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Merriam-Webster's Collegiate® Dictionary (m-w.com)
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the systematic-procedure by which a complex or scientific task is accomplished; skill or command in handling such fundamentals (techniques of auto body mechanics can make a vehicle like new again)

technology refers to methods, systems and devices which are the result of scientific.knowledge; a body of knowledge important for fashioning results (spiritual technologies develop a higher consciousness in man); the application of science, especially to objectives, such as to industrial or commercial concerns; the scientific method used to achieve an objective, resulting when materials are used in, for example, commercial or industrial concerns
relating to or involving technology; affected by or resulting from scientific and industrial.progress

of, relating.to.or.derived from technique; having special skill or practical knowledge especially in a mechanical or scientific field (a technical adviser); specialized (technical terminology; technical expertise); of.or.relating to or involving the practical, mechanical or industrial arts or the applied sciences (a technical school); of, relating to or employing the methodology of science; scientific.
in sports, a technical foul
(the student was technically adept, having an affinity for detail)
(the technicalness of the papers on physics were beyond comprehension of those with no background in its processes)
the quality or condition of being technical; something meaningful or relevant only to a specialist

passing with time; transitory (the transient beauty of youth); remaining in a place only a brief time (transient laborers). 
one that is transient, especially a hotel guest or boarder who stays for only a brief time
synonyms.transitory, ephemeral, fleeting, momentary
if you talk about the transience of a situation, you mean that it lasts only a short time or is constantly changing (the transiences of life)

one who is learned in theology
the study of the nature of God and religious truth; rational.inquiry into religious questions
of or relating to theology or to specialized religious study
the study of the nature of the Creator and religious truth; rational inquiry into religious questions

having God's laws predominant in society; governed by spiritual rules

having four feet, legs or leglike appendages
tetrapod.noun, plural.tetrapods
a vertebrate animal with four feet, legs or leglike appendages

tract.noun, plural.tracts
an expanse of land or water (developing a 30-acre tract); Anatomy:.a system of organs and tissues that together perform a specialized.function.(the alimentary tract; the respiratory tract); a bundle of nerve fibers having a common origin, termination and function; a stretch or lapse of time; a leaflet or pamphlet containing a declaration or an appeal, especially one put out by a religious or political group

easily handled or worked; malleable; easily managed

taut, tauter, tautest.adjectives
pulled or drawn tight; not slack; tense (nerves taut with anxiety); kept in trim shape; neat and tidy

tautology.noun, plural.tautologies
needless repetition of the same sense in different words; tautology is the use of different words to say the same thing twice in the same statement (the money should be 'adequate enough' is an example of tautology); redundancy; an instance of such repetition
Logic:.an empty or vacuous statement composed of simpler statements in a fashion that makes it logically true whether the simpler statements are factually true or false; for example, the statement 'either it will rain tomorrow or it will not rain tomorrow'
tautological or tautologic.adjective

thrust, thrusted, thrusting, thrusts.verbs
transitive verb use.to push or drive quickly and forcibly; to extend (poplars thrusting their branches upward); thrust out his finger; to force into a specified.condition or situation (she thrust herself through the crowd, he was thrust into a position of awesome.responsibility); to include or interpolate
intransitive verb use.to shove something into or at something else; push; to pierce or stab with or as if with a pointed weapon; to force one's way
a forceful shove or push; a driving force or pressure; the forward directed force developed in a jet or rocket engine as a reaction to the high velocity rearward ejection of exhaust gases; a piercing movement made with or as if with a pointed weapon; a stab; the point (the whole thrust of the project was to make money)

lasting, used, serving or enjoyed for a limited time
one that serves for a limited time (a temporary teacher filled in while the regular teacher was out of town)

of, relating.to.or.limited by time (a temporal dimension; temporal and spatial boundaries); of or relating to the material world; worldly (the temporal possessions what people believe to be permanent); lasting only for a time; not eternal; passing (our temporal existence)

the condition of being temporal or bounded in time

tit for tat.noun
repayment in kind, as for an injury; retaliation

telling the truth; honest; corresponding to reality; true
conformity to fact or actuality; something such as a statement proven by methods to establish functional value (evolution as a theory for over a hundred years remains with no truth to it); a truth is something that is believed to be true; the truth about something is all the facts about it, rather than things that are imagined or invented; Creator-God is truth, why?
in truth.adverb
in accordance with fact; actually

an area of land; a region; the land and waters of those indigenous to the area
of.or.relating.to the geographic.area under a given.jurisdiction (the territorial limits of a country); regional (a territorial court); of or relating to an administrative territory (the territorial government of the U.S.A. Virgin Islands; Whitehorse, the territorial capital of the Yukon); displaying territoriality; defending a territory from intruders (territorial behavior; wasps are a territorial species, respecting nests of other wasps and bees and protect their own)
the status of a territory; a behavior.pattern in animals consisting of the occupation and defense of a territory

good faith; fidelity
troth, trothed, trothing, troths.transitive verbs
to pledge or betroth

transmit, transmitted, transmitting, transmits.verbs
transitive verb use.to send from one individual, thing or place to another; convey; transport; send; to cause to spread; pass on (transmit to the other offices); to impart or convey to others; hand down; to pass along (news or information); communicate; to send a signal as by wire or radio
intransitive verb use.to send out a signal

the act or process of transmitting; the fact of being transmitted; something, such as a message, that is transmitted; an automotive assembly of gears and associated parts by which power is transmitted from the engine to a driving axle, also called gearbox; the sending of a signal, picture or other information from a transmitter

one that transmits (a transmitter of stories); an electronic device that generates and amplifies a carrier wave, modulates it with a meaningful signal derived from speech or other sources and radiates the resulting signal from an antenna; the portion of a telephone that converts the incident sounds into electrical impulses that are conveyed to a remote receiver; a telegraphic sending instrument

a violent windstorm, frequently.accompanied by rain, snow or hail; furious.agitation, commotion.or.tumult; an uproar
tempest, tempested, tempesting, tempests.transitive verbs
to cause a tempest around or in
tempest in a teacup.or.tempest in a teapot.idiom
a great disturbance or uproar over a matter of little or no importance

of, relating to or resembling a tempest (tempestuous gales; tempestuous stars); tumultuous; stormy (a tempestuous relationship)

when you test something, you try it out, for example by touching it or using it for a short time, in order to find out what it is, what condition it is in or how well it works; you might have a procedure that you use for testing, say pens
test, tested, testing, tests.verbs
transitive verb use.to subject to a test; to try (tested the pen by scribbling on scrap paper; testing each mango for ripeness by pressing and smelling it; testing job applicants); a test is a deliberate action or experiment to find out how well something works; a procedure for critical.evaluation; a means of determining the presence, quality or truth of something; a trial (a test of one's eyesight; subjecting a hypothesis to a test; a test of an athlete's endurance; an intelligence test); a series of questions, problems or physical responses designed to determine knowledge, intelligence or abilityto determine the presence or properties of a substance; to assay metal in a cupel
intransitive verb use.to undergo a test; to administer a test (test for acid content; test for vaccine ingredients toxicity); to achieve a score or rating on tests (took the entrance examinations and tested high); to exhibit a given characteristic when subjected to a test (showed intelligence in physics)

testy, testier, testiest.adjective
irritated, impatient.or.exasperated; peevish (a testy cab driver; a testy refusal to help it was when she said no, I'm not going to help you)

something that serves as tangible proof or evidence (the spacious plan of the new city will forever be testament to the foresight of its founders); a statement of belief; a credo

an actor a procedure.intended to achieve a selfish goal by deceptive or fraudulent.tactics; artifice; a difficult, dexterous or clever act designed to amuse; a mischievous action; a prank
tricky, trickier, trickiest.adjectives
given to or characterized by trickery; sly; requiring.caution or skill (it was tricky getting that light bulb into the socket properly; a tricky recipe took up much of her time)
one that swindles or tricks others to his advantage
trick, tricked, tricking, tricks.transitive and intransitive verbs
to cheat or deceive or to practice trickery or deception
of, relating.to.or.involving tricks; capable of performing tricks (a trick dog); designed or made for doing a trick or tricks (trick cards; trick dice); weak, defective or liable to fail (a trick knee)
do the trick.idiom
to bring about the desired result
not miss a trick.idiom
to be extremely alert (local, regional and national governments are known for not missing a trick when it comes to extracting more money from the public)
the practice or use of tricks; deception by stratagem

trickle, trickled, trickling, trickles.verbs
intransitive verb use.to flow or fall in drops or in a thin stream; to move or proceed slowly or bit by bit (the audience trickled in)
transitive verb use.to cause to trickle
the act or condition of trickling; a slow, small or irregular quantity that moves, proceeds or occurs intermittently