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Merriam-Webster's Collegiate® Dictionary (m-w.com)
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a person who meddles or pries into the affairs of others; a nosy person

busy, busier, busiest.adjectives
engaged in activity, as work; occupied; sustaining much activity (a busy morning; a busy street); cluttered with detail to the point of being distracting (the dress pattern was attractive even if it was a busy looking design)
busy, busied, busying, busies.transitive verbs
to make busy; occupy (busied himself fixing up the old house) busily.adverb
another way of spelling busyness; something one is busy at doing; something involving one personally (it's none of my business); one's rightful or proper concern or interest (her business was managing the home and the children); an affair or matter ("We will proceed no further in this business"....Shakespeare); the occupation, work or trade in which a person is engaged (their organic food stand was their only business); patronage (took her business to a trustworthy salesperson)

brave, braver, bravest.adjectives
possessing or displaying courage; valiant
a Native American warrior; a courageous person
brave, braved, braving, braves.verbs
transitive verb use.to undergo or face courageously; to challenge; dare
intransitive verb use.to make a courageous show or to put up a stalwart front
the condition or quality of being brave; courage

the deepest or lowest part (the bottom of a well; the bottom of the page); the underside (scraped the bottom of the car on a rock); the supporting part; the base; the far end or part (at the bottom of the bed); the basic underlying quality; the source (let's get to the bottom of the problem); the solid surface under a body of water; the buttocks; in baseball, the second or last half of an inning
attributive.often used to modify another noun: (a bottom drawer; the bottom stair)
rock bottom.noun,.plural.rock bottoms
the lowest possible level or absolute bottom (some people like ancient.Jonah and contemporary.Derek have to hit rock bottom before they change)
rock bottom.adjective
bottom, bottomed, bottoming, bottoms.verbs
transitive verb use.to provide with an underside; to provide with a foundation; to get to the bottom of; fathom
intransitive verb use.to be or become based or grounded; to rest on or touch the bottom
bottom out.phrasal verb
to descend to the lowest point possible (sales of cell phone are bottoming out as the cost of communicating with them is exorbitant)
at bottom.idiom
basically; fundamentally

worse, worst; not achieving an adequate standard when compared with the positive things of love; poor (it was a bad explanation); evil; disobedient or naughty (children who do bad things);   something that is bad is unpleasant, harmful or undesirable (bad weather conditions prevented the plane from landing; they have gone through bad times, as ancient David also experienced:.Psalms 51:5); disagreeable, unpleasant or disturbing (a bad piece of meat); unfavorable (bad news for the public's health if they eat genetically modified 'food'); not fresh; rotten or spoiled (leftovers in the fridge for days spoil); injurious in effect; detrimental (bad habits are habits that are harmful); not working properly; defective (a bad telephone connection); full of or exhibiting faults or errors (bad grammar); having no validity; void (passed a bad cheque); severe; intense (a bad day with the blizzard out there); sorry; regretful (she feels bad about how she treated you)
something that is below standard or expectations, as of ethics or decency (if you have weighed the good against the bad when considering a mate, better stay away)
in a bad manner; very much; greatly
a poor quality.uncaring.individual; a mean-spirited or belligerent person; ready to cause or get into trouble
mean; belligerent

an official document issued by the pope and sealed with a bulla; the bulla with which such a document is sealed; an adult male bovine mammal; the uncastrated adult male of domestic cattle; the male of certain other large animals, such as the alligator, elephant or moose; an exceptionally large, strong and aggressive person; an optimist, especially regarding business conditions; a person who buys commodities or securities in anticipation of a rise in prices or who tries by speculative purchases to effect such a rise; empty, foolish or pretentious talk

a round seal affixed to a papal bull
Pathology:.in pathology, a large blister or vesicle

an adult male bovine mammal; a bovine adult male which has not been castrated; the male of certain other large animals, such as the alligator, elephant or moose; ; a bullock; a large, strong and aggressive man or woman; a man or woman who buys commodities or securities in anticipation of a rise in prices or who tries by speculative purchases to effect such a rise; an empty, foolish or pretentious comment regarded by the listener as a bunch of bull or bullshit

of, relating.to.or.resembling a ruminant.mammal of the genus 'Bos', such as an ox, cow or buffalo
an animal of the genus 'Bos'

bull, bulled, bulling, bulls.verbs
transitive verb use.to push; force
intransitive verb use.to push ahead or through forcefully
male; large and strong like a bull; characterized by rising prices (a bull market)
grab the bull by the horns or take the bull by the horns.idiom
to deal with a problem directly and resolutely
having a heavy, muscular physique; bullheaded; causing, expecting or characterized by rising stock market prices (the market being so active at the present can be called bullish); optimistic or confident (bullish on the sales prospects of these new items soon to be available

foolishly or irrationally.stubborn; headstrong; obstinate

used in stories to show that someone is crying

an authoritative command; an urgent request

(one doesn't 'loan' money from a lending source, they 'borrow' it; the bank loans to you, the borrower, the one borrowing, but you can say that 'you got a loan' from a lending source and you got that loan by borrowing it from them; you borrow, they loan or if you have the money or some goods, they borrow from you and you lent to them, such as 'I loaned out my tools to a neighbor who came by looking to borrow them'); if you 'lend' to someone, the other person is 'borrowing' from you; if you borrow something, the person is loaning it to you; if someone is loaning you something, you are borrowing it from them
borrow, borrowed, borrowing, borrows.verbs
transitive verb use.to obtain or receive something on loan with the promise or understanding of returning it or its equivalent; to adopt or use as one's own (I borrowed your good idea; I can loan you my car to help you out while yours is in for repair); in subtraction, to take a unit from the next larger denomination in the minuend so as to make a number larger than the number to be subtracted
intransitive verb use.to obtain or receive something; in linguistics, to adopt words from one language for use in another
borrow trouble.idiom
to take an unnecessary action that will probably engender.adverse effects

a noisy quarrel or fight
brawl, brawled, brawling, brawls.intransitive verbs
to quarrel or fight noisily; quarrelsome; scrappy
disposed to loud disagreements and fighting

blazon, blazoned, blazoning,blazons.transitive verbs
heraldry; to describe a coat of arms in proper terms; to paint or depict (a coat of arms) with accurate.detail; to adorn or embellish with or as if with a coat of arms; to proclaim widely; emblazon
an ostentatious.display; heraldry; a coat of arms; the description or representation of a coat of arms
blazoner, blazonment.nouns

also called bungee cord or rope; an elasticized rope; a long nylon-cased rubber band used for securing luggage and in the sport of bungee jumping

if someone or something goes berserk, control is lost and if it's an angry person, they may become obnoxious; destructively or frenetically violent (an angry person who went berserk started smashing all the windows); mentally or emotionally upset; deranged (berserk with grief); unrestrained, as with enthusiasm or appetite (she goes beserk over chocolate treats); wild
one that may be upset, unrestrained, even violent
a berserker was one of a band of ancient Norse warriors, legendary for their savagery and reckless frenzy in battle; the word berserker is from the Old Norse word 'berserkr' meaning 'a wild warrior or champion', where such warriors wore hides of bears, explaining the probable origins of 'berserkr' as a compound of 'bera' meaning 'bear' and 'serkr' meaning 'shirt' and 'coat'; berserkers appeared frenzied in battle, howling like animals, foaming at the mouth and biting the edges of their iron shields in an effort to intimidate those they came up against in battle; the word 'berserker' was first recorded in English in the early 19th century (the 1800's), long after these wild warriors ceased to exist
berserk, berserkly.adverbs

earlier in time (they called me the day before to arrange for the beach party this weekend); in front; ahead (before she committed to the help she was willing to provide, she wanted to be sure she had transportation there and back)
previous to in time; ere; earlier than; in store for; awaiting (a young person's whole life lies before him); in front of (he placed a plan before us to clean up the local environment); into or in the presence of (she asked that the visitor be brought before her); under the consideration or jurisdiction of (the case is now before the court); in a position superior to (the oldest son is before his brother in the line of succession)
in advance of the time when (see me before you leave); ere; rather than; sooner than (I will pack for the trip well before I leave)
in anticipation; in advance; early

a container or enclosed space for storage (a garbage bin)
bin, binned, binning, bins.transitive verbs
to place or store in a bin

biological correction of deficiency (when you body senses a shortage of say, blood after you cut yourself, it corrects the imbalace in amount while at the same time heals the cut with new cells)

a bovine mammal of western North America, having large forequarters, a shaggy mane and a massive head with short, curved horns; a buffalo; an animal (Bison bonasus) of Europe, similar to but somewhat smaller than the bison; a wisent

a sulfuric mineral substance, highly inflammable that burns with a suffocating smell. Way back when, Sodom and the other cities of the plain were destroyed."by brimstone and fire":.Genesis 19:24 and this awful catastrophe is often used in Scripture to show what God thinks of low consciousness living that gets worse.