccines proven toxic and most people did nothing, that is until today. Crimes against humanity, such as this baby, suffering with deformities because his stupid mother failed to research, trusted authority ('they wouldn't do anything to hurt me and my baby, would they? OH YES THEY WOULD AND ARE!!! example, another example) and went ahead and took the covid poison she thought to be a helpful vaccine (brainwashed she was, not knowing it wasn't a vaccine at all, but a bioweapon, a satanic trick to destroy). It was all a decades ago cabal setup to suck you in for the whammy. Once they got those unawakened ones to trust them, they unleashed the covid bioweapon. Anyhow, the perpetrators of the covid brainwashing, poisoning scam continue to be arrested, tried, convicted and executed. Poisoning of vaccines (do you know what's in them? No? Well then wake up! Do not in the slightest amount trust Big Pharma, Big Medicine, Big Agra, Big Tech, Big Food, Big Corp., etc. until you apply research, commonsense and logic to their words and actions). Many pharmaceutical pills are pesticide laden, opioid and petroleum based (stick one in a microwave for a minute and see) and many of which are genetically modified concoctions you're made to think are safe and good for you (what the liars always say about poisonings they want you to accept) and all the while keeping many much more powerful remedies in nature away from you finding out about them. Why? Because they are corrupt, being out for the purpose of murdering you. Satanically influenced people always have that kind of uncaring attitude. Such are they that feed off illness, death, destruction, fear and misery.

'Med beds' are simply a physical adjunct and work with one's beliefs and you can also be healed without even having to wait for their release (*). That's because all is frequencies, the physical things are connected with the invisible spiritual energy. Why haven't you learned these things in school? In early school most of us even learned proper grammar which would have helped in critiquing contracts made in the corrupt system, that is those you knew were contracts. Many contracts you've been in were foisted on you, one being the birth certificate con and others you've been duped into by accepting stupid beliefs you've been propagandized into, such as, 'authority is truth' (income tax, vehicle & driver's licenses, registrations, dog & cat licenses, property taxes, recycle fees {taxes}, marriage licenses {taxes}, taxes on items {GST, VAT}, 'hidden' taxes manufacturers taxes, airport fees {taxes}, gasoline taxes, inheritance taxes, bank fees {taxes}, school fees {taxes}, student loans, etc. and the incredibly stupid belief that 'media, the medical system, Big Pharma, our politicians and health service people, wouldn't lie to us because they are out for our good health and surely they would let us know if these things weren't right'. Beware also of the special language of the cabal's Maritime/Admiralty/Civil/Statute 'laws' duped upon you for your acceptance which is your consent to them. So you trusted those who were out to harm you in so many ways. For example, what did you think when your Natural Law (Creator-Father-God's laws of the heart were watered down to what became known as Common Law (the written down laws not completelyderived from Natural Law? Common Law is man made and as such can be unbalanced, self-serving and based on human ego and wants. Constitutional Law is an embedded Common Law document approved by We The People, that is, those of We The People who were in approval, such as became the US Constitution, the Canadian Bill of Rights, the Alberta Bill of Rights, the Nuremberg Code, the Canadian Charter. What did you think when arrests were made on the innocent by those blatantly overriding God given rights of Natural Law and as laid downThe entire system is corrupt, satanic and out for your ulimate harm. The corrupt ones in places of control don't care at all for people or what rights people claim to have. That is why God has taken it over and we all have a part because God won't do it all for you, but only with you. So, use prayer, very powerful. Because the dark side ones had the guns, many shrunk back using excuses of non involvement, but did you even pray and meditate? Have you prayed for those in prison? Hope so! Because many there should not be. Most of us had no idea the corruption was as bad as it is today and a lot of that because the worldwide media was complicit. But the info has been available of this corruption for many decades now. Those who ask no questions seek no answers. Now the tables are completely turned. It's We The People who have the guns and the slaves (us) have now become the hunters of.all.the corrupt ones. None will slip away! Every evil one is known and will reap what they may have sown.(*). Not only is there nowhere to hide.(*), nothingwill stop retribution.(Zechariah 1:4), that is, nothing but the mercy of God can stop it for those choosing to throw themselves on God and Christ, asking for God's mercy and for a new heart to change to love. You always had free choice, but the cabal has kept that info from you. God wants none to be with Him who don't want to be. Change to good and get away from evil and those things that support evil. And then what?.1Corinthians 2:9. Do these things and the evil ones are 'done like dinner'. The time for this is when enough of us do what must be done to save the rest of the basically 'good' people who have sat back to 'let the other guy do it'. Be happy with people! Be helpful and kind.

Although we did learn some good things in the early days at school, they drifted into the background later, mostly because the educational system worldwide has been as corrupt as every other cabal contrived satanic system and even more so in some regions. That is all now being taken care of. A better educational system is coming and almost ready.
The corruption is vanishing as the fog in the sun. Avoid being a lazy zombified non learning individual that Big Media, having the same horrendously corrupt harmful attitude as those in Big Pharma, Big Medical, Big Education, Big Agriculture (chemical and terrible farming practices) and government have, in keeping truth from you. No wonder you were zombified.

The reason it's astonishing that these criminals are free to walk the streets with impunity, is because they are all in corrupt organizations (corporations), such as the court system (corporation), the legal system (corporation), the corporation system includes the medical system, the government and political systems, educational systems and on and on we could go. In these systems, they cover one another's asses to maintain a false front. As George Carlin said."It's a big club and you ain't in it." But, the world is awakening and these all soon will be gone. Join the train going in the direction of good or let the criminals lead you further along into the ditch of death; your choice:.Matthew 15:14.

The satanic harmful crimes against humanity are leaving, as more and more corrupt people and their harmful cohorts are rounded up, tried, convicted, executed or imprisoned. See about a few of the over two and a half million arrests, tribunals, imprisonments and executions at steverotter.com and at BestNewsHere.com.(read down to the list there, for better comprehension of what's going on) and at Gitmo. And see the new short video on human trafficking and saving the children at https://t.me/romanadidulo/18.

Canada is now the Kingdom of Canada with a new Head of State and is being cleaned up in all ways.(including the lying media, corrupt politicians and those in corporations having agreements with governments, government agencies and with the satanic beings in the DUMBs and tunnels); the first of every country in the world to follow as We The People now reign supreme. Article XI.

Videos for Romana Didulo, Head and Commander-in-Chief of the Kingdom of Canada are here.and after seeing her, if you still think this girl is not serious and this isn't real, go here.

Many CEOs had, shall we say, 'stepped down'. Those pushing poisonous injections of so-called vaccines and injections they have slipped in under the vaccine label to poison humanity, have been warned and the warning applies also to lackey.bureaucrats running 'health' or should we say 'death' services. They've had their warning and will now be arrested and tried for their crimes against humanity and/or treason or high treason, which all demand the death penalty or life imprisonment (*).
Use DuckDuckGo.com and search for list of pedophile arrests in Canada and tribunals for those having participated in the very harmful worldwide pedophile ring, the equally harmful worldwide enslaving monetary system, corrupt legal/court system, corrupted educational system,.poisonous pharmaceutical/chemical/medical system, etc. Arrests are continuing as you read this. Hey, maybe you just saw Trudeau on the street! Wasn't him. Compare 1, 2, 3, 4. The cleanup of the criminals is happening all over the world, including Canada. See the Gene Decode reports

Why the cleanup? One reason is the horrific things (1, 2, 3) that they were doing in trying to replace humanity with their creations they call mankind.(kinda like man), all the while 'rubbing you into the ground' using their anti humanity policies, such as corrupt corporate police practices (that's right, they too had become a corporation), taxation in the form of income tax, fees (taxation), licenses (taxation), interest on loans, property taxes, etc., at all levels. And don't forget the 'rub outs', the poisonings, depressions and so on. George Carlin got it right! And don't forget their attempts at genocide (covid jab anyone? Still eating genetically modified crap 'food'?), supported by almost all politicians and corporate people, who are mostly satanists, throughout the entire world. Criminal cabal controlled politicians think of you as an insect, yet expect you to respect and vote for them. Such arrogance!

Wake up! How many more people will be injured or die before we the people stop this madness in all these areas, one being, the biggest lie ever told in the history of humanity, that of vaccines are safe and protect you!

How do we stop such evils as this? Do that and then this will apply for at least you:.Ezekiel 9:4 "And the Lord said unto him, Go through the midst of the city, through the midst of Jerusalem.(what's 'Jerusalem' today?).and set a mark upon the foreheads of those that sigh and that cry for all the abominations that be done in the midst thereof."

Romana Didulo's (Head of Canada https://t.me/romanadidulo) recent notice to businesses on opening up the country from the Covid scam and her Cease and Desist Order, sent to those participating in the covid scam against We The People:

"Effective: June 1, 2021 Notice to Business Owner / Management,

We are the People and Customers in the Communities and are here to support you and your business.

We are now living in the Kingdom of Canada, and it is no longer Canada Inc. Corporation.
Your business is operating in the Kingdom of Canada. Our newly appointed Head of State, Commander-in-Chief, Head Government of Canada by lawful order requires that we resume our lives back to normal and open our businesses to full capacity. 

All former COVID-19 measures and restrictions are unlawful, unscientific and unjust; and are therefore invalid, null-and-void. 

This means:
- NO more pandemic lies
- NO more masks
- NO more social distancing
- NO more lockdown
- NO more quarantine or self-imposed isolation
- NO more killer COVID vaccines and testing
- NO vaccine passport and ID Chip

If you still enforce any of the former COVID measures on any living breathing man/woman (staff and customers), you are complicit in Crimes Against Humanity and will be prosecuted by We The People and World Judges under Natural Law and Common Law; and by the Head of State and Commander-in-Chief of Canada, Romana Didulo."

_________________________end of document_____________________________

Cease and Desist order
This is a Cease and Desist Order. Please immediately comply.

For immediate Release
HRH Queen Lady Romana Didulo,

Head of State and Commander-in-Chief, Head of Government of Canada, Queen of Canada

May 28, 2021

To the Attention of:

The Prime Minister of Canada, Deputy Prime Minister, Health Minister, Health Officer(s), PHAC, CDC, Provincial/Territorial Premiers, Provincial Health Ministers, Health Officer(s), Armed Forces of Canada, Chief of Police/RCMP, Mayors, Doctors, Nurses and Pharmacists

Cc: Commander-in-Chief of, United States Armed Forces

Cc: Commander-in-Chief of, Federation Command Forces & Allied Forces

Re: Cease and Desist order

Dear Sirs:

I, Romana Didulo, Head of State and Commander-in-Chief, Head of Government of Canada and Queen of Canada, bring to your immediate attention and order you to cease and desist, ALL, the Genocide and Crimes against Humanity under Natural Law, Common Law, Treaty Law, Articles 6 and 7 of the International Criminal Court Statute, the Nuremberg Code, The Geneva Convention, The United Nations Convention, The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, in your jurisdiction.

1) All Covid19/coronavirus19- vaccinations and experimentation (genetic bio-warfare) across Canada.
2) All PCR Testing (across Canada),
3) All Masking (private and public spaces, all transportations – across Canada),
4) All Lockdowns (across Canada),
5) All Quarantines (across Canada),
6) All closures of Provincial and Territorial (across Canada),
7) All closures of International Borders.

This will serve as your lawful notice to cease and desist all further actions described above, effective immediately.

Furthermore, I declare all of Canada, OPEN, upon publication of this order, including all Borders, between United States and Canada.

Special notes:

a) Joseph (Joe) Biden is not President of US. and the US Armed Forces has been in control since January 14, 2021.
b) An email from the Commander-in-Chief of US Armed Forces has been sent to the Armed Forces of Canada, last night, acknowledging and confirming my Authority as Head of State and Commander-in-Chief, Head of Government of Canada, and Queen of Canada.

Govern yourselves accordingly.

Signed and sealed, 

HRH Queen Lady Romana Didulo

Head of State and Commander-in-Chief, Head of Government of Canada, Queen of Canada.

-Queen's Official Seal & Signature – By: We The People

_________________________end of document_____________________________

The new free 'med beds' will go out worldwide, at the same time the QFS (Quantum Financial System) part of the 'off-world' technology Quantum system is widely released. The 'med beds' are planned to be in some hospitals, in some alternative health practitioners offices, in certain schools and community centers. Anything that happens to a man or woman or one's pet on the physical level doesn't reach into the quantum level. That's why it can all be fixed back to normal and stay that way, unless of course you again do things to undo the body. This system of good put into place by the combined world good militaries in the time of Donald J. Trump, is for all humanity and is due for release any day now as we are all waiting on the 'word' from God, that it is time and that being when those corrupters who have brought the world to where it is today have been mostly dealt with. The effort of cleansing continues worldwide. Again, what you can do to hasten this great new life for all.

Charlie reads and you can follow along on the screen explaining the QFS (Quantum Financial System) part of the new Quantum system out of which the money comes https://www.bitchute.com/video/2YeeR3xBFEl1/

Corrupt banks have been trying to steal the money from those having received it to their accounts, see, at 12 min. in https://drcharlieward.com/q-a-with-simon-parkes/

What we each must do about it. The cabal has been taken down. There are stlll remnants being cleaned up and in this you have a part (prayer and meditation and wisely awakening others and why? The operating QFS plan is now expanding and beginning to gain ground, as it becomes a clean new world..Besides the critically important spiritual side (no, not religious) that you can do.to hasten expansion, each of us also has something to do so that these horrible evils and the bullshit.policies designed by these selfish types of controlling people, their lackey politicians, bureaucrats, corrupt bankers and lawyers, NEVER again sneak in to harm humanity. And they've snuck in with their legalese language in formulating courses of action to subjugate and harm those having higher standards (the good people, the white hats, the evil ones being the black hats). How to tell if they are good people.

So, what to do? Learn again the proper parts of writing you learned in school. Noam Chomsky talks about how we pick up language. It's the grammar that obviates, while we are still within the present corrupt system, the fraudulent documents used by all government departments, lawyers and banksters and corrupt corporations worldwide. It gives one insight into how the corrupters did it while we didn't notice. Correct knowledge lays bare fraudulent language used to retain control over people with the cabal's contracts, such as the birth certificate scam, for one (Isaiah 10:1,2), to keep you under their boot and enrich themselves. This is changing with Canada leading the way with its emphasis on the change to Natural Law, on which CommonLaw/Constitutional Law will be based. The people subjugating us under their Maritime/Admiralty/Civil law will all be gone, along with the corrupt laws they made up.

See the blockbuster video by David E. Martin, based on 10 years of almost daily research, that's over 3,600 days of many hours research a day, let's say 5, so that's 18,000 hours of research in producing this most important video and you can see and learn this incredibly well put together information from him in an hour and a half free video. You'll like David. He's one of the most likeable and intelligent people on Earth, by far. And if you're a public speaker, you'll learn much from his presentation.
Some banksters, so long having been a part of the controlling cabal, are putting conditions on money received such as, we will only release an amount that we determine and we won't allow the money you received to be used in a way which hinders the bank's (cabal's) purposes. These banker criminal idiots trying to hold onto their cabal.rule have no idea how severely they and those of their ilk are now being dealt with.(some 8,000 bankers {and rising daily} arrests so far in April-October 2021 plus 2,700,000 criminal politicians and bureaucrats, judges and corporate crooks arrested and many executed worldwide and the number is growing). These are the ones who have brought the dark side's ways into life which have negatively affected us all, bringing the world to the mess it has become, while most of us slept and those who cried out were labeled as conspiracy theorists in the lying corrupt media. History repeats itself mainly because the broken down educational system has either twisted the truth or out and out ignored it and kept it out of school textbooks and so most people are ignorant about history, one example. Get knowledgeable:.Proverbs 4:7. While most of us did nothing, perhaps not even digging deeper, much behind the scenes to correct this mess was and is being done and that's why much good is about to come into all the lives of good people. Are you thankful? Do you want to be awake to all that has gone on that affected you negatively and is now being fixed?
These arrogant evil cabalists.(Isaiah 10:13,14), local and international, realize now that they are totally, absolutely and completely finished and many thanks to the US military, Trump and to other concerned militaries of the world. The cabal still hangs on to their positions and their despicable attitudes as long as there's money and position and control in it for them. They have made their bed in evil. They are simply going to reap what they have sown:.Isaiah 10:3,4. The tables have now been turned on them:.Isaiah 29:20. We must ensure that our children and our children's children and their posterity, never have to do what now is being done in cleaning up the evil.

How evil overall is the cabal (aka deep state)?
1 is about.the story of the cabal; how they gained almost the whole world for their evils, while most of us did nothing. And, their cruelness to babies.and.to children. That's one reason these corrupt evil people of the deep state are being arrested for crimes against humanity and treason.
2 is about.When at 2, scroll about half-way down the page to the actual video. Jim Caviezel explains his new movie Sound of Freedom, about rescuing children stolen, trafficked, abused and murdered by this cabal all over the world. It's a true movie based on the life of Tim Ballard and his team (he speaks here too), who are right now saving children from this satanically evil worldwide group having even in your area such evil people and will continue doing so wherever they need rescuing from until they all are rescued and the criminals dealt with.
3 is about.the underground tunnels and cities used for trafficking humans (children and adults) to abuse and murder and worse, such as sacrificing them in satanic rituals, such as those in the worldwide pedophile ring has done along with harvesting their blood and body parts. The 'white hats' are shutting it all down. Take a tour of such tunnels with a semitrailer driver delivering goods (https://t.me/WakeTheUKUP/5189). Not all of them were kept in tunnels, but they all were abused. Some were kept, never seeing light of day, in the six cities totaling about sixty million under Antartica. The ones not in tunnels, but tightly controlled, were being raped up to 50 times a day, at how many dollars the controllers received each time? Many of these had nowhere else to go, saw no way out of it, as there was no one at hand they could get to help them and they needed food and sleep, so they put up with the abuse until they die even praying to God for help. The help only came when they prayed for the other children and asked God to help them save the children.
4 is about.the latest on the tunnels being blown up so they can never again be used for the horrible things they were used for.
5 is about an example of what they've done to children (link takes you to Telegram; join at no charge if you're not already on Telegram)
6 is about.Lin Wood, a top lawyer who was on Trump's team and how upset he is and has set his face against the satanic deeply evil cabal and what they've been doing.
7 is about.arrests & executions done by the US, Russian, Korean (marching), Chinese and other militaries who are on our side of arresting people in this criminal and horribly evil cabal called the 'deep state'. The Communist Chinese Party has been taken out, no longer exists in China, nor will ever again. The good Chinese leaders want the same as all good people on Earth.
8 is about.what these unbelievably evil ones have done to all of us, so you can wake up (wake up and then do what?). Wake up if you have no idea why you're on Earth. Don't be like those who don't care.
9 is about politicians, entertainers, et al, who actually worship Satan and why and how they use specific handshakes and other special signals to their ilk.worldwide.
10 is about the Fox News report on what the cabal has done with babies for experimentation.
11 is about one of Gene's latest (https://www.bitchute.com/video/N0bi3WI2XxSm/ and part 2 https://www.bitchute.com/video/WYR5GMpwNTV9/). Gene is a retired top level military veteran. Gene brings a wealth of Intel and military experience to the table as well as a death experience that changed the trajectory of his life towards service to God and humanity. Gene will never abandon his mission to Serve, bring truth and knowledge to Humanity, the Earth and God's creation. Gene will always put his service to The One True Living God first. Gene Decode, not his real name, is ex-military with continuing connections to high level military intel and extraordinary sources. He has 20 years in special forces naval intelligence submarine division, with high clearance levels. He also has 48 years of martial arts training and is a Sensei (a teacher, a mentor). He does the 'tunnels' videos that the 'white hat' (the good guys) combined militaries of the world have been busy cleaning up (see #3 above about the underground tunnels). The Truth Beneath the Surface videos have high level information, most of which is now released to the public. Gene's official Telegram account is run by coordinators all over the world. Keep up with the new stuff at https://t.me/RealGeneDecode and on Bitchute
12 is more research by Gene Decode about the massive evil cities and tunnels and what the evil ones were doing down there. Be thankful the world is being cleaned up.

More mind blowing information from Gene.

Do severely evil ones have a chance to more life? If they throw themselves on themercy of God, these deep state corrupters will find mercy:.Joel 2:13,14. It was never in God's heart that those severely evil would deserve the wrath of God:.1Thessalonians 5:9,10: John 3:17. The benevolent beings of God (angels, non terrestrials, etc.) who know the hearts of each of humanity, will at least then make sure that when these evil ones pass on they can begin on the spiritual road. They won't have their flesh with its corruptions any longer. Maybe the humans advised by the benevolent beings in charge of the physical fate of these criminals, will see this and that could make a difference in their lives, in that, rather than execution, if they assist the 'white hats' in pointing out others so this whole mess can be stopped, they could get life imprisonment, instead of execution. The world is being cleaned up.

Bankers and corrupt politicians, corporations, etc. have no moral right to do such things as they do to people, even if they declare that they do have a right and make corporate laws to 'make it legal'. It simply shows that evil ones generally cannot give up on their engrained unloving satanic purposes unless maybe faced with the penalties of crimes against humanity and/or high treason

As with things in nature, the seed planted doesn't pop out of the ground the next day. This highly beneficial plan is unfolding in a like manner to affect all on Earth for good. Like the great network marketing concept, where you tell a friend and they tell a friend and so on and so forth, only this without you making anything off the sharing of the plan just to help others, because you'll have more than enough for yourself and your family and this accelerates to encompass all good people. It's a few good hearts at first, who tell and share the way to wealth and health they've received with family and friends of also good heart. Good friends and family, because this helps ensure those ones hanging on to evil.susceptibilities will not be part of it, thus keeping clean the developing new world. Then these good souls who have received wealth thanks to their family member or friend, are in turn, shown how to do similarly, by being invited to apply for money necessary for them and others they will share the plan with. So the plan carries on and reaches the rest of the good people in the world. Be careful as best you can, to not introduce the QFSto those you may not be sure about. And so it will spread quickly in reaching all in the world who are good at heart and need help and in turn, want to help others. Again, what you can do to hasten it in your country. Your money will probably now come to you in the form of a 'digital wallet' as an app on a special satellite phone (looks same as a cellphone), now that it seems you can't be using the banks as they are, unless things change there. Or, maybe from a local distribution center such as where the 'med beds' will be in your city, where you maybe could pick up your phone there, etc. Just ideas! Then monthly amounts can be transferred into it for you and you then maybe can use your phone to both spend it, save some and transfer amounts to others who also will have this satellite connected phone for instant financial solutions that do not go through banks. Simon is looking after the 'med beds' distribution https://www.simonparkes.org/post/29th-may-update-current-news and Charlie is looking after the humanitarian fund you can become a part of for helping humanity in ways that you feel are needed.

Learn how to handle your prosperity so it doesn't corrupt you. Watch Charlie for where and how application is to take place. Good idea to join, for eleven dollars a month, Charlie's optional Insider Club. 

And, as an aside, amazing photographs from space reveal how the criminal ship Evergreen got dislodged from being stuck and went further up the Suez canal to the Sea of Bitterness where American Navy Seals boarded it, with Russian military right there assisting. All 30,000 containers have been removed, some having both living (over 1,200) and dead (over 1,350) trafficked children in them (also see Navy Seals and others rescuing children.before they are sold to the cabal, ending up ruined, tortured and dead and worse), along with high grade weapons of various types and small nuclear devices. The Evergreen ship is owned by the Clinton Foundation and Walmart. Hillary was real evil and the Obamas were worse, the Bushes were murderers (9/11); Biden too, executed over a year ago. The 'Biden' today is an actor, there for the temporary purpose of awakening people, that is, for those having 'eyes to see'. Evergreen was Hilllary's CIA codename, Evergiven was Walmart's. It's been known for a few years that this ship was used for trafficking children and/or weapons. The Obamas, Clintons and Bushes, Biden and others in the worldwide pedophile trafficking ring knew it, but profited from it, participated in it, caring not for people, instead using, abusing and killing them, selling their body parts and worse. Both Russia and the American militaries were waiting for opportunity to nail them. There wasn't one, so one was made with the help of the benevolent beings, angels, non terrestrials or whatever you want to call them. The world is getting cleaned up. Do your part.

Anyhow, back to about the 'med beds'. The 'med beds' are to help all humanity andobviate poisonous pharmaceuticals including vaccines.and.harmful devices slipped under the vaccines label, obviate the damage to the human body's health system being done by 'cides' and the GMO industrialized and chemicalized products labeled as food, which are harmful to the body and land. The 'med beds' will restore limbs, tighten skin, reduce body and organs' age by 20-30 years, get rid of cancer, heart disease, polio, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, thyroid damage, surgeries and so much more. There are three amazing machines built with Nikola Tesla's 'off-world' technology. Grigori Grabovoi of Russia explains how? See also Nassim Haramein on the Physics of Spirituality where he talks about the new non-polluting anti-gravity vehicles, estimated to be above the roads in just a very few years, 5-10 years.

Thef worldwide clean up of evils.(1, 2{#2 at 28 min. in is about 50 million now being rescued and moved from massive cities under Antarctica, not having ever seen the light of day}, 3, 4{#4 is about some of those tried and found guilty of crimes against humanity and/or treason, this report being about the 9/11 murders and surrounding corruption}, 5, 6). 

Cleanup so we don't end up if when we are bad, going beyond that and into evil as the ancients did and today, as those of the cabal have been. A special spiritual gift to help stay on the right track, so relapses to the bad side can be now a thing of the past:.Psalms 85:13; 89:24; 91:15,16; Isaiah 30:20,21; 1Corinthians 1:22; 1Peter 5:8; 2Peter 2:22..Meditation and prayer is effective for growing spiritually and hastening the good things God wants us to have. All good works count toward an eternalreward, eternal because, that's why we are here.Overall, you're here to move from your earthly consciousness to the higher consciousness until the time for humanity is over:.1Corinthians 15:28.

The corrupt.worldwide media.as this example on the CBS news channel shows, may not be there any longer so use DuckDuckGo.com or Quant.com to search for 'Michael Van der Veen CBS video'. And see this humorous look at how the controlled networks make sure those reporting news all say the same things. They are not reporters. They are controlled puppet teleprompter readers.

The corrupt worldwide media was allowed a year now to see if it would come away from the unconscionable.censoring of information proven helpful to people. Can you name one time in history when the people banning books, censoring information and silencing opinions were the good guys? The time is now up for the bad guys as there's been no change (stubborn & really spiritually stupid) in spite of having been warned. Now they will be dealt with in accordance with Creator-Father-God's law of 'you reap what you have sown'.

The clean up has continued until the swamp of criminals filled by those humans heavily influenced and even taken over by the dark side (1Timothy 4:2), the satanic side, are all rounded up and tried for their crimes. And, what did the top dark side satanically influenced people, which are those of the deep state, who are now being taken out, think of good people? See how evil those who've left off the good God become in their lives, those who have now been rounded up, tried and in many cases, executed. See the series Fall of the Cabal. New sequels have been added, about the very evil, Bill Gates, Tony Fauci (and his incredible lies), George Soros, et al, people who went beyond bad into deep evils, including planning the death of others through genocide. Avoid having yourself and your children harmed by poisonous injections, when nature's remedies and your immune system has all you need to get and stay healthy.

Clean up is so all of us can emerge from the murkiness the dark side has been spreading over
humanity, even since man was put on the Earth:.Genesis 4:1-12; Isaiah 42:16; 1John 3:8. How was this putting the world into evils able to occur?.2Corinthians 4:4; Revelation 12:9; 20:2,3.

Those administering the QFS and its precursor, the Quantum Consciousness System for humanity, are those of the same heart and mind ancient Job finally came to have. Learn about Job as the knowledge is a great help spiritually for you with all these world changes coming on:.1John 4:8-16; 1John 3:8.

Anyway, the satanic ways the world has been under are now finished!

As Vladimir Putin of Russia, friend of the US military and Trump, put it.'The deep state is now completely taken down'.and Putin's quote on arresting these horrible criminals:.'It's not our job to judge, just to send them to one who will.'.Along with the US military are those of Putin, in cleaning up the world of such despicable evils, helping them are the militaries of Motti of India and Xi of China and other militaries of the Alliance of 209 nations. And many others of similar heart are also meditating and praying. The unbelievably corrupt Chinese Communist Party leaders, puppets of the deep state that was behind them, have now been arrested and removed from China by Taiwanese forces backed up by the American military and have been dealt with.

The deep state itself was cut off May, 2020. It's like the building is demolished and the left over rubbish takes awhile to be cleaned up wherever remnants of these criminals are who have backed m o s t politicians and corporate heads throughout the world, after having corralled them using bribes, brainwashing and blackmail. It's like a boiling kettle, spouting steam that has now been unplugged, yet continues releasing steam for a short while or like a filled tub and the plug has been pulled to empty it, but it takes awhile for all the crud to go down the drain. Evil remnants are being eradicated daily, with the corrupt media being last (planned that way for a purpose). The corrupt media will be the last to go. When you see the corrupt media gone as it exists today, you'll know the clean up is basically finished. When you see the 'med beds' available worldwide, you'll know Big Pharma and the corrupt part of the medical system and Big Education are also 'done like dinner'.

The evil is pretty well done, never again to exist anywhere here and 'out there'. The new life for all good beings is now more than just a hope. Pockets of evil are still being dealt with, such as in Canada with its corrupt lying politicians, their conscienceless.policies and criminal advisors from various agencies and so-called 'services', which are cabal controlled and big corporations backed. See the daily information 'quickies' on Charle Ward's Telegram channel t.me/officialcharliewardshow and on many other Telegram channels.

Find out how much this all will affect you and your family with so much good! Learn about the GESARA program.

See the beautifil Charlie Ward video interviews done in gorgeous Andalucia, Spain where 
he lives for now (has great drone video shots of the area).

Make your plans to help humanity, as Jack Kidd of Scotland has done and there'll be enormous sums of money to carry out plans you've made. Applications will be on Charlie's site soon. Keep up daily or so. Know the caveats, which are, money can not be used to harm others in any way, no funding of evil, such as poisoning humanity, human trafficking, organ harvesting, murdering babies and selling their body parts (and worse), drug and gun running; NO funding of any.kind of destruction:.Isaiah 11:9 "They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain, for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea."

Plan to do something for the world as Jack Kidd has for Scotland.(to redo the entire country.as people want.{because some may still want to keep their 200+ year old houses}). Click on Jack's pic to go to the explanation of Gesara. How about just starting small? Single parent families need help? Homeless people? Seniors? Most homes need tearing down because of mold. Rebuild with toxic free homes. Maybe incorporate Vastu architectural principles. Consider using the amazing, natural moonwood. Consider fixing all the dangerous roads you know of, soon no longer needed thanks to Nikola Tesla's anti-gravity technologies. The change of the corrupt educational system is now being handled at the highest levels, so you can leave that out as being one of your projects. Get help with.your.own plan with.your family and friends.of good heart. Decide on a few plans or even one plan. Just have the idea(s) in mind and get on the list now (after you join the Insiders Club at Charlie's for eleven bucks a month), then log in, go to 'Help' and select 'Humanitarian Projects'. If you have more than one or a large one, plan to.hire those who can.carry out the logistics. You'll have.all the money you need.for sincere and healthful humanitarian projects. The world needs redoing and needs you to do it!

6000 devices of help to humanity, were suppressed by the pharmaceutical/chemical/agricultural/banking and technological, etc, part of the overriding cabal. The US military in Trump's time released these devices, which Devices included 'med beds' and free energy devices..
And, for those who were Trump dissidents, as well as all of us, Trump's accomplishments
The medical/pharmaceutical/political corruption on poisonous vaccines (which is all of them). 
Moderna et al are alsofinished! Pfizer and Moderna execs selling out their shares. They know what's coming!
David E. Martin explains. Get ready to be shocked! Long video, but great education. Learn!
And Hillsdale College has a good say too! See the first introduced speaker
and also see about lockdowns at 14 minutes in from the video's start.
Adam Andrzejewski of openthebooks.com (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQDEDR0JXdE), 
advising Trump on waste, fraud, corruption & abuse. The Depth of the Swamp is at this moment,
in process of being completely cleaned up by teams of good people,
with the good people in the militaries of the world helping.
Articles on the pandemic (plandemic/scamdemic, the covid con).
Never mind the covid con, what about abortion where 42 million+ children were murdered 
by satanists/atheists worldwide and over a million kids are stolen annually by this evil 
worldwide pedophile cabal, stuff the complicit satanic manistream media hides from you.

And never mind the covid scam. Consider the 2004 report authored by multiple medical doctors, 
entitled Death by Medicine, where the total number of deaths caused by conventional medicine is
an astounding 783,936 per year in the U.S. In other words, more people die there EACH YEAR
from iatrogenic causes than died during the ENTIRE Civil War!
See the trailer on the new movie Sound of Freedom, about the worldwide pedophile ring,
releasing toward the end of the year. 

And from the movie's star; what he says about this true movie and the man it is based on, Tim Ballard, 
who is saving children from corrupt politicians, judges, corporate heads and lackeys, et al
engaged in human trafficking. And here, the movie's star, Jim Caviezel says more, a lot more
info in this short video.
See the letter from the 'other side' written to his mom still on Earth, from a boy who died.
The overall lesson of our forefathers was about this: Time and time again, God allowed evils to awaken them
and it was usually severe. And then they were ok, for awhile. But we have an advantage when we change from lower consciousness to higher consciousness that wasn't available to them. What is it?
So, in a nutshell why we are here? And in a nutshell, what can we do about it?
From the creator of.What If? The Movie.comes the new movie  https://www.grandselfmovie.com

The Grand Self.is a full length feature movie for those caring of better conditions for humanity and self. If you know someone who just can't seem to rise above, himself or herself, someone living a limited lifestyle, someone held back by limitations, someone who may be unwell, frustrated with self and life, bored of the same old and so withdraws, please get them to see this movie by mentioning to them some things in the movie that you know may help. Get ready for high consciousness! If you're ready to move beyond limitations, take notes on what comes to mind when viewing this movie.
Bob Proctor's 'rags toriches' story devolves 58 years of helpful experience to us. See him in the movie.The Grand Self.and more from him here.
With an estimated 60 years of farmable soil left on Earth, The Need To GROW offers an intimate look into the hearts of those deeply concerned over what is happening to our food. You'll see an 8 year old girl challenging the ethics of a beloved organization, who  just 'put her off'. You'll see an innovative renegade farmer revolutionize resource agriculture and you'll see an inventor's catastrophe when his amazing life's work game changing technologly building is sabotaged.

Narrated by Rosario Dawson (Marvel's The Defenders, The Lego Batman Movie), TNTG delivers alarming evidence on the importance of healthy soil, revealing not only the unheard of proven potential of localized food production working with nature, such as, being able to naturally, no chemicals or sprays, no genetically modified methods, no harmful practices, but by using nature itself, do in 5 days what would normally take nature 400 years and do it even in the coldest climates. Just astounding! Bye bye genetically modified 'food' (crap) and the horrible 'cides' used on them which are killing humans and animals! It really is a great opportunity as individuals to help regenerate our planet's dying soils and participate in the restoration of the Earth. Learn about it!

An informative, interesting, enlightening and entertaining new movie about new proven discoveries in physics that humanity.needs to know! Changed the world of science forever https://vimeo.com/328572511 also https://www.resonancescience.org/
Machines created complete in the invisible using your mind, light and sound, then materialized for use. Now being done! Wake up! There's a whole new world of higher consciousness living, but it has a lock on it.
Poems from the great poet Rumi
The phenomenon Bruno Gröning and othersheal from beyond. The power that worked through Bruno Gröning at that time can and is still being experienced today. Aside from healings of illnesses, many people also report healings of addictions or helps regarding diverse crises in life or following blows of fate. How magnificent that just by watching the film, healings take place! God's power is not limited to Bruno either, as Bruno stated. Doctors confirm these successes. Bruno states for.everyone."There is no incurable". There is only help and no charge for it. See the movies on him at the website about Bruno.(a link to it is here).or check YouTube.

Thousands.of healings by Godthrough Bruno Gröning occur daily today all over the world. Why do you need Bruno when you can go directly to God? Well, how has that worked for you so far. Are you sure the God-Creator-Father even exists.

You will be astounded when you see this

This beautiful video (https://biggeekdad.com/2018/09/emotional-magic-act/) shows
that below the atom everything is connected!
And, these songs sung by two 9 year old girls, Angelica Hale and Celine Tam, 
will knock your socks off and drop your jaw! Click on a pic or a link.

Angelica Hale, in red, almost died from kidney failure due to double pneumoniawhen she was three. 
Her mother gave one of her kidneys to her and she slowly recovered.
You'll have a hard time believing that voice.
 And here's more you'll love of it.
And, many girls end up with wounded hearts, as Stasi did
A  h e l p f u l  m o v i e !
What If? The Movie.leads you into the power bestowing, idea creating energy of the invisible intelligent multiverse verse and most importantly,.how to fix negative personal programming.which limits us by severing us from our mind's connection to all the good, the Soul of all!.A full length feature film. WinnerBest Feature Documentary 2009.
Combining stunning international cinematography, filmed in five countries, over two years in the making,.What If? The Movie.delves into topics that humanity has thought to be erroneous and unachievable throughout the ages, such as the documented curing of cancer with simply one's mind.

For the first time in cinematic history, the film delivers individuals who have manifested realities extending far beyond what social consciousness has heretofore thought possible!

Focusing on individuals living without food, regrowing hair and teeth, healing themselves of 'death door' diseases outside of traditional medicine, like Brandon Bays who got rid of a basketball size tumor, after being told by doctors at Cedars Sinai Hospital she had only weeks to live. She was better in 6 weeks, by going over her life and forgiving everyone who had caused her problems and in her mind asking forgiveness of anyone she felt she had caused any problems to. The movie inspires and awakens our long lost connection with the Soul and will forever change your view of reality.

Featuring (and see their individual YouTube videos) Bob Proctor,
Dr. Bruce Lipton, Brandon Bays, Dr. Masaru Emoto, Dr. Bernie Siegel,
Dr. Joe Dispenza and many more. Part way through the 3 minutes of scrolling credits at the end of the movie, just when you think the music theme is finishing, it changes to become even more enthralling!

                Theme is worth it on its own.

What If? The Movie.clips and interviews
...Koro island, Fiji
...pic of James A Sinclair creator of What If? The Movie and the new movie.The Grand Self

Comments on What If? The Movie
"...You can truly feel new neural pathways being created ..."....M. Grant (and what accelerates this process?)

"Very professional, thought provoking, inspiring, enlightening and mind expanding ..."....Aurora, Los Angeles, California (former executive, Sony Studios)

"I was so excited the first time I think I missed some of it! ..."....J. Manion

"...the videography, editing & music are beautiful ..sensual and enlightening."....Alexandria, Iowa, USA

Grow plants 4x faster and at 3-4x the size, just by structuring the water with a special crystal.
Also structures the water in your body as you wear it, for better health.
More on structured water and also at thomascowan.com
More on reversing aging, restoring health and vitality
Did you come here by way of evolution or Creator-God? Both sides of it
A most amazing thing!
Why it's important to be good while on Earth and the great reason why.belief alone just opens the door, but how we need to walk through it, is the question.
Dr. Greger's info on How Not To Die
Dr. Sherry Rogers on The 7 Causes of Disease

As long as you carry on spiritual growth, love, concern and
helpfulness to others, you can live as long as you wish and do phenomenal things
such as create an energy field around you for protection and resurrect those passed on.
Those there all want to come back. These 'gone ones' are
now coming back in increasing numbers from what we call death. Why do they want to come back? You too have the ability to bring back loved ones passed on; learn about it
Generation Zapped. Wireless technologies extreme dangers (is sticking your head in a microwave oven and turning it on safer than using the deadly {deadly over time} 5G/6G cellular technology, regular cell phones, cell towers and 'smart' meters? Technological tyranny is that which harms, not helps, the health of living things). 4000 pages of scientific research shows up the negative health effects of wireless technologies that can be used unsafely by purposely upping the frequency to a harmful level.
The truth about the dumb new 'smart' electrical meters
What you can learn from the chi masters to keep you safe, sincere and honest.

Why are some people living in areas of peace and others have no peace where they live?
How to handle a kitchen grease fire that could save you serious injury, even perhaps your life.
If your body is always renewing itself, what takes you to death or like hello,
why do you think you die, when it was only life God created?
How to know when and if it's time to move on if you're a believer in death.
Famous Tom Bearden on what's been found on matter creation, matter unhappening
and the vacuum of space.
Tom Bearden, now reaching for 90 years, has selflessly placed so much of his heart and soul and life's work into his Website (5,000 plus files), books and DVDs simply to get the word out that energy from the vacuum is freely available to cure our planet's power supply issues. "There is enough energy inside the space inthis empty cup to boil all the oceans of the world." This is a fact well known to the scientific community and was, for example, a favorite quote of Nobel Prize winning physicist Richard Feynman (feynmanonline.com/). Two Nobel prizes were awarded in 1957 to Lee and Yang for substantiating the extraction process for this energy.....from Tom Bearden's website
Learning to listen to life can keep you safe. This young man from British Columbia didn't listen.
Computer storage in the invisible; secure and safe.
Image created in consciousness functions as a physical conductor.
Turn off the TV; learn about consciousnes, about your protection using the body's electromagnetism and learn about memory.
Cancer cured in under 3 minutes. See it as it happens.
What to do about curiosities children begin to have over sexual interests.
What went on before humanity emerged on the Earth and how is it affecting us today?
Making sense of new amazing discoveries in physics. Just how connected are we anyway? 
How to know if someone is mentally ill.
How to know if someone cares.
One thing men, women & children are seldom taught to get that would help them greatly in life.
A short chapter in a book that'll turn your heart.
Want to produce either a boy or a girl easily, by changing what you eat?
Why homosexual?
How to get sure guidance from your Creator.
More is available, so ask for it!
How to know when to give, to anything?
How to create with your mind; so easy, you may not accept it.
What are we really here for? The song will tell your heart!
Severe earthquakes becoming a thing of the past?
Why (see number 1) is this this proven technology to bring peace, safety and protection, health,
abundance and goodness to the world in all areas of life not on every
newscast and in every newspaper?
The amazing Gregorian Chant The Sound of Silence.

How the Earth recently survived twice that you never heard about!
Kindness is key (really beautiful)
"We all agreed that your theory is crazy. The question that divides us is whether
it is crazy enough to have a chance of being correct."....Niels Bohr

The incredible story of how leopard Diabolo became Spirit.
Free newsletters with videos one can subscribe to; keeping you informed
of real news that mainstream media mostly and increasingly avoids.
A 21 trillion mile cloud or 'elephant conducts orchestra'.
Howfarmers and all gardeners can have healthy, inexpensive, safe and very productive soils.
Zero Limits in the healing of humanity!
Too many suicides.
Got a 'bad' kid at home?
Stressed out? Almost everything going against you?
It can't be as bad as what this guy experienced!
Learn from the life of Joseph in the Old Testament.
But, isn't that 'just an invented story'?
If you think so, read this first, Proof of the Bible.
Are you less than a lobster or jellyfish, turtle or crocodile?
They live forever as do other animals. They regenerate lost limbs.
Did the Creator make you less than they?
What has held you back? See the movie and find out, What If? The Movie
Robert Miles composition of Children
The miracle of Iceland
36 countries ban GMO's.(https://sustainablepulse.com).Ecuador Government to Burn All GMO Crops
A report prepared by the Security Council (SCRF) circulating in the Kremlin today states that President Putin has issued orders that his people must be protected from GMO 'food' and Western pharmaceuticals "at all costs". The report says that President Putin believes the next stage of human evolution is currently in "grave risk" and that Western and global powers are "intentionally decelerating the process for their personal gain".
"We as a species have the choice to continue to develop our bodies and brains in a healthy upward trajectory or we can follow the Western example of recent decades and intentionally poison our population with genetically altered food, pharmaceuticals, vaccinations and fast food that should be classified as a dangerous, addictive drug. The state must not claim the right to take human life away, which belongs only to the Almighty."....Vladimir Putin). "We must fight this. A physically and intellectually disabled population is not in our interests.".the report states.

Describing the average government-controlled Westerner as an."intensively vaccinated borderline autistic fat man slumped in front of a screen, battling a high-fructose corn syrup comedown".the report states that such tactics used by governments to subjugate their citizens are not only."dark/evil".but."counter-productive in the medium to long term".

Russia under President Putin has been giving away land for free in the past few years to people willing to farm organically and sustainably. The goal is to become the world's "leading exporter" of non-GMO foods that are based on "ecologically clean" production.

The Security Council report comes just months after the Kremlin announced a stop to the production of all GMO-containing foods, which was seen by the international community as a major step in the fight against multinationals like Monsanto (Monsanto is not even a food company, they're a chemical company whose interest is in selling chemicals; now owned by Bayer). Russia continues to lead the way in the realm of natural, organic farming.....from https://yournewswire.com/author/baxter/

Germany lined up to be next. Largest Native American tribe in California bans GMO's.


Do you know? During the Beatles height of fame,
who.sold more records in one year than them? Think Winnipeg, Manitoba.
M o v i e s  a n d  q u o t e s
M o v i e s :

The Pyramid Code. Carmen Boulter Ph.D. University of Calgary walks us through the evidence about incredible intelligence ancients possessed and how and why this is avoided being taught in schools. Each of the five episodes in this groundbreaking series are major eye openers. Filmed in Egypt. On Netflix. And what they found out about what mercury (in vaccines or anywhere) does to your brain.

Rolling Stones Olé, Olé, Olé..Their South American Tour. Wow! Spectacular! Will really start you up! Netflix.

Raja Rasor Aur Anya Kanayan / Kings, Kitchens and Their Stories. If you love Indian food, you'll really like these episodes. Covers, the history of and present day cooking of Indian foods. You'll learn how to do it; have a pen and paper ready. Top Indian chefs interviewed, including Pushposh Pant, Indian food historian. Find out how they do it; what spices and methods used and wait till you see the preparations and results! Yummy! Foods from many famous cities in India including Delhi, Kolkata (formerly Calcutta {why don't they leave names alone?}), the northern Kashmir region, etc. What they show will make your mouth water, especially if you already know how some of the food's wonderful tastes and health benefits. You'll also see the cities, their beautiful buildings, grounds and surrounding areas. Netflix.

Only the Brave. True story of firefighters and their dedication to save you and your property amongst the sometimes strange changes in paths of fires, even at risk of their own lives. The fires are real. The stories of the firefighters, some of whom gave their lives, are also true. Netflix.

Released September, 2021. Free view! The Tomorrow War (https://www.tokyvideo.com/video/watch-free-the-tomorrow-war) strikes parallels to what's going on today in the cleanup of the DUMBs and tunnels, some thousands of years old, the cabal having used them hiding their extremely evil agenda as they continue giving their lives to satanic ways. Some of these creatures can be seen here. The movie is interesting and grippingly so, but it's too harsh for children. Not recommended for children. Use discretion. See it first. You don't want to give them a future of nightmares. It's a free view, with a few short commercials during the beginning minutes.

What The FUQ? Frequently Unanswered Questions of the Australian Government..(use DuckDuckGo.com to search for it. The incredible true story today of two national governments in Australia and how corrupt one is. Looks to be a 'fifth column' takeover? Surreptitiously happened to most countries over past decades by the cabal and now being stopped by Trump and patriots. Interesting and entertainingly presented.

The Pharmacist. The gripping true story of how one man stopped an epidemic of deaths from prescription drugs. Neflix.

Sustainable. Great new information on farming sustainably that will be encouragement to anyone wanting to go towards better farming practices than the poisonous conventional methods used as agricultural solutions, n.b. glyphosate, commercial name Roundup. Netflix. Also check here on soil health.

What the Health?.Along with.The Game Changer, What the Health?.has surprising information anyone concerned about health must have. Not just information, but takes you on a most interesting and enlightening journey to find it in this captivating exposé movie. Netflix.

The Game Changer. What does the strongest man on Earth eat and how strong is he? What about top martial arts people? What about football players, marathon runners and jumpers, etc., all who are far and away masters, medalists and champions? And what about firemen? And what does Arnold Schwartzennegger say about it all? Prepare yourself to be shocked! Netflix.

Still Game. The hilarious adventures of two Scottish seniors. A funny bunch of episodes that grow on you the more you watch. Great laughs! Very worth a second watch if you like to laugh. Netflix.

Dancing With the Birds. You may have thought you've seen all birds can do. Well, see this one and you'll be more than amazed; it can copy multiple voices and give them back all at once, like children in a playground laughing and talking as they do. And much more, as the movie.Beak and Brain.shows. And what does it show? The astounding cleverness of these birds to make and use tools. Both on Netflix.

Peru: The Surprising Riches of Peru. Wow! Netflix.

Ghost of the Mountains. From DisneyNature comes this so interesting documentary, with camera footage never seen before of a family of highly elusive Snow Leopards. It took months upon months to gain the footage in these mountain areas of China. So much work was involved, it's amazing what they were able to do at all at 16,000 feet, but because of the locals and the very helpful monks who reside there, the film was able to get done. The kids will love it. Netflix.

Night On Earth. Special cameras reveal what really goes on at night. Many animals you may have thought sleep, don't. What are they doing? Netflix.

Drive. Another great heist movie; this one from India and with bedazzling cars. Has amazing twists right through to the end. Starts off surprisingly! Netflix.

Victoria & Abdul. Abdul sells carpets in India. English Royalty bought one. Abdul's invited to meet Queen Victoria. Filmed in England, India & Scotland. Stars Judi Dench (James Bond movies) and Ali Fazal.

Rabindranath Tagore. The great love poems of Sir Rabindranath Tagore are acted out in these episodes. Different from what one would expect, having been used to themes in most movies.

The great love poems of Rumi.

M o r e  m o v i e s  a n d  T V  s e r i e s

M u s i c  t o  k n o c k  y o u r  s o c k s  o f f

Q u o t e s :
"One day you will ask me which is more important, my life or yours? I will say mine and you will walk away not knowing that you are my life."....Khalil Gibran.

"Vaccination is the voluntary choice of every person."....Vladimir Putin, Russia.

"The evil has been defeated! Trust and believe this. More is happening than you can imagine. The havoc only disappears when the human being binds himself again to God."....Bruno Gröning.

"There is no question that our health has improved spectacularly in the past century. One thing seems certain; it did not happen because of medicine or medical science or even the presence of doctors. Much of the credit should go to the.plumbers and engineers of the western world. The contamination of drinking water by human feces was at one time the greatest cause of human disease and death for us...but when the plumbers and sanitary engineers had done their work in the construction of our cities, these diseases began to vanish."....Lewis Thomas, medical researcher and essayist. But then when these diseases had been almost eradicated, along came vaccinations, patented viruses and a bought off and lying government, medical system and media financed by the same deep state satanic criminal mafia to continue the poisonings, increasing death by bamboozling the public about dangers. That's what the dark side does:.Revelation 12:9. It's out to take over the world and eliminate all humanity, because humanity, though now below, will be above these evil angels behind and of the cabal.