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J.(the letter J not until the 17th century)
Jabez.(he got because he asked; you can too!)
Jabin I.(B.C.E. 1450 a king of Hazor who warred against the Israelites)
Jabin II.(B.C.E. 1300 a later king of Hazor who warred against the Israelites)
...promises made to Abraham renewed to Jacob
...and uncle Laban tricking him to cheat him
...had a trying life
...Jacob's big family
...Jacob's dream
...Jacob's ladder
...Jacob's name changed to Israel
...Jacob's nutty idea
...saw 'the face' of God in others
...synonym for people of Israel
...tricked his brother to gain selfish advantage
...what was he like?
James C. Cahill.(video on plants talking to each other, amazing)
James the less.(one of the disciples of Emmanuel)
James Thurber.(writer of humor)
Janet Ossebaard.(documenting.The Fall of the Cabal)
Janus.(the confused Roman god of doors and gateways)
Java man
Jealous.(and does God get jealous?)
Jeanne d'Arc
Jeconiah.(king of ancient Judah)
Jefferson, Thomas.(what he did)
Jehoash/Joash.(king of ancient Israel)
Jehoash/Joash.(king of ancient Judah)
Jehoahaz.(king of ancient Israel)
Jehoahaz.(king of ancient Judah)
Jehoiada.(high priest of ancient Judah who did much good)
Jehoiakim.(king of ancient Judah)
Jehoram/Joram.(king of ancient Israel)
Jehoram/Joram.(king of ancient Judah)
Jehoshaphat.(a good ancient king who failed in business)
Jehovah's Witnesses.(and Buddhism, Christianity, fundamentalist sects, Mormons, Muslims, the Roman Catholic Church and probably every group you could name)
Jehu.(king of ancient Israel)
Jehu.(a prophet)
Jenner, Edward.(an idiot knowing nothing of the consequences of vaccination at the time, nevertheless carried on experimentation with it)
Jericho.(the walls come down)
Jeroboam I.(king of ancient Israel)
Jeroboam II.(king of ancient Israel)
Jerusalem.(spiritual Jerusalem)
Jerusalem.(physical Jerusalem, a city at history's beginning)
Jesse.(David's dad)
Jesus.(correct name was Emmanuel)
Jews.(see also Israel)
......dispersion.(the Jews as mentioned in the Old Testament and called the dispersion, who chose to remain in the land in which they originally were taken captive)
...crucified Emmanuel?
...money (Jewish money)
...much to thank them for
...were originally 2 of the 12 tribes of ancient Israel
Jezebel (one of the ancient evil women)
Jezreel.(a city kings of Israel had their second main places in)
JFK.(John Fitzgerald Kennedy)
Jihad.('holy' war)
Jim Carrey
Jimmy's story.(inspiring story at death)
Joab.(commander of David's army; impetuous, but a good heart overall)
Joan of Arc
Joanna Gualtleri.(honest lady persecuted for standing up to Canadian government corruption and more)
Job.(greatest man in all the east)
...example of his prosperity
...overall lesson of Job's life that he had to learn
Jobs, Steve.(cofounder of Apple Computer)
-changing your job
-getting one
-for school dropouts
Joe Dispenza
...Annabelle's cancer healing.(how she did it)
...insights on how the mind works
...Joe's personal story.(back snapped, hit by a truck, ok now)
...star in the movie What If? The Movie
Johansson, Olle.(wi-fi and other wireless dangers; 4000 scientific documents)
Jonathan Sacks, Chief Rabbi.(from his Thought for the day)
John.(one of the disciples of Emmanuel)
John Bedini.(gold from copper and sand)
John Calvin.(1509-1562 A.D., advanced new ideas on worship based on the Bible)
John D. Liu.(restoring the ravaged land)
John Erskine
John Fitzgerald Kennedy.(JFK)
John Hagelin, Dr..(key to a better world)
John Locke
John Perkins.(hit man for the IMF; how the deep state took over countries, using the same attitude of Benjamin Franklin)
John the baptist.(forerunner of Emmanuel)
John Victoreen, Dr..(physicist)
John Wesley
John Wheeler
John Wycliffe.(instrumental with his writings which led to the 16th century Reformation)
Johnny the bagger
Johnny Von Neumann
Joining a gang
Jon Rappoport.(his amazing thinking that can help you) 
Jonah.(had issues with himself he had to deal with)
Jones, Steve.(geneticist)
Joppa.(a city north west of Jerusalem about 30 miles)
Joram.(a king in Old Testament times)
Jordan & its river
Jordan River crossing.(the 2nd crossing of the ancient Israelites coming out of Egypt; the first crossing was at the Red Sea)
Jordan's Queen Rania
Joseph.(includes coat of many colors and his dreams)
Joseph.(and Mary, mother of Emmanuel)
Joseph Murphy.(author of The Power of The Subconscious Mind)
Josephus.(the great Bible historian)
Josiah.(king of ancient Judah)
Joshua.(who was this man who lived at the time of the Exodus?)
...and the battle of Jericho
...miracles in his time done by God
Jowett, Benjamin
Jubilee.(special celebration in Old testament times every 50th year with many advantages)
...ancient kings
...and Israel.(split from Israel & each then had its own prophets)
...captivity of
...tribe of
Judas Iscariot.(betrayed Emmanuel)
Jude.(one of the disciples of Emmanuel who also wrote the book of Jude)
Judges.(corrupt ones even taking money to send kids to prison)
Judges.(a wise & good judge)
Judges of ancient Israel.(ruled before they had a king)
Judging others:
-Joanne Woodward and Judge Hiller Zobel
-making judgements
...judging angels
Judgment day
Judgments.(before the time of the Old Testament Mosaic Law)
Julius Caesar
Jung, Carl
...rains on the just & unjust
...who are they?)