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Worship in the original is 'giving attention to with honor and high esteem', that is, to attentively.regard that which is important to you; to respect what you accept. Meditation is your thoughts about and for another's benefit.

"All you think and all you do affects the multiverse in some way."....Paul Dirac. And that's because all is connected.

How does one worship God? It's an inward thing:.Luke 17:21 "...for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you." John 4:24 "God is Spirit and they that worship must worship in spirit and in truth."

In meditation.(*).it's not necessary to think; save thinking for your contemplation time. Some combine it all in one and that works good too. Follow what you feel at the time. Sometimes one might just talk to God, telling God about the things encountered in the day and telling God all you felt about it and if it was good for you or others or not. Be open and transparent with God.

In meditation it's good to have intent on being taught by God. You will experience the positive effects of meditation in your life as it goes along. It also affects the lives of others. But at first you may wonder if it's doing any good at all as you may not feel as though it is. It is! And you'll see the changes; another proof of God's existence.and.presence with you.

Sustained attention is concentration. Be attentive to your concentrations, to what your mind may be generally on at any particular time.

Each of us are here to make a good difference in our lives and in the lives of others, both on the micro level, that of personal involvement with others and on the macro level, where a difference is made in the collective consciousness out of which is constantly becoming the world as we experience it and one experiences it according to what's in his or her subconscious. Learn how envisioning speeds all the good up coming to you How's the world going for you so far? How can things be changed to the good? Where does Christ fit into all this?.2Corinthians 3:16.

Why is it that so many seem to be ignorant of truth? For example, the tons upon tons of information proven true that many people for some reason discount. Why would this be?.2Corinthians 4:4.

Those who can see through the veil of deceit got out of delusion because of meditation and prayer, because meditation and prayer bring in the cleansing frequencies, cleansing of those thoughts, moods and attitudes that keep people blinded at the lower consciousnes level. 

Isaiah 59:1 "Behold, God's hand is not shortened that it cannot save, neither his ear heavy that it cannot hear."

All is frequencies. Those apart from meditation and prayer and the other spiritual disciplines, which are study and contemplation, are away from these cleansing frequencies:.1Corinthians 2:14 "But the natural man receives not the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness unto him, neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned."

The higher consciousness frequencies of love halt the frequencies of evil that the non spiritual man, woman and child soak up, because, for some reason unknown to them, they feel right about them and so they fail to research, thus continuing on in a mental prison:.Proverbs 14:12

The mind, having thus.been altered, holds one in a negative grip, where he or she finds it easy to discount information and guidance they should be listening to. Such close-minded attitudes obviate that which would free them from the broad road of destruction, turning them instead onto things of the straight and narrow, onto the higher road of life:.Matthew 7:13 "Enter you in at the strait gate, for wide is the gate and broad is the way, that leads to destruction and many there be which go in thereat." Matthew 3:3 "For this is he that was spoken of by the prophet Esaias.(Isaiah 40:3), saying, The voice of one crying in the wilderness, Prepare you the way of the Lord, make his paths straight." 

The world hasn't been good for all on it and has gotten worse for most. The collective consciousness determines the general subconscious of the world. The world truly is what one makes it to be. It's a stage for learning. But some people are too asleep to learn how to change it and some are even in a 'coma', blinded and having no desire to learn truth and so they carry on with their limited living in a zombified state:.John 4:10; 8:36; Romans 8:2; 6:16-23

What we have contributed into the collective consciousness by what we are, comes out of it and affects all. How's that been working for you so far and for the rest of humanity? How do you like the results in the world so far? If you put in good, then it's highly effective for eradicating evil. How effective is it?

Even your little snits and engrained.close-minded way of looking at life, affect things negatively, including you.(*).

All you think and all you do affects all the multiverse in some way, because, though you may not yet know, it's all connected, as proven in quantum physics. Simply walking down the street or even just sitting in a chair makes a difference because your body is always giving off microbes, as is every other body of matter, be it organic.(living things).or inorganic.(non living things), such as metals, rocks, etc. It's all connected. Because of this, what each of us do makes a difference. Make a good difference by being in and acting from a higher consciousness. Each of us is here to find out not just what can be done for them, but rather for what we can do for others:.Matthew 22:36-40. As you do for other so the same attitude things will be done to you:.Matthew 7:12.

So forget about allowing the hodgepodge of information from you and all others on Earth lay out the way the world becomes. We've all made a mess of it, mostly by ignoring what's going on. And that's the same as choosing ignorance.

Instead, be of definite mind for producing good in your own life. Because it affects all, others join in that invisible attitude they sense and the world does change for the good. So, how do we do this? And how has the world become what it is up to now?

A huge difference is made for the better each time one cares enough to meditate and/or to pray and/or to contemplate and/or to gain new helpful knowledge, such as the incredible teachings of Grigori Grabovoi and Bruno Gröning about God. These things are powerful. What they use, you can too.

2Corinthians 10:3-5 "For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh. For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds, Casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God.(the knowledge of God includes the high consciousness things).and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.('obedience of Christ' means high consciousness thinking)."

Meditation is a most effective way to change the world to good and keep it there. As you pray and meditate for others, it also affects you and those you love that are close to you:.Job 42:10.

This inspiring audio talk will ramp up your meditation.

Meditation changes things to the good.."He was wide awake and his mind worked clearly, purged of all dross."....Vladimir Nabokov. Being wide awake is not tacitly approving of evils you may be surrounded by. If you don't stand against evil, you are standing for it. You stand up mostly by praying and meditating. This puts the evil situations into the hands of God, that is, by your actions of prayer and meditation God sees you want no part of the timeline of those out to kill others. God responds once you do. Why is this? Envisioning is important to do. Learn it.

"There are many kinds of meditation. A prayer, for instance is in fact a form of meditation. At the same time of course a prayer, like any true meditation, must be spiritual.(of love with all that means). In the Christian.tradition, there is, among other prayers, a so called Prayer of a Single Thought.(such as one of these single words: 'kindness', 'joy', 'health', 'safety', 'prosperity', etc. and having the people in mind to be affected by these words), such as Emmanuel's Prayer.(Matthew 6:9-13), the prayer of a high spiritual level.(such as just focusing on words like 'my soul', 'peace for all', etc.), during which consciousness stays in the region of the heart and which is very effective for entering higher states of consciousness. In practicing concentrations, meditations can be a constituent.part of the process.

"Not only functioning of the brain, but functioning of the entire body of its each and every cell becomes affected by meditation practice. The difference in the way the body functions before and after mastering meditation is immeasurably.greater.

"As a matter of fact the difference is so great that an individual actually moves to another level of existence.(3d to 5d and beyond). For it should be borne in mind that a human body is a system, capable of infinite self-improvement.(but, why bother?). And it is hard even to imagine an overall potential of this system. And one more remark. When I say that one of the methods of changing the state of the body is meditation, it should be noted that meditation itself can be very diverse."....from page 16 Grigori Grabovoi's book.

Psalms 62:8 "Trust in him at all times you people, pour out your heart before him. God is a refuge for us."

Besides meditation, prayer, study and contemplation, what else needs done? Make a difference in life, for others and for yourself.

Don't just run out there and end up jumping into trouble on some emotion you may have. Take a step back from the emotion and ponder awhile:.Romans 12:3 "For I say, through the grace given unto me, to every man that is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think, but to think soberly, according as God has dealt to every man the measure of faith."

Our natural state is happy and free, just 'being me'. That's how we were born, when we just were us, without all the crap we later accumulated which took us far from our own specified excellence as a baby, given to each of us by God, but then taken away in every way by the evil cabal's information, foisted on us to foster the kind of individual they wanted, that is, till now.

You didn't have to meditate to get that state or to keep it. If you were taught about there being a God as you grew, perhaps also you wanted to be thankful to God, so you had a little prayer you used. It was later when you saw some things that needed improving in your life and in others lives, that perhaps then it was time for gaining a greater introspection. You may have expanded your little prayer time to now become what the 4 spiritual disciplines are. So, we try things out to see what works best at any time in life as we learn and that's how we learn. Spiritual disciplines iron out the creases in thinking.

Create a mental image of what you want, for self or for some other or others or for the entire world. The mental image is important because it's what your subconscious mind absorbs and brings to pass exactly what was in that mental picture. Make sure it's good. Meditate on good and meaningful words.

If you are one who wants to help the world, then meditate. Meditation involves your heart. What's in it? Some feel that prayer is fine mixed with meditation and it is. Many do that!

Nothing can come into your life unless it's first in the mind.(1, 2). That's why the cabal wants you living in fear. And what they put out provides for good reason to put people into fear.(one example), that is, unless you know the power of the one and only true God.(*).

Nothing can come into your life applies also to one's belief in a reward for good works. People are marked in what's called the.Book of Life:.Ezekiel 9:4 "And the Lord said unto him, Go through the midst of the city...and set a mark upon the foreheads of the men that sigh and that cry for all the abominations that be done in the midst thereof."

What abominations?

In meditation with prayer, one resides in the house of God and learns good things there. Be sure to take your 'God time'. How can I do this with all I have to do, one might say? It's so easy!

It's that simple! You don't have to get out there and demonstrate, banging the drum, hoping that someone will be affected and pick up the torch with you, joining you in some way. Just meditate/pray and consider the guidance that comes to mind. How does this happen?

By doing this, you telepathically reach others.(how does this work?).and you too are reached by God and others in God. How effective is it? Why is it so effective?

What do you do in meditation besides sitting quietly allowing thoughts to just come, observing them, but not getting involved in them and then just as easily letting them go?

Isaiah 30:15 "For thIs says the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel, In returning and rest shall you be saved; in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength but you would not."

Sitting quietly can also be a time where one listens for what God brings to one's mind, "Here I am God, listening for what you may want to tell me". Then just listen. One can also ask God questions that he or she may have about those things you might want to know about or know more about and listen for answers which may come right then or later pop into the mind. In this way, meditation is different from praying, in that, with praying, you may be earnestly desiring something for self and/or for others, whereas, in meditation, questions may take more the form of inquiries. Meditation with prayer combines both and these are two of the 4 helpful things you can do for yourself spiritually.

When you meditate on such things as how you would like them to be for all good people, including yourself, you are able to affect outcomes. That's how powerful meditation has proven to be.

Friendliness, kindness, health, peace, prosperity, encouragement, safety and protection, honesty and joy, are just a few items to pick a couple from and focus on. More are..

One who fails to meditate is simply allowing the 'whatever' to happen to his or her life and to the lives of others and that can be mostly negative. Instead take the lower consciousness things out of your 'car' and put them in a 'garbage can' and get back to where you were, close the door and move along onto the other road of higher consciousness, into the presence of the Infinite Intelligent Energy, which will take you into increasing spirituality, wherein is a reward for you. In other words, take some action toward making your life better for you and those around you. And here, the calmness of quiet is effective.

One who meditates is absorbing the frequencies of higher consciousness attributes. What are they?

Learn from your own experience in meditating. God knows you are dedicating the time to become a better person and God responds. You may not feel anything in meditation, but you'll grow in knowing there is something there that is real to you and you'll see by your life that there is really something there. This is what Alexander Graham Bell learned. Learning meditation is the most important thing you can do and is one reason why we are in the physical at this time.

Meditation time involves these.

Meditation is quieting the mind which allows the non local 'mind' or presence, to be dominant:.Micah 7:8 "...when I sit in darkness, the Lord shall be a light unto me."

According to Dr. Joe Dispenza, the word means to 'become familiar', that is become familiar with the presence. "Silence is not an absence but a presence.(*). Not an emptiness but repletion, a filling up."....Anne LeClaire.

Why is it that some meditation gurus tell us to be aware of the breath when doing what's called breathing meditations and is this some kind of preferred meditation technique?

The difference between concentration and meditation regards the heart's involvement, the amount of intention behind the concentration.

From page 15 Grigori Grabovoi's book.."In order to succeed on the path of true understanding of the world, it is essential first of all to improve our perception, it is essential to change the body state. For example we need to perfect the brain functioning.(how?). Through the change of even one cell, the state of the entire body can change. And a cardinal question then arises. How could such a change be made, how could it be done? There are many ways to achieve this objective, but one of the easiest and at the same time the most effective methods is meditation.(a meditation for you). As a result of a regular meditation practice a fundamental change in brain functioning takes place. Gradually more and more parts of the brain begin to work in alignment.(shown here from one of over 600 scientific studies done at over 200 universities in over 30 countries). This is confirmed by a scientific research, conducted using encephalograms. Research has shown that as one becomes more experienced in meditation practice, more and more segments of the brain begin to function in accord. And, when a person has fully mastered the practice, his entire brain starts functioning concordantly."

Today, it's increasing difficult for those of ordinary consciousness to cope with life's pressures. What help is there to be had for them?

"Man can utilize his full development once he realizes his spiritual base. Meditation is important to restore the ties with the soul."...from pages 74, 89 in Grigori Grabovoi's book.
In what's called 'Einstellen', a German word for meditation to gain intelligent energy for better daily living, a person's intuitive feeling sense is trained.

John 4:23,24 "But the hour comes and now is, when the true worshippers.(a true worshipper is one who knows himself; what does this mean?).shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth, for the Father seeks such to worship him. God is Spirit and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth, for the Father seeks such to worship him." 1Timothy 4:15 "Meditate upon these things; give yourself wholly to them, that your profiting may appear to all." Revelation 1:10 "I was in the Spirit on the Lord's day..." Psalms 104:34 "My meditation of him shall be sweet. I will be glad in the Lord." Psalms 116:1,2 "I love the Lord, because he has heard my voice and my supplications. Because he has inclined his ear unto me, therefore will I call upon him as long as I live.".Although one can meditate anywhere, even in a busy shopping center while he is walking about, most prefer solitude. In meditation one finds his invisible real self, the soul of him that is alreadyof love in the kingdom of God within.

No amount of self-analysis or self-examination will ever reveal to you who you are, but if you can take the focus of your attention off yourself and project it forward, then you will discover the other of which you seek. When you are helping and serving, which is loving others.(Matthew 22:36-40), what you give to help and serve others comes from what is called the real you, your spirit of love. In discovering the other, you will discover yourself, the real self. That's why the Bible talks so much about being involved with others.(*).and why meditation with prayer is important.

The trillions of individual operations within ones's DNA gathering information from the cells and the synapses, make us the special individual you are and the specialness of your parents before you. Only one in a million sperm produces a baby. So, we're all pretty special.

This principle is similar to the principle regarding believing.

The spiritual things laid up in our hearts enable thoughts and actions to proceed which are good, good for us and good for others. Benefits are seen to be good. These are the thoughts leading to actions which are in alignment with high consciousness things.

When you meditate, use words of meaning for your intentions and feelings. Attention on them is all that is necessary.

Take the good you that you become as a result of being in higher consciousness and do some good for the world with it. Why?

Are you happy with the you that you are? If not, give attention to changing it by having words you can give attention to that epitomize how it is that you want to be. In meditation such a word or phrase is called a mantra. A mantra is a switch which turns on the meaning for you that is in the collective consciousness, also called the akashic record; that is, the word you use automatically aligns you with what the meaning is. If you use a word that has no meaning.(make a meaningless word up that evokes no thoughts and say it to yourself and you'll notice that it takes you deeper into silence).it can take your mind deeper into the silence from which all in the multiverse emerges.

Just as the Invisible Intelligence we call God, knows how to bring forth a baby from one cell, it knows what meanings are attached to a word in mind and knows what to do with it, so it's easy for you:.Matthew 11:30. Pick a word; perhaps 'soul', perhaps 'eternal' or 'eternity', perhaps 'wealth', perhaps a phrase such as 'I am excited' or 'all health' or 'In the true God of all love, compassion and creation I am happy, healthy and wealthy' or 'I'm so happy I have the health, wealth, safety and protection of God in my life'. The invisible spiritual intelligent energy knows all implications of every word, phrase and thought. If the word or phrase you picked is favorable to you, the invisible energy begins forming to bring into the physical life that which you thought. When?

Meditation is both something you do and reside in. Meditation is making a decision, an intention to be in quiet, calm, yet aware.

Meditation has been done since the beginning of humanity:.Genesis 24:63; Joshua 1:8; Psalms 1:2; 46:10; 63:6; 77:2,5,6,12.13; 119:11,15,23; 143:5.

Meditate on the quiet while observing the trees, the mountains, wherever you may be. That is why the great apostle Paul said to pray continuously:.1Thessalonians 5:17. Until you come to comprehend what that means, it sounds like such a drag. I mean, who on Earth would want to pray continuously, duh! It means to be in a continuously evolving consciousness as you live your life, a higher consciousness than the ego level we all have been in that has handed us so many problems. 

Learn, learn, learn! Meditate on your intentions. Intend for the world to be at peace, happy, in harmony, joy, laughter and love. Meditate means to see the Infinite Creator in all life that you experience. 

One surpasses the physical realm by meditation. Meditation lifts one up and away from the ordinary consciousness the world bathes itself in.

Meditation is life, your life and puts you in touch with the real you behind you. In meditation one finds the undivided spiritual where one's life is away from 'a living time' where you go and drive truck or work in an office, 'a dinner time', 'a party time', etc. Those are all just things we do in our lives. But meditation means you are always at your base and that is the spirit, even while doing all the things in life that we all do. The spirit is the real you connected to the Soul of all.

Meditation has been proven to reverse biological aging. Research proofs in the books Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth, Peter Kelder and in Deepak Chopra's book Ageless Body, Timeless Mind, both available at libraries. Moon Over Water by Jessica Macbeth, describes 20 or so different meditation techniques used by people all over the world. Deepak's websites have many different mediation examples for you. But as Charlie Ward has said."we connect inside with God.".(*). Take time in the quiet.

It's your life and He, Christ.(what really is Christ?), meant a life of higher consciousness qualities one establishes in himself by using the big three, plus contemplation, so one could be happy, healthy and prosperous:.John 10:10.

One absorbs nature by being amongst it. Nature is closer to high consciousness than man's manufactured things of concrete, metal, plastics and glass.

Here, the Soul can bring your life into order. Here you find the level of your mind that isn't conditioned.(programmed). Meditation can easily take the mind to where there are no thoughts, emotions and sensations, to where all is still and where it is still, there is no negativity and when it is still, the Soul can well up new things to your conscious mind. When it is still you find the oneness of all things, that is, you just know all is one. The multiverse is one verse, one song and that song is love.

People when starting to meditate wonder if they are 'doing it right'. Just do it! The Soul connection with your spirit will increasingly provide guidance each time you take time to meditate. Meditation takes us into the level of solution for stuck energy, as does prayer.

This young man in India has been meditating continuously night and day for about a year and plans to go for another five. His name is Ram Bahadur Bomjon, also known as Palden Dorje, born April 9 1990. Video on him: Type his name into YouTube. The credible documentary about him is 46 minutes. 

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi of Beatles fame.(they went to India to gain life's wisdom from this man), meditated unbroken for some 14 years and his guru Jai Guru Dev meditated 40 years without a break. Not for me! Not for Deepak either. Deepak felt that 7 days was enough. Everyone is different in what they feel their purpose is.

I guess the long meditators felt they had to kick some good energy into the world on the way to peace and love in order to get it away from the horrible mess it had become. The ordinary low consciousness of humanity, its ego is susceptible to influence by the dark side and will run rampant, every chance it gets, unless a person learns to check it. Consider how effective this has been for us today. 

Perhaps only a very few feel comfortable meditating that long. God wants you to live your life, knowing that God is always with you, like a friend you trust who goes along with you wherever you go, such as your dog.

Meditating connects one with God. Once connection is made, it's made! You never lose it:.Hebrews 13:5  "...he has said, I will never leave you, nor forsake you."

But overriding concerns of physical life can submerge it and so then, what good is it? Life is made active by love and love flows with direction. Which way are each of us going, the way of high consciousness or of low consciousness? Use any love you have or it stagnates due to lack of use and then our lives become encrusted, keeping us on the negative pathway until those negative ways become habits in our lives:.1Timothy 4:2 "...having their conscience seared with a hot iron."

Your Soul or more correctly, your connection to the Soul of all by means of the spirit you have, guides you as you go along in life once one is in a higher consciousness frame of mind. Here is why each one of us is comfortable with what he or she feels should be done. We are also somewhat comfortable with where we are if in lower consciousness, that is and if we feel we have done the best we could have done and this 'best we could have done' due to the factor of ignorance hindering better ways of getting guidance, those ways of guidance of a higher consciousness.

The multiverse is governed by amazing laws.

All heartache is a result of not being in harmony with the way the multiverse works. We are in such ignorance of this and it is causing all of humanity's problems; because if we were like He who has no problems, neither would we have any problems.

For example, drugs fiddle with the particular pattern the body was designed by God with.(design in the multiverse).in order to maintain its chemicals in proper balance to provide optimal functioning. Drugs distort the body's natural energy patterns or to put it another way, they are frequencies that often do not fit with the frequencies making up the physical body, causing discord; like an orchestra playing a marvelous composition in harmony and an instrument plays out of tune. It spoils the presentation. So it is in this case also. Drugs hit the body hard and broadly. Natural alternatives are even more effective and support health without the side effects of man made concoctions, classified as poisonous because they interupt the perfect pattern God designed the body to provide optimum health. The bioweapon many were conned into is an attempt to sever what's called the DNA connection, by satanic criminals in the pharaceutical/medical/chemical/food industries. GMO foods do similar harm to this perfect pattern. And so, one's health begins declining.

Meditation puts and keeps you in harmony with all that is. Meditation alone can make an individual well. 

In meditation we withdraw from our usual method of dealing with ourselves and the world, withdraw into silence and thus, change the world. Really! How?

One of its simplest ways is to just sit in the quiet and keep attention at first on your breathing. When you are still, your mind tends to also be still and you enter what's called the unified field.

When you allow your attention to be on your body you are using attention and intention to transform the body. What intention do you have for that which you want improved? How would you like to see it be? There is nothing you can't fix as the world you experience is a mirror of that which is you. What you see out there you don't like, fix it in you. Example 1.(miracleman.org); Example 2.

Why meditate? Meditation allows us connection with the Soul by means of our spirit connecting us to the high consciousness level. One meditates so he or she can become aware of their true self and the depth of the riches in the Soul that is available:.Romans 11:33.

Connection with the Soul unfolds the high consciousness things of the Soul to the conscious mind. It's the key to the future of humanity as meditation allows a person to place attention and intention into the spiritual realm. In meditation your ever so busy mind stops thinking for awhile. Once it is silent you can introduce your thought, your intention, the thing you want to happen and it will have effect. When would it occur then?

Silence, intelligence and creativity come from deep levels of the self, the Soul's connection with you, or better worded, the Soul. . .you, as once connected you can call it your soul, that is, your own special connection to it by means of your spirit:.Lamentations 3:26,28 "It is good that a man should both hope and quietly wait for the salvation of the Lord...He sits alone and keeps silence because he has borne it upon him."

In meditation you are referring to your own self, your soul. In meditation don't fight thoughts. Allow your attention go to where it wants. Your mind will calm down soon after that, if you don't get into all the chattering thoughts and just let them pass on.

In meditation you are self-aware of the true self that you are. Here, you can also do great things for humanity in eradicating injustices. How?

Meditation turns human awareness within, where the unified field is, where consciousness is aware of itself alone, where you find your self.

The Unified Field generates powerful waves of unity and coherence that permeate the collective consciousnessof the whole population of Earth, thus changing all of humanity for the better and forever. An example.

World peace, prosperity, security, healing and health all come as a result of being in the silence. Why? Psalms 91:1; 27:1; 46:4,5. And since we are all one it applies individually as well.

Meditation reaches the higher consciousness levels. The reason people meditate is to contact reality, the reality that's in the silence. To transcend the ego based life is another reason one meditates. And to remain in a restored state with one's soul is another reason, because once one comprehends that everything above the atom is actually an illusion, he has wider vision and wiser seeing.

"In meditation you are in the wellspring of all power, intelligence and organizing ability. The test of effective meditation is you feel lighter every time you go into the silence. This is due to old stuck energy being moved. The highest form of knowledge is to know who you are."....Deepak Chopra. The meditation is the feeling. To comprehend: Think of someone you know and note the feeling you have. The active thought around the feeling is your prayer for them and for you regarding them.

A meditation for you.

Psalms 46:10 "Be still and know that I am God....".This verse refers to the unfolding of a deeper reality."....Deepak Chopra.

Embrace silence because the gap is where leaps of creativity come from. In the silence of meditation the self of you can emerge. When you are always busy, you keep shutting the door on yourself and you'll eventually not know who you really are and then may go out and away from everyone to 'find yourself', again in some pursuit way beyond the self that could have been found in the dark and quiet. Perhaps a psychiatrist. Perhaps a trip. Perhaps alcohol or drugs. These are things those of ordinary consciousness pursue for escape and they are all on a dangerous road with traps that slam shut one's connection with the soul.

Life is so that we can learn from what we experience, if we are alert. To see the pathways of life and death before we commit to them and to deeply learn things, life must be kept simple and quiet. Avoid the wayward leading brash lifestyle taking the rushers toward ruin.

The Creator learns from our experiences as they become a part of our soul makeup. It's all the Creator. All is His energy. All is His creation. All we see, all we know off, all in the invisible; all is of/from the Creator and all for our individual learning. Through us the Creator is experiencing, learning as things go along, because we are unique expressions, individual agglomerations of specific frequencies of being and all handling life as we individually do.

Asking and receiving so often talked of in the Bible means slipping into the gap. Ask for guidance to keep you from evil: Galatians 1:4.

In meditation you go from mind to the Soul. This is what causes the qualities of the Soul, the Creator's qualities, to arise; qualities that when given attention to affect the entire consciousness of all humanity for good, for world peace, world prosperity, health, healing and happiness for all, etc.

In the Hebrew of the Old Testament worship means 'recognize as worthy of respect and honor'.

Worship as a spiritual experience is really a person absorbed at the time with the Infinite One, which is only and all love, therefore when you are loving in thoughts, meditation and actions, you are in alignment with the Great Infinite One and you have then power to live victoriously.

Although Emmanuel didn't specifically teach meditation, it was implied:.John 15:4,7. Here.Emmanuel.teaches a lesson to His disciples about higher consciousness. In the records of those in Old Testament times much is said about meditation.

An example of this recognition with humility and respect and also an example of not being presumptuous:.Luke 14:8-11.

Worship is devoted attention to something. One meaning of meditation is 'devoted attention time', devoting oneself to spending time in the still and quiet; devoting yourself to this for a time determined by you.

Directed thinking is a devoted thinking interval, a time when you can become conscious of unconscious thoughts through contemplation on them. It's really 'a becoming familiar with' time, becoming familiar with those things your Soul connection is able to bring to your attention.

Mostly, entering into meditation is stilling your ever so busy mind which is always active, always thinking about what to do, analyzing what's good and what's bad about something, how to do something, should it be done, where to go, what has been done, what are others saying that it can take in and so on. One's daily mind is constantly monitoring its interactions in the world. The mind is so busy always contrasting opposites. The mind likes quiet, likes being detached from all around you:.Exodus 33:7. Why do we watch TV? Why do we head out to nature? Why do we get lost in a good book?

Notice how you feel just upon awakening in the morning; but the constant bombardment of thoughts soon prevents.the silence:.2Samuel 22:6.

Meditation is a process to quiet the mind:.Psalms 46:10 "Be still and know that I am God...." Psalms 4:4 "...communewith your own heart upon your bed and be still..."

In silent depths you can know all that's going on, because in this spiritual reality everything is all one and there is only eternity, no past, no future. Eternity is only in the present, the present moment and within the present moment is access to all the past and the future. Rehashing past negatives and engaging in worry over the future are things of the human life mind, the things of a mind imprisoned by one's life concerns, a mind unaware of what is beyond the things of the self.

Eternity is always and only the present. That's where one finds God. Beyond the clatter of life you find true reality in silence. Example.

In meditation one slips into the gap. Paul called it a trance. Get to the gap and intentions there are very powerful. Seed your consciousness with your intention when at this point.

Silence sharpens the mind. Silence softens the heart. The greatest teacher teaches in silence. Meditation heals the brain allowing its full potential.

In meditation one doesn't fight thought. Again, allow your attention to wander where it wants. You are the observer. The observer is the Soul, more accurately, a function of the Soul, available because of its connection to you through your spirit. Don't get deep into the thoughts that come, just observe them. Let them come and just as easily, let them go.

Once you 'dump' them by just observing them, you'll be in the present and it is here where the energy and information of the universal intelligence is, for in that realm, there is no past or future, just always the present.

Energy information is either emitted.or absorbed. We are always either contributing to the mass energy field or absorbing from it that which forms our beliefs and from which we view life and base our actions. What we contribute can cause great good or great evil; example. Clear limitations to your effectiveness in this area by learning and doing what feels right to you in the documentary movie.The Grand Self.

Eternal life means never ever leaving to 'go' to that place which is the enemy of us all:.1Corinthians 15:26 "The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.".Death was the only option for those rejecting higher consciousness ways offered to them many times daily, as it was for Adam, for how could a Creator of love exist alongside those rejecting love?

As said earlier, the present is eternity. In the present is the kingdom of God and it's within you. Eternity is not something that comes. It's something that is, something that we.(1Corinthians 15:22).are in now and for a reason. Continuing on with eternal life is for further spiritual development and expression of higher consciousness ways. And our growth in that regard is being noted:.Revelation 20:12

You live in eternity when it's always and only the present for you. Many live in past hurts and present and future worries.  The question is, will you continue to live and progress in a happy present with higher consciousness principles? or is the future luring you with greed toward a success, a success perhaps at the advantahe of and/or hurt of others?

You can and should look into the past. You can look into the future. You are the observer, observing whatever you wish; giving attention to whatever you want. Here the angels assist you according to your intention:.Hebrews 1:13,14 "But to which of the angels said he at any time, Sit on my right hand...Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?"

Learn to keep your attention mostly on the present because it is here that the Soul shines. You won't feel anything. Just an alert awareness of the present is evident. This also allows one to advance in character, that is, to advance into higher levels of consciousness and by doing so, contribute to the rising of consciousness of everyone on the planet. Eternity is for all and all have a part in it so that there is no more death.

If you're in the present, why should the present ever end? If you're already in eternal life, you don't have to wait for a happening that has already occurred for you, as many in churches are still doing:.Romans 5:21 "...grace reigns through righteousness unto.(or 'into').eternal life by.(or 'through').Emmanuel Christ our Lord."

When you are in meditation introduce your thoughts, be they peace, prosperity, healing, kindness, or whatever is of higher consciouness, for that is the realm of the Infinite One and when in high consciousness you are aligned with it. Your thoughts create an atmosphere within which others are affected.

The amazing organizing ability of this Intelligent Infinite Field of stillness from which all energy comes forth, knows what to do with each thought and even each word. It has innate organizing ability. How does it do this?

It knows how to produce a baby. It knows how to restore your health. The brain is born from a single cell that had no brain cells in it. Talk about amazing! The invisible and oh so real organizing ability knows what to do with your intentions:.Psalms 139:14.

It makes what happens to you after your stint on Earth is over or not over, depending on where you're at in consciousness.

Sadly, modern education takes its toll on brain development and contributes to increased violent behaviors when it fails to teach meditation methods that allow the brain to fully develop.."As with the laser, it is the coherent operation of man's brain functioning that brings his principally new abilities and potential into existence. Not only functioning of the brain, but functioning of the entire body, of its each and every cell becomes affected by meditation practice. "....Grigori Grabovoi.

Notice what looks like holes in the violent person's brain. See the video on it.(invincibledefense.org click on the link in the upper right corner; also on YouTube, search for 'hagelin invincible defense').."Everything good about the mind depends upon its orderly function."....Dr. John Hagelin.

It's the same with attitudes and their affect on things, including water.

Without proper brain development you get a fragmented brain. Education today emphasizes study of only isolated subjects which engages only one part of the brain, some 5% approximately. The brain is left hungry and cannot become whole, being filled up with nothing that benefits the potential toward wholeness residing within all individuals.

This is further exacerbated by stress, leading to underdevelopment of the brain. This is the root cause of all violence leading to war. This is where the education system all over the world misses the boat.
   Today a fragmented education system develops only one part of the brain and as a result we get self-centered human behavior and all the ills of society. Today's education does nothing to eliminate the severe.metabolic brain imbalance that produces society with its fragmentations.
   We see disfunction everywhere and increasing, we see violence and the self-centeredness carries on. We experience the results of not having learnt cooperation with others. Our solution fails to rise above the regulation of behavior based on fear of retribution.
   We see results of not having been taught to have insight, so we screw up in finding a pleasing sexual partner and so the all to common relationship break up comes about.
   We daily experience the stress which results from not having an exchange system where anyone one can live out his dreams and implement his ideas, that is, unless he can qualify for the loan necessary and that with a load factor of compounding interest, further burdening society, bringing it into eventual economic failure for the majority controlled by the decisions of the few.

School is for development of the brain. It is too often used as an indoctrination tool. It fails to teach young minds that it is impossible to seek peace through death, through death meaning the kill or be killed thinking of non spiritually minded war perpetrators. Schools fail to teach wisdom; wisdom such as, one can't have security through war:.Matthew 26:52.

Wisdom such as "You don't get what you want. You get what you are."....Dr. Wayne Dyer. Wisdom such as the fact that one high consciousness thought is supremely more powerful than the total collection of evil that exists within the mass mind.

When brain is properly integrated through meditation, blood flow becomes normal to all brain areas, whereas stress has caused restricted blood flow to all areas. The brain now heals and the person becomes normal. Meditation turns on the prefrontal cortex which spills over to affect the whole brain.

More people are changed by an act of mercy than by years of incarceration. This has been shown to be the most effective way to rehabilitate hardened criminals, whereas the threat of incarceration and punishment has been shown in history to do no good in rehabilitation of criminals.

By mercy, which is kindness, a lovingness which acts from the knowledge that we are all one and each person is truly responsible for the things he experiences, the heart is reached.
   Here's where real change begins. God found this played out in the lesson of the Old Testament where He wanted a people to be as He is, but they just couldn't be that way without the help that came along in the New Testament.

You can work it! You can do the part you are able to. Just focus lightly on a word, the word 'soul' for example; perhaps the word 'health', maybe 'safety and protection', maybe 'wealth'. The Creator is wealthy. He owns it all:.Matthew: 7:7,8. Just lightly, whenever you think to do so; so lightly in fact, for why would you make it a thing of effort? The things of the Creator require virtually no effort. They are set up to work easily. Look at the whole eco system. It just works.

Look at your breathing. It just works. And so it is with all of creation. It works and works flawlessly, that is, as long asman aligns with it and not against it for greed and selfishness, as man has done since the beginning of time. So a light touch is all that is needed, so light, that it may be better to simply write down what you seek and put it in a shoebox or whatever and forget about it for a year before you look at it again. Long forgotten by you because you have turned it over to the eternal workings of the universe, which always work in one's ultimate favor:.Romans 8:28 "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose."

The connection with the Soul from what good is in your spirit is like a compass hand attracted to the invisible magnetic field in the north. It all works automatically with virtually no effort of agonizing if things will work the way that you want them to:.Matthew: 7:9-12.

Attention and intention are keys. Use them to lift yourself to where you would like to be in life and forget looking for results. Results are automatic when on the right pathway. They occur when they should in the unity of all things.

Look instead for synchronicities along the way. Synchronicities.can take you further faster. Circumstances begin to occur. As they do ask yourself what is the meaning here? Once you see where the synchronicities are leading, you'll know what to do.

This invisible infinite organizing ability knows what any word means in any language and has built in programing of what to do with each word or each thought. You have control by your words over your own holographic image, which is you in your life. Take any good word, let's say, the word 'soul' for example and learn from the past, from ancient Joshua's life:.Exodus 17:11.

It knows how to handle any word, any thought and in such a manner that you can forget agonizing over any mechanics.(functional and technical aspects of an activity; how stuff works).of it, like 'how is this supposed to work', 'what do I need to do', 'do I really need to believe', 'do I need to put power of some sort to it and how? Do I need some strong emotion behind it'? No! No! Doesn't matter! Words just work! Just use them and see what happens. Use them to live better, longer, more intelligently, kinder, happier, in abundance, in safety, in health, etc. Words are powerful!

The 'great computer in the sky', the invisible computer that runs the universe and creates and maintains our bodies, knows what to do with the input and how to bring about invisible organizing to bring things forth into manifestation. I mean, look what it does to produce a baby!

For example, out of just one cell programmed to work with four basics, the cell follows distinct mathematical patterns becoming one hundred trillion to make a baby with an amazing one hundred trillion atoms comprising each of the hundred trillion cells and even more. Each cell only does 50 replications and from this comes a baby with some 6 trillion cell reactions going on every second. A lot of transporting goes on to build a building and also a cell which is.much more.complex and intricate than any building. Such a design is the man and woman, together being the process of creation of a new life.

Astonishingly, each cell has knowledge of every other cell; not just that they are there, but what every other cell may be doing at the same time, all going on without your conscious involvement.(another example, walking), all run by your subconscious, a 'computer' with amazing connections and capabilities. This all keeps you and the universe going and what did you have to do in it all? Zip! Zilch! Zero!

This tremendous organizing ability that is in the 'no thing ness' is amazing! From this 'nothingness' comes any and all creation. It is what keeps the Earth in balance, the planets and the giant high tech electrical engine that the universe is, going as it should. It has amazing organizing ability to produce and maintain all life, such as what happens when you cut yourself preparing dinner. 

It knows your intent. The silent awareness knows just how to seek and acquire all it needs to heal on its own or bring affluence. It does this by making out of the invisible, specific frequency patterns which includes rearranging those that already are manifest, if that is necessary.

This intelligent invisible organizing ability even knows your heart and what you want. Because out of it begins and comes absolutely everything there is, it's called the 'Father':.Matthew 6:8 "...your Father knows what things you have need of before you ask him.".But do ask, so that specifically it is known what it is that you want. Because you are in this intelligent energy, it knows what you know:.John 16:24 "...ask and you shall receive, that your joy may be full.".And you 'ask' by using a word or words silently in your mind. Using it how? Just by having your attention on it. That's it! Nothing could be easier.

That's why it is so important to have higher consciousness thoughts. One has to be in alignment.(even Tesla knew this).with what works in this invisible realm, otherwise he is out of sync and gets nothing:.Matthew 5:13; John 5:19,30; 8:28; 9:33; 15:5

And so begins movement in the nothingness, the stillness, this field of unity.(the unified field).which keeps nothing in itself, but quickly makes a wave using sound.(the Creator's utterance or your word {words spoken or even thought creates sound; sound way beyond ability of humans to hear, is what keeps the multiverse sustained by using a certain frequency that continually retains the patterns set for the multiverse to work as intended; words involve attention on your intention, how? and why.yours?).which enables the wave to become a particle, forming eventually into matter that we can see feel and use:.John 1:14; 1Timothy 3:16.

The 'computer' program running the processes which produce everything is set in a hologram.

We can't see these so-called particles of production because they are frequency fluctutations in the void, the vacuum as some call it, in the nothingness as others call it, yet we know of their existence because in accelerators we can see their trails and they come into existence by our attention, because attention affects matter. Just as one's attention can bring world peace and prosperity, it's the attention that transforms.the waves into material existence. See more by researching the 'two slit experiment'.

This starts the process of manifestation into the physical world from the invisible unified field and then it is a fait accompli. Every creation has its own gestation period and that according to how it will fit with all else affected. The movement then returns to the still state once more with no loss of energy. Just like magnetism or steam which rises into the air and somehow just disappears, so it is with consciousness. Once it is used it returns to a still state.

Energy is transformed by movement, movement of the mind, but it is always the same energy with the same potential for anything that can be imagined; but there is a lock on it.

The potential for renewed energy activity remains just the same as it was before the energy was used. It's like you foraging in the forest for food, finding it and returning to the rest and comfort of your cabin, ready for another forage when necessary. Or you step on resilient grass. It springs right back. It is something particle physics has been looking into at two places, maybe more.

The particle is not really a particle like a speck of dust, but called a particle by quantum physicists to distinguishits advanced formation from preliminary wave functions.."The wave function is a vector in a linear space."....Dr. John Hagelin.

Subatomic particles are not material things but are fluctuations of energy and information vibrating within a huge void, flickering in and out of existence depending if there is an observer or not, similar to a movie playing on your TV screen in the other room, but you are not in that room to see it. The movie is being projected onto your TV screen, but the observance of it is not presently a part of your attention, because you are attending to making coffee in the kitchen. In the same way, the holgraphic projection of the entire multiverse and all in it occurs, but you are only aware of what in the universe is in your present attention. We are made to linearly take in things of information that we attentively focus upon.

Everything in the multiverse is frequency; it vibrates. This is true of both visible and invisible things we know of, although nothing moves out of position. It's all stable. The position is set. We move into it depending on what frequency we live in, love or not. Keep watch on your thoughts:.Proverbs 4:23 "Keep your heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life."

Nothing moves out of its place because it's all a hologram, a holographic projection, just like your thin screen TV where the LEDs speedily switch on and off. Earth life occurs and moves within the realm of time and space we are in. In the physical world there is movement, but the patterns that are from the 'world underneath', that is, the world below the atom, are stable.

When the physical multiverse switches to off, where does it go and what does it do? It is estimated that the multiiverse flickers off and then on at thousands, maybe even millions of times a second or maybe even trillions. That's not possible for us of humanity to comprehend. A quartz crystal vibrates so fast, it's almost unimaginable and this may give a hint to how fast the entire physical world goes off into the invisible and on again in the physical each second.

There is so much yet to know about the invisible realm that supports the physical. When you walk, you move through molecules that are flashing on and off. You walk through the frequencies that are there. What about the planets and astral bodies? They too do not move, but they do flash off and on in sync with the multiiverse, making them appear to be changing positions, but they don't move. Like your TV, you can move it from one room to another. Within this realm of Earth space time events happen. Moving your TV from one room to another is a space time event. You move it from one space to another and it takes a bit of time to do that.

Things such as the planets in the multiverse only appear to us as if they move, because of the holographic projection coming from the invisible 'computer' generated program designed and set in motion by an intelligence so great and far above us in its capacity. We call it Creator-God or the Supreme Being, etc. Where is this great being?

A pic on a cathode ray TV.(the old boxey heavy ones now outdated).is an agglomeration of pixels applied simultaneously to a phosphorous screen and now to the new LED screens. As the pixels fire on and off because of the electron beams of red, green and blue or now the tiny LED bulbs going on and off as groups of them needed to make the pictures of things you may see on the screen at any one moment.

Primary colors of red, green and blue fire, moving from side to side in the old TVs that used the cathode ray set up. In doing this, a certain set of pixels lights up according to the signal received to present the picture so you can see it. So the football appears to move across your screen. All this happens at speeds so fast. The activation of various pixels in the new or old TV, make it look like there is a moving object and not a bunch of dots of various colors.Similar to TV functioning is the multiiverse, firing off and on thousands of times per second, so fast we do not, we cannot, see it. Like a movie, which is all individual pictures that are still, but flashed fast so it appears to us as movement.

Where does the multiverse go when it's off? Flashing on and off with such quickness, the show appears to be continuous. Is it the set pattern in the stillness that sustains the observable universe? What intelligence set the pattern? Certainly much greater than we know. We ascribe such mysterious things as this to the cause we commonly refer to as an Infinite Intelligence or God, the First Cause, the Everliving, the Eternal, the Creator, the Silence, etc.

By just observing your thoughts.(*), the light of the Infinite is there:.Psalms 4:6; Isaiah 9:2; 45:3; 60:1;.1John 2:8 "...the darkness is past and the true light now shines.".Day by day silence in the present moment gets deeper. Your depth increases. The observer is the Infinite One's abilities expressing as you.

All can be disrupted by the ego overriding one's connection with the Soul and so we have dis - ease, which is distorted frequency functioning and it is this that alerts us to find the answer as to what is going on that is causing the distortion.

The answer is that a soul/body.inharmonious relationship needs fixing. When energy that could come from the Soul is not blocked, one is in good health, because the Soul is energy and energy that is love is called spirit and never gets sick, never loses energy.(Isaiah 40:28,29,31; Psalms 51:10; Lamentations 5:21; 1, 2), never dies and can't be destroyed by anything in the created world:.Matthew 10:28. Why?

But energy can be transformed. One's brain is an electrical transformer.

Fear and its negative sisters such as anxiety, resentment, depression, greed, hate and its evil brothers.short-circuit spirit energy.

And so we have meditation to bring again the light of the Soul to bear upon disharmonious frequency functioning causing illness and the problems of living. In meditation, your quiet time, brings your awareness, your attention, to the point in your body that needs healing as this brings the consciousness of healing there.

The eastern tradition of Vedanta states healing is the return of the memory of wholeness, the return of the memory of who we really are, not a body, not a mind, not an intellect, not an ego, but a spirit having a connection with the Soul. Memories of the perfect functioning of patterns of all things comprising one's body, return automatically to heal, when your soul connected to the Soul of all, is reactivated. Reestablishment occurs increasingly so as one meditates daily.

And so we have meditation for you to use to make the life you want, to get the things you deserve. And so we have meditation as the key to the future, bringing better living for all humanity while we are in the physical world and setting us up for the world surpassing the physical, a world existent now. Where?

So, this 'nothingness' organizes from 'nothing', at least nothing humans know of. All we see and know of comes out of it:.Romans 1:20 "For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead..." And what are some of these invisible thing? Wouldn't they be peace, prosperity, healing, love, kindness, etc., the things of higher living

The mind is like a coach being driven by a driver whipping the horses. As such the still small voice inside us is usually bypassed:.Psalms 4:4 "...commune with your own heart upon your bed and be still..." Psalms 46:1,10 "...God is our refuge and strength, a very present help.(but why sometimes is the help not forthcoming?).in trouble...Be still.(original is 'be silent'; you commune with yourself and be silent when inwardly talking and listening for what may well up).and know God...."

"To adequately protect ourselves against stress...".says Dr. Herbert Benson, president emeritus of the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind/Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital."...we should use an approach and a technique that we believe evokes the relaxation response 20 minutes, once a day."

When in this still meditation, for 20 minutes twice daily.(preferred), or whatever works best for you.(but do take enough time daily), one has been able to calm the mind so that it becomes one with all that is, one with the energy potential, one with the Infinite One that permeates all things we see and know of, one with what science calls the field of all possibilities, one with the Soul connection you have and at where the mind is in a place of no or little content, nothing thought of, just allowing thoughts to come and go until you arrive at the silence of no thought. Where do we get the 20 minutes twice daily from?.1Chronicles 23:30.

This is the stillness of the Soul. At this point one has reached pure consciousness, pure being; you know you are there, you know you are awake, you know you are you, but at this point you are devoid of attention to anything of the past or future as you are deep in the present moment. Here, what thoughts you introduce affect your life and the lives of all humanity.(*).for the good.

It takes a miracle to turn one around from the ego level. If you love your meditation, prayer and contemplation times, you have turned onto the road of higher consciousness.

Take a vacation! Take a meditation vacation from all your concerns and worries. Meditate double your normal meditation times. It will greatly help all in the world and make it easier for you to stay centered, where you are in present awareness of the real you that is beyond the physical.

From here one can be honestly aware of his or her emotions, deepest feelings and as thoughts from them arise, one can choose to contemplatethem or just pass them off back into the nothingness.

Meditation is the key to changing all life for the better and bringing peace and prosperity in individual lives and for all the world.

If chosen to deal with some of those thoughts, one can ask for answers, as all answers are contained within this multiversal energy field of thought from which all.(including humans).forms into matter, circumstances, ideas and solutions:.Ecclesiastes 1:9 "The thing that has been, it is that which shall be and that which is done is that which shall be done. And there is no new thing under the sun."

TM is an effective technique for meditating, for stilling the conscious mind, for providing opportunity for one to get to know his self, his 'self' being the true and complete self already united with the Great Infinite Intelligence, but unknown to most not familiar with the concepts, unknown because of the clouding out of the Soul's influence by never taking time for connection of one's spirit to the Soul. Information on this is here.(doctorsontm.org). TM's Canadian site is here.(maharishi.ca)

TM is a proven technique and one of the technologies of the invisible for training the attention to look within, in order to see the programming that has become us, become us by having molded from our life's experiences what we have become. 

We can't change what we don't know about, so it's important to do meditation if one has a desire to become whole and complete and have the power of the universe open up to him or her.

By taking the time for meditation, as explained above, we come to see ourselves from the subconscious side. We see the whole self as it is now possible to embrace it. This reveals to us a side not available through the activity of our surface mind, the surface mind being the conscious thinking individual that we are

Through meditation we find the path to our heart, the path that leads us deep within. Here the Divinity is a part of all that is, all that exists and away from the ways we have thought and been influenced or programmed in. Those ways have cut us off from ties to the Soul that would have carried us along toward a higher consciousness, a creative consciousness and those ways began early in life. There are many ways that cut us off.

Kevin Costner's 4 part series.500 Nations The Story of the American Indians.is a most interesting refreshing view of history, refreshing because it's based on truth rather than the lies of history books dictated by the cabal in its control over education
   And the truth of how First Nations people were treated in Canada will awaken you.

In Costner's 4 part series you'll learn con jobs used to dispossess First Nations' Tribes of their land, their heritage, their wealth and even their families. Check YouTube or Netflix for it.

A gentle, kind and peaceful people willing to happily share all they had with the new arrivals to their country, the Spanish and then those Europeans who came later and became known as the Americans.

The Spanish only wanted gold, not friendship and plundered, slaughtered and devastated many Indian tribes, but the Americans with their European controlled so-called.'Christianity' were worse, much, much worse.

Higher consciousness ways are foolishness to those of the ego mind, so those acting from their evil natures think only selfishly when they cause hurts to others.

Befriending the Indian Nations to gain advantage was only the beginning. Making treaties was part of their corrupt policies, as it also was in Canada. 

Breaking every single treaty with them in the early years, slaughtering them, stealing their land and destroying every tribe and nation of them they could. It became an effort toward genocide, even taking away their children as early as four years old in order to sever their culture, was part of their cruelty.

Government soldiers of the U.S. Army were without conscienceas they continually conned Indian nations and corrupted them in their two hundred year sweep to eradicate them.

The history not written about in school books is part of the dumbing down of people by corrupt controlling governments providing historical 'facts' for 'historians'.(lackeys).to write books from, books that were based on lies and sold as true history. Few actual historians go to original sources for true facts, as was done in this movie series.

The consciousness of the Creator is after all, creative. What has cut us off are the things that have made us dull.witted, the things that have dumbed us down and plunged us into a selfish world of the ego with all its looming negativity. A big part in this cutting off from the Soul's influencein our lives has been the education we have received both from 'bad ass' parents who didn't know much and a deteriorated.educational system where no one taught us how to live, providing the tools for thinking and deciding, unless you had a very special teacher, like perhaps someone in your family, because the educational system at the time was government controlled and of course to their advantage and the corporation that 'slept in the same bed'

Knowing how to earn a living doesn't mean a person has learned how to live and interact intelligently with others.

Since everything on the quantum scale is one, through meditation the intelligent multiversal energy is becoming increasingly conscious of itself. The multiverse thinks and acts through you, increasingly as you absorb higher standards than what the ego just couldn't ever provide.

Meditation allows us to see the way to stop identifying with our surface identity, our ego. Here reside our perceptions, most of which are based upon fears of one kind or the other. Our perceptions are also based upon misinformation about our true identity. Misinformation has programmed us to become what it is that we are now.

From deep within we can begin identifying with the source of ourselves, the source of everyone else and the source of all that is seen and known in this physically perceived existence.

John 4:23 "But the hour comes and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth.(but we still have all the rigamarole in so many organized {government registered} religions), for the Father seeks such to worship him.".(not for His good, but for our good, for what does He need from us?)

Scientifically proven results for time utilized.(quiet times alone needed).pave the pathway for a better life through TM. TM is listening, stilling your thoughts. Prayer is talking to the Infinite One, either silently or vocally. Prayer does much good if your programming doesn't contradict your prayer. If it does, continued meditation for around 20 minutes twice daily will fix this.

To eradicate the fears you don't even know you have, when you meditate, ask/desire for them to be seen and for them to be removed. The fact that you look at them means your attention is on them. Your attention is light and light dissipates darkness.

The spiritual things are all holistic, that is, they are all integrated; example, belief is as much a part of being a spiritual person as meditation and prayer and the other spiritual things.

"Truth is the offspring.(the result).of silent unbroken meditation."....Issac Newton. Paul's example.

A happy or serious prayer to the Creator is worship. Time for thinking about God is worship, etc., spiritual things.

And of course, studying to grow in grace and knowledge.(2Peter 3:18).is important. Why study?.Colossians 2:3.

People who may feel insufficient often seek to worship idols, rock idols, movie star idols, shiny new idols with nice hubcaps, a bigger idol to live in and impress others by, the acquisition of wealth, a bigger bank account, etc.."Do not be awe struck by other people and try to copy them. Nobody can be you as efficiently as you can."....Norman Vincent Peale 1898-1993, American preacher and author of The Power of Positive Thinking.

"Be yourself. Everybody else is already taken."....Oscar Wilde.

The Creator does not want a human race comprised of clones. Mindless robotic type clones belong to communism.(people are easier to subjugate when they are propagandized to think similarly; the oneness of the group is what's taught in schools, not the oneness of the spiritual universe which allows diversity).

The word 'praise' in the Old and the New Testament, with some variations, is, 'joyous attention to the Infinite One regarding the things of the spirit, the spiritual', 'being happy with and/or thankful to the Infinite'. For what?.Ephesians 1:12."That we should be to the praise of his glory.(meaning of word 'glory').who first trusted in Christ.".How

The original here is more accurate and would be better rendered as.'That we who trust in Christ be in His.(the Father's) commendation because we think as He':.Ephesians 2:10; Philippians 2:5,6.

Be thankful you are here because if you weren't, well, you just wouldn't be. You wouldn't exist.

Romans 5:8 "But God commends.('establishes in us', 'places together').his love toward us in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us".or more correctly.'But God establishes His love toward us in that Christ died for our being in sin'.(being in the mass mind of humanity and consequently missing the mark of the wonderful life we always have desired).

One can hear in church "Praise Him, Praise Him" and that is fine, as long as they know what really praises the Creator is the life one lives:.Philippians 1:11 "Being filled with the fruits of righteousness, which are by Emmanuel Christ.(John 14:6), unto the glory and praise of God." Ephesians 1:6 "To the praise of the glory of his grace, wherein He has made us accepted in the beloved", or, 'Being thankful to God for His gift of grace by which He has made us acceptable to Him'..And it's inspiring for the self and others to sing hymns of praise. How can one be thankful and in a state of praise without loving others? Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

It is the good works of one's life that others see that leads them to be thankful that there are some on this Earth having the Creator's nature of love, kindness and understanding:.1Peter 2:12.

Churches must be careful with their boisterous.praising:.Romans 14:21 "It is good neither to eat flesh nor to drink wine nor any thing whereby your brother stumbles or is offended or is made weak.".Respect where other people are at and what they are like.

Churches must not forget that some people's hearts come to church heavy and they come to church for peace, quiet, time for reflection, gentle comfort and kind and warm encouragement.

An atmosphere of compliance to 'praise time' may just cause offense, in the sense, one missing a recently deceased loved one may not at all be in a praise mode.

Let us have deference for all members, for all the newcomers and conduct church with dignity and concern for all, whether or not you know what their needs are.

Paul in the early Christian church was concerned about this as well.

Perhaps specially scheduled and advanced notice praise sessions after or prior to regular services could be made available for those who are 'always up enough' for it and continuously driven to feed on praising the Lord in the presence of others.

I have been to a couple of 'wildly praising churches' and it has turned me off! At that time my life was anything but feeling like I wanted to wildly praise God. And it made me feel repulsed, as the congregation seemed more interested in 'improving their stance with God' and/or impressing each other with their outgoingness, by using wildly uplifting praise. Uplifting to whom?.Philippians 2:3 "Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory, but in.lowliness of mind.let each esteem other better than themselves.".Romans 2:29 "But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit and not in the letter, whose praise is not of men, but of God." Ecclesiastes 9:17 "The words of wise men are heard in quiet more than the cry of him that rules among fools."

Noticing my non conformance to their praise participation made some wonder what planet I must have come from.(or, so I felt anyway). Where was the gentle concern for comforting the afflicted I thought. I have not gone back there. They all seemed happy, but were obviously sure that I was out of touch with the Lord, as I was unwilling to succumb to any psychological coercion to 'praise' Him at that time.

I felt 'strain' to conform to their pre sermon praise session seemingly designed to provide an opiate in order to squelch the worries of the past week and refocus attention upon 'Jesus' in order to be able to withstand another week 'in the world'.

Refocusing attention upon Emmanuel is good. But, if one gets that far away from spirituality during the week, that he or she is desperately in need of this weekly praise, participation and reaffirmation session to stay balanced, then they should seriously look at their relationship with the tru7e God of all and consider increasing their.private.Bible.study and private prayer time:.1Corinthians 10:12 "Wherefore let him that thinks he stands take heed lest he fall." Matthew 6:1-8.