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Grabovoi, Grigori.(extraordinary capabilities)
...ask Grabovoi
...creating matter with consciousness
...number series for returning of health
...prevents world disasters
Grace.(what is it & how does it work?)
Grace is sufficient
Grammar usage.(*):.(see also punctuation); absolute grammar, of relating to or being a word, phrase or construction that is isolated syntactically from the rest of a sentence, as 'the referee having finally arrived' in 'The referee having finally arrived, the game began'; of, relating to or being a transitive verb when its object is implied but not stated, for example, 'inspires' in 'We have a teacher who inspires' is an absolute verb; of, relating to or being an adjective or a pronoun that stands alone when the noun it modifies is being implied but not stated, for example, in 'Theirs were the best', 'theirs' is an absolute pronoun and 'best' is an absolute adjective
Grammar terms.(*):
-abbreviation, abbreviations
-active voice
-adjective, absolute adjective, interjectional adjective, interjectional adverb
-affix, affixes
-antecedent is the word, phrase or clause to which a pronoun refers
-article, definite article
-attributive, attributiveness, attributively
-auxilary verb (see under verb, below)
-capitalize, capitalizes, capitalized, capitalizing
-case, cases
-clause, clauses are a group or groups of words containing a subject and a predicate and forming part of a compound or complex sentence; relative clause
-colloquial, colloquia, colloquialness, colloquially, colloquialism
-comparative of, relating to or being the intermediate degree of comparison of adjectives, as better, sweeter or more wonderful or adverbs, as more softly
-concessive, concessively
-conditional, conditional sentence
-conjugate, conjugation
-conjunction, conjunctive, conjunctively
-copula, copular
-definite article
-direct object
-double negative
-epenthesis, epentheses, epenthetic
-exclamation mark
-feminine (really too stupid for words; a feminine word, a masculine word; what is that supposed to add to a language but confusion? For example the French word for 'table' is 'feminine')
-fricative, fricatives
-future tense
-genitive, genitives
-grammar, absolute grammar, grammatical, grammatically, grammaticality, grammarian, grammarians
-hyphen, hyphens, hyphened, hyphening, hyphenate, hyphenates, hyphenated, hyphenating, hyphenation, hyphenations
-imperative mood
-imperfect tense
-indefinite article
-indicative mood
-indirect object
-inflected form
-intensive, also called intensifier
-interjection a sudden, short utterance; an ejaculation; a part of speech usually expressing emotion and capable of standing alone, such as 'ugh!' or 'darn!' or 'hut'; an interjectional adjective or Wow! an interjectional adverb; see also 'interject' as in insert into
-intransitive verbs
-language (and for Grammar above a bit)
-linguistic, linguistics
-linking verbs
-metaphor, metaphoric, metaphorical, metaphorically
-metonymy, metonymies, metonymic, metonymical, metonymically
-modal verbs
-mood, indicative mood, participle mood, more Greek moods
-morpheme, morphemic, morphemically
-nominative, predicate nominative
-object, direct object, indirect object
...past participle
...present participle
-past tense
-perfect tense
-phonetic, phonetical, phonetically, phonemic, phonemically, phonemics, phonemicist, phoneme, phonetics
-phrase, phrases, phrased, phrasing, phrasally
-phrasal verbs
-postposition, postpositions, postpositional, postpositionally
-predicate, predicate nominative
-prefix, prefixed, prefixing, prefixes, preface
-preposition, prepositions, prepositional, prepositionally (see also postposition)
-present participle
-present perfect
-present tense
-preterit or preterite a verb that describes a past action
-pronominal, pron., pronom., pronominally
-pronoun, absolute pronoun, relative pronoun
-proper name, proper names
-proposition a statement in which the subject is affirmed or denied by the predicate
-question mark
-quotation mark
-reflexive pronoun
-relative clause
-relative pronoun
-semantics, semantic, semantical, semantically
-sibilant, sibilants
-spirant, spirants
-subject the noun, noun phrase or pronoun in a sentence or clause that denotes the doer of the action or what is described by the predicate and that in some languages, such as English, can be identified by its characteristic position in simple sentences and in other languages, such as Latin, by inflectional endings
-subjunctive, subjunctive mood
-subordinate, subordinate clause
-suffix, suffixed, suffixing, suffixes, suffixal, suffixion
-syllable, syllabled, syllabling, syllables
-synonym, synonyms aynonymous, synonymously
-syntactic, syntactical, syntactically
-tense, tenses
...imperfect tense
...past tense
-original Greek tenses
...active voice, passive voice
...aorist tense
......more Greek tenses
......perfect tense (also called present tense)
......pluperfect tense
......present tense
......second perfect tense
-third person
-verb, absolute verb, auxiliary verb, linking verbs, modal verbs, phrasal verbs, intransitive verbs, transitive verbs, reflexive verb
-voice, active voice, passive voice
-vowel, vowels
Grammar usage notes.in this often weird, yet wonderful English language.(with examples that make you wonder what they were thinking)
-a, an.(*)
-altogether, all together.(*)
-affect, effect.(*)
-all that.(*)
-assure, ensure, insure.(*)
-backward, backwards.(*)
-barbarism and barbarity.(*)
-best, better.(*)
-bring, take.(*)
-can, may.(*)
-capital, capitol.(*)
-council, counsel and consul.(*)
-due, due to.(*)
-each. each other, one another.(*)
-effect, affect.(*)
-every, any.(*)
-everywhere, everyplace.(*)
-farther, further.(*)
-forms of grammar.(*)
-'him' for 'her'.(generic use of 'him', 'his' no longer acceptable)
-'I' and 'me'.(*)
-lay, lie.(*)
-may, can.(*)
-on, onto.(*)
-one another, each other.(*)
-persons (not correctly called this) or forms of grammar; first, second, third.(*)
-plea, plead.(*)
-restive, restless.(*)
-should, would.(*)
-that.(*) and which.(*)
-three forms of grammar.(*)
-till, until.(*)
-to, too, two.(*)
-toward, towards.(*)
-unaware, unawares.(*)
-until, till.(*)
-what, whose.(*)
-who, whom.(*)
-whoever, whomever.(*)
Grand Canyon, Colorado
Grand Self movie.(a groundbreaking new documentary)
Grandson, grandfather.(the words)
"Grass is always greener"
...what gratitude can do from a Tony Robbin's talk
...why gratitude?
Grave.(resurrected person's grave vanishes)
Gravitational time dilation
Great.(what constitutes a great individual?)
Great Blue Heron
Great Britain
Great Depression.(the Great Economic Depression of 1929 and what we can learn from this contrived occurrence)
Great spiritual leaders.(throughout history and today)
Great Tribulation
"Greater is He that is in you..."
Greatest.(Emmanuel's disciples disputed among themselves who of them is the greatest)
Greek original word notes list
Greek tenses:.aorist, perfect, second perfect,
    pluperfect, present; more Greek tenses, etc.
Green Mile.(movie)
Greenleaf, Simon.(Dr and Royall Professor Of Law, Harvard)
Greer, Dr Steven.(The Disclosure Project: new energy technologies, extra terrestrial contacts, hidden government)
Greger, Michael, Dr..(on how not to die)
Gregg Braden.(cancer cured under 3 minutes video; don't judge your illness; on the field; fractals)
Gregorian Chant
Grid.(invisible grid)
Grief.(God sometimes causes and is certainly responsible for it as God could stop instantly anything that would lead to grief in our lives)
Grigori Grabovoi.(extraordinary capabilities; his number series for you for health)
Gritz, James Gordon (aka 'Bo'.(the most decorated Green Beret in history; movies Rambo series and Uncommon Valor based on his life; type into YouTube or Netflix)
Groceries, etc. (if help is needed with whatever you may need help with, sign up)
Gröning, Bruno.(amazing healer)
Grossman, David, Lt. Col. on trained to kill
Grotius, Hugo.(a lesson from his life)
Grounded andDetoxifying Through Grounding.(two important movies for getting yourself better and for continued health; also the off-world technology 'med beds' coming soon will heal anything, including aging)
Group.(why a group?)
Groves.(used in ancient pagan worship practices)
Growing up.(why we might have thought bad about ourselves)
Gualtleri, Joanna.(honest lady persecuted for standing up to Canadian government corruption and more)
Guard thoughts
Guardian angels
Guns.(interesting thoughts on guns)
Gut feeling
Gyorgyi, Albert Szent.(biochemist; discoverer of Vitamin C)